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Berzinski Writing Sample6-080317


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Berzinski Writing Sample6-080317

  1. 1. 17 March 2008China OK’s Stevens’ Beijing master’s degreesBreakthrough for noted telecom and microelectronicsprogramsHOBOKEN, N.J. ― In a breakthrough this month, the Chinese Ministry of Education approvedthe continuation of two award-winning Stevens Institute of Technology graduate programs opento Chinese students in Beijing.Delivered in cooperation with one of Chinas premier engineering universities, Beijing Instituteof Technology (BIT), the green light allows Stevens and its partner school to enroll new classesof Chinese students in masters programs in Telecommunications Management and Photonics andMicroelectronics.“It’s a great honor to be among the first American universities to be re-accredited in China,”remarked Stevens Vice President Maureen Weatherall. “New cohorts of highly motivatedstudents will continue to join the ranks of dozens of our outstanding Chinese graduates workingfor top international and local companies.”The Chinese Ministry approval is one of the first granted to a foreign university in China by theeducation ministry in nearly two years.At Stevens’ fourth graduation ceremony at BIT in January, 39 Chinese students earned advanceddegrees in engineering and management. This fall, another 40 or more are expected to enroll,joining more than 160 graduates and currently enrolled students.The Beijing programs are taught party online by the Stevens’ award-winning WebCampusfaculty. The rest is delivered in China by the university’s faculty and by highly qualified Chinesefaculty in classrooms at BIT. All courses are in English. Degrees earned by students in China are
  2. 2. exactly the same as those presented to students in the US. This November, the Sloan Foundationawarded Stevens’ China programs its best teaching and learning prize.Stevens also offers a graduate degree in Project Management at Beijing’s Central University ofFinance and Economics (CUFE), the nation’s leading school of finance. Nearly all students inthe China programs have graduated successfully and most are either employed by key global andlocal companies or are Ph.D. candidates, many enrolled at Stevens in New Jersey. Agreementshave also been concluded with two other top-ranked universities, Shanghai Jiao Tong Universityand Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.Stevens Professor Audrey Curtis directs the management programs at BIT and CUFE. Stevens’China programs are managed by Dr. Weatherall and Executive Director Ro bert Ubell.For more details, visit Stevens Institute of TechnologyFounded in 1870, Stevens Institute of Technology is one of the leading technological universitiesin the world dedicated to learning and research. Through its broad-based curricula, nurturing ofcreative inventiveness, and cross disciplinary research, the Institute is at the forefront of globalchallenges in engineering, science, and technology management. Partnerships and collaborationbetween, and among, business, industry, government and other universities contribute to theenriched environment of the Institute. A new model for technology commercialization inacademe, known as Technogenesis®, involves external partners in launching businessenterprises to create broad opportunities and shared value.Stevens offers baccalaureates, master’s and doctoral degrees in engineering, science, computerscience and management, in addition to a baccalaureate degree in the humanities and liberal arts,and in business and technology. The university has a total enrollment of 2,040 undergraduate and3,085 graduate students, and a worldwide online enrollment of 2,250, with a full-timetenured/tenure-track faculty of 140 and more than 200 full-time special faculty. Stevens’graduate programs have attracted international participation from China, India, Southeast Asia,Europe and Latin America. Additional information may be obtained from its web page the latest news about Stevens, please visit Patrick A. Berzinski, +1-201-216-5687, Patrick.Berzinski@stevens.eduStevens Institute of Technology, Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken NJ 07030-5991 USA+©1998-2009 Stevens Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.This page was last updated 17 January 2008.