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StevensViews, Fall 2007


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This newsletter managed to survive and thrive during a period of 9 years.

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StevensViews, Fall 2007

  1. 1. NON PROFIT ORG. US POSTAGE PAID HOBOKEN, NJ PERMIT NO. 4Stevens Institute of Technology Castle Point On Hudson Hoboken, NJ 07030-5991 Stevens Institute of Technology, Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5991 USA, +, Director, Office of University Communications Editor Contributors Patrick A. Berzinski Stephanie Mannino Pamela Krieger, Nicole J. Moldovan Manager, Stevens News Service Photographer Designer - Web & Print Maria Molina Jim Cummins Randolph Hoppe, All content, images and related information is the property of the Stevens News Service, Office of Development and University Communications at There’s more on our website! Stevens Institute of Technology. Any unauthorized use or replication is strictly prohibited. Copyright 2007 Stevens Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Technogenesis Today Disruptive Technologies Roundtable discusses revolution in embedded digital advertising Svetlana Sukhishvili to serve on NIH’s Biomaterials and Biointerfaces Study Section Dr. Helena S. Wisniewski, Vice or the suit jacket he’s wearing, and Svetlana Sukhishvili, Associate Professor in national biomedical research effort. Study sections President for University Research & without interruption in the viewer’s Stevens’ Chemistry and Chemical Biology department, review grant applications submitted to the NIH, make Enterprise Development at Stevens, enjoyment of the movie, informa- has been invited to serve on the Biomaterials and recommendations on these applications to the appro- hosted the third in a series of tion about that product will be Biointerfaces Study Section of the Center for Scientific priate NIH national advisory council or board and sur- monthly “Disruptive Technologies transmitted to his or her e-mail, or Review. Sukhishvili’s two-year term on this National vey the status of research in their fields of science. Roundtables” in June. sent directly to a connected print- Institutes of Health (NIH) committee runs from July 1, These functions are of great value to medical and The roundtable discussed the er.” 2007 to June 30, 2009. allied research in the US. newly formed Stevens start-up This simultaneity of transmit- Members are selected on the basis of their “I am confident that Professor Sukhishvili will be company, InStream Media LLC, ted messages holds the attractive demonstrated competence and achievement in their an asset to the National Institute of Health in assuring whose product has the potential to prospect of multiple product place- scientific discipline as evidenced by the quality of the quality of its peer review process,” said George P. disrupt the way advertising is deliv- ments, while giving the viewer a research accomplishments, publications in scientific Korfiatis, Provost and University Vice President. ered. It provides non-invasive, greater measure of interactive con- journals and other significant scientific activities, “Svetlana’s colleagues and I congratulate her on being unobtrusive embedded advertising trol and selection over which prod- achievements and honors. selected to participate in the Biomaterials and using advanced steganography. uct placements to learn more Membership on a study section represents a Biointerfaces Study Section.” – SM This is an about, as well as how to retrieve major commitment of professional time and energy as interactive, consumer-initiated the information. well as a unique opportunity to contribute to the approach that also provides feed- Additional secure features can back to the advertiser. It is also a be added (e.g., unique decoding Svetlana Sukishvili Professors R. Chandramouli and K. Subbalakshmi method that does not increase the keys to extract coupons by an indi- need for bandwidth. vidual user) to provide an added InStream Media LLC is an out- dimension of service. growth of research conducted in the Media Security, Networking Benefits to advertisers include the ability to receive instant mar- Winning Views and Communications (MSyNC) Lab keting feedback that a viewer has in Stevens’ Department of Electrical read the ad, plus the ability to & Computer Engineering. The gather data regarding user click- DeBaun athletic field replaced with state-of-the-art FieldTurf founders, along with VP through behavior. – PB Wisniewski, are Professors R. During the summer, the NeXturf surface at the DeBaun Stevens’ Athletic department also expects teams from other uni- Chandramouli and K. Althletic Complex field was replaced by FieldTurf. The decision to versities to be attracted to the new field and host more games at Subbalakshmi, two experts in the field of streamed digital media, PredatorVision: The ultimate security camera replace the field came after a nine-month long process, during Stevens. Lacrosse coach, Celine Cunningham, believes that the which members of the Athletics department visited universities FieldTurf will help Stevens recruit new players and also decrease who are also founders of the along the east coast and researched what type of field turf would injuries caused in the past, due to the worn out NeXturf. MSyNC Lab. PredatorVision LLC provides the ultimate security camera, which can also serve as a best fit Stevens. The new field at the DeBaun Athletic Complex is With FieldTurf in place, Stevens’ athletes will now be able to “In a first approach of its kind, chem/bio sensor of extreme sensitivity. It is based on optical and sensor-actuated tech- similar to Yale University’s new soccer and lacrosse field, and also host more games, recruit more players and compete on a state-of- InStream Media uses techniques of nologies developed by Dr. Rainer Martini in Stevens’ Department of Physics and features permanent, sewn-in lines, instead of NeXturf spray-on the art field. – MM streaming digital steganography – Engineering Physics. With a focus on predicting and preventing terror attacks, Dr. Martini lines. digital information embedded with- and his research colleagues have developed a switched mid-infrared/near-infrared surveil- The NeXturf, which stood in place for seven in other digital information – to lance camera that can capture 10-megapixel, photo-quality images at great distances years, was worn out due to excessive use of the revolutionize the world of interac- through fog, smog and snow, a significant advance over current state-of-the-art equip- field. Russell Rogers, Athletic Director for Stevens, tive media, including product ment. Another adaptation of the camera would enable it to detect chemical particles, explained, “This was our only outdoor facility. It advertising, home shopping and down to the scale of individual molecules, in the air – allowing authorities to sniff out sui- wore over time and we had so many different educational media,” said cide bombers and other mobile chem/bio threats before they strike. The initial prototype sports on here—men’s and women’s soccer, field Chandramouli. “For example, our is designed to be lighter weight and lower cost (by a factor of several hundred) than the hockey, men’s and women’s lacrosse, baseball, technology can embed advertise- nearest-equivalent product currently available. – PB intramural sports, club sports, physical education, ments directly into the digital video and general recreation. [The turf] just wore down. scene imperceptibly, with the The biggest problem was with soccer where it got advertisement based on the con- to the point where the ball just moved way too text of the video scene.” fast, and it impacted the game.” “The embedded media can be This project, which began over the summer, on the order of a video ad, audio was completed on August 19. Over the course of ad, text ad, or informational URL,” the next few months, the Institute will continue to said Subbalakshmi. “With the click make improvements to the complex with the instal- of a mouse, or even a specialized lation of two brand-new dugouts as well as a limit- TV remote, the consumer watching ed number of premium, on-field seats for baseball a video scene of, say, a James Bond games. With the FieldTurf surface in place, Stevens film, can click on the particular car is now eligible to host NCAA tournaments. being driven by the title character, Page 11
  3. 3. Faculty News Feature Story Carol Brown joins the faculty of Stevens’ Howe School of Technology Management Stevens’ academic realignment creates four schools Dr. Carol V. Brown has joined the faculty of Stevens’ Howe Brown’s research has been During the past year, Stevens has seen School of Technology Management as a Distinguished Professor. published in leading scholarly jour- several significant changes to its academic Brown will head the current Howe School IT Program for the nals, including Information Systems structure. This realignment has resulted in pharmaceutical industry and will lead the creation of a new pro- Research, Journal of Management four schools: the new Charles V. Schaefer, gram in IT for the healthcare industry. She will also teach in the Information Systems, MIS Jr. School of Engineering and Science, the Howe School ’s Information Systems program, which is one of the Quarterly, and Organization new School of Systems and Enterprises, the world’s most successful, headed by Dr. Jerry Luftman. Science. The communication of her existing Wesley J. Howe School of Brown holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and research ideas to practice has been Technology Management, and the new a doctorate in Management Information Systems from Indiana accomplished via multiple outlets, College of Arts and Letters. University-Bloomington, where she recently taught in the MBA, including journals that target an IS To better position Stevens at the fore- MS in IS and Ph.D. programs at the Kelley School of Business and manager readership, in-person pre- front of global challenges in engineering, directed its IM Affiliates program. sentations to practitioner groups, a science and technology management, each Brown has published research on IS management topics, textbook published by Prentice Hall school will focus on specific goals and developed curricula, and fostered academic-practitioner linkages now under revision for a sixth edi- objectives: for more than 15 years. She served on the faculty of Purdue tion, a handbook for IS managers, · The Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of University in West Lafayette prior to joining the Indiana University teaching cases and SIM’s annual Engineering and Science will strengthen the faculty in 1990, and has been a Visiting Scholar at MIT’s Sloan awards for papers co-authored by individual disciplines and degree programs School of Management. academics and practitioners. Carol Brown of both engineering and science, while Primarily using on-site interview and survey methods, Brown As a faculty member at both establishing the incentives, rewards and has focused her research on IS management topics of critical the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses, Brown played key roles in recognition for excellence in cross-discipli- interest to senior IS and business managers. Her research on IS the development of IS curricula for undergraduate and MBA pro- nary scholarship. Stevens has taken this bold step, said losophy, literature, history, psychology, the governance structures and mechanisms, IS sourcing, enterprise grams on both IU campuses and the development of an online · The School of Systems and Raveché, to address the growing national arts – who, unique to their work, focus on system implementations, and the strategic repositioning of an IS (Kelley Direct) MBA program. She also chaired a multi-school task Enterprises was launched to build on the need to unite Science and Technology matters to do with the humanities and organization has been sponsored by practitioner groups such as force that led to structural improvements to help grow the extraordinary momentum of graduate edu- Studies (STS) with rigorous programs that social science of science and technology.” the Advanced Practices Council of the Society for Information school’s new MS in IS program. Her recent teaching for the Kelley cational and research programs in strategic emphasize clear communications across the A major goal is for new faculty to pur- Management (SIM), the Center for Information Systems Research School of Business has focused on the design and delivery of case- areas of systems engineering and enterprise many disciplines represented by engineer- sue a variety of scholarly and research activ- (CISR) at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, IRMIS and the based courses on IS management topics for residential MBA, architecture, which have received global ing, science and technology management. ities, to advance knowledge and enhance Information Management (IM) Affiliates of Indiana University, as evening MBA, online MBA and residential MS in IS students. As recognition. “In establishing and nurturing a the scholarly image and research profile of well as British American Tobacco and SAP, a leading enterprise the Executive Director of the IM Affiliates program of the Kelley · The Wesley J. Howe School of College of Arts and Letters, Stevens can Stevens. software vendor. A common thread is that her studies examine School, she grew the established program and fostered academic Technology Management is flourishing boast of a unique and powerful institution- Humanities and liberal-arts education topics at the organization or enterprise system level with the linkages with member companies in the Indianapolis region. through its successful educational programs al initiative,” said Raveché. “Likewise, other have played a central role at Stevens since objective of contributing conceptual models and empirical findings A native of New Jersey, born in Summit and raised in in Information Systems and Technology divisions and programs within Stevens, its inception in 1870. The founders and to both scholars and practitioners. Westfield, Brown will be setting up a residence in Hoboken. – SM Management, as well as its research thrusts because of their science, engineering and leaders of Stevens created a curriculum and in new areas such as Social Networks and technology orientation, stand to benefit made explicit an identity for Stevens as a Hostile Intent which enjoys collaboration from having a College of Arts and Letters center for “Liberal-Technical” education. with engineering and science faculty. bent toward research and teaching in the That early curriculum demanded four years Yao named Director of Electrical and Computer Engineering department · The College of Arts and Letters will broad realms of Science and Technology of courses in literature, philosophy and lan- further the Institute’s legacy of humanities Studies. This places our new College in per- guages in addition to rigorous training in study for engineering, science, and busi- fect alignment with the overall mission of the sciences and laboratory practice. The Professor Yu-Dong Yao has been program, organizing community-building ness and technology students, as well as the Institute.” second president of Stevens, Alexander C. appointed Director of the Department of events, developing new courses and pro- nurture the important role of the humani- Key is the cultivation of the College of Humphreys, established a formal humani- Electrical and Computer Engineering at grams in wireless communications, and pro- ties in the intellectual vitality of the cam- Arts & Letters as a research unit within the ties department in 1902, and it has gone Stevens. Yao joined Stevens in 2000, follow- viding opportunities for undergraduate stu- pus. Institute. through various iterations since. For ing a highly successful career in academia dents to participate in research projects,” said The realignment began early this year “We hope to achieve prominence by decades Stevens prided and to a degree still and industry, his most recent position being Michael S. Bruno, Dean of Stevens’ Schaefer when, in January, Stevens’ President Harold firming up our cadre of researchers who prides itself on its “broad-based” curricu- at Qualcomm, Inc. School of Engineering and Science. J. Raveché announced the establishment of currently work in the areas of science and lum that included this significant commit- “Since coming to Stevens, Professor Yao His considerable professional service a new College of Arts and Letters at the technology studies and through our collec- ment to the liberal arts as part of “Liberal- has been extremely active in identifying and includes serving as editor of the IEEE university. tive efforts place our College on the map,” Technical” education. developing collaborative research programs Transactions on Wireless Communications The College of Arts and Letters will said Dean McClellan. “It is important to In April, Provost and University Vice with other faculty members, both within and and as associate editor of both the IEEE reinforce the outstanding legacy of Stevens’ note that this new emphasis on STS does President, Dr. George P. Korfiatis, outside the ECE department. He has con- Communications Letters and the IEEE broad-based education, including a strong not mean that we are jettisoning the announced the appointment of Dr. Dinesh tributed greatly to the departments graduate Transactions on Vehicular Technologies. - MM humanities component, enriching the intel- efforts of current faculty or plan to aban- Verma as Dean of The School of Systems lectual environment of the Institute don the traditional humanities fields or and Enterprises (SSE), recently founded as Professor Yao through, for example, the Center for endeavors. Rather, we want to bring the fourth distinct school within the Science Writings. Professor James McClellan together research faculty across various dis- Institute. will serve as Dean of this College. ciplines – including, but not limited to phi- Dr. Verma had previously served Page 3
  4. 4. Alumni Profile: Rachele Grasso Smith ’81 Associate Dean for Executive Education try, government and corporate relation- area of adapted systems and supportability When Rachele Grasso Smith, ’81, said. “Women must make time for both and Outreach in Stevens’ Charles V. ships. engineering processes, methods and tools received her bachelor’s degree in and there are many years when that’s Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering. · Dr. Kate Abel has been named for complex system development and inte- Mechanical Engineering from Stevens, she tough. I hope this can be a support net- “Dinesh’s distinguished career in edu- Director of Undergraduate Studies, and gration. was one of only a handful of women in work where women can address these cation and industry has prepared him for will handle matters related to undergradu- Before joining Lockheed Martin, her graduating class. But like the many types of issues.” this very crucial position at Stevens, and I ate programming and academic advise- Verma worked as a Research Scientist at women who have earned their degrees Future goals of the program include know that the entire Institute community ment. Virginia Tech and managed the University’s since Smith graduated, she regards her providing mentoring, internships, network- wishes him well and looks forward to his · Beth Austin DeFares will act as the Systems Engineering Design Laboratory. undergraduate experience at Stevens as ing resources and other opportunities with- leadership in this unique venture, the Associate Director of Outreach and While at Virginia Tech and currently, Verma integral to her success in her chosen in a supportive environment of women School of Systems and Enterprises,” said Communications, interfacing with stu- serves numerous companies in a consult- career. committed to helping Stevens’ undergrad- Korfiatis. dents, faculty and industry partners in ing capacity, including Eastman Kodak, Smith’s father, a chemistry professor, uate and graduate students. In addition, SSE was founded in March 2007 in areas of marketing and client account Lockheed Martin Corporation, L3 encouraged her to attend Stevens. the Women’s Leadership Program is dedi- recognition of the pivotal role played by management. Communications, United Defense, “My greatest influence was my dad. cated to supporting and encouraging gifts complex systems in the 21st century. · Elaine Chichizola will serve as the Raytheon, IBM Corporation, Sun He saw that I had an aptitude for math toward the Stevens annual fund. The pro- “Given society’s inevitable march toward Executive Assistant to the Dean, and will Microsystems, SAIC, VOLVO Car and science and that I had good logical gram will empower women who elect to conceiving systems and enterprises of ever be responsible for the administrative sup- Corporation (Sweden), NOKIA (Finland), and analytical skills. Luckily, he guided me study at Stevens to achieve unprecedented increasing complexity, The School of port and coordination of the Dean’s Office. RAMSE (Finland), TU Delft (Holland), to Stevens,” she said. As a Hoboken possibilities and transformations through Systems and Enterprises is the next logical Verma announced further that, as Johnson Controls, Ericsson-SAAB Avionics native, her father had grown up with an professional and technology innovation, returned to New Jersey. “If you are open progression for Stevens as one of the lead- part of the new school’s ongoing efforts to (Sweden), Varian Medical Systems admiration for Stevens. innovative thinking and the creation of to travel, consider a larger company for ing technological universities in the develop a national and international net- (Finland), and Motorola. Although it had been several years economic opportunity. your first job. You can move around doing world,” said Raveché. “This school will work of collaborators and sponsors, the He served as an Invited Lecturer from since she had been actively involved with The program has established a vastly different kinds of work without ever complement our three existing schools following agreements and appointments 1995 through 2000 at the University of Stevens, seeing the sense of community at Women’s Leadership Award, which recog- changing companies,” said Smith. with its emphasis on systems integration had been concluded: Exeter, United Kingdom. His professional the school her son, David, attends remind- nizes a woman in good academic standing In New Jersey, she was assigned a and enterprise management and optimiza- · Dr. Anthony Barrese, Distinguished and research activities emphasize systems ed Smith of her years as an undergraduate. who serves as an outstanding role model wastewater treatment project to build. She tion.” Service Professor, will become the Director engineering and design with a focus on “I saw a real sense of community and to her peers and who has achieved enjoyed learning about the applicable envi- “Stevens is uniquely positioned to be of the Global Institute for Systems conceptual design evaluation, preliminary alumni support, and that really brought extracurricular merit through involvement ronmental requirements, of which New a focus of academic and research opportu- Engineering, Architecture, and Test, (SEAT), design and system architecture, design back memories of Stevens. It made me in campus activities. The first recipient of Jersey had no shortage. nities that grow from the critical need to overseeing an alliance of academics and decision-making, life cycle costing, and realize how much I wanted to give back this award is Kiley Rode ’07, who, as a sen- “Believe it or not, I enjoy reading envi- manage the development, deployment industry practitioners in developing supportability engineering. In addition to and hadn’t been. I realized there were so ior in Stevens’ Civil, Environmental and ronmental regulations and working with and behavior of complex systems and Systems Engineering and Architecture his publications, Verma has received two many things that I could be doing and Ocean Engineering department, was attorneys to interpret how to implement enterprises,” said Korfiatis. “The concept competency development solutions to patents and has another pending in the wasn’t. The timing was perfect to be one awarded the prestigious SOM Engineering them for my clients,” she said. of ‘systems of systems’ is the future, not multinational corporations, and areas of life-cycle costing and fuzzy logic of the founding members of the Women’s Fellowship. Since 1995 she has been owner of the only of engineering, but of all major indus- · Dr. Arthur Pyster, former Senior Vice techniques for evaluating design concepts. Leadership Program.” Although she is a mechanical engineer environmental consulting firm, The RGS try in the public and private sectors, and President for SAIC and Deputy Chief – PB Formed in 2007 with fellow alumna by degree, Smith now works as an environ- Group, a New Jersey women-owned small this concept will play a decisive role in the Information Officer for the FAA, will join Leslie Brunell ’86, the Women’s Leadership mental consultant. “I firmly believe that business. “I was unsure of its success, but continuing transformation of the American the school as a Distinguished Research Program was created within the Edwin A. the mechanical engineering curriculum at my husband, Dave, was very supportive,” high-tech economy well into the 21st cen- Professor, and Director of the Applied Stevens Society as a result of the growing Stevens allowed me to transition into the she said. tury.” Systems Thinking Institute (ASysT), in col- numbers of women graduating from environmental field. That’s what great This year, Smith’s environmental work Dean Verma also announced the fol- laboration with Randy Beardsworth, Stevens and entering engineering and about engineering: Engineers learn to brought her back to Stevens, where she lowing leadership team and organizational ANSER Vice President of Human Capital other technical professions. The new pro- problem solve and think logically; they can utilized the environmental lab to run tests roles within the new school: and Corporate Communications. gram aims to bring together Stevens’ do so much with that foundation!” for a client. Working with Mahmoud · Dr. John Farr will serve as the Verma received his doctorate and undergraduate and graduate women with She advises students to resist staying Wazne, Assistant Professor in the Civil, Associate Dean of Academics, overseeing Master of Science degree in Industrial and alumnae and friends who can share their in their comfort zones with their first job Environmental and Ocean Engineering all matters related to undergraduate, grad- Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech. In experiences as women working in the out of Stevens. “Take a job that will really department, Smith used the lab to conduct uate and doctoral academic programs. addition to serving as Dean of the School engineering, technology and management challenge you and force you to develop permeability tests on soil. These tests were · Dr. Michael Pennotti will act as the of Systems and Enterprises, he is also a fields. strengths you don’t have. I had several job needed to determine how quickly petrole- Associate Dean for Professional Programs Professor in Systems Engineering at “I feel that young women need to offers when I graduated, but Chevron um products could flow through soils and and will have primary responsibility for the Stevens. During his six years at Stevens he have a place where they can talk about seemed like a company that would require reach groundwater. oversight and delivery of the professional has successfully proposed research and ambitions, concerns and goals with other me to be use my skills and be more hands- “The lab did an excellent job analyzing development and graduate education pro- academic programs exceeding $20 million women professionals. Many young women on. I know that was a weakness that need- the samples on time and very competitive- grams as they pertain to industry and gov- in value. Verma concurrently serves as may not personally know any woman engi- ed to be developed,” she said. ly. I hope others consider using it,” she ernment partnerships. Scientific Advisor to the Director of the neers. One of the things I hope is to pro- Her experience with Chevron gave her said. “Who would ever think that I would · Ralph Giffin will serve as Director of Embedded Systems Institute in Eindhoven, vide a forum where young women can the opportunity to work in various loca- be bringing work to Stevens? My career Business Operations and Administration, Holland. Prior to this role, he served as come together and feel like they have a tions throughout the US, including New has taken many turns – all good. I owe managing the day to day operations of the Technical Director at Lockheed Martin place to talk candidly about their career Jersey, California and Wyoming. After a much of my success to Stevens.”– SM school, and coordinating all related indus- Undersea Systems, in Manassas, Va., in the ambitions and balancing family life,” she variety of assignments with Chevron, Page 9
  5. 5. Stevens People Latest News Professors Dolling and Foster appointed Associate Deans in College of Arts and Letters Stevens Career Center opens new doors Professors Edward H. Foster and Lisa M. Dolling have been Fordham, and a Doctorate in Philosophy In May 2007, the Office of Career Development and the room seating, round appointed Associate Deans in Stevens’ new College of Art s and from the Graduate Center of the City Office of Cooperative Education joined forces to create the tables for interviews Letters. University of New York. Her specialties Stevens Career Center. With 90 percent of students engaging in and a reception area Foster will serve as Associate include the philosophy of science, internships, cooperative education work terms or campus for recruiters are Dean for Administration. A profes- hermeneutics, aesthetics, and the history research, it was logical to bring these two offices together. Now important considera- sor in History, Foster is a prolific of philosophy. She is co-editor of the vol- students and corporate recruiters have the opportunity to inter- tions in supporting the latest interviewing practices. Considerable author, poet, translator and publish- ume Tests of Time: Readings in the act with the staff from each department in a unified setting. effort has been made in creating a uniform and professional look er of international standing. He Development of Physical Theory Spanning the sixth floor of the Howe Center, visitors are for both interview rooms and staff offices,” said Career earned his A.B., Master of Arts and (Princeton, 2003). Dolling was an greeted by the majestic view of the Manhattan skyline from Development Director Lynn Insley. Doctoral degrees from Columbia Associate Professor of Philosophy and every office. For the Cooperative Education department, the The opening of the Career Center is well-timed. The Class University, and has been at Stevens Executive Director of the university-wide move to a more expansive space parallels the growth of the pro- of 2007 was highly recruited, with more than 450 companies since 1967. He was awarded an Honors Program at St. John’s University gram. Catherine Rooney, Senior Associate Director of conducting interviews on campus for internships, cooperative Professor Dolling honorary Master of Engineering before coming to Stevens in 2004 as Cooperative Education, said, “We have evolved from an office in education, and full-time positions. The trend is slated to continue degree from Stevens in 1990, and Associate Professor of Philosophy and the former first-floor art gallery for 26 talented students in the this year, and the new Career Center is equipped with more since 2002 he has served with dis- Coordinator of the Philosophy Program at Stevens. Class of 1991 to the Career Center, where we now serve 600 space to accommodate the increasing number of companies tinction as Director of the Division of Professor Foster “We are very excited about the prospects for the new participants annually. We once had a small office for phone eager to recruit Stevens students. At press time, 180 companies Humanities and Social Sciences. College of Arts and Letters at Stevens, and Ed and Lisa will play a interviews. Now we have a mini-conference room.” Students were confirmed to recruit on campus during the fall, and the list Dolling will serve as Associate Dean for Program big part in its successes. I wish Professors Foster and Dolling well returning to campus for the Fall semester have responded posi- was expected to grow. At the end of July, all interview rooms Development. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from in their new assignments,” said James E. McClellan III, Dean of tively to the new facility, noting the clearly marked entrance- were booked for corporate use from mid-September through the Manhattanville College, a certificate of completion from the the College of Arts and Letters. – SM ways, new carpeting and the more spacious floor plan. end of October. University of Louvain (Belgium), a Master of Arts degree from For the Office of Career Development, the Career Center Future plans for the facility include a Career Café, a more has created an extensive recruitment suite in which companies informal space where students can drop in to build their are able to conduct interviews on campus. Taking advantage of resumes, research job leads and stay informed about business the skyline views, the new interview rooms feature more space trends. Internet portals, the Wall Street Journal and industry Abel wins ASEE’s Best Paper Award and lighting, which create a comfortable setting for both magazines will be available, giving students the tools they need recruiters and students. Because interviewing can be stressful, to find success as they develop their career paths. Kathryn Abel, Director of the Engineering Abel’s paper outlines the type of data that can be the student waiting room was designed with comfortable seat- The Office of Career Development provides a wide range of Management Program at Stevens, was honored with the used in the ABET accreditation process. Since ABET began ing, internet access and corporate literature, which enable stu- services to the Stevens community. The Princeton Review recently Best Paper Award from the Engineering Management EC 2000, engineering colleges have been striving for dents to focus and mentally prepare for their interviews. ranked the Stevens Career Development Office as 16th among Division of the American Society for Engineering ways to find a process of assessment, discover data, The Career Center reflects an environment that is student- the nation’s university career centers. It is the only college in the Education (ASEE). Abel was recognized for her paper, quantify assessments and then display the data in a friendly and also emulates a corporate office facility. New York-Metropolitan region to register in the Top 20. – PK “Finding Appropriate Data for ABET Self Study Sections meaningful and easy-to-read format for accreditation. The “Great care has been taken in selecting color schemes and B2 and B3 for Engineering Programs,” at the 2007 ASEE paper shows ways assessment concepts and data could furnishings conducive to both parties’ décor styles. Conference Conference and Exposition, held in Honolulu, Hawaii, in be used and implemented to gain ABET accreditation for June. In 2007, the Engineering Management Division engineering programs. received 33 papers for consideration. Abel is a longstanding member of ASEE and recently Sauser awarded NASA Faculty Fellowship for 2007 “Under Dr. Abel’s leadership, our undergraduate pro- completed her tenure as ASEE president, Engineering gram has grown every year and continues to win national Management Division, and in the past has served as pro- Dr. Brian Sauser, Assistant Professor in the School of Systems year. awards. Kate provides program leadership, outstanding gram chair and as treasurer. - NM and Enterprises, has been awarded a National Aeronautics and Fellowships are awarded to qualified faculty members at US student mentoring and is a recognized leader on educa- Space Administration (NASA) Faculty Fellowship for 2007. colleges and universities to perform collaborative research proj- tional assessment. We are fortunate to have her on our The NASA Faculty Fellowship Program (NFFP) provides facul- ects of mutual interest to the fellow and NASA colleagues, and faculty,” said John Farr, Associate Dean for Academics in Kathryn Abel ty an opportunity to engage in research relevant to the Center and Agency missions. Stevens’ School of Systems and Enterprises. at one of the participating NASA The NFFP is jointly administered by the American Society for Centers. The NFFP research experience Engineering Education (ASEE) and the Universities Space supports the Space Exploration Vision Research Association (USRA). intended… System engineering is the link short-term, complex engineering chal- In addition, Sauser was recently for America ’s Civil Space Program — Sauser will be working with the Engineering Directorate at which has evolved between the art and sci- lenges. JSC has recently been challenged named the Stevens representative to the a return to the Moon, missions to JSC on two research and development initiatives directly focused ence of engineering.” by forming engineering design teams New Jersey Space Grant Consortium Mars, and journeys beyond, including on growing the systems engineering competencies of the engi- During Sauser’s residency at JSC he under short time constraints and wants to Program Council. He is replacing Stevens’ NASA’s Exploration Systems, Science, neering workforce at JSC. With NASA ventures to return to the will work with the JSC Engineering determine the optimal team formation to Dr. Siva Thangam, who had served in the Space Operations, and Aeronautics Moon, and travel to Mars and beyond, the importance of sys- Academy to develop systems engineering achieve the best team performance. Sauser position for 15 years. – NM research missions. Sauser will spend a tems engineering and its value-based understanding in the engi- curriculum and training materials for the will use traditional social network analysis 10-week summer residency at the neering workforce has become of critical importance. JSC workforce at the basics and advanced with social network analysis done via email NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Michael Griffin, NASA Administrator, recently stated in a levels, and the research the identification to determine these rapid team formation Houston, Tex., with an option for public address at Purdue University, “System engineering seeks of various indices in formation and per- indices to assist JSC in the formation of extended support during the academic to assure that elements of a complex artifact are coupled only as formance of teams that have to address their engineering design teams. Brian Page 5
  6. 6. Special Events Stevens joins IDS Scheer’s Innovation and Education Network Class of 2007 celebrates at Stevens’ 135th commencement ceremony Stevens has joined the IDS Scheer Innovation and Education The following aca- Stevens bid farewell to the Class of 2007 at its 135th his 1996 book, Creativity: Flow (I&E) Network. IDS Scheer is the leading provider of Business demic institutions have Commencement ceremonies on Thursday, May 24. Once again, and the Psychology of Discovery Process Management (BPM) and officially launched its I&E accepted IDS Scheer’s invi- two separate ceremonies were held outdoors, where a stage and and Invention. Network at ARIS ProcessWorld 2007 held in Berlin in June. tation to join the I&E seating areas were installed on the 8th Street parking complex. “There are many ways to “We are excited to be part of IDS Scheer’s Innovation and Network: This year approximately 310 undergraduates and 900 gradu- find a purpose that goes beyond Education Network. It will help us in applying our academic ate students marched in the ceremonies. personal well-being. Work is one research to industry and proves once more that Stevens has Aoyama Gaukin Two honorary degree recipients addressed the Class of 2007 source of sustaining purpose. become a thought leader in BPM,” said Dr. Michael zur Muehlen, University, Tokyo, Japan during the morning undergraduate ceremony, Richard J. Codey, Striving for excellence in your job Director of Stevens’ SAP/IDS Scheer Center of Excellence in DFKI / University of New Jersey Senate President and former Governor, and Mihály is a good path to a satisfying, Business Process Innovation. “The innovation and education net- Kaiserslautern, Csíkszentmihályi, Professor of Psychology and Management at meaningful life. Curiosity, inter- work allows us to look into cutting-edge developments and direc- Saarbruecken, Germany Michael zur Muehlen Claremont Graduate University’s Drucker School of Management. est, involvement in the ideas, the tion in the field of BPM and related areas,” he said. Stevens was Ecole Polytechnique, Codey has served as the President of the New Jersey Senate things that make up what we call named a Center of Excellence in BPM by SAP/IDS Scheer in 2004. Montreal, Canada since 2002, representing the 27th Legislative District, which covers our world is another,” said “The vision for this Brain Trust is to develop a network that Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The the western portions of Essex County. One of New Jersey’s most Csíkszentmihályi. generates a constant stream of ideas for innovations and to sup- Netherlands popular political leaders, Codey has used the opportunities afford- “So the reasons you should take up the challenge of becom- port education initiatives in the field of BPM. This Innovation and Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia ed him during a life of public service to advocate for the health, ing part of the solution of the problem our planet is facing is two- Education Network bridges the gap between the academic and Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J. safety and well-being of his fellow citizens. fold: First, because our survival as a species depends on it; second, corporate worlds, offering a win-win situation for all members. Tongji University, Shanghai, China By virtue of his status as President of the New Jersey Senate, because it is the safest guarantee of an enjoyable, fulfilling and We have been collaborating with Stevens in the field of BPM for Widener University, Philadelphia, Pa. Codey served as the 53rd Governor of New Jersey from the meaningful personal life,” he said. several years. The great combination of academic excellence and departure of Governor McGreevey in November of 2004 until the Attendees were also addressed by Class of 2007 practical application of their research will provide a great input in Through their involvement with the network, the aforemen- inauguration of Jon Corzine in January of 2006. He again Valedictorian, senior Jorge M. DaSilva. The son of Carlos and our Innovation and Eduction Network,” said Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, tioned universities will take part in an intense communication and assumed the role of Acting Governor for approximately one Maria F. DaSilva of Harrison, N.J., DaSilva graduated first in his chief innovation and marketing officer, IDS Scheer Group. IDS knowledge exchange regarding BPM and innovation. “IDS month, after Governor Corzine’s serious accident. He had previ- class with a bachelor’s degree Mechanical Engineering with a Scheer is offering the universities the opportunity to access the Scheer’s Innovation and Education Network is another step for- ously served as Acting Governor following Governor Christine minor in Economics. Later that day, DaSilva also received his mas- newest BPM solutions and practices and to be part of the innova- ward in strengthening our market and thought leadership in the Todd Whitman’s resignation to become head of the Environmental ter’s degree in Systems Engineering and a graduate certificate in tion activities that will lead to future solutions for business excel- field of BPM,” said Kirchmer. “Moreover, it is an example of a Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. Project Management. lence and related fields. IDS Scheer will benefit from ideas devel- best practice in how to promote sustainable innovation processes Mihály Csíkszentmihályi is the former head of the DaSilva participated in several co-op and part-time assign- oped within the network and the extensive BPM education of by bundling academic and industry knowledge. These processes Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago and of the ments working for Ethicon Inc, one of Johnson & Johnson’s med- post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate students. are crucial for the economies in every country.” – NM Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Lake Forest ical device operating companies, as part of the Equipment College. Development group. While there, he worked alongside senior Csíkszentmihályi is chiefly renowned as the architect of the engineers developing, testing, and implementing new manufac- notion of flow in creativity. He describes flow, whether in creative turing equipment and processes. DaSilva also was a member of arts, athletic competition, engaging work, or spiritual practice, as Ethicon’s F.I.R.S.T. robotics team, which sponsors and mentorsDeveloping Events a deep and uniquely human motivation to excel, exceed, and tri- umph over limitation. He describes his life’s work as the effort “to high school students to build robots and compete in regional and national competitions. In addition to many scholarship awards and study what makes people truly happy.” Professor Csíkszentmihályi volunteer activities to his credit, DaSilva featured on the Dean’s explored the lives of more than 90 of the world’s most creative List in every semester at Stevens. The Office of Development, in an effort to offer opportunities analytical disciplines today, Stevens on the Street is well-positioned people to find out how creativity has been a force in their lives. The afternoon graduate Commencement ceremony conferred for alumni to meet, socialize and network, has created several affin- to lead the way to a stronger and more profitable relationship with He has discovered that some highly creative people find satisfac- master’s and doctoral degrees to some 900 students. ity groups. Plans for gatherings of two Stevens alumni affinity the financial services industry,” tion by inventing a career or job for themselves, like a scientist The graduate class was addressed by Stevens’ Chairman of groups are underway for this fall. For more information about future Stevens on The Street who creates a new field of study. These findings are described in the Board of Trustees, Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr., alumnus of the This fall, Stevens on the Street geared up for another meeting events, please e-mail Class of ’66 and recently retired as the President and Vice at the New York Yacht Club in October. The group, which has held The West Coast Silicon Valley group had an October 27 meet- Chairman of Verizon Telecommunications, where he had responsi- two successful networking events at the Yacht Club in the past ing planned. Headed by alumnus Marty Fleisler ’65, the group was bility for the Verizon Telecom and Verizon Business units . year, will met again on October 18 with presentation buy rustees scheduled to meet at the Network Meeting Center at Techmart in “Don’t forget your school. It has invested a lot of time and Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. ‘66 (Warburg Pincus) and Shulman ‘62 (prin- Santa Clara. This event provided a networking opportunity for energy preparing you for the next step of this journey. Remember cipal Hampton Group). Stevens alumni involved in entrepreneurial activities in the Bay Area. all you learned. Keep in touch with the people you met here and “I am excited about the opportunity to be part of a new initia- For more information about the Silicon Valley group and future when you’re a huge success make sure you come back and pass tive at the Institute, Stevens on the Street,” said Chris Ferreri 77, events, please e-mail to on your ideas so that the next generation of students will get the ICAP, who along with nearly 40 alumni attended the inaugural benefit of your experience and your financial support,” said meeting at the New York Yacht Club on June 7. “Alumni shared Babbio. their thoughts and suggestions as to how Stevens can elevate its Babbio holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical position in the financial services industry, emphasizing the quality of Engineering from Stevens and a M.B.A. from New York University. the Stevens graduate not only in IT support areas but also front- He holds an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering from Stevens. office production positions. Considering the shift in the skill set for – SM an institutional trader from business savvy a generation ago to the Jorge DaSilva Page 7