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Changing role of cloud & hosting providers


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Local cloud and hosting providers that have been busy building out their local infrastructure either will remain distinctly local and provide their own private, hybrid and public cloud offerings, or forge alliances with global cloud providers to complement their own offering.

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Changing role of cloud & hosting providers

  1. 1. The Changing Role of Cloud & Hosting Providers Pim Bilderbeek, The METISfiles DHPA netwerkbijeenkomst 26 Mei 2016;
  2. 2. Relevant METISfiles Cloud & Hosting Research • Trends en Ontwikkelingen in de Nederlandse Hosting Markt (DHPA/ISPConnect, 2014) • Cloudscape (IBM, Interxion, 2014-2016) e.g. Leading IaaS Partners of European SaaS ISVs, Top 1500 European Public Cloud Computing Providers • Digital Agencies in Nederland (True, Emerce, 2014 en 2015) • White Papers on Data Center Standards (Interxion, Datacenter Dynamics, 2015 en 2016) • Top 10 Independent Dutch Cloud & Hosting Providers (METISfiles, 2015) • Europe’s Local Cloud & Hosting Heroes (METISfiles, 2015) • Charting the Dutch Digital Economy (METISfiles, 2014-2016) • Etc.
  3. 3. The Big SwitchOn- premise Co- location Hosting IaaS PaaS SaaS BPaaS Data center infrastructure Physical Computing Virtual Computing Software Dvlpt Applications Business Process control elasticity dedicated dedicated dedicated shared shared shared dedicated shared dedicated shared dedicated shared ServicesSoftwareHardware ServicesPlatforminfrastructure Oud Nieuw
  4. 4. Model: Public, Private, Hybrid Application: Social, Analytics, Mobile, IoT Service: SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, BPaaS Datacenter: On-premise, co-location, cloud Provider: Amazon, Microsoft, Softlayer A Hybrid, Multi-Cloud World integration orchestration management connectivity control
  5. 5. Changing Service Provider Roles • Delivering automated network services from carrier cloudsCarriers • Switching hubs for cloud, content and connectivityData Centres • Orchestrating automated infrastructure services from hybrid multi-cloudsInfrastructure hosters • Delivering application management services from hybrid multi-cloudsApplication hosters • SaaS provider delivering software-as-a-service from a multi- tenant cloudSoftware providers • BPaaS provider delivering automated business services from a multi-tenant cloudOutsourcers
  6. 6. Choose Your Battleground Global cloud providers, … New managed service providers, … Co-location providers, … Traditional managed service providers, … Managed Hybrid Multi-Cloud Providers Unmanaged Private cloud Public cloud Managed
  7. 7. The changing role of cloud & hosting providers Pim Bilderbeek, The METISfiles DHPA netwerkbijeenkomst 26 Mei 2016;