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Start Anywhere - Faceted Navigation (euroIA 2010)


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Presentation for Euro IA 2010 by Peter Boersma (with support by Henning Fischer) of Adaptive Path. This presentation reflects the things we tell clients when they suggest to use Faceted Navigation. It goes into what Faceted Navigation is and is not good for and what tips & tricks we've learned in researching, designing and evaluating faceted-based solutions.

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Start Anywhere - Faceted Navigation (euroIA 2010)

  1. 1. start anyw here ot good for ted Naviga tion is n what Face rsma r er boe ische petnning f he
  2. 2. Adaptive Path helps teams and organizations create products and services that deliver great experiences to improve people’s lives. consulting experience research events experience design 4,000 participants experience strategy r+d 20 countries 8 50 books hundreds of articles c o n s u lta n c i e s thousands of readers
  3. 3. our clients ask for it
  4. 4. “wouldn’t it be cool if...” “we want to...” “we already have...” “can you make it like...”
  5. 5. Faceted Navigation 101
  6. 6. facets = attributes of content items
  7. 7. navigation = finding your way in (an information) space
  8. 8. faceted navigation = selecting attributes of content items in order to find your way in an information space
  9. 9. typical design facet1 value1.1(#) value1.2(#) item item item facet2 subfacet2.1(#) all content items item item item subfacet2.2(#) (or none) item item item
  10. 10. typical design facet2 value a.b (x) subfacet2.1(#) subfacet2.2(#) item item item all content items item item item whose attributes match value a.b item item
  11. 11. typical design facet2 value a.b(x) subfacet c.d(x) subfacet2.1 value2.1.1(#) value2.1.2(#) item item item all content items item item whose attributes match value a.b and subfacet c.d
  12. 12. When to use Faceted Navigatio n
  13. 13. Good when: all your content items have all the metadata
  14. 14. online magazines books news scientific training & events articles software & tools about Kluwer
  15. 15. Good when: your facets and values actually distinguish content items
  16. 16. Good when: your users understand the facets and values
  17. 17. When NOT to use Faceted Navigation
  18. 18. Not good when: your users may have problems with the UI e.g. select/deselect facets, orthogonal hierarchies, controlled vocabulary
  19. 19. Not good when: your users prefer search over browse
  20. 20. Not good when: your content items have optional features
  21. 21. facets
  22. 22. optional features facets optional features
  23. 23. Not good when: you only have a small collection
  24. 24. Not good when: your users are in non-selection phases of the purchase process
  25. 25. Not good when: you want to encourage serendipity
  26. 26. top 5 recent soon related
  27. 27. Known alternatives
  28. 28. search
  29. 29. directory listing
  30. 30. product tables, comparison charts
  31. 31. product configurators, wizards, advisors
  32. 32. top 5/10/50 lists
  33. 33. fewer products
  34. 34. Adaptive Path’s Tips & Tricks
  35. 35. #1 make sure that selected facets remove other, non-relevant facets
  36. 36. #2 at some point, comparison charts may be a better solution
  37. 37. #3 for products that appear in many categories, add a “for general use” facet/value
  38. 38. #4 the order of facets determines how they will be used
  39. 39. #5 use faceted navigation in combination with other navigation types
  40. 40. search & filter top 5 recent soon related
  41. 41. #6 “view all designs” is not a filter
  42. 42. #7 ask yourself: should we use faceted navigation for all content types?
  43. 43. Summary
  44. 44. Good Not Good when: when: - metadata - problems with UI in place - users prefer search - facets distinguish content items - optional features - users understand - small collection facets - non-selection phases - serendipity
  45. 45. Alternatives - search - directory listings - product tables - comparison charts - configurators/wizards/advisors - top 5/10/50 lists - fewer products
  46. 46. Tips & Tricks #1 selected facets #4 think about order remove non-relevant of facets in interface facets #2 comparison charts #5 combine facets may be better with other navigation #3 consider a “for #6 “view all” is not a general use” facet filter #7 use facets only for content where it makes sense
  47. 47. Questions?
  48. 48. start anyw here ot good for ted Naviga tion is n what Face rsma r er boe ische petnning f he