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Transforming non profit donors into cause owners


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Transform Non Profit Donors into Cause Owners
Evolve from compiling a donor list to building a passionate network of active participants in your cause. It starts with good communication and retention.

Transforming non profit donors into cause owners

  1. 1. Donors to OwnersE V O LV E F R O M C O M P I L I N G A D O N O R L I S T T O B U I L D I N G A PA S S I O N AT E N E T W O R KO F A C T I V E PA R T I C I PA N T S I N Y O U R C A U S E
  2. 2. Donors to Owners 2Donors: People who write Owners: People whoyou a check. actively adopt your cause.It is costly to gain new donors They champion theand they are difficult to retain cause, become passionatein a marketplace exploding activists and recruit newwith causes and issues to converts within their personalsupport. sphere of influence.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  3. 3. Donors to Owners 3 Converting Donors to Owners Requires Retention. Retaining donors, particularly those Communication is new to your cause, requires cultivating a relationship through essential to donor good communication, fulfilling the promise you have made to utilize retention. their donations efficiently and creating opportunities for them to participate with you in a more active and personal way.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  4. 4. 4 Step 1: Retention Step 1: Retention 46% of donors stop giving due Donor retention is directly linked with the to poor way you communicate, and often, it’s your communication. communication within the first 90 days that You can’t create most affects how loyal a donor will become owners if you to your cause. can’t retain donors.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  5. 5. 5 Step 1: Retention Interact with donors in the first 90 days. First 48: Thank and Welcome Donors want to Send donors a Thank You and Welcome to Our Community be appreciated, message within 48 hours of receiving their donation.  If possible, personalize the message with the donor’s name know that they and amount of contribution. are making a  Thank them for their Trust in your ability to help your difference and cause and to maximize their contribution. given ways to  The Welcome message should specify your mission and state the importance of joining this community of help perpetuate individuals who are dedicated to that mission. the cause.  Add a fact that stresses the importance of your mission and reminds the donor of what’s at stake.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  6. 6. 6 Step 1: Retention Interact with Donors in the first 90 days. Donor Loyalty Within 30 Days – Acknowledge Programs can Send donors a “See what your donation made possible” raise retention message and announcement of their automatic enrollment rates by as much into your Loyal Donor Acknowledgement Program.  Create an emotional connection with the donor by relating as 10-20% and the positive impact of their donation on an individual increase both the person/animal/project. length of time  Reward the donor by enrolling them in a special “loyalty” program that acknowledges their contribution and offers donors are loyal special benefits such as earning points for gifts, discounts and the amount on products, opportunities to participate, etc. they donate.  Always add a fact that shows the critical need that your organization is addressing and how their donation helped meet that need.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  7. 7. 7 Step 1: Retention Interact with Donors in the first 90 days. Within 60 Days – Engage When people are Give donors the opportunity to give you feedback. asked for their  The better you know a donor, the more successfully you preferences and can engage them. If you want to know what the donor wants from you, ASK THEM. opinions, they  Provide donors with options for: communication are more likely to preferences; main interests in your programs; interest in become engaged opportunities to volunteer or otherwise become involved; updating their information; sign-up for optional with your cause communications; etc. beyond writing a  Provide donors with a forum for expressing their opinions check. or sharing their personal experiences with your mission/cause.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  8. 8. 8 Step 1: Retention Interact with Donors in the first 90 days. Within 90 Days – Involve If donors have a Offer donors the opportunity to “Share the Cause” with good experience friends, family, co-workers and the world with multiple with you, they channels of communication. will be more than  When communicating with donors, make sure they always have options for sharing your cause with others. willing to spread  Create a space (blog, forum, Facebook, Twitter) where the word and donors are allowed to interact with you. invite others to  Give donors the option of receiving email updates or newsletters and invite them to submit personal stories participate. about their involvement with your organization.  Offer donors prizes through contests or challenges that reward them for bringing new converts to your cause.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  9. 9. 9 Step 1: Retention Communicating over the long term. Credibility & Accountability Donors want to Ensure donors of your credibility with current facts and be assured that figures pertaining to your organizational structure, financial you’re a reliable performance and specific successes in meeting your goals.  Always be transparent and make current statistics readily organization that available on your website. is meeting the  Invite credible members of the community to serve on mandates you your board or as advisors to your organization. have established.  Ask for and publish testimonials concerning your successes from reliable and authentic sources.  Seek out third-party sources to endorse or list your organization as a “preferred” non profit.  Monitor and promptly respond to negative publicity or comments circulating about your organization.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  10. 10. 10 Step 1: Retention Communicating over the long term. Justify and Quantify the Need Donors need to Continuously showcase what is at stake if the need your feel that your organization is committed to is not met. organization is  Provide donors with statistics on what’s at stake, what it will take to meet the need and your specific goals. meeting a real  Support the “what’s at stake” with third-party research, need that will quotes and statistics. affect positive  Relate the need to someone or something specific to help change in their create a stronger emotional connection with your donors.  Tell donors a story that includes a description of what’s at local community stake and a specific example of a resolution of that need or the world. due to the efforts of your organization.  Even if what’s at stake is extremely grave, always include something uplifting and light-hearted in communications to prevent donors from “bad news burnout.”Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  11. 11. 11 Step 1: Retention Communicating over the long term. Clearly Articulate Your Services & Link to ResultsThe more Succinctly describe specific services you offer to meet the needsspecific you are of your cause and the results achieved with those services.about what you  Keep descriptions of your services short and concise.  Provide specific examples of how these services work to meetdo, the easier it the goals of your organization and have a positive impact.becomes to  Relate how a certain dollar amount or a certain number ofenlist others in volunteer hours is required to perform a particular service.  Offer donors the option to select a particular service toyour cause and support with their financial contribution and/or to receiveengage them in communications about in the future.evangelizing that  “Make it real” with short videos of your services in action and always include a recipient or positive impact of that service.cause.  Build a library of testimonials and photographs from recipients of specific services who have realized a positive impact.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  12. 12. Donors to Owners 12 Converting Donors to Owners Requires Activation. Donor activists are cultivated by Activating donors enlisting those who are most passionate about your cause in minirequires an effort on campaigns designed to achieve one specific purpose over a short time your part. frame. You’ll build a base of reliable donor activists who can be called into action for specific needs or to respond to a crisis.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  13. 13. 13 Step 2: Activation Step 2: Activation Communication By practicing good communication skills have skills, you’ve built your donor base, solicited helped you build their feedback, touched them emotionally a strong base of and encouraged them to share your cause donors who are with the people in their lives. Now you can prepped and invite, challenge, empower and reward ready to go into them. action for your cause.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  14. 14. 14 Step 2. Activation Harnessing the power of your donor base. Invite Donors to Take ActionYour regular Invite donors to go into action for a specific campaign with a clearcommunication goal, a theme, a deadline for completion, a singular call to action and a pre-determined method of measuring results.with donors has  Campaigns should have one objective, such as increasing membership, raising funds, enlisting advocacy, attending anestablished the event, gaining new volunteers, etc.kind of rapport  Identify your most passionate and influential donors and engage them in the early stages of campaign planning to mineneeded to call fresh creative approaches to spreading your cause.them into action  Put a system in place for measuring the direct results of the campaign efforts and identifying your most influential andfor your cause. successful donor activists.  Enlist corporate, small business or private sponsors that can help defray your costs and donate money, time or products.  Be prepared to reward your influencers with a small gift and/or recognition in future communications and at future events.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  15. 15. 15 Step 2. Activation Harnessing the power of your donor base. Challenge Donors to Meet a GoalA secondary goal Challenge your donor activists to reach a specific goal on aof each campaign deadline.  Set an overall goal for the entire campaign.should be  Assign specific goals to individual donor activists that areidentifying and attainable within their sphere of personal influence.enlisting new  Create a contest among the donor activists with a reward for the person/group who sells the most tickets, signs up the mostinfluencers for volunteers, etc.your cause.  Have a clear and simple call to action that activists find easy to repeat and share.  Encourage donor activists to find a company or person who will match the amount of money they raise for the campaign.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  16. 16. 16 Step 2. Activation Harnessing the power of your donor base. Empower Donors to Make a DifferenceThe actions that Empower donors to take the required action by providing themdonors take for with the right tools and the authority to represent your cause.  Send out a press release to launch the campaign and recognizeyour cause will your chosen donor influencers.get better results  Create a campaign-specific Landing Page on your website with one simple call to action and “easy button” for complying.if donors have  Set up a system for activists to report progress and seekthe tools and the assistance during the campaign.authority to do  Require all influencers to attend a short campaign kick-off session where they have a training segment and a rally party.the job well.  Provide your activists with a feedback mechanism at the end of the campaign to identify problems encountered and to enlist ideas for future improvements.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  17. 17. 17 Step 2. Activation Harnessing the power of your donor base. Reward Donors for Their EffortsEveryone likes to Reward your donor activists with recognition and a celebrationbe recognized for event, even if your goals were not fully met.  Send out a press release to close the campaign, announce thea job well results and recognize your donor influencers.done, even if  Send out Thank You communications within 72 hours of close of the campaign.they don’t take  Sponsor a celebration event, even if it’s just in thehome the gold office, where all influencers can come together and socialize.medal or win the  Invite new donors to the celebration event to help identify potential future activists.title.  Begin planning the next mini campaign at the celebration event while passions and ideas are running high.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  18. 18. Donors to Owners 18 Check writers have been transformed into a network of activists! The manpower A part of your donor base is now valued for the strength of their fighting for your commitment to your cause in their cause has everyday lives. They wear it on their rolled-up sleeves and carry it in their exponentially hearts, helping you get the results that affect real change. increased.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012
  19. 19. Donors to Owners 19Need help transforming your non-profit donors into pro-active owners? ContactPBJumpstart for communication strategy, tactical planning, creative consulting or content development. We’re always looking for a good cause to serve. or call 662 988-2166. to learn more about our services.Copyright PBJumpstart 2012