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Thames Valley Berkshire International


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Information for international companies about Europes Technology region.

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Thames Valley Berkshire International

  1. 1. IntroducingBerkshire Thames Valley Europes Silicon ValleyThe number one small region in the UK in respect of economicpotential, cost effectiveness, business attractiveness and infrastructure.Source: European Cities & Region of the Future fDi Magazine 2010-11
  2. 2. Introducing the Thames ValleySituated on the doorstep of London, the Thames Valley boasts an impressivebusiness community. Home to ten of the top 50 global organisations in theworld and 13 of the world’s top 30 billion dollar brands, the Thames Valleyboasts the headquarter operations of Oracle, Microsoft, Dell, ComputerAssociates and Vodafone, amongst many others. “The Thames Valley region is a magnet for computer technology and talent. It is easy to attract high quality staff “ Tim Caiger, VP Property & Real Estate, Oracle UK, European HQ, Reading
  3. 3. The UK’s economic power house • The Thames Valley has a population of 1.1 million and labour force of 641,000. • The UK’s most productive small region 1 • The engine of the South East and the UK with an economy of £32 billion, which accounts for 19.5% of the regional total • Reported as one of the UK’s most resilient and best performing areas in response to the economic downturn 2 • The Thames Valley is ranked number one small region in the UK in respect of economic potential, cost effectiveness, business attractiveness and infrastructure 3 1. Experian 2010. All six Berkshire Thames Valley Local Authorities are in the top 20 of 382 in the UK 2. No City Left Behind Report 2010 3. fDi Magazine Financial Times European Cities & Regions Survey 2010-11
  4. 4. Thames Valley Berkshire, England London, England
  5. 5. Top five business location driversWho’s already here? You’re in good companyThis is the European hub and headquarter location for international brands. Home to the world’s mostinnovative and fastest growing companies – tomorrow’s global brandsAccessibility delivers market opportunityProximity to London, access to Europe and the rest of the world via Heathrow airport, the UK’sinternational gateway. Road and rail networks connect seven million people to the Thames Valley inunder one hourTalent and innovation to drive your growthPeople and institutions excel in developing and commercialising innovative IT and healthcare productsand services for the UK and European marketplaceA great way of lifeResidents enjoy life in a place of outstanding natural beauty, proudly hosting international events,Royal Ascot, Windsor & Reading Festivals, Henley Regatta, Cartier Polo, Royal Windsor Horse ShowHit the ground running in a tried and tested business locationAn international business community with a range of flexible property solutions. Experienced start-upsupport is on hand to Launch your UK business at a fraction of the cost of London.
  6. 6. Who’s already here? UK/ EMEA Corporate HQs Oxford High Wycombe Maidenhead Slough Heathrow Newbury International Reading Bracknell Basingstoke
  7. 7. IT software and servicesThe highest concentration of computer services activity in Europe. 11 of the world’s top 15software companies by revenue 2010 are located in or within 10 miles of Berkshire. Thames Valley Park is home to Oracle is the world’s largest business Computer Associates choose the Microsoft’s UK headquarters and software company, with more than Thames Valley as the location for Technology Centre for Xbox 345,000 customers - including 100 of its new European Headquarters, consoles and games the Fortune 100 - representing at Ditton Park, Slough, opened development, where they employ a variety of sizes and industries in by Charles Wang in March 2000. over 2000 people. more than 145 countries around the Today Ca employ over 1000 globe. people in their flagship European International access via headquarters, which has fine Heathrow positions Thames Thames Valley Park Wokingham is views over Ditton Manor Valley Park as the hub for home to the European HQ Campus. parkland, woodland and lakes. international visitors, hosting 500+ staff from across Europe at any one time.Home to the largest cluster of security software companies in the UK with major operations of Symantec, McAfee and Panda Security.
  8. 8. Fixed and mobile telecommunicationsThe major operations of the world’s largest players Vodafone, Telefonica O2, and 3 Mobilereflects a long and successful history in wireless technology development. Vodafone, Telefonica O2’s Hong Kong headquartered in flagship UK owned 3 Newbury, is now the headquarters in Mobile chose largest mobile Slough employ over Maidenhead telecoms network 2000 people, trialing for their company in the 4G mobile devices flagship UK world. in Berkshire. Headquarters Home to the headquarters of the world’s fastest growing Smart Phone brands including seven mobile phone design centres in Berkshire Slough is home to the fastest growing Korean mobile handset manufacturer company in the world in 2010. Research LG employs 700 people in a 85,000 sq ft In Motion (RIM), the company behind UK headquarters building in Slough. LG the BlackBerry® brand, employ over are in good company, neighboring 600 people at their European Telefonica O2 and RIM headquarters. headquarters
  9. 9. Home to the established global leadersSignificant waves of inward investment include computer hardware and softwarecompanies such as Microsoft, Dell, Compaq and HP, followed by internet infrastructureand content providers such as Cisco and Computer Associates. 11 of the world’s top 15 software companies by revenue 2010 located in or within 10 miles of Berkshire, Thames Valley Software Rank Company Revenue UK Location % Growth in Market Share US $ M 1 Microsoft 49,090 Wokingham 80% 3 Oracle 18,582 Wokingham 82% 4 SAP 11,368 Stockley 74% 5 Ericsson 7,595 Reading* 26% 6 Nintendo 6,799 Windsor 38% 7 HP 6,183 Bracknell 5% 8 Symantec 5,565 Reading 93% 10 Activision Blizzard 4,279 Stockley 100% 11 CA 4,012 Slough 93% 14 Adobe 2,796 West London 94% 15 Cisco 2,137 Stockley / Reading 6% Source: 2010
  10. 10. Home to tomorrow’s global leadersThe Thames Valley is a magnet for new investment from software businesses with 80% offoreign owned start-ups operating in this sector, developing applications across industrysectors from mobile to medical devices. Nine of the top ten fastest growing software companies in 2010 are located in or within 10 miles of Berkshire, Thames Valley Rank Company UK Location Parent Software Growth Country revenues US $ M rate 1 Google West London USA 333 455% 2 Kaspersky Abingdon Russia 360 177% 3 Nintendo Windsor Japan 7.245 113% 4 Omniture Egham USA 267 102% 5 Activision Blizzard Stockley USA 4.622 73% 6 Attachmate Staines USA 313 57% 7 Emblaze N/A Israel 296 54% 8 Take2 Interactive Windsor USA 1.452 49% 9 Autonomy Cambridge UK 335 46% 10 West London USA 959 45% Source: 2010
  11. 11. New arrivals – tomorrow’s global brandsOver 2,000 internationally owned companies are established in the Thames Valley, andeach year over 70% of technology start-ups establish within one hour of London Heathrow. “Our headquarters give us easy access to our “When we first looked at the UK as a European customers in continental Europe through base I thought we’d have to chose London. But Heathrow. Being roughly in the same time zone lower office costs in Reading, the close also assist us in offering high levels of support proximity to Heathrow and the major IT players without having to work the night shift – plus access to the Thames Valley countryside something our staff certainly appreciate! All makes the location a great choice”. round, we feel closer in every sense to our customer base”. Mohan Koo, Managing Director, Dtex Donald Bauer, Vice-President, Solutions, Systems Itergy. One of Canadas fastest growing companies.
  12. 12. Healthcare and Biotechnology The extraordinarily high concentration of research active major bio-pharma corporations in the Thames Valley is a strong regional differentiator. Baxter International, the US Quintiles, the global contractSwiss owned Lonza owned bioscience and research organisation,Biologics, the global provider medical delivery business, opened its new Europeanof bio-science manufacturing has a proud history in the headquarters in Reading inservices, is voted one of Thames Valley, with over 40 2010. Home to 500Britains top employers based years operating in the UK. employees, the US gianton excellent working Baxter are headquartered in operates from Green Park,aconditions (2010). Lonza is Newbury. technologically advancedheadquartered in Slough. business park. Belgian owned UCB’s Slough headquarters boasts the UK centre of excellence in drug discovery, leading to the development of cutting edge biopharmaceuticals. UCB are one of the UK’s top five investors in R&D. Of the 650 employees working in the Thames Valley, 70% are engaged in research related activities.
  13. 13. Market opportunity through a global reach Heathrow international airport provides Thames Valley businesses with the UK’s widest choice of international and domestic connections to customers and suppliers. The world’s busiest airport is on the doorstep - 90 million passengers travel through London Heathrow airport every year, the gateway for two thirds of all long haul flights from the UK. Heathrow provides connection to 181 global locations. 40% of passengers travel to intra European destinations, reflecting the area’s role as the UK and European business hub.
  14. 14. Connectivity to London and beyondInvestment in high speed rail and multi modal connections to London opens a talent poolof seven million people for Berkshire, Thames Valley business locations. Milton Location London Keynes Cardiff Birmingham Manchester Slough 18 min 1 hr 33 2 hr 07 2 hr 09 3 hr 20 Reading 25 min 1 hr 44 1 hr 33 1 hr 50 3 hr 27 Windsor 30 min 1 hr 46 2 hr 21 2 hr 40 4 hr 30 Bracknell 1 hr 2 hr 32 2 hr 25 2 hr 25 4 hr 09 Basingstoke 45 min 2 hr 14 1 hr 58 2 hr 20 4 hr 20 Newbury 56 min 2 hr 32 2 hr 20 2 hr 16 4 hr Maidenhead 31 min 2hr 06 2 hr 04 2 hr 04 3 hr 33 Oxford 55 min 1 hr 05 2 hr 1 hr 11 2 hr 58 Wycombe 35 min 2 hr 04 3hr 18 1 hr 40 3 hr 45 Source: National Rail 2011 23 districts outside Berkshire each supply more than 1000 people to the Berkshire workforce. This is testament to the excellent transport links in the Thames Valley.
  15. 15. Talent & Innovation that drives growth Berkshire, Thames Valley has a long history in commercialisation and technology innovation, driven by 82,000 professionals with technical IT skills. • Fujitsu developed it’s world leading analogue and digital semiconductor process in Maidenhead • Wireless Technology that enabled Britains first mobile phone call between Newbury and London in 1985 was developed here • The first truly hand held mobile phone in the world was designed by Technophone, a Nokia company, in Camberley (within six miles of Berkshire) • R&D in Berkshire, Thames Valley takes place on a larger scale than surrounding areas including London, Cambridge, Oxford • 8% of work places with more than 200 employees are engaged in R&D activity (compared to less than 4% in Oxford and Cambridge) • Berkshire has both the highest number of IT professionals in the South East (15%), and the highest density of IT professionals in the whole of the UK.
  16. 16. Talent & Innovation that drives growth The Thames Valley is home to one of the UK’s largest clusters of research intensive corporate headquarters. World class capabilities and critical infrastructure support exists for software systems architecture and development, optoelectronics, nanotechnology materials science, telecommunications including mobile and wireless, hardware, semiconductor and electronic design Top 46 Research intensive HQs
  17. 17. Universities in the Thames Valley Region Employers are served by 20 universities and Higher Education Institutions within a 50 miles radius. These establishments contribute over 66,000 graduates to the market place each year. Examples of local academia 1 The University of Surrey, Guildford 2 Brunel University, West London, Egham 7 6 8 3 Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham 4 Thames Valley University, 4 2 Reading and Slough 45 3 5 The University of Reading 6 Oxford Brookes University 7 The University of Oxford 1 8 Bucks New University
  18. 18. Talent and innovation that drives growth Within a one hour radius the local area boasts world class centres of excellence, collaborating with international businesses in cutting edge research. The University of Reading is ranked as one of the UK’s 10 most research-intensive universities and as one of the top 200 universities in the world. It enjoys a world-class reputation for teaching, research and enterprise. 87% of the University’s research is ranked of international standard. Areas of excellence include: Meteorology & Climate Change, Food Biosciences, Typography and Construction Management The Information Security Group (ISG), Royal Holloway is one of the largest academic security groups in the UK. It offers world class PHD programmes and postgraduate study in Information Security. The group is also the home to the Smart Card Centre of Excellence, founded in collaboration with Vodafone and Giesecke & Devrient. Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR), University of Surrey is the UKs largest and most well-known academic research centre in Mobile and Satellite Communication Systems. CCSR research is focused on future communication systems including mobile and wireless communications, satellite communications, multimedia systems, networking (management, protocols and security) and media applications and services.
  19. 19. A great way of lifeWindsor Castle, the River Thames, Henley, Eton and Wentworth are just a few of theattractions the Thames Valley has to offer.The Thames Valley is one of the few regions in the UK where it really is possible to live andwork in a picturesque setting. Almost half of the region is made up of areas of outstandingnatural beauty. It is tucked away from the noise and environmental pollution of a big city andoffers a full range of housing and offices for all budgets.Consistently high performing state schools and a selection of prestigious international andprivate schools give choice in your children’s education.With a diversity of arts, cultural and culinary delights the area is well geared to meet the needsof its expatriate residents. A short train ride to London makes it easy to pop in for shopping,eating out or catching the latest west end shows.Operating your business in a well connected, desirable area makesattracting the key first hires to drive your business forward that mucheasier.
  20. 20. Tried and tested by international businessInternational companies establishing their first presence in the UK often seek flexibility and afully serviced property solution during the early stages of market entry.The Thames Valley is home to a range of privately owned and global serviced office providersto suit every desired corporate image. Locations range from refurbished heritage buildings atHenry VII Gate Windsor Castle to the largest serviced office in Europe neighbouring HP andDell.The sector is competitive and well versed in accommodating technology businesses.Currently providers such as MWB and Regus are quoting between £300 and £500 per personper month. As your products and services gain a foothold in the UK market and the number of personnel increases, a range of award- winning business park developments and town centre locations provide next stage accommodation. Thames Valley occupiers in serviced and conventional lease offices enjoy rental costs on average 30-40% lower than comparable space in central London.
  21. 21. Award winning commercial property Commercial properties range from award winning headquarter buildings on landscaped business parks to flexible executive offices in prime business and University campus locations. Examples of popular locations for international businesses One of the biggest Slough Trading Estate developments of its consists of 486 acres type in Europe, (1.97 km2) of Green Park, commercial property in Reading is truly a Slough and provides park for business, 7,500,000 sq ft (697,000 combining an m2) of accommodation attractive landscape to 500 businesses. It is with first class the largest industrial Stewart Turkington Photography & One World, One Camera amenities. estate in single private ownership in Europe Today, occupiers include leading international There are over 600 buildings: the estate is home to 400 corporations such as Cisco Systems, Symantec tenants from countries including America, Italy, Japan, Software and Logica, and widely recognised names Germany and Korea supporting 20,000 jobs. Companies such as Regus and HSBC. With office suites from using the park include O2 Telefonica, GlaxoSmithKline, Mars 500 sq ft, accommodation also caters for emerging Confectionery, ICI Paints, the datacentre operator Network-I, companies looking for room to grow. OKI Printing Solutions, and LG Electronics.
  22. 22. Hit the ground running - getting started The Thames Valley has extensive experience in foreign investment and can help your company to be successful by supporting its UK and European growth.Introducing Thames Valley UK - Launch Pad TeamThames Valley UK Launch Pad is a service co-ordinated by the Chamber of Commerce tohelp companies new to the area significantly reduce the time and cost in planning,establishing and growing a Thames Valley presence.The programme is tried and tested and has already received credit from new investorshighlighting the benefit of a package of support which offers competitive advantage to newbusinesses looking to accelerate into the UK market. The programme provides thefollowing benefits:• An offer of free and discounted office space in prime business locations• An offer of free and discounted professional services• Assistance to access a network of 2000 Thames Valley Chamber membersLaunch Pad complements existing local, regional and international UK Trade andInvestment services. Together we have assisted over 30 technology companies toestablish in 2010.
  23. 23. Hit the ground running - getting started Summary of Thames Valley UK Launch Pad benefits • Genuine cost savings for businesses • Reputable partners supporting Launch Pad initiative • Professional and committed group of advisers on hand to help • Marketing package – introductions into the Thames Valley business community • Wide choice of strategic locations in one of Europe’s leading powerhouse region Visit for further information on the 14 Launch pad business located across Thames Valley Berkshire.
  24. 24. Hit the ground running - getting startedThames Valley Chambers of Commerce (TVCC)TVCC are a not-for-profit organisation accredited by the British Chambersof Commerce. TVCC works with business across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire,Oxfordshire and Wiltshire to help them achieve their full business potential.The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is the national body for apowerful and influential Network of Accredited Chambers of Commerceacross the UK; a Network that directly serves not only its memberbusinesses but the wider business community. For further information please contact: Paul Britton, Inward Investment Manager Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group t +44 (0)1753 870509 e: