StevensViews, Summer 2005


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Reviewed this issue recently - amazing the quality you can attain on a shoestring.

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StevensViews, Summer 2005

  1. 1. In April, Professor Nicolai Panikov was quotedin a piece on global climate change in The NewYorker. In June, IEEE Spectrum carried an article In May, the annual “State of the Shore” press on the graduation of the first 21 students in Chinaconference featuring Graduate Professor Tom from Stevens’ Telecommunications ManagementHerrington was covered widely by, among others, graduate program. Quoted was Professor Audreythe Associated Press , The New York Times , Curtis, director of the program. There’s more on our website!WNBC NewsChannel 4, New Jersey Network, WINS, The Star-Ledger and The AsburyPark Press. In June, New In May, WABC Jersey Business fea- Eyewitness News carried live tured a story about Stevens’ research initiatives, expert commentary by quoting Stevens’ VP of Institute Technology Professor Leslie Brunell during Initiatives, Dr. Helena S. Wisniewski. Be sure to visitthe massive, progressive collapse of a masonry wall Views/radioon New York’s Henry Hudson Parkway. In June and July, to hear the worlds of science, the sail from South technology, engineering, business Street Seaport of the sensor-equipped schooner The management, the humanities and Pioneer was covered by New Jersey Network and education discussed in-depth. In May, Professor Silvio Laccetti was quoted by The Bergen Record, featuring Professor Michaelthe Associated Press in a piece on the decline of Bruno, Professor Alan Blumberg, and Center forNew Jersey’s textile industry. The piece was distrib- Maritime Systems Research Engineer Dov Kruger.uted widely in the US, appearing in The Stevens Institute of TechnologyWashington Post , and internationally in The In July, Stevens’ President Castle Point on Hudson Hoboken, NJ 07030 USAManchester Guardian (UK). Harold J. Raveché had two op- eds published regarding the Editor Patrick A. Berzinski dangers of outsourcing sensitive Manager, News Service technologies to foreign vendors; one appeared in Meagen Henning The Journal of Homeland Security and the other in Editorial Specialist In May, Director of University Pam KriegerCommunications Patrick A. Berzinski was quoted In July, Investor’s Business Daily carried a Contributorsin PR Week, commenting on the use of anony- “Q&A” article on telecom security with Stevens Jibu Abrahammous sources by Newsweek magazine. alumnus, trustee and adjunct professor Ed Photographers Kathy Cacicedo, Jim Cummins, Amoroso, long-time Chief Security Officer at Marta Curry, Tracy King AT&T. Designer - Web & Print In July, a major article in The Star-Ledger on Randolph Hoppe, the trend of consumers abandoning wireline for Contact information + wireless communications devices featured a junior in the Stevens Computer Science program, Daniel All content, images and related information are the Jabbour. property of the Stevens News Service, Office of Development and External Affairs at Stevens Institute of Technology. Any unauthorized use or replication is strictly prohibited. Copyright 2005 Stevens Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Stevens rolls out Attila Technologies LLC Kerri Rettig is National Equestrian champion Attila Technologies LLC, a Stevens Technogenesis® Company, A field test is planned in a major New Jersey County in August Stevens Institute of Technology freshman Kerri Rettig finished first in the Intermediate onwas recently launched by the Vice President of Stevens Office of 2005 to demonstrate Attilas cognitive radio capabilities. These capa- the Flat at the 2005 Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) National ChampionshipInstitute Technology Initiatives, Dr. Helena Wisniewski. Attila bilities include the ability to maximize performance - by adapting user Show, held in early May at the Eden Park Equestrian Complex in Sunbury, Ohio. It was the firstTechnologies LLC is a wireless communications company that provides needs to match the local wireless environment; the ability for simulta- time that a member of Stevens’ Equestrian Team, inaugurated just three years ago, took home acontinuous broadband, on-demand communication devices and serv- neous transmission over multiple channels or nodes; load sharing; and national competitive award.ices that function despite saturated airways. “Kerri came to Stevens to study engineering, and recent- Attilas technology is critical to developing a communication sys- ly switched to the rigorous undergraduate Business andtem that cannot be interrupted, or jammed, resulting in ultra-reliable, Technology program,” said Patti Zwaan, equestrian coachhigh-speed communications. Attilas products are based on patent- at Stevens. “She had offers from a number of institutions,pending, break-through technology that was developed at Stevens but it was Stevens’ well-rounded course of freshman aca-Wireless Network Security Center (WiNSeC), by Dr. Patrick E. demics, as well as the opportunity to ride competitivelyWhite, Director of WiNSeC, and researcher Nicholas Girard, with with the equestrian team, that tipped the balance towardfunding from the National Science Foundation. Dr. White and Mr. Kerri’s choice of Stevens.Girard are both co-founders of Attila. “Kerri’s triumph at the IHSA Nationals puts Stevens’ Dr. Wisniewski, who is Chairman of the Board of Directors of equestrian athletics program squarely on the national com-Attila, announced that Mr. John E. Bischoff, the former Vice President petitive map,” Zwaan continued. “Like her six other team-of Operations and Finance AOL, has accepted the position of CEO of mates, Kerri is tremendously dedicated and focused, andAttila Technologies. (See profile page 10.) our hope next year is for all on the team to qualify for the "Attilas approach solves the two most important problems faced nationals.”by first responders in a disaster, as stated by the Department of “This reward for excellence, garnered in national com-Homeland Security - continuous communications and interoperabili- petition, is a reflection of where Stevens is headed, both inty," said Wisniewski. "Therefore, Attilas initial market will be first terms of athletics and academics,” said Stevens’ Presidentresponders." Interoperability is another critical need in a disaster situa- Harold J. Raveché, who is a major booster of the fast-tion because it provides the ability to interconnect diverse first-respon- improving rankings of Stevens’ Division III teams acrossder agencies (e.g., federal, state and local police agencies, fire depart- An Attila Technologies prototype. the athletic spectrum. “We are especially proud of Kerri’sments) responding to major emergencies, a critical shortcoming in academic accomplishments as well as her achievements inemergency response planning. automated real-time frequency switching to optimize SNR and con- equestrian competition. The competitive scholar-athletes "Additional applications of Attila include delivery of high resolu- gestion. "Looking to the future, Attila has the capability to provide who are shaped by a Stevens education are truly tomor-tion mug shots to patrol cars operating in the field, or to transmit high-speed Internet access to users, thus turning wherever they are into row’s global leaders – in business, in engineering and tech-crime-scene videos to headquarters command centers, both done effi- a virtual hot spot." said Wisniewski. nology, and in society as a whole. Kerri Rettig is clearly Kerri Rettigciently and at low cost without having to build an entirely new infra- For more information about Attila Technologies, please call possessed of many of the important qualities that gostructure," said WiNSeCs Dr. White. Stevens Institute of Technologys Office of Institute Technology toward making a good leader.” "Attilas dynamic transmission security, which also prevents jam- Initiatives at 201-216-8210. - PB Zwaan pointed to another young woman, currently completing high school in her hometownming and eavesdropping, make it ideal for the military market," said in California, who plans to attend Stevens in the 2006 Fall Semester.Stevens President, Dr. Harold J. Raveché. "For the military applica- “This young lady wants to be an engineer,” she said, “and her parents thought Stevens a greattion, the Attila radio will enable front-line troops reliably to receive and academic fit for her. But they knew her passion for riding, and were doubtful she would come todeliver high-resolution situational awareness data." Stevens – until they learned of our equestrian team. When she joins us next year on campus, she and her parents can be assured that she’ll be part of a successful, nationally known team that’s ris- ing fast in the rankings.” – Page 11
  3. 3. Glenn S. Davis directs Office of Sponsored Research Historic Pioneer carries Stevens’ technology Vice President for Institute Technology Initiatives Davis has a wealth of experience in managing Stevens Institute of Technology, South Street Seaport Museum, and the New York Dr. Helena S. Wisniewski has announced the appoint- sponsored research in both the pre- and post-award Department of Environmental Protection have announced a joint project to measure water con- ment of a new Director of the Office of Sponsored phases. His academic experience comprises 19 years at ditions in New York Harbor. The technology/education partnership was celebrated in a morning Research (OSR), Mr. Glenn S. Davis, who started in Princeton University in various positions, including voyage that set sail from South Street Seaport on June 22. the position on June 15, 2005. Associate Director of the Office of Research and Project The Seaport Museum’s 1885 schooner The Pioneer, which celebrated its 120th anniversary “We are pleased to have a person of his caliber Administration, and Associate Dean of the Faculty. in June, now carries the latest technology in the form of a computerized water monitoring sys- become a member of the Institute Technology Prior to Princeton, he held similar positions at tem as part of the Urban Ocean Observatory at Stevens. In partnership with the New York Initiatives staff,” said Wisniewski. “We feel that his Columbia University, and most recently he was the Department of Environmental Protection, the system measures water temperature, salinity and insights and leadership will be important to the con- Director of the Office of Research Services and Project dissolved oxygen in New York Harbor from The Pioneer as it conducts its public sails. The data tinued growth of OSR to support our research goals.” Development at the Children’s Hospital of is fed via a wireless network to computers at Stevens Center for Maritime Systems (CMS) in Philadelphia. –PB Hoboken. Data collected include water temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen. The partners hope to follow up on The Pioneer deployment and add another water moni- Mr. Davis toring system to the museums other 19th century schooner, The Lettie G. Howard. Since this vessel is based at the 79th Street Boat Basin, it would provide improved data collection in the Hudson River. “The partnership between Stevens and South Street Seaport Museum is ideal,” said Dr. Michael S. Bruno, director of the CMS at Stevens, “because the museum is focused on education, and the Stevens instrumentation provides a direct connection between the vessels and the environmental monitoring being done by the scientific community. Students can go home and see the state ofFormer VP at AOL appointed CEO of Stevens tech start-up the water, plot trends and stay in touch with the water even when they’re not physically literally at the waters edge." John E. Bischoff, long-time AOL Vice President, will serve Bischoff spent seven years as an executive at America Both the South Street Seaport Museum and the Stevens Center foras the first CEO of Stevens’ start-up technology venture, Attila Online, most recently holding the title of Vice President for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education are heavily involved in pro-Technologies, LLC. Finance and Operations. In this role, he was responsible for viding education to primary and secondary school students. Both organiza- “I am delighted to present the appointment of John E. planning all the resources for the Technologies Division of tions plan to increase their cooperation and to allow students to acquire dataBischoff as CEO of Attila Technologies,” said Stevens’ Vice AOL, and coordinated the development and management of on the harbor and learn how forecasting (both weather and water) works. – PBPresident for Institute Technology Initiatives, Dr. Helena S. an expense budget greater then $3 billion.Wisniewski, who will serve as the Chairman of the Board of the Prior to this position, he held the titlespin-out Technogenesis® company. “John’s high-level experi- of Director of Internal Computing atence at AOL, dating back to that company’s early days, as well AOL. Before that, Bischoff served in aas his long experience at IBM, makes him the ideal CEO for variety of senior and midlevel execu- Back: Dov Kruger, Jeremy Turner, Douglas Medingour start-up venture in multi-spectrum communications.” tive positions at IBM, as well as at the Front: Dr. Bruno, Dean Korfiatis, Brian Fullerton “John Bischoff is a proven business and technology leader, company’s Watson Labs, dating backan executive manager with experience in finance, IT, and to the 1960s. – PBadministration; Stevens is proud to have him at the helm of anexciting new Technogenesis venture,” said Stevens’ President,Dr. Harold J. Raveché. Mr. Page 3
  4. 4. Edwin A. Stevens Society surpasses 500-member mark Jibu Abraham, Class of 2005, is Co-op Student of the Year In a historic first for Stevens Stevens President Harold J. For a second consecutive year, a student at Stevens has won the New to participate in the Mars RoverInstitute of Technology, the Edwin Raveché pointed out that 72 Jersey Cooperative Education and Internship Association Student of the Mission. I couldn’t believe it! IA. Stevens (EAS) Society, the members of the Society are Year Award. During five years, Jibu Abraham, who graduated in May, didn’t know what to say. I wasInstitute’s premier donor organiza- Stevens faculty and staff – also set- held a variety of highly technical internship positions within the engineer- ecstatic and called my mom. Mytion, has achieved a membership ting a high mark. “This kind of ing and aerospace industries. Below, he tells the story of his remarkable three-week tour at JPL turnedroster of 500 – a long-desired goal dedication is what built the cooperative education experience.- Editor into six weeks, the most excitingfor the Office of Development and Institute and what keeps it grow- I began my first co-op assignment in the summer of 2001, in six weeks of my life. I met theExternal Affairs, which oversees ing in this new century. I encour- downtown Manhattan at the New York City Transit Authority. I began team of scientists at JPL, includ-the activities of the EAS Society. age all members of the Stevens the semester with no practical knowledge in my field of mechanical ing Steve Squyres, the MissionAs of June 30, the formal number community, as well as friends and engineering. On September 11, 2001, I was at work when terror Manager. I joined the group inof member-donors stood at 524. partners, to join the EAS Society.” struck, and I found myself fleeing over the Manhattan Bridge away charge of controlling and posi- “This is truly phenomenal,” “By investing in future gener- from the billowing dust clouds of the fallen World Trade Center tioning the Rock Abrasion Toolsaid Acting Vice President of ations of Stevens graduates,” said Towers. I continued my co-op assignment, creating drawings used to (RAT). I was one of two Leads,Development and External Affairs da Silva, “members affirm a deep help restore service to the collapsed # 1/9 subway line. This first co-op sending and receiving data toMarjorie Everitt. “Much credit for commitment to providing quality experience was a dramatic demonstration of how engineering deter- and from the Mars Rover. It wasthis achievement goes to our education in engineering, tech- mines the quality of our lives. mind blowing. Engineers had Julia Kane and Dawn da SilvaDirector of Major Gifts Dawn da nology management and the sci- On my final two co-op assignments, something incredible hap- created a robot that was accurateSilva, in concert with our Assistant Director for the EAS Society Julia ences. Members of the Edwin A. Stevens Society know that Stevens pened. I was selected by Honeybee Robotics, a small, amazingly cre- to within 2 cm at 300 millionKane. We look forward to fulfilling even greater goals through their graduates continue to assume key leadership roles in industry, strength- ative design firm, for a co-op position. This is where I would learn how miles away, and I was part of thefund-raising skills and membership-building efforts.” Everitt also gave ening our nation and improving our world. EAS Society members are a product was conceived, designed, manufactured, then delivered to team controlling the to development consultant Emily Groce for her important role a strong network of industry leaders, inventors, businessmen and the customer – and one of their customers turned out to be NASA. Every day brought a different Mr. Abrahamin the recruitment effort. women, entrepreneurs, and educators who believe in making a solid From the humble beginnings of learning how to use a Bridgeport Mill adventure. We were making his- The Alumni Chairs of the EAS Society, Virginia and Kevin investment in Stevens’ future.” and cleaning up the machine shop, I was slowly given more responsi- tory, working on Mars time, trying to find water on Mars!Ruesterholz, echoed Everitt’s sentiments. The Society was founded nearly 25 years ago to recognize alumni bility, eventually being allowed to use my creativity to solve an engi- For me, this is what Co-op is all about, helping you discover what “The wonderful improvements at Stevens are strongly supported and friends who make an annual gift of $1,000 or more. It is named neering problem. I was assigned the task of designing and constructing you love, preparing you for the real world, and sending you out thereby the members of EAS. The membership of EAS is at a new high, just after the founding donor of Stevens Institute, Edwin Augustus Stevens. a biaxial test bed for a proposed 1-meter drill for use on future NASA to make your dream a reality. Co-op provided opportunities thatas Stevens is embarking on its next level of innovations. To learn more about the EAS Society and how to become a mem- space missions. This was my dream: to be a design engineer in aero- allowed me to learn and develop the skills and knowledge needed to The hard work of the development team and the loyal support of ber, please visit: space and robotics! pursue my dream of a career in aerospace and robotics. I feel incredi-the EAS members could not be better recognized, as we all work, or call Julia Kane at In the middle of my second term with Honeybee, my supervisor bly fortunate to have been a Stevens Co-op student.together to make Stevens even stronger for the years ahead. 201-216-5682. – PB informed me that I had been unanimously selected by the engineers to go to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, CaliforniaThe Howe School is citedamong the “World’s Elite Research Institutions” In the latest in a series of high-level awards, “This is truly a capstone to The Howe School’s Stevens’ Howe School of Technology Management efforts to project our programs globally, and to has been cited as co-existing among the “World’s become identified as placing among the top-ranked Elite Research Institutions in Management of institutions worldwide,” said McCusker. “Our con- Technology.” The award was accepted by The Howe tinuing mission is to carry the school’s vision and School’s Acting Dean Lex McCusker, at a confer- offerings to an expanding global audience, to ence of the International Association for nations that actively seek new ways to manage the Management of Technology (IAMOT) held in ever-changing technology landscape to the benefit Vienna, Austria, May 22-26. The association’s pres- all members of society.” – PBHowe School Acting Dean Lex ident, Professor Tarek M. Khalil, was among thoseMcCusker and Jonathan Linton presenting the award. Above: evidence of the RAT’s work on a Mars rock. Right: rendering of the Mars Page 9
  5. 5. Wright leads US delegation, “State of the Shore Report – 2005”co-chairs second Japan/US workshop Dr. Rebecca Wright, Associate Professor of Computer Science at though limited, expertise in thisStevens, led the US delegation and co-chaired the Second Japan/US important area. By workingWorkshop on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) on together, we can make the most ofJune 26 and 27 in Tokyo, Japan. The workshop, which was sponsored these limited resources to developby the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Japan Science and both new results and newTechnology Agency (JST), addressed research in all aspects of protec- researchers who can contribute totion of information systems and networks. A major goal of the work- our common goals of maintainingshop, which follows up on an earlier workshop held in Arlington, Va., safe and secure societies.” Dr. Wrightin September 2004, is to foster collaboration between US and Japanese Wright led a delegation of 22researchers in these areas. US researchers from 13 universities, two industry research labs (IBM’s “NSF and JST are committed to promoting bilateral cooperation T. J. Watson and AT&T Research), one non-profit research lab (SRIin critical information infrastructure protection research,” said Dr. International), and the National Science Foundation. – PBCarl Landwehr of NSF. “Both the US and Japan have significant,First US scientist heads China security lab Dr. Manu Malek, Industry Professor of In September 2004, the academy invited Malek to Jinan for a visit.Computer Science and Director of the Certificate Later, the academy proposed to create a computer forensics lab andin CyberSecurity program at Stevens, was recent- invited Malek to be its Honorary Director. After discussing the legally appointed Honorary Director of the Computer and political ramifications of this appointment with Dr. HelenaNetworks Forensics Lab at Shandong Academy of Wisniewski, Stevens’ VP of Institute Technology Initiatives, MalekSciences, Jinan, China. accepted the invitation. “Stevens and Shandong Academy have had The lab was officially inaugurated May 23 in Jinan. Malek attend-friendly relations since 2002,” said Malek. “Dr. D ed the opening ceremony, which was also attended by the president of Dr. HerringtonErich Kunhardt, dean of our School of Sciences the academy and other high-ranking officials.and Arts, visited the academy in 2002. Also, a del- Dr. Malek This was but the latest in a series of high-level alliances and part- Days before the Memorial Day Weekend, on the board- the topic of “beach access,” included in the Acting Governor’segation from the academy visited Stevens in 2003. nership for Stevens with institutions of higher learning in China. walk in Spring Lake, N.J., Dr. Tom Herrington of Stevens, recently released plan to strengthen protection of the state’sDr. Bingquan Chen , a Research Professor in our Physics & Stevens also enjoys education and research partnerships with, among who serves as the Coastal Process Specialist for the New Jersey coastal resources.Engineering Physics Department, has been instrumental in establish- others, the Beijing Institute of Technology and the Shanghai Jiao Tong Marine Sciences Consortium/New Jersey Sea Grant Marine Joining Herrington were Dr. Michael P. Weinstein,ing these good relations.” University. – PB Extension Program, presented his annual report on the state of President of the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium; rep- New Jersey beaches. The press conference was widely covered resentatives of the New Jersey Commerce Economic Growth Bernstein contributes to 2015 Report by the press, including several New York network television and Tourism Commission; and Noreen Bodman of the Jersey and radio stations, many newspapers, and the Associate Press. Shore Partnership. – PB In addition, representatives from the NJDEP and the The findings and recommendations of the Second National Software Summit (NSS2) were announced in DEP Coastal Management Program provided an overview on May by the Center for National Software Studies (CNSS) at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The report, titled “Software 2015: A National Software Strategy to Ensure US Security and Competitiveness,” lays out a 10-year program to address what the summit participants concluded are “unac- ceptable risks” associated with the nation’s dependence on software in virtually all of its critical infrastructures. “The 2004 NSS2 conference was critical to achieving an understanding of the risks we face and the chal- lenges we confront in overcoming those risks to the national software infrastructure,” said Professor Larry Bernstein of the Department of Computer Science at Stevens, who sits on the board of the CNSS and over- saw the drafting of the report. “With the release of these findings, the long-overdue conversation about gen- uine solutions can be joined in earnest.” – PBProfessor Page 5
  6. 6. Commencement 2005: An outdoor celebration to remember The rain held out as Stevens celebrated its 2005 commencement, University School of Medicine, and Chief Medical Advisor forMay 26, in an outdoor setting specially set up for the occasion. This Counterterrorism, NYPD, as well as holding numerous other presti-year, 377 undergraduates and 845 graduate students received degrees, gious positions.including the first graduating class of MBA recipients, and close to 100 “Education should have brought you to an appreciation of yourwere awarded graduate certificates. own individual wonder, and given you the confidence to share, even if Dressed in traditional caps and gowns, most of the graduates par- there are dangers in exposing your vulnerabilities,” said Cahill.ticipated in one, or in some cases, both, of the two ceremonies. Three “Without that courage nothing good happens – people wouldn’t fall indistinguished guest speakers gave commencement addresses and love, they wouldn’t sacrifice to make other lives better, and they would-received honorary degrees, while many hundreds of family members n’t grow, gently and generously, accepting other’s faults as well as their Friends and family filled the campus on commencement day.and friends enjoyed the day and were provided excellent views from a virtues.”large-screen video monitor near the outdoor stage. Trumpeters heralded the procession. This year’s commencementwas the second consecutively to be held outdoors. Organizers workedhard to create a new venue for the festivities in the 8th Street parkingcomplex, and all agreed the day was a phenomenal success and com- Rep. Menendez addresses the crowd.mencement attendees were well accommodated. At the 2005 undergraduate ceremony, held in the morning, twoguest speakers received Doctor of Engineering Honoris Causa degrees:Rep. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), the congressman for New Jersey’s 13thDistrict (in which Stevens is located); and Dr. Kevin M. Cahill, M.D., Andrew Corrigan, Stevens’ perfect 4.0a highly accomplished physician in the field of global medicine and anadvocate for the use of technology for humanitarian action. This year, Andrew Corrigan had the honor of finish- Congressman Menendez is the third-ranking Democrat in the US ing first in his graduating class.House, the highest-ranking Hispanic in Congressional history, and the Corrigan, of Merrick, L.I., received the degree ofonly Hispanic ever elected to a leadership position, in either chamber, Bachelor of Science in Computational Science, with a con-by either party. In addition to being the first Democratic House centration in Computer Graphics.Member from New Jersey elected to a Leadership post, he is also the A veteran the Stevens Scholars Program, over the pastyoungest member of the elected Democratic Leadership. Stevens’ Board of Trustees Chair Lawrence T. Babbio, Rep. Menendez, two summers he worked in the Visualization Laboratory in During his commencement address, Menendez told graduates that Dr. Cahill and Stevens’ President Dr. Harold J. Raveché. the Computer Science Department, assisting with research“technology can be a vehicle for humanity’s progress and well-being.” performed by Professors George Kamberov and H. Quynh “Democracy itself – the core principle of our nation – has spread Merrick, Long Island native Andrew Corrigan graduated “first in Dinh. He continued working with professor Dinh after lastthrough technology,” he said. “The Internet, and all forms of modern class” with a degree in Computational Science. (See sidebar.) He plans summer, earning senior research credits.communication, has made it much tougher for oppressive regimes to to continue his education in the fall at Stevens. Corrigan’s wife, also a “I wanted to study computer graphics,” said Corriganhide the hope and promises of freedom from their citizens. student at Stevens, will enter her senior year in the fall semester. when asked about his chosen field of study, “but I didnt “Technology has become the ultimate connector of people to peo- The honorary degree recipient and speaker for the graduate cere- want to be a Computer Science major. Computationalple, society to society, culture to culture, and with that, liberty and mony in the afternoon was Dr. C.K Prahalad, the Harvey C. Fruehauf Science majors have the option of doing a concentration indemocracy are communicated across traditional borders. Having fami- Professor of Business Administration at the Ross School of Business at Computer Vision & Graphics. Therefore, I chosely myself who fled an oppressive regime to come to this country seek- the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Prahalad specializes in corpo- Computational freedom, anything that makes freedom more accessible is dear to rate strategy and the role of top management in diversified, global cor- “At the same time I wanted to have a background inmy heart and soul. I hope you keep it dear to yours as you move out porations. He has been ranked among the Top Ten management the basics of computer science and enough experience to beinto the world.” thinkers in every major survey for more than 10 years. BusinessWeek Andrew Corrigan ‘05 a competent programmer. Luckily for me, the Stevens Cahill is University Professor and Director of The Institute of has said that Professor Prahalad may well be “the most influential Computational Science program provided me with theInternational Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University, Director of thinker on business strategy today.” He is a member of the blue ribbon necessary background to handle computational problems."the Tropical Disease Center at Lenox Hill Hospital, Clinical Professor commission of the United Nations on Private Sector and This summer he will work as an intern with Siemens Corporate Research inof Tropical Medicine and Molecular Parasitology at New York Development. – PB Princeton, N.J. This fall he will continue at Stevens working on a master’s degree in Computational Science, with Professor Dinh as his advisor. – Page 7