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Next Generation Home Care, July 2007


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One of a series of roundtables I collaborated on (and named) with the brilliant and quirky Dr. Grasso.

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Next Generation Home Care, July 2007

  1. 1. Cynthia de Luise, PA, Ph.D.Senior Epidemiologist, Pfizer Pharmaceutical“Despite it being one of the most important diseases of this century, COPD is universally underdiagnosedthroughout the world, with only about ½ of all cases being identified. The prevalence of COPD nearlytriples in persons in the 7th decade as compared to people in their 40’s. Since there is presently no cure, theonly way to address COPD is through prevention (not smoking), early diagnosis, quitting smoking, andaggressive treatment of symptoms and concurrent diseases.”Cynthia (Cindy) de Luise has been employed for over 6 years as an epidemiologist indrug safety at Pfizer Inc. Prior to working as an epidemiologist, Cindy spent about 8years in clinical medicine as a physician assistant at Cabrini Medical Center in NYC.Her clinical work involved considerable exposure to geriatric care. Cindy’s areas ofexpertise are respiratory and infectious disease epidemiology.Victor L. Marchione, M.D., F.C.C.P.Internal & Pulmonary Medicine“Regardless of one’s age, it is never too late to stop smoking.”Victor Louis Marchione, M.D., F.C.C.P. is a native of Hoboken, NJ, with 25 years ofservice to the New York – Metropolitan area as a Board Certified Pulmonologist. He isa former medical director of a large multi-specialty medical group with researchinterests in tobacco cessation and early detection of lung carcinoma. As the founderand Medical Director of the “I Quit Smoking Program” at Palisades Medical Center inNorth Bergen, NJ, Dr. Marchione invites all smokers to join smoking cessation efforts. Stevens Roundtable: Health, Technology & Society July 11, 2007Vikki Hazelwood, Ph.D.Industry Professor, Biomedical Engineering Enhancing the Delivery ofStevens Institute of Technology“Biomedical technologies are essential components of the overall healthcare delivery system for detecting, Healthcare Services to an Aging U.S. Populationpreventing, and treating disease and injury.”Dr. Vikki Hazelwood has held executive positions in sales and business developmentfor several medical device companies focused on drug delivery technologyand surgical techniques for orthopedics and interventional cardiology. Shereceived her doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from Stevens Institute ofTechnology. Her research emphasis is in Sports Medicine and Translational Research,focusing on the development of efficacious medical devices and physiologic methodswhich improve public health, especially obesity prevention and pain management. The impact of the roundtable was powerful in its complete coverage of its topic. Panelists discussed the delivery of healthcare from the inception of ideas for new medical techniques, equipment and drugs by researchers (including undergrad students working on advanced projects), through service provision by a variety of professionals in different settings, to hospice care. I was especially impressed by the expertise and dedication of Messrs. Irizarry and Ramos who presented on the role of public agencies and government and by the exciting contributions whichManny Pena-Perich medical informatics can bring to the continuum of healthcare.Manager of Professional & Community Relations — Dr. Silvio LaccettiCompassionate Care Hospice"Hospice affords the patient and their caregivers a core interdisciplinary team of nurses and professionalswho focus on the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual comfort in the final stages of a life-threateningillness. It is very gratifying to assist a patient and their caregivers in allowing hospice the privilege to Roundtable Coordinator: Dr. S. Vincent Grassocomplete a spiritual journey."Manny Pena-Perich is Manager of Professional and Community Relations for Hudson & Roundtable Moderator: Patrick BerzinskiBergen Counties for Compassionate Care Hospice. Manny has an extensivebackground in healthcare, including Director of Patient Services and Rehabilitation forthe American Cancer Society, and Patient Relations Coordinator for Hospice of NewJersey. Manny serves on two palliative care committees for the Liberty HealthcareSystem.
  2. 2. S. Vincent Grasso, D.O. Ruben Ramos, Jr. Surgeon & Family Physician, North Bergen, NJ Councilman at Large, Hoboken, NJ Medical Informaticist & Business Analyst, TIMA 1997 Democratic Nominee, NJ State Assembly, 33rd District Adjunct Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology “As a Hoboken councilman and cancer survivor, health care has always been a very personal “I am personally and professionally committed to improving healthcare delivery to seniors: clinically issue to me. As Assemblyman, I will continue to make comprehensive health care for our growing as a physician and technically as an informaticist.” senior population throughout Hudson County a top priority.” Dr. S. Vincent Grasso was born, raised, and educated in Hudson County, New For the past decade, Ruben Ramos Jr. has represented his fellow citizens on Jersey. He is a graduate of North Bergen High School (1981), St. Peter’s College the Hoboken City Council. He received his BA in Political Science in 1995 from (1985), Des Moines University (1991), and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine Fairleigh Dickinson University and is now a middle school Social Studies General Surgery Manhattan Program (1997). His Postdoctoral Fellowship in teacher at Public School 15 in Paterson. Ruben is a cancer survivor, having Advanced Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery was completed at the Yale been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease in 1999. After a rigorous chemotherapy University School of Medicine in 1999. While at Yale, he worked with the NASA treatment at Sloan Kettering Hospital, he was diagnosed cancer-free in 2000. Yale Commercial Space Center for Medical Informatics and Technology Ruben is happily married to Norma P. Ramos, and is the proud father of their Applications, CSCMITA, as a NASA Program Manager to perform research within two daughters, Isabel and Gail. In June 2007, Ruben Ramos Jr. became the the discipline of Medical Informatics. He has delivered healthcare internationally Democratic nominee for the New Jersey State Assembly in the 33rd Legislative via his not for profit company AYUDAMOS since 1991. Dr. Grasso is a physician in District. private practice in Hudson County, NJ, and was recently married to Christina De Croce Grasso. Patrick A. Berzinski Christopher F. Irizarry Director of University Communications President/CEO North Hudson Community Action Corp. Stevens Institute of Technology Commissioner of Parks, Public Property, and “The delivery of healthcare poses an ever-expanding challenge to the entire healthcare community, Recreation, Union City, NJ especially as a larger segment of America’s population grows older. The time for discussion is now, as “High-quality health care should be afforded to all. Regardless of age, color, race, religion, creed, the first wave of the Baby Boom Generation settles into retirement.” or immigration status, everyone should have the ability to access health care. We have a Patrick A. Berzinski has worked in a variety of media during a career spanning more than 20 years. His principal medium is the written word, and his literary responsibility to assure that everyone living in our great nation has the ability to see a doctor so and expository writing have been the vehicles that have led him to work in radio, that we remain a healthy community. There should be no limit on investment for a healthy video, web, public and media relations, and networking for business society.” development. Since 2000, his work has been primarily in institutional Mr. Irizarry received a Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University in the Administration of communications for Stevens Institute of Technology where he currently serves as Justice in 1993 and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from John Jay College of director of university communications. Criminal Justice in 1998. In 2002, Mr. Irizarry was elected in Union City as a Commissioner and is currently the Commissioner of Parks, Public Property, and Recreation. In March of 2006, Mr. Irizarry was appointed as President/CEO of North Hudson Community Action Corporation, where he oversees both the Community Action Program as well as the Federally Qualified Health Center. Mr. Irizarry was married in 2003 to his wife Keila. Silvio Laccetti, Ph.D. Ed Davis Professor of Social Sciences Administrator, Harborage at Palisades Medical Center, Stevens Institute of Technology North Bergen, NJ “The impact of the Roundtable was powerful in its complete coverage of its topic. Panelists discussed “As the health care needs of the older population increase, systems have to evolve to meet the need the delivery of healthcare from the inception of ideas for new medical techniques, equipment and in the community first.” drugs by researchers (including undergrad students working on advanced projects) through service Ed has worked his entire career in Long Term Care. He has been the Administrator of the Harborage at Palisades Medical Center for the past 15 provision by a variety of professionals in different settings, to hospice care. I was especially impressed years, where he was responsible for the licensing and opening of the 245-bed by the expertise and dedication of Messrs. Irizarry and Ramos who presented on the role of public nursing home and specialty needs provider located in North Bergen, New agencies and government and by the exciting contributions which medical informatics can bring to the Jersey. Prior to the Harborage, he worked as the start-up Administrator for a continuum of healthcare.” private nursing home chain, opening up new facilities in New Jersey and Dr. Laccetti has been a long-time Professor of Humanities at Stevens. He has Maryland. Ed is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and received his B.S. authored a book about Drug Abuse Education and Community Outreach from Salem College, West Virginia. Programs, edited two books on New Jersey public policy issues and is now a national columnist covering various national issues. He has thrice been honored as “Teacher of the Year” at Stevens.According to a 2004 National Institute of Health statistic, approximately The annualized rate of fall injury episodes for non-institutionalized50% of all seniors living within the U.S. suffer from heart disease, a adults aged 65 years and over in 2003–2006 was 51 episodes per 1,000physician’s diagnosis of arthritis, and chronic joint symptoms. population. Rates of fall injuries increased with age, and were higher for women compared with men.