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SpencerHall Capabilities Overview


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SpencerHall Capabilities Overview

  1. 1. Turning Consumer Insights Into Business Breakthroughs.CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW
  2. 2. You may hear your consumer,but are you really listening?
  3. 3. Consumers today want to have a relationship with the brands theybuy, which means they want to be heard and they expect you tolisten. But research and data can only take you so far.Insight, judgment and experience are essential ingredients indeciphering the consumer opportunity and creating realbreakthroughs.At SpencerHall, our focus is to be a true strategic partner for ourclients.  We share a passion for consumer discovery and innovation, and have a proven track record of success.  There are no junior partners here: we each have 15-25+ years of relevant experience, and love what we do.We bring that energy and enthusiasm to all our projects, leveragingincisive strategic and creative thinking borne from our experience.
  4. 4. ResearchThe first thing on a consumer’s mind is the last thing you want to know. We create dynamic situations and scenarios that encourage consumers to explore unfamiliar territory, uncovering new insights and triggers. We focus on uncovering actionable, forward looking insights that can be the basis for business breakthroughs. Our capabilities center on creating customized qualitative research in the US and globally. 1. Proprietary techniques that go deeper than conventional research. 2. Ethnographic Studies that provide a real-world view into consumer practices and compensatory behaviors. 3. Sounding Boards™ online research tool allows you to work with your consumer on an iterative basis, to create thinking partnerships that result in deeper insights and brand exploration.
  5. 5. ConsultingThere’s no time to wait for a big idea, and with SpencerHall, no need. The demand for breakthrough ideas is intensifying, but at the same time, barriers to innovation are increasing. SpencerHall breaks through those barriers to give you customized innovation programs that lead your team from the front end through pre-market validation. Our Disciplined Creativity™ process uncovers unarticulated needs and insights that become the foundation for generating true breakthroughs. 1. Transforum® - Springboards beyond conventional thinking by blending the expertise of your team with our Brain Trust of creative thought-leaders in a dynamic online ideation forum. 2. Flashpoint™ – Our brainstorming process inspires your team‘s creativity with proprietary stimuli, expert perspectives and fresh insight. 3. Re/Discovery™ - We help you uncover the insights and new technologies you may already have within your company, revealing the next big idea.
  6. 6. ConsultingTurning consumer insights into business breakthroughs. Many products fail because they lack a key ingredient – true insight. They fail to discover consumers‘ core motivations and unarticulated needs. The result: they fall short of delivering a higher order connection– that striking combination of a compelling functional benefit and meaningful emotional bond. SpencerHall has proven expertise in crafting concepts that generate consumer action.  We‘ve created record setting concepts for companies such as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and SC Johnson. We help clients develop winning propositions: 1. Concept Writing - Proven effectiveness in crafting concepts that are clear, differentiated and compel consumer action. 2. Brand Positioning / Brand Architecture – Insightful strategic and creative thinking to develop frameworks for sustained business momentum.
  7. 7. Food & Beverages Beauty & Personal Care Health & WellnessCampbell‘s Soup Alberto-Culver Bausch & LombCoca-Cola Chattem CIBA VisionDean Foods Gillette CyberonicsFrito-Lay Procter & Gamble GlaxoSmithKlineGeneral Mills Johnson & JohnsonHershey‘s Financial Services PfizerMcDonald‘s Chase Bank Cardinal Health CareMinute Maid Company Fidelity InvestmentsPierre Foods GE Capital AppliancesReckitt Benckiser Higher One General ElectricWelch‘s National City/PNC Bank OreckWhiteWave Royal ApplianceWm. Wrigley Jr. Company Apparel & Fashion Hanes Brands Technology & Services/MediaHousehold & Office Products Luxottica/LensCrafters Cincinnati BellCardinal Brands Timberland Reliant EnergyDial Corporation Kalamazoo GazetteDuracell SpiritsHallmark Bacardi Advertising & DesignLevolor Brown Forman Ad CouncilS.C. Johnson Jim Beam BBDOScott‘s Miracle-Gro UDV Saatchi & Saatchi
  8. 8. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS“We had a challenging, ambitious project in that we needed to obtain foundationalinsights about consumers interaction/behavior with the product AND their emotionalconnections AND ultimately have them weigh in on positioning territories - many layersof questions and insights needed, without the budget for a multi-phase/multi-techniqueapproach. SpencerHall and their Sounding Board process exceeded our expectations everystep of the way. They are totally engaged and share our determination in reaching ourend objective. They are methodical, analytical, thinking, smart, creative people. Andreally enjoyable to work with!” McDonald’s“With its team of senior-level strategic thinkers, SpencerHall not only led us through theideation process to get to great ideas, but also provided unique research methodologies.I highly recommend SpencerHall for any company looking to quickly, efficiently, butsmartly, build innovation plans for its brands.” Jim Beam Brands“Leveraging SpencerHall’s strategic skills, innovative techniques, and insights helps ustranslate consumer feedback into clear actionable results. I look to SpencerHall as abusiness partner who truly understands our business and our consumers.” Cincinnati Bell“The SpencerHall team has an impressive blend of strategic and creative skills thatenabled them to develop and lead an innovation program that generated a portfolio ofcompelling new products that will drive our business for years to come. What’s more,they helped us identify an overarching brand promise that all the new products deliveredagainst, helping create a clear strategic platform for the Brand.” Hanesbrands
  9. 9. NewProducts SpencerHall’s staff has created the following new brands, including innovation, positioning and concept development, and execution of the idea to market. PLUG-INS SCENTED OIL
  10. 10. INSIGHT Insight generation tools and case studies of real projects highlightingGENERATION our specialized techniques and skills.
  11. 11. When you only spend an hour or two with your consumers in a focus group orinterview setting, you’re only getting a glimpse of their lives, and how yourBrand fits into it.SpencerHall‘s Sounding Boards is a proven online research tool that enables clientsto create ―thinking partnerships‖ with their best customers and prospects, enablingmultiple points of contact to build a relationship, and thus revealing deeperinsights.Sounding Boards gives you the ability to work on an iterative basis with your target,to learn, create and optimize.You can obtain insights and feedback that reflect the realities of your target‘s day-to-day lives, and how they experience a brand or category.With Sounding Boards, you can uncover and better dimensionalize need states andinsights that connect them to a category, platform, or brand.
  12. 12. Our proprietary software interface makes participating in the Sounding Boards fun and easy forrespondents and clients, and offers a range of benefits and capabilities: Ongoing, iterative conversations that can span days, weeks or months Private ―chats‖ or group discussions, including in real-time. The ability to conduct surveys for concepts, packaging, advertising, positioning, etc. Electronic Storytelling and Visualization exercises. Interactive format ideal for consumer-driven idea generation and concept building. Streaming video function protects confidentiality.With Sounding Boards, you can bring together your best prospects, dimensionalize differentconsumer segments and even gather hard to reach groups, as well as geographically diversetargets from around the US or globally.It‘s also ideal for obtaining candid feedback from project teams, retailers or other partners.
  14. 14. Case StudyAn alcoholic beverage client wanted tocreate new products and rekindleinterest in their Brand.We conducted Sounding Boards amongbartenders from a range ofvenues across the country, and theyprovided fresh insight into needs, habitsand practices. As part of this, we hadbartenders create new drink ideas and trythem out with their customers, providingus with a real world creative laboratory.We then conducted a Flashpoint ideationsession in Las Vegas, where part of thestimulus was having client teams visit thehottest bars/restaurants to experiencetheir ‗signature‘ cocktails. All thislearning came together in an ideationsession that leveraged our new learning tocreate a platform of new product ideas. .
  15. 15. Case StudyA greeting card company was developinga new relationship building product withan online component targeted to bothyounger and older consumers andneeded to understand how it would beaccepted by consumers.We recommended our Sounding Boardsonline research tool to interact with boththe sender and the recipient to understandall the emotions surrounding sending thecard and receiving the card.We first interacted with the sender tounderstand more about what they wantedto communicate via the card. We thensent them card prototypes in the mail andhad them choose a card to send to theirrecipient. Once the recipient received thecard, they went online to experience theonline aspect, then linked to our SoundingBoards site to discuss their reactions andbuilds.
  16. 16. Case StudyFeeling that their brand was outdatedand non distinctive, a client was unsurehow to approach product innovation.Our iConnect™ methodology (conductedonline or in person), enables us touncover tacit information—those beliefs,perceptions and behaviors that areinherent but often unrecognized andunarticulated by the consumer.iConnect allows consumers to articulatetheir emotional connection to a product orcategory using visual stimuli .With iConnect, we were able to uncoverdeep brand connections that stillresonated with consumers, helping usdefine a relevant field of play forinnovation.
  17. 17. liConnect Sample
  18. 18. Case StudyAs a lead in to an innovation project fora packaged good firm wishing to enterthe home organization/storage category,we visited consumers in their home toidentify problem areas for homeorganization/storage and captureemotional insights about howdisorganization made them feel.Using our Guest of Honor technique, we‗secretly‘ brought with us a homeorganization expert, who first observedthe respondent and their unmet needs.We then revealed the expert to therespondent and watched as the homeorganization expert offered suggestionsfor fixing their problem areas.We then went shopping with therespondent to purchase products to fixtheir organization problems, then wentback into the home to observe themactually using the products. Based on thisentire transaction we were able toidentify problems and solutions that trulydelighted the consumer, as well as expertguidance on how to turn consumerproblems into product opportunities,which provided key levers for innovation.
  19. 19. Case StudyA major snack food manufacturerneeded to understand snacking behaviorto address brand issues and a changingcategory.We placed video cameras inseveral locations in consumers‘ homes tocapture general eating and snackingbehavior at different parts of the day andweek.This allowed us to observe therespondents‘ ‗real‘ behavior and thecontext for the snack choices they madebefore actually meeting them.We then went shopping with them tounderstand their snack choices. After theshopping visit, we went to their homes toview pantry stocking behavior, as well aswatch the family interact with the snacks.The insights gained in this project helpedthe brand re-stage the brand via updatedpackage messages and new brandcommunication.
  20. 20. Case StudyA plant care manufacturer was lookingfor ways to grow the category amongnew users.We took non-user respondents to theirusual home goods store to bring themface-face with the product category andobserve their reactions at this Moment ofDiscovery.Respondents had to purchase a product,and we went with them to their home toobserve them using it.Based on the insights that were revealed,we completely reconfigured the shelf set,modified packaging communicationhierarchy, and developed in-storemessaging to attract non users.
  21. 21. IDEA Two distinct innovation processes to provide the discipline andCREATION solutions that are best for your business and organization.
  22. 22. One of the biggest inhibitors of innovative thinking is institutional knowledge. This“conventional wisdom” makes it nearly impossible to think outside the box teams havebuilt around themselves.SpencerHall‘s Transforum® springboards beyond conventional thinking by blending theexpertise of your team with creative thought leaders in a dynamic online ideation forum.  Our Brain Trust includes futurists, cultural anthropologists, engineers, consumer psychologists, trend spotters, inventors, chefs, authors and artists.Participants ideate from anywhere in the world, logging on periodically over the 3 daysession, to create, probe, and build on ideas.Everyone sees and builds on each others ideas to create real forward thinkingmomentum. Artists also contribute sketches to bring ideas to life, providing furtherstimulation to everyone.Hundreds of ideas, build outs and visuals will be generated, capitalizing on the energyand diverse perspectives that are participating.
  23. 23. Below is a sample of some of the individuals in our Transforum® Brain Trust:Social Trends Expert: An expert on societal trends especially related to women, children,families. Former staff editor at Ladies Home Journal, Glamour and Parents magazines.Technologist: Former VP of R&D and Chief Scientific Officer for two leading packagedgoods manufacturers, bringing a wide experience to bear on how science-based consumerbusinesses use consumer insight and technology to grow revenues and how risks areassumed and managed.Consumer Psychologist: An expert in consumer products marketing, brand managementand consumer behavior, with extensive knowledge on positioning multiple categoryproducts, marketing radically new products and the advantages of strong brands.Consumer Behavior Expert: Current Professor of Marketing and a former faculty memberof the Sloan School of Management at MIT. Author of a number of books on consumerbehavior, and applying social cognition to consumer-focused strategies.Society and Culture Expert: Researcher and Teacher at Harvard University about PositivePsychology and the Science of Happiness.
  24. 24. Getting StartedWe create a Transformation Plan that captures the innovation objectives, key insights forinnovation, and capabilities/limitations that can influence idea generation. This is sharedwith all Transforum participants when they first access the site to ensure everyone isaligned.Mind ExpansionParticipants ideate from anywhere in the world, logging on periodically over the 3 daysession, to create, probe, and build on ideas. We typically suggest blocking out 45 minutesseveral times a day to ideate on the site. Additional creativity exercises and expertpresentations are posted on the site to help stimulate divergent thinking. Everyone seesand builds on each others‘ ideas. Ideas can be grouped by category, making it easy toideate across multiple categories. At the end of each day, SpencerHall recaps the ideasthat have been generated, making it easy to see the breadth of the exploratory, andidentify any areas to emphasize in the subsequent days.Synthesis and ConvergenceAt the conclusion of the brainstorming, we will transfer the idea recaps to our Appraisesurvey software, and send links to the survey to designated client personnel. Teammembers will be able to individually rate each idea, and provide any commentary theywould like on each idea. We will then tabulate the responses, resulting in a prioritized listof ideas that merit further development.
  25. 25. This is where participantsview the TransformationPlan and Expert slideshows. The New Messagelight flashes when a newmessage or presentationhas been posted.The blue buttons let youdecide to view and buildout ideas: chronologically,by category, since you lastlogged on, or your ownideas.
  26. 26. When you click on the NewIdea button, an Idea Sheetappears, encouragingparticipants to thinkcompletely about the idea.Ideas are created using aformat that captures theconsumer insight, thebenefit/promise, and thesupport/reason-to-believe.You can spell check theidea or to let an ideapercolate, you can clickthe Save State button andhold the idea until you areready to post it.
  27. 27. This is an example of whata posted idea and buildslook like. The original ideais posted and then visualsand build-outs areautomatically posted undereach idea.You can see which areas aregenerating the mostenthusiasm by the caliberof builds under the originalidea. Over the course of the Mind Expansion session, hundreds of ideas and builds like this will be generated.
  28. 28. At the conclusion of thebrainstorming, we will useour Appraise surveysoftware and send links tothe survey to designatedclient personnel to vote onthe ideas.Team members will be ableto individually rate eachidea and provide anycommentary they would likeon each idea.
  29. 29. Mean Rating DistributionHeart Monitor Plus 9.5 We will then tabulate theEnhancement Leg/Arm Braces 9.3 responses, resulting in aStretch Enhancer 9.2 prioritized list of ideas thatPosture Check 9.2 merit further development.Cooling-Heating Wrap 9.1Ice Massage 8.9Womens Muscle Care Line 8.85 Hour Stress Relief (Physical and Mental) 8.7Miracle Knees 8.5Sports Prep 8.3Performance Boosting Workout Wear 8.3Lean To It 8.2M-Pods 8.1Moist Heat 7.9Performance Boosting Workout Wear 7.8Body Tension Diagnosis Screens 7.6Vita Dose 7.1Immunity Boost 6.8Aroma Therapy On the Go 6.6Wellness Series 6.5Wellness Website 6.3
  30. 30. Case StudyCreating school lunch options that wouldsatisfy students, administrators andnutritionists alike was the challengebrought by a large food servicesmanufacturer.We utilized SpencerHall‘s proprietaryTransforumTM online ideation tool toharness the creative energies of our BrainTrust team of outside creative experts,along with the client and SpencerHallteams.Over a 3 day period, we generated awealth of new ideas that delivered greattasting, nutritious and cost effective foodsthat delighted all target groups, providinga pipeline of new products that allowedthe client to stay relevant with its keyconstituencies.
  31. 31. The demand for breakthrough ideas is intensifying. You can be patient andhope a big idea comes along, or rally the troops and paper the walls in hyper-brainstorming sessions. Weve found that true innovation demands more.SpencerHalls unique Flashpoint ideation process helps clients connect with theirconsumers, ensuring the team sees, feels, thinks and reacts through theconsumer’s heart and mind.We know that the mind sets neural pathways that help us solve problems every day,without having to "reinvent the wheel." However, those set pathways can leadpeople to the same ideas over and over. At SpencerHall, weve developed proprietary techniques that break throughthose neural paths to generate truly innovative new ideas.We believe that a mix of disparate perspectives helps create an "alchemy" of trulybreakthrough thinking, so in addition to the client and SpencerHall teams, weinclude relevant outside experts to share their insights and help brainstorm. Wealso include an artist to help bring ideas to life.
  32. 32. Typically, the Flashpoint session runs for two days. We conduct the sessions in venuesthat are reflective of the assignment, and conducive to creativity: The Hot Pink Suite at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas for a liquor innovation project. A botanical garden for air freshening. Major league ballpark for male grooming products.Prior to the Flashpoint session, participants are given Idea Journals that include fun―homework‖ assignments to help them get immersed in the target.We begin the Flashpoint session with a ―Meeting of the Minds‖ to ensure the entireteam is grounded in key objectives and focus areas. This includes translating consumerinsights into posters that are kept on display, to literally surround the client team withtheir consumers.Then, our Flashpoint facilitators stimulate revolutionary thinking among participants,using a series of creative exercises developed by our Consumer Psychologists. Sometechniques involve the entire group, others small breakout teams, and yet others aredone individually.Ideas are captured on our special Idea Builder sheets, to ensure we are generatingholistic ideas that are grounded in consumer insight.
  33. 33. Case StudyWe led a comprehensive consumerimmersion and innovation program for amajor line of hair care products.Our Discovery research plan included aseries of research encounters with bothconsumers and hair stylists , whomconsumers turn to for professional adviceon the products that are best for theirhair. We challenged respondents with a―Pre-Stimulation‖ exercise to create ideasfor breakthrough new hair care products.This resulted in identifying a number ofmajor new product areas that went farbeyond conventional product forms/benefits. We used these themes as thefoundation for our Flashpoint innovationsession, where we brought together theclient and SpencerHall team with outsideexperts that expanded our thinking. Theresult was a multi-year pipeline ofbreakthrough new products and formscreated in just two days.
  34. 34. CONCEPT Developing, optimizing and quantifying concepts that emergedDEVELOPMENT from the innovation phase.& VALIDATION
  35. 35. Identifying the big idea is only part of the challenge of creating winning newconcepts. Great ideas can fail if they are not communicated well.SpencerHall has proven expertise in crafting positioning and new product conceptsthat are clear, compelling, and that generate consumer action.  We have created concepts that set company records for clients such as Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and SC Johnson.  We are routinely called upon to create positioning directions for clients who have struggled with how to frame their product so it truly connects at the critical intersection of functional and emotional benefits to create a higher order proposition that is truly meaningful.
  36. 36. Case StudyA quick serve restaurant wanted to re-invigorate consumer passion for a coremenu item that had lost its relevance tomany consumers.Our Sounding Boards were conductedamong several consumer segments,including users who were frequentconsumers of the product.We conducted a “forced deprivation”exercise where they could not eat theproduct for 2 weeks, and had to keep ajournal capturing when they craved it,what they ate instead, and how they feltabout that.At the end of the 2 weeks, we had themeat the product again, and describe thatexperience, uncovering incredibly rich andpowerful sensory and emotional cues forpositioning directions that generated verypositive consumer response. This learningresulted in new brand positioning thatcreated a stronger emotional connectionwith consumers.
  37. 37. LifeStory Insights Positioning Directions Headline was here Text was here Text has been removed for client confidentiality
  38. 38. SPENCERHALL PROJECT TEAMNancy SpencerNancy is an expert in consumer understanding, strategic positioning and idea generation.She has pioneered new research techniques to uncover new, deep consumer insights andbehavior discontinuity, leading to successful competitive product positioning. Prior to co-founding SpencerHall in 1996, Nancy was Group Vice President, Account Director/NewProducts, at Northlich Stolley LaWarre, agency of record for Procter & Gamble‘s ideageneration and new product strategic development, where she helped create several majornew brands for P&G including FemStat, Dryel and Fit Produce Rinse.Jonathan HallJon is a patented inventor with a proven track record in creating innovative new conceptsand powerful branding strategies. He has a real aptitude for discovering patterns andthemes in consumer behaviors/attitudes, and using that as a basis for crafting breakthroughideas. Jon is a sought after speaker, sharing inventive approaches for insight generation andcreativity in a variety of marketing, research and university forums, as well as on nationalprograms such as the CEO Show and The Advertising Show. Prior to co-founding SpencerHallin 1996, Jon spent 14 years in Brand Management at Procter & Gamble. His tenure includedacquiring and re-launching Old Spice and introducing High Endurance Deodorant, as well asserving as Director of Beauty Care New Ventures where he created Olay Daily Facials.Denise AndersonDenise has over 18 years of experience in creating innovative new product ideas, developingpositioning and identifying consumer insights. She has a proven ability to listen and connectwith consumers to uncover unique consumer needs and insights for developing new productideas, concepts and new technology. After receiving her MBA from Duke, Denise worked forRJR Nabisco, S.C. Johnson & Sons, Inc., and The Coca Cola Company. She has brandmarketing and new product development experience with a wide range of brands andproduct categories such as: Food, Beverages, Personal Care, Household Cleaners and InsectControl.
  39. 39. SPENCERHALL PROJECT TEAMLara Kudryk Traska -Lara is a creative and strategic marketer, with a focus on consumerunderstanding, ideation and concept development. She is uniquely adept at integrating consumerinsight, market data and intuition, leveraging these into winning new product concepts. As amoderator, Lara has a natural ability to connect with respondents, allowing her to uncover freshnew insights that form the basis for breakthrough ideas. Her experience spans a range ofcategories, including food/beverage, textile/fashion, financial services, health and personalcare. Prior to joining SpencerHall in 2007, Lara led global color innovation and design on the Olayand Cover Girl brands at Procter & Gamble. Other experience includes brand marketing atMaybelline and Kellogg‘s. Lara has an MBA from Georgetown University.Janine Lossing -Janine approaches qualitative research and innovation from the mindset of a truebrand marketing professional. After receiving her MBA from Duke, Janine went into the advertisingagency side of the business, working closely on new product innovation for Procter & Gamble, andhelping launch products such as Swiffer, Femstat and Dryel. Janine has been a moderator withSpencerHall since 1999. Having worked in both the client and supply-side of organizations, Janinehas expertise on ―both sides of the glass‖. She brings expertise in strategy and conceptdevelopment that she uses to provide her clients with more input and depth than just moderatingfocus groups. She has a unique ability to put a human face on the demographic data and help clientsmake informed choices. Janine‘s moderating experience spans a wide range of products, fromhealth care to food to beauty care, targeting women, men and children of all ages.Carole Walters -Carole has proven experience in innovation and research projects across a widerange of industries, including consumer package goods, fashion, food & nutrition, technology,financial services, personal care and pharmaceuticals. She plays a key role in product ideation andinnovation and has a real aptitude in uncovering the emotional insights that are most meaningful tostrengthening brand connections. Carole also has extensive experience with business respondents intechnology and financial services as well as youth targets ranging in age from age 8 to 18 in food andbeverage and technology. Prior to joining SpencerHall in 2000, Carole was a senior executiveinvolved in marketing and innovation with over 20 years of experience on the agency side..
  40. 40. SPENCERHALL PROJECT TEAMSusan Baggott - Sue is an expert in consumer and technical/new product innovation. She has aproven track record of uncovering deep consumer insights and creatively translating them into newproduct concept, brand positioning and technology breakthroughs that deliver global businesssuccess. Prior to joining SpencerHall in 2002, Sue was an Associate Director of Global Research andDevelopment at Procter & Gamble with extensive international experience in consumerunderstanding, strategic new business development and brand equity positioning. Some of Suesproduct development breakthroughs recently in the news include: Cover Girl Outlast/ Max FactorLipfinity Lip Color and Pampers Customized Premium Diaper Line Up.Angela Fullen - Angela has a powerful combination of strong analytical skills and broad basedmarketing expertise. Her interpretation of the new product process and market dynamics hastranslated into successful new product launches and effective marketing strategies. Angela brings apragmatic approach to marketing with her innate ability to uncover the essence of consumerinsights and behaviors, and translate that knowledge into actionable outcomes. Prior to joiningSpencerHall, Angela developed her skills over 15 years of marketing experience with key brands suchas Avon, L‘Oreal, Garnier, Borden and Classico. Angela has a B.S. from Northwestern University andan M.B.A. from Kellogg School of Management.Pam Branam - Pam has over 16 years of large account sales and sales management experience whichincludes building not only relationships with key clients but friendships. Pams extensive businessknowledge and market experience makes her very adept at understanding client needs, anddeveloping creative solutions to meet those needs. Pam has a proven track record of excellence,working with companies such as Novell, Cisco Systems and Symbol Technologies. She has a fiercecommitment to client satisfaction.
  41. 41. Putting it all togetherSpencerHall’s Disciplined Creativity™ process provides a full suite of capabilitiesso we can be a true strategic partner in global innovation.  Proprietary research methods uncover fresh insights and unarticulated needs for positioning and new product development.  Proven innovation processes leverage a variety of perspectives for truly divergent thinking.  Concept writing expertise that set company concept testing records for clients such as Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and SC Johnson.  Optimization and validation methods help define the most promising new opportunities. Visit us at to learn more.