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Terry Mulligan Bio


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Terry Mulligan Bio

  1. 1. Terry Baker Mulligan Author: Sugar Hill, Where the Sun Rose Over Harlem Terry Baker Mulligan grew up in Harlem and attended both public and privateschool in New York City. She completed her formal education at theCity College of New York, earning a Master of Arts degree in Eng-lish. She has studied fiction and non-fiction writing at WashingtonUniversity’s Summer Writers Institute and the Iowa Summer Writ-ing Festival. In 2000, her article “Sugar Hill” appeared in LaborHistory. In 1998, Terry won first person runner-up for non-fictionat the Heartland Writers Conference. Currently a resident of St.Louis, Terry is married with two grown sons. She is a member ofthe St. Louis Publishers Association, teaches writing at St. LouisCommunity College, and also volunteers with several non-profit or-ganizations that seek to improve education for inner-city children. Tranquility49 LLC, 28 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018 Contact: Patrick A. Berzinski, +1-201-941-1196,