Champions of the world reading


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Champions of the world reading

  1. 1. Writing Prompts - Think of a group or achoose one prompt team you belong to. Do you think everyone whoand write at least What does your group belongs to a team or groupone paragraph in do? How many people has to like everyone else?response (4-6 are in it? When did Why or why not?sentences) in your you join?blue writing journal. Write a paragraph explaining how different members of Think about one positive andWhat would you like a team work one negative thing thatmost to excel at? together. For happens to people on a team example write about a or in a group. pitcher and a catcher.
  2. 2. The Robins, the womens basketball team of Brad High,amazed everyone in last nights game against the CottPumas. Cott High fans expected to see their team beatthe Robins. The Robins were behind until the final twominutes when Lori Metzler scored three baskets to makethe score 38-37. Kay Gibbs made two free throws withthree secnds left and the Robins had their first win overCott!
  3. 3. celebrated cork fans pitcher score wrap1.
  4. 4. 1. Many fans turned out to cheer their favorite Little League baseballteam.2. They celebrated their teams statewide victory by holding a parade.3. The hometown team won by a final score of 12 to 0.4. The winning pitcher in the game had thrown six innings of shutoutball.5. The baseball he used had a round, springy piece of light cork wood inits center.6. After the game he had to wrap some soft, warm cloths around hisarm to keep it from getting stiff.
  5. 5. Although the steps in making a baseball are few and simple, the actualwork takes a lot of skill. First you must get a round piece of cork.Wrap a piece of red rubber and a piece of black rubber around thecork. Next, wind 150 yards of cotton yarn and 219 yards of wool yarnaround the layers of cork and rubber. Then cover the whole thing withcowhide and, finally, stitch the cowhide closed with 108 stitches oftough thread.
  6. 6. Your turn...choose a skill that you have recentlylearned, such as how to play a new game or makecookies. Write a list of directions. Illustrate yourdirections with sketches and diagrams.
  7. 7. Darnell had a favorite daydream in which he helped his team win theLittle League World Series. The people in his town would give him andhis teammates a big homecoming parade after their victory. In the summer, Darnell played baseball every day. Sometimes hegot up at sunrise to practice hitting and throwing.
  8. 8. Compound Word Shorter Words Meaning daydream teammateshomecoming baseball sometimes sunrise
  9. 9. As soon as Chris hit the ball, she knew shed hit a home run. As sheran to first base, the other team looked very displeased. Chriss hitchanged the score from 8-8 to 9-8. The victory by Chriss team was not unexpected. They had gonethrough the season unbeaten. Their record disproved the complaintthat they were just lucky!