Middletown Dmi Brochure Final


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Middletown Dmi Brochure Final

  1. 1. The Nine Step Process The Benefits Rather than focusing on individual drug users and sellers, the focus is on shutting down Middletown’s • The original intervention in High Drug Market Point, NC, eliminated open-air drug markets using a nine step process. drug markets citywide and reduced violent crime by 57 1. Crime Mapping – Selecting a target area percent in the first neighbour- Intervention based on crime data hood in which it was implemented. 2. Survey – Law enforcement “surveys” the • In Providence, RI, calls for police target area to learn all they can about service in the city’s worst open- drug dealers in that area air drug market fell 58 percent; reported drug crime 70 percent; 3. Incident Review – Reviewing survey and drug calls to police 80 information and incidents in target area percent. to identify potential call-in participants • In Hempstead, NY, drug arrests dropped 87 percent in the year 4. Undercover Operations – Building cases after its targeted open-air drug on the potential call-in participants market was shut down. 5. Mobilize the Community – Gaining • According to High Point Chief of Police, “The most important community buy-in/identifying resources benefit of this work is 6. Contact with the offender’s family – reconciliation that emerges from Identify influential people in the lives of the dialogue between the minority community and police.” the call-in participants and visit with • DMI eliminates open-air drug them markets that bring violence and 7. Call-in/Notification – Determining neighbourhood blight. • It returns targeted neighbour- available services, facilitating the call-in hoods to the residents. 8. Enforcement – Law enforcement and • It improves public safety by community working together to keep reducing crime and disorder. the open-air drug market closed • Implementing the DMI provides those who are willing to change 9. Follow up – Providing call-in “Restoring a nation, one neighborhood at a time” their lifestyles, with the support participants who accept assistance with needed to do so. supportive resources
  2. 2. “Why DMI” DMI in Middletown In many neighbourhoods, drug dealers and Efforts to implement the DMI in Drug Market Intervention drug buyers have taken over the streets, Middletown are the result of a joint effort forcing residents to stay in their homes. These between the Butler County Prosecutor’s The Drug Market Intervention (DMI) also drug markets are often violent and volatile, Office, Middletown Police Department, known as the High Point Initiative was undermining safety and inhibiting Middletown Prosecutor’s Office, Freedom pioneered in High Point, NC, in 2004. This development of local economies. Community Development Corporation and strategy brings together drug dealers, their the Middletown Chapter of the National families, law enforcement and criminal Open-air drug markets and drug Association for the Advancement of justice officials, service providers and enforcement activities to curb the drug Colored People (NAACP) and Malachi community leaders to eliminate overt trade have exacted a heavy toll on poor community drug markets; arrest and and minority neighbourhoods. As drug prosecute violent drug dealers; offer non- dealers exert control over public space, violent dealers education, job placement residents withdraw. and other assistance; and establish clear, predictable and meaningful consequences At the same time, four decades of drug for those who return to dealing. enforcement have resulted in criminal justice cycles that incarcerate large numbers of Although the drug dealers working in young, non-violent dealers; only to have the target areas are the focus of a them replaced by a new group of young considerable amount of attention during people drawn to the perceived economic DMI implementation, the DMI is not rewards of drug sales. primarily focused on changing individuals. Rather, it is about changing neighbour- hoods, transforming communities and Who should be Involved ‐‐Given  the  success  of  the  DMI  in  High  Point  and  other     early  adopter  jurisdictions,  in  2007  the  Bureau  of  Justice  advancing community and economic Assistance  (BJA)  provided  funding  for  Michigan  State  development efforts in cities nationwide University along with American University and John Jay College  Law Enforcement, the Faith Community, of  Criminal  Justice    to  train  jurisdictions  in    the  DMI  strategy.  Service Providers, Prosecution, through a partnership committed to the From  November  2007  to  July  2008,  trainee  jurisdictions  Community Leaders, Family, Associates same goal--eliminating the open-air drug included:    Baltimore(MD),  Chicago(IL),  Cook  County(IL),  Dallas(TX),  Durham(NC),  Indianapolis(IN),  Milwaukee(WI),  and friends impacted by drugs, market. Probation/Parole, Government New  Haven(CT)  and  Ocala(FL).  In  July    2008,  BJA  solicited  requests  for  assistance  for  interested  sites  and  accepted  nine  Agencies/Officials, Non-profit Agencies –National Network for Safe Communities additional  sites  including;  Atlanta(GA),  Mesa(AZ),  and Neighbourhood Groups For more information visit: Fitchburg(MA),  Memphis(TN),  Middletown(OH),  Ocala(FL),  www.1.cj.msu.edu/~outreach/psn/DMI/default/default.htm Peoria(IL), Providence(RI),   and   Seattle(WA)‐‐