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StevensViews, Spring 2006


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Once again, this edition sees the light of day.

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StevensViews, Spring 2006

  1. 1. In December, January and February, guest edi- In February, CIESEtorials by Stevens President Harold J. Raveché Director Beth McGrath wasappeared in The New York Times, Investor’s Business quoted in NJBIZ regardingDaily and The Star-Ledger, regarding America’s the New Jersey schools pilot program, Engineeringtechnology competitiveness, including a review of Our Future-NJ, which seeks to infuse effectivePresident Bush’s approach to the topic in January’s hands-on science, math and engineering projectsState of the Union address. into the K-12 school curriculum. Center for ScienceWritings Director John In March, Professor Rebecca Wright wasHorgan had several essays published in January, interviewed regarding electronic database privacyFebruary and March in The New York Times Book issues by CNN Radio. There’s more on our website!, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The In March andChronicle of Higher Education. He was also quoted April, Professorin The Star-Ledger in an article about the scientific George Calhoundebate over the origins of the universe. was interviewed and quoted widely regarding the In February, the New Alcatel/Lucent merger. Among the outlets quoting Jersey Technology Council’s him were USA Today, The Chicago Tribune and The Wireless Evolution Expo, Associated Press Be sure to visit hosted by Stevens at the wire service, Babbio Center, was covered which distrib- StevensRadio.htm by the New Jersey Network. uted a wire to hear the worlds of science,The segment featured an interview with Dr. piece globally. technology, engineering, business management, the humanities andAudrey Curtis. Curtis and Acting Dean Lex In April, Professor Jan Klein was quoted by education discussed in-depth.McCusker were also quoted in stories about the The Washington Post via Reuters commenting onevent in The Bergen Record and NJBIZ. eBay’s recent negotiations with Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. In April and May, a Stevens Institute of Technology In February, Dean Robert Ubell and Vice national news segment Castle Point on Hudson Hoboken, NJ 07030 USAPresident Maureen Weatherall were quoted in an about Stevens was fea- Executive Editorarticle published in the The Chronicle of Higher tured by “Pulse on Patrick A. BerzinskiEducation regarding professional higher education America,” including interviews with President Editorprograms being introduced in China by US univer- Raveché, WinSeC Director Patrick E. White, Stephanie Manninosities. Professor Vikki Hazelwood and student Ryan Manager, Stevens News Service In February, Professor Stellar. The segment appeared on Discovery Meagen HenningSilvio Laccetti appeared on Channel and as a stand-alone on the CNN Headline Contributing Editors Pam Krieger, Claudia Pope-BayneNY1 to discuss the implica- News.tions of urban sprawl along Photographer Jim Cumminsthe New Jersey Gold Coast. Designer - Web & PrintHe also had a related opinion Randolph Hoppe, rycomms.compiece, “No Exit from New Jersey,” published in The Contact informationWashington Times, which also appeared variously on + smannino@stevens.eduthe web in the US and abroad. All content, images and related information is the property of the Stevens News Service, Office of Development and External Affairs at Stevens Institute of Technology. Any unauthorized use or replication is strictly prohibited. Copyright 2006 Stevens Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Students create novel approach to selling online with Sell Center Women’s Basketball forward Dora Enright earns individual and As the online marketplace continues to grow, two Stevens students the best aspects is that we’ve sold some interesting merchandise,” said team honorshave entered the arena with their own company, Sell Center. More than Morris. The company has listed and sold a variety of items includinga year ago, seniors Anthony Latona and Adam Morris saw an oppor- Russel Wright pottery, guitars, cars, car parts and even chandeliers. Though she’s a standout on the basketball court, sophomore Doratunity to create something unique, after noting that many people con- In August 2005 Morris and Latona moved the company from Enright knows the value of teamwork. She credits the Ducks’ teamtinued to turn to sites such as eBay to buy and sell products. “We Fords, N.J., to Hoboken in order to be within walking distance to dynamic with the Women’s Basketball team’s success during the Fallthough this company would be a way to make money and help people Stevens and be in closer proximity to various area businesses. “There 2005 season. “We were able to work together instead of being individ-at the same time,” said Morris. The venture has been a success: Sell are so many small- to medium-sized businesses we think we can do a ual stars,” she said. “That worked to our advantage. We’re all leadersCenter’s customer base is now worldwide and 10 percent of its ship- lot of good around here. Being closer to the area makes our service even and we all make each other stronger.”ments are international. It has since become the basis for Morris’ and easier for them to use,” Morris said. Enright, who hails from Longmont, Colo., where she attendedLatona’s Senior Design Project. They’ve also opened their doors to local students – many of whom Longmont High School, has just completed her second basketball sea- The company, headquartered in Hoboken, offers a physical rela- attend Stevens – by offering jobs in accounts management. The Sell son at Stevens. She was involved in basketball for several years prior totionship to the virtual marketplace. Sell Center is user-friendly, said the Center student workers get a rewarding learning experience in addition high school, but her experience on her high school team sparked herteam, because for a percentage of the sale price, Sell Center takes care to their paychecks. “They’re learning how to use customer relations love for the game. “In my sophomore year in high school we were closeof all aspects of each sale. Every item is photographed, prepared for software and how to follow up with clients,” said Latona. “We give [our to winning the championship. Basketball just became a passion aftersale, listed and marketed globally online, and packaged and shipped to employees] more responsibility than they might have elsewhere. They that,” she said.the buyer. After the sale is complete, the Sell Center customer receives manage the entire deal and even write the check for the client and fol- Basketball was a definite consideration when Enright, a Businessa check. Customers can consult with consignment agents who will low up with them.” and Technology major with a minor in Economics, was comparing col-guide them through the entire process. Sell Center offers flexible working hours that can be scheduled leges. “I knew I wanted to go to school in the New York area,” she said. Sell Center focuses mainly on excess inventory and equipment, around students’ classes. “Our salespeople are really good,” said Morris. “And I really liked Stevens’ location, the coaches, the basketball pro-said Latona and Morris, students in The Howe School of Technology “Students work part-time and are able to set their own hours, although gram and the campus.”Management. “We’re helping the local community turn unneeded they have to work at least 10 hours a week.” As a freshman starter, she helped the Ducks achieve an 18-10items back into usable cash,” said Latona. The company’s services are As their company grows, Latona and Morris plan to offer Sell record. This year the Ducks finished second in the Skyline conference.available to a range of customers, from individuals to large companies. Center’s own e-commerce management software, supported by Laris. The team also earned the number-one seed in this year’s EasternCustomers such as American Music Studio in Fords, N.J., have sold The software is aimed at businesses that want to sell their own inven- College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Metro Tournament.instruments and accessories; individual sellers have used Sell Center to tory online. “The software allows them to manage eBay auctions – Enright racked up individual honors during her second season atsell items such as inherited pottery and glassware. “On our end, one of everything from inventory, customer orders, shipping and customer Stevens. She was a second-team selection in the Atlantic service – as well as set up their own e-commerce Region and chosen for the first team in the Skyline Conference. The 5’ websites that display their items for sale,” said 11” forward was ranked as high as number 25 in rebounds per game Latona. (10.9) by the NCAA and was the Ducks’ leading scorer, with 14.8 Sell Center will also offer consulting services to points per game, and rebounder, with 10.7 rebounds per game. In the help these businesses start selling online. “For Skyline Conference, she ranked second in rebounds (first in defensive and sixth in offensive). She was also ranked fourth in the conference for Dora Enright instance, if someone wants an e-commerce website and an eBay store, we can offer them custom tem- scoring. plate design for their eBay listings, a design for their Enright was named to the Women’s Basketball Division III ECAC Off the court, Enright, who maintains a 3.8 G.P.A., is the social website as well as online marketing services to drive Metro All-Star second-team. She was also honored by the ECAC as the chair of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, a peer mentor and the recipient of traffic to their new website,” said Latona. Women’s Basketball Metro Region Player of the Week for the first time the “Women in Engineering” scholarship award. In addition, she serves Adding to a successful year, Latona and Morris in her career. Her talent has earned her a spot on the Division III All- as secretary for the Stevens Association Athletic Council and also han- recently won second place in the 2006 East Coast Star team, which will travel to Brazil at the end of May for a 10-day dles public relations for the Biz-Tech Club. Student Entrepreneur Awards. They were presented exhibition tour. With her sophomore basketball season now behind her, Enright is with their award on May 3, 2006 by the Rothman eagerly anticipating next year. “I’m looking forward to improving on Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies during a cere- our recent successes and welcoming new recruits,” she said. “We mony at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, achieved so much this year when we beat Mount St. Mary’s, but there’s N.J. much more to achieve.” For more information, please visit the Sell After graduating from Stevens in 2008, Enright plans to pursue a Center website at – SM career in the fashion industry. “I want to get a degree in merchandis- ing at a design institute andgo into fashion merchandising,” she said. – SM Adam Morris and Anthony Page 11
  3. 3. Ruesterholz to guide Verizon Telecom’s sales, service and operations National Academy member Lawrence joins School of Engineering faculty Stevens alumna Virginia Ruesterholz, president of Verizon engineering from Stevens and Dr. Victor B. Lawrence has joined cellular technologies. His application of digi- high-performance network control, signalingPartner Solutions, the company’s multi-billion dollar wholesale divi- a Master of Science in Stevens’ faculty as a Batchelor Chair Professor tal signal processing to data communications and management.sion, has been named president of Verizon Telecom, reporting to telecommunications from of Electrical Engineering in the Schaefer in the late 1980s and early 1990s led to many In recognition of his distinguished career,Lawrence T. Babbio, vice chairman and president of Verizon. In her Brooklyn Polytechnic School of Engineering. He comes to Stevens significant advances in high-speed transmis- Lawrence was elected to the Nationalnew role, Ruesterholz will be responsible for all sales, service and oper- Institute, began her career as a following an illustrious 30-year career with sion over copper lines (e.g., voice-band Academy of Engineering, the highest honorations activities for the $37.6-billion Verizon Telecom unit. The manager with New York Bell Labs-Lucent. On his departure, he held modems and DSL). the US can bestow on an engineer. He is alsoappointment is effective immediately. Telephone in 1984. Since then the title of Vice President, Advanced Lawrence was an early champion of VLSI a Fellow of both the Institute of Electrical and “Virginia is a dynamic leader with a proven track record as evi- she has held positions of Communications Technology. Lawrence has for ATM/IP networks and helped create two Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and of Belldenced by her leadership of our wholesale business for the past five increasing responsibility in been a key proponent of research and devel- generations of ATM/IP silicon, including the Laboratories. His technical achievementsyears,” said Babbio, who is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees at operations, sales and customer opment globalization and is championing the industry-leading ATLANTA ATM/IP chip include the 2004 IEEE Award in InternationalStevens. “In this new role, Virginia will lead the broad-ranging sales service. effort to bring fiber optic connectivity to Communication. He also was a co-recipientand operations functions of Verizon Telecom. Virginia’s team will part- She is a recipient of the Africa. Over the past several years at Bell Labs, of the 1984 J. Harry Karp Best Paper Award,ner with John Killian’s Verizon Business unit to serve as the foundation prestigious “40 Under 40” he managed a worldwide R&D organization, the 1981 Gullemin-Cauer Price Award, andof our future growth and continued success.” award from Crain’s New York with branches in Beijing and Shanghai, shared the 1997 Emmy Award for HDTV Ruesterholz, co-chair of Stevens’ Edwin A. Stevens Society with Business and was the first China, and in Hilversum and Twente in the Grand Alliance Standard with other Bellher husband, Kevin, was most recently president of the company’s recipient of the “Rising Star Netherlands, as well as in four US states. Laboratories employees.highly-efficient wholesale business. She will now oversee sales and mar- Award” from the New York “We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Lawrence taught Signal Processing and Kevin and Virginia Ruesterholzketing for the consumer, small business and wholesale market seg- Women’s Agenda. – SM Lawrence, a distinguished technology pioneer, Data Networking courses at the University ofments. In addition, she will be responsible for Verizon’s Information to Stevens,” said George Korfiatis, Dean of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University, PrincetonTechnology team as well as its Network Services group. the Schaefer School. “In addition to his aca- University, Columbia University and Fairleigh Ruesterholz, who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical demic chair, Dr. Lawrence will hold the title Dickinson University, and presented at the of Associate Dean for Special Programs; he Chancellor’s Distinguished Lecture Series at will also lead a school of engineering effort the University of California at Berkeley in focused in the area of embedded intelligent 1986. He also taught Technology networks, systems and devices – investigating Management and Technology Incubation applications that will provide us with security courses at Bell Labs to new engineers. For sev- Comaniciu awarded Office of Naval Research grant and improve the way we live, work and enter- eral years since 1996, Lawrence has lectured at tain ourselves.” Victor B. Lawrence the US Industrial College of the Armed Cristina Comaniciu, an Assistant Professor of Electrical and “Dr. Lawrence’s contributions to advanc- Forces. From 1997-2001, he and his staff sup- Computer Engineering, was awarded an Office of Naval Research ing our curriculum program will have a signif- set. Over the years, Lawrence spun off several ported US Senator Bill Frist and the Senate (ONR) Grant for “Cross-Layer Cooperation for Energy Efficiency icant impact on our student population and ventures, internal and external to Lucent, to Sub-Committee on Science and Technology. in Wireless Sensor Networks: Game Theoretic Solutions.” The their preparedness for the engineering chal- maximize the impact of technology developed He is the co-author of five books: $279,000 grant will be awarded to Comaniciu, the project’s prin- lenges of the future,” said Stuart Tewksbury, in his team, for example: ellemedia, Lucent Introduction to Digital Filters, Tutorials on cipal investigator, over a three-year period. the Director of Department of Electrical and Digital Video, and Lucent Digital Radio. In Modem Communications, Intelligent “This project addresses the problem of efficient design for Computer Engineering. addition, his leadership in the strategic prod- Broadband Multimedia Networks, Design and energy-sensitive sensor networks in military applications,” said Lawrence joined Bell Laboratories in uct services area, data automation and design Engineering of Intelligent Communications Comaniciu. “I propose a cooperative design in which distributed 1974 after receiving his doctorate from engineering services positively impacted Systems, and The Art of Scientific Innovation. protocols are implemented in the network by enforcing coopera- Imperial College, London University, in the Lucent at the operational level in terms of pro- He holds more than 20 US and international tion in a two-dimensional plane: horizontally among different sen- United Kingdom. He began his career in the ductivity and time to market. patents and has had more than 45 papers in sor units, and vertically among various layers of the protocol research area, making many significant contri- During his term as Vice President of referenced journals and conference proceed- stack.” butions to signal processing and communica- Advanced Communications Technology, all of ings, covering digital signal processing and The proposed design solutions are based on game theoretic tions. Lucent’s R&D organizations relied on his data communications. models, in which players individually act to maximize their own From 1982, he held a number of mana- organization’s technology support of comput- One of the many charitable and educa- utility metric, which in the context of sensor networks is a measure gerial positions in various parts of the compa- er-aided hardware design, physical and ther- tional activities he is involved in is the related to the energy consumption for transmitting useful infor- ny and made numerous contributions in mal-design systems compliance and certifica- International Cultural Exchange Center, mation bits across the network. – SM Cristina Comaniciu access, optical and data networking, VoIP and tion. He was also responsible for the design of which he co-founded. – Page 3
  4. 4. PlasmaSol, Stevens spin-out, acquired for $17.5 million Office of Career Development introduces externship program PlasmaSol Corporation, a Technogenesis® spin-out company The Office of Career Development this year unveiled an merchandizing during her visit with Suzanne Woodrow ’05 at Tommyfounded at Stevens, was acquired by Stryker Corporation in a merger Externship Program for first- and second-year students. In its first year, Bahama in New York City. “The people I met had so much knowledgethat was concluded December 30, 2005. The cost of the transaction 16 alumni hosted 23 students to share their career paths, work envi- to share with me,” said Enright. “Networking is key in the fashiontotals approximately $17.5 million, including an up-front cash pay- ronments and industry experiences. business and I wish I had had more time on my visit to keep learning.”ment, plus the assumption of certain liabilities by Stryker. “One of the greatest benefits the Office of Career Development PlasmaSol has developed a technology that will allow Stryker to staff enjoys is that our interaction with students doesn’t end with grad-provide sterilization equipment for use in sterilizing certain of its non-vacuum environment. Their success translating particle theory to uation,” said Lynn Insley, Director of Career Development. “It is veryMedSurg Equipment products. measurable results in the lab opened a whole new range of applications. rewarding to work with alumni. We appreciate the wealth of expertise “PlasmaSol is a Technogenesis success story, written at Stevens,” In 1999, three graduate students from Stevens co-founded and connections that they enthusiastically make available to further thesaid President Harold J. Raveché. “In 1999, a group of Stevens’ facul- PlasmaSol to commercialize the non-thermal plasma technology: Kurt education and careers of our students.”ty members and a team of grad students joined together and founded Kovach, Seth A. Tropper, and Richard Crowe, with the later addition Working with the Stevens Alumni Association, the Office ofa company to commercialize a patented environmental technology to the core team of Michael Epstein. Frank Shinneman joined the Career Development invited graduates to serve as one-day mentors toinvented at the Institute. Six years later, this company is recognized as company several years later as CEO. students over winter break. Students who wished to participate in thea valuable technology asset by a major American corporation. The PlasmaSol team conducted a marketability study of the tech- program met with the Career Development staff several times to out-Technology development from laboratory innovation to marketplace nology’s environmental applications and discovered very large market line their interests and prepare for their visits. Each externship includ-implementation – that’s what we call Technogenesis.” potential in several areas. Dr. George Korfiatis, Dean of Engineering, ed a tour of the facility, meetings with their host and observance of a The basic technology at the core of PlasmaSol Corporation is an and Dr. Christos Christodoulatos, Director of Stevens’ Center for typical day in that particular setting. Most externs had the opportuni-invention by Stevens scientists, known as Capillary Discharge Non- Environmental Systems, are also co-founders and technology advisors. ty to eat lunch with several staff members, which offered them a broad-Thermal Plasma. Following an initial grant by the New Jersey Commission on er sense of the company. The work to propagate large-volume cold plasmas began in earnest Science and Technology, PlasmaSol won major contracts for deconta- Students across all disciplines experienced first-hand how theirat Stevens in 1996. That year, Erich Kunhardt of the Department of minative applications from the US Army and NASA. – SM/PB academic preparation translates into an industry skill set. For many, the For alumni, this was an opportunity to give back to Stevens. KellyPhysics and Engineering Physics, now Dean of Sciences and Arts, externship visit helped confirm a career path. Erica Mondadori, a (Searson) Chladil ’03, a staff scientist at PBL Biomedical Laboratoriesreceived a development grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific freshman Civil Engineering major, felt better about her choice of major in Piscataway, N.J., jumped at the opportunity to serve as an extern-Research. With his Stevens colleague Kurt Becker, Kunhardt went for after spending the day at Turner Construction with recent graduate, ship host. “Experience is one of life’s greatest teachers,” said Chladil. “Ia much sought-after goal: engineering dynamic plasma reactions in a Brooke Johnson. “The visit gave me the confidence to continue purs- wanted to provide the opportunity for Stevens’ undergraduates to ing a degree in civil engineering. Before this I was thinking about explore career options early on in college, so they would have a greater changing majors,” said Mondadori. Dora Enright, a sophomore understanding of what career they want to pursue.” Freshman Business and Technology major, reconfirmed her interest in fashion Chemical Biology major Steve Kazmierkiewicz helped Chladil set up experiments and met with other laboratory staff and human resources personnel. “It gave me a much better idea of what I might be doing when I graduate, and I learned that if I am dedicated I can find some- thing I really like,” said Kazmierkiewicz. Cindy Chin ’05, an analyst with Citigroup, was similarly moti- vated to serve as an externship host. “I wanted to do this because I had a great experience with the Office of Career Development during my four years at Stevens, and wouldn’t be where I am today without their help,” said Chin. “The greatest benefit for students who participate in the Externship Program is that they have the opportunity to become comfortable and confident in a corporate environment before going on an actual job interview.” Stevens’ alumni are highly valued by the Office of Career Development. Insley concluded, “We are very fortunate to have access to so many talented, motivated graduates who are willing to give of their time and talent on behalf of our current students. They can open doors that may otherwise present a challenge.” – PK Page 9
  5. 5. Richard Reilly and John V. FarrRichard Reeves returns to Stevens to recreate Rutherford experiment Reilly appointed to National Throughout his career, author and syndicated columnist Richard “There were two big differences between our experiment and Board of Medical ExaminersReeves, class of 1960, has earned accolades for his extensive work in Rutherford’s,” said Reeves. “One was that you can pull a much greaterprint, television, film and journalism. Reeves’ prolific career has taken vacuum with modern equipment than Rutherford could in the early advisory panelhim many places, but the research for his forthcoming book, about the part of the century, which means it’s less likely of a random hit of an Professor Richard Reilly, from the Wesley J. Howe Schoolexperiments of British physicist Ernest Rutherford, brought Reeves atom in air.” of Technology Management, has been appointed to a nationalback to campus last fall. The second difference, noted Reeves, was that he wasn’t able to use advisory panel working with the Innovation Center of the radium for the experiment, as Rutherford had. “When Rutherford, the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). The panel will Curies and Hans Geiger did their experiments, they didn’t know how advise the NBME on procedures, processes and tools for assess- dangerous radium was. Today it’s a complicated procedure to get ing physician behavior. radioactive material.” Reeves and his team used americium, a radioac- In addition to acquiring and maintaining adequate knowl- tive element, in place of radium. “It’s not as complicated as pure radi- edge of the biomedical and clinical sciences and clinical skills um,” he said. “But the original experiment gave [Rutherford] a kind of Farr nominated to serve on Air to interact with patients, physicians must manifest a broad light: the rays or flashes were brighter in the original.” This was a notable difference, as the team spent much of the experiment “sitting Force Studies Board range of appropriate behaviors to fulfill their societal obligation as professionals. These behaviors span a range of categories there in the dark for half an hour to an hour, looking into a vacuum Professor John V. Farr, Department Director, Systems Engineering and including, for example, altruism, honesty, integrity, caring and chamber to watch the behavior of alpha particles firing off radioactive Engineering Management, has been nominated to serve on the Air Force compassion, respect, responsibility, lifelong learning, commu- material through a bit of gold foil.” Studies Board (AFSB) of the National Academies. nication, team work, teaching and mentoring. Varying combi- Reeves has come a long way from his days at Stevens, where he The AFSB was established by the National Research Council, the oper- nations of these categories (and others not included here) are served as humor editor of The Stute, editor of Events, Stevens’ former ating arm of the National Academies, to oversee independent science and commonly framed under the umbrella term “professionalism.” humor magazine, and president of the dramatic society. His career technology studies for the Air Force. The AFSB serves as a convening author- Academic, certification and accrediting organizations have des- accomplishments are numerous; his journalistic work includes serving ity for the discussion of science and technology issues of importance to the Air ignated professionalism as a competency and emphasized the as chief political correspondent to The New York Times and national Force and works with the Air Force to develop independent studies conduct- importance of relevant instruction and assessment. NBME editor and columnist for Esquire and New York Magazine. Reeves also ed by ad hoc committees of the National Academies. governance has also prioritized assessment of professionalism as was a Pulitzer Prize finalist and juror. He has published hundreds of The Dean of Stevens’ Schaefer School of Engineering, Dr. George P. a strategic initiative. In response, the Center for Innovation at magazine articles on public affairs for major American magazines, Korfiatis, remarked, “This nomination is another indication of John’s out- the NBME, building upon the work already completed or including The New Yorker and The New York Times Magazine. He was standing credentials as a nationally recognized expert in the fields of systems under way by other researchers, initiated an investigation to recognized for his journalistic work in 1998 when he was won the engineering and engineering management. I join the Stevens community in explore possible roles for the NBME in the assessment of med-Richard Reeves Carey McWilliams Award of the American Political Science congratulating him on this high professional honor.” – SM ical professionalism. – SM Association. While working on the book, to be published as part of W.W. In addition, he has appeared on television and in film. Reeves hasNorton’s Discovery series, advisors from Reeves’ publisher offered him worked as a panelist for “We Interrupt this Week” and chief corre- IEEE conference awards ‘best student paper’ to group from Stevensthe opportunity to conduct the experiments at Princeton University. spondent on “Frontline.” He has made six television films and won The paper, “Real-Time Secondary Spectrum Sharing with dynamic spectrum access wireless network. This is cast as aReeves declined. “I preferred to do it at Stevens,” he said, citing his ties television’s major documentary awards. Quality of Service Provisioning,” written by a group from non-linear optimization problem, and solved. When not all theto his alma mater. Reeves’ latest book, President Reagan: The Triumph of Imagination, Stevens’ Multimedia System, Networking and Communications secondary links can be supported with their QoS requirement, Rutherford, who discovered the general shape and aspect of the was hailed by reviewer Adrian Wooldridge (author and Washington (MSyNC) Lab in the Electrical and Computer Engineering a reduced-complexity searching algorithm is proposed to findatom early in the 20th century, was a pioneer in atomic research and in bureau chief of The Economist) in The New York Times “Book Review” Department, was awarded the Best Student Paper Award at the the optimal subset of links. The paper also considers a game-1908 won the Nobel Prize for chemistry. In November 2005, Reeves as “a compelling read, fast-paced and scrupulously fair.” Wooldridge IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference theoretic perspective of this problem, proving that a Nash equilibriumreturned to campus for one week to recreate Rutherford’s “scattering” further noted, “Anybody who is interested in Reagan’s extraordinary (CCNC), 2006. The paper’s contributors are Yiping Xing and Chetan solution exits.experiment. Stevens graduate students Damien Marianucci and presidency needs to reckon with Reeves.” N. Mathur, doctoral students; M.A. Haleem, a postdoctoral researcher; “The idea we propose addresses the FCC’s spectrum policyFrank Corvino were instrumental in assisting Reeves with the intricate Today, Reeves is a Visiting Professor R. Chandramouli, Associate Professor; and K.P. Subbalakshmi, reform. This idea is applicable to state-of-the-art technology calledprocess of mimicking Rutherford’s steps. With the assistance of George at the Annenberg School for Assistant Professor. software-defined radio or cognitive radio,” said Chandramouli.Wohlrab, Head Machinist and Model Maker in Stevens’ Machine Communication at the University of The award committee included leading experts from industry and “In the future, these software-defined radio/wireless devices areShop, Reeves, Marianucci and Corvino were able to recreate the exper- Southern California, while continuing to academia who selected the paper as the best student paper from among expected to become prevalent and use the wireless spectrum more effi-iment from start to finish. “George was extremely important in all of write his weekly syndicated column. – SM 220 accepted papers. ciently due to the spectrum policy reform. Our research proposes ideasthis because we had to build the equipment from scratch, which Frank The paper deals with quality of service (QoS) issues in secondary on how efficiently to use the wireless spectrum, taking an economicmainly did with the help of George,” said Reeves. spectrum access subject to an interference temperature constraint, in a perspective,” said Subbalakshmi. – SM Ernest Page 5
  6. 6. Compagnoni to chair International Workshop on PCC Developing Events: A spotlight on events of the Office of Adriana Compagnoni, an Associate Professor in the Department range of flaws in binary executables, includ- Development and External Affairsof Computer Science, will chair the International Workshop on Proof- ing type errors, memory managementCarrying Code in Seattle, August 11, 2006 . The workshop aims to errors, violations of resource bounds, access The Office of Development and External Affairs had an exciting The panel covered scientific challenges such as the origin of the uni-bring together people from academia and industry and promote the control and information flow. PCC relies first quarter of 2006. The Graduates of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.) held verse, life and human consciousness as well as immense practical prob-collaboration between those adapting Proof-Carrying Code (PCC) on the same formal methods as does pro- their winter social event at the Chelsea Brewing Company at Chelsea lems such as AIDS and other diseases, global warming and natural disas-ideas to new industrial applications and experts in logic, type theory, gram verification, but it has the significant Piers in Manhattan. The group participated in a tour of the brewery fol- ters. “As a cultural institution dependent on public confidence and sup-programming languages, static analysis and compilers. advantage that safety properties are much lowed by a tasting of CBC signature beers. Although the event took place port, science must also cope with the challenge of widespread misunder- The meeting, affiliated with the IEEE Symposium on Logic in easier to prove than program correctness. on the evening of the Blizzard of 2006, no amount of snow could stop standing and distrust of scientific explanations of nature and advancesComputer Science (LICS 2006) and part of the Federated Logic The producer’s formal proof will not, in G.O.L.D. from getting together. Upcoming G.O.L.D. events include a such as stem cells and cloning,” said Horgan. The reception was held atConference (FLoC 2006), will have two keynote speakers, Andrew general, prove that the code yields a correct tour of the Babbio Center, a possible tour of a cyclotron at the Princeton the home of Erich Kunhardt, Dean of the School of Sciences and Arts.Appel, Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University, and Ian or meaningful result, so this technique can- Plasma Physics Laboratory in Princeton, N.J., and the annual summer The evening included select chamber music as well as a light buffet.Stark, Lecturer in Computer Science at University of Edinburgh, rep- not replace other methods of program social at the Jersey shore. Other upcoming Development events include the Scholarshipresenting ongoing research in Europe and the US. The workshop will assurance, but it guarantees that execution Through the dedicated efforts of the Major Gifts team and the Brunch, an Art Exhibit of American Modernist pieces donated to thealso feature presentations by invited speakers from academia and indus- of the code can do no harm. The proofs can Financial Aid department, the Development Office was able to offer five School of Sciences and Arts by Dr. Arthur E. Imperatore and the annu-try. Invited speakers include Amal Ahmed, a postdoctoral fellow at be mechanically checked by the host; the undergraduate students the Verizon Engineering Scholarship for 2005- al EAS Faculty Reception. Rounding out the second quarter will be theHarvard University ; Gilles Barthe, researcher and head of the EVER- producer need not be trusted at all, as a 2006. This scholarship is in recognition of academic achievement of ris- 4th Annual Golf Outing to benefit Stevens’ student athletes.EST team at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis; Ricardo Medel, a Ph.D. candi- valid proof is incontrovertible evidence of ing seniors in Computer and Electrical Engineering. If you would like to learn more about any of these events, pleasedate in Stevens’ Department of Computer Science; Zhong Shao, safety. Adriana Compagnoni In addition, the Development Office coordinated a reception fol- contact the Development office at (201) 216-5241. – CPBProfessor of Computer Science at Yale University; and Dachuan Yu, a PCC has sparked interest throughout lowing a Center for Scienceresearch engineer at DoCoMo Labs. the world, from academia to industry, and has moti- Writings event. Three pre-emi- There will also be an open poster session to offer the possibility to vated a large body of research in typed assembly lan- nent science journalists tookshowcase a broader spectrum of research in the area. Although poster guages, types in compilation and formal verification part in the Center’s discussionsubmission is open to everybody actively working in areas related to the of safety properties, stimulating new interest in for- of “Science’s Greatestmeeting, the workshop particularly encourages submissions by stu- mal methods and programming languages technolo- Challenges.” The expert paneldents. gy. For more information, see the International included Sharon Begley, science “PCC is a technique that allows the safe execution of untrusted Workshop on Proof-Carrying Code website at columnist, The Wall Streetcode,” said Compagnoni. “In the PCC framework the code receiver Journal; John Rennie, editor-in-defines a safety policy that guarantees the safe behavior of programs chief, Scientific American; andand the code producer creates a proof that its code abides by that safe- Steven Petranek, editor-in-ty policy.” Safety policies can give end users protection from a wide chief, Discover magazine. John Horgan, Director of the Stevens “Science’s Greatest Challenges” panel (l.-r.) Sharon Begley, TheWei Jiang honored with NSF CAREER award Center for Science Writings, moderated the discussion. Wall Street Journal; John Rennie, Scientific American; John Through the Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) methodology of data quality analysis and improvement to achieve Verizon Scholars (l to r) Gregoire St. Louis, Jaamal Horgan, Director of the Center for Science Writings; and Steve Watkins, Randy Simat and Kenneth Kolodziej. Petranek, Discover magazineProgram, the National Science Foundation recently awarded Dr. Wei robust decision making under imperfect information environments. Adam Duda (not pictured) was also a recipient ofJiang, an Assistant Professor in the Systems Engineering & The outcomes are expected to be generic and provide a concrete basis the scholarshipEngineering Management Department, with a four-year grant to of data quality management which can be applied to different data- G.O.L.D. at Chelsea Brewing Companyresearch “Data Quality Management through Statistical Quality intensive applications. Ultimately, it will also have a broader impact onControl and Data Mining.” advanced theory and the methodology of information quality manage- “This is a great accomplishment and national recognition attesting ment, enhanced decision making, and the creation of a workforce ofto the excellent quality of our junior faculty,” commented George P. data quality assurance researchers and practitioners.Korfiatis, Dean of Stevens’ Schaefer School of Engineering. The CAREER program is a foundation-wide activity that offers Data quality is of great importance due to the emergence of large the National Science Foundations most prestigious awards in supportvolumes of data. Many business and industrial applications critically of the early career-development activities of those teacher-scholars whorely on the quality of information stored in diverse databases and data most effectively integrate research and education within the context ofwarehouses. The goal of Jiang’s research is to develop a systematic the mission of their Page 7