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Unit 1 review


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Unit 1 review

  1. 1. October QuickwriteTopics - choose onetopic each day a If I Wereminimum of 4-6 A Funny Dream... Invisible...sentences. Becreative and havefun! I am mostUnder My Bed... In the Dark... afraid of...
  2. 2. Features of Personal Narrative Writing:· Tells a story from personal experience.· Shares events in sequence, and brings closure to the story.· Expresses the writers feelings in a distinct personal voice.
  3. 3. PreWriteMy letter is to: My letter is about:Jen fixing up our house40 Pine StreetCove, Oregon 99999What Happened How I Feltheard about clean-up surprised, nervoustook off wallpaper tiredpainted rooms pleasedfinished clean-up proud
  4. 4. Draft 40 Pine Street Cove, Oregon 99999 October 23, 2012Dear Jen, Did I ever tell you what happened when my family movedthree years ago? Before we could sell our house, we had tofix it up. Our mother told that all the wallpaper had to comeoff, the inside of the house had to be painted, and a newbathtub had to be put in. I couldnt believe it. That was tomuch! But my mom said we would all work together, and itmight be fun. The first week we pealed the wallpaper off and smoothedthe walls. The second week we painted seven rooms and halfof a cat--sorry, sheba. The third week my brother Mike gotto show how strong he was by--opps--almost lifting abathtub. We finished it all. It felt nice to do a good job. Butwas it fun. are you kidding? Your friend, Mrs. B.