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  1. 1. + Parissa Behnia The Product Management & Innovation Event Customer Experience Mapping
  2. 2. + Food For Thought  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you’ve said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  3. 3. + Food For Thought  “We don’t see the world the way it is. We see the world the way we are.” – Anais Nin © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  4. 4. + Food For Thought  “Companies! It’s not about you.” – Parissa Behnia © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  5. 5. + A Definition…  “Customer experience journey maps are a tool to help bring the outside world into an organization. They are a tool that can help bring customer stories to life. An entire story. Not just the piece one silo or function within an organization normally may encounter.”  “And as we map out the customer’s story, our organization’s own story becomes visible. And often what’s revealed is an incomplete fractured story.” © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited. Source: In other words, we are talking about empathy.
  6. 6. + Forrester’s “Age Of The Customer” © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited. Starbucks and Walgreens, too! sephora
  7. 7. + Nuggets From Forrester Research  We are in an era where a focus on customers matters more than any other strategic imperative.  Companies are waking up to the fact that customers' perceptions have a profound impact on business metrics.  But while every executive knows that customers matter, most companies simply don't approach their interactions with customers in a disciplined way.  To succeed, managers must understand the business case for defining, implementing, and orchestrating the customer experience ecosystem.  Experience is rapidly becoming the #1 driver of loyalty. Recent Forrester data show that:  For stores, experience accounts for 47% of loyalty; when price/value is factored in, it rises to just 47.2%. Proof that people buy on emotion and rationalize with tangibles.  For banks, it amounts to about 55%. It rises to 56.3% when factoring price/value. © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  8. 8. + Align Experience With Perception  Forrester said companies must deliver digital interactions that meet their customers’ needs in easy and enjoyable ways.  Truthfully, all interactions must meet needs in easy and enjoyable ways. Source: Forrester Research “Top 10 Ways to Improve Digital Experiences”, July 31, 2012 © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  9. 9. + These Aren’t Buzzwords  Brands have a sea of sameness problem. Mapping the customer journey is a strategic imperative to understand how customers perceive the buying experience:  It can call out a pain point and help you find ways to improve it which can be a differentiator.  It shows things beyond control but impact the experience. This sensitivity can be a differentiator.  It can also highlight disconnects between departments (e.g., Marketing versus Customer Service).  Conversations about customer experience are growing, there’s more media coverage and funding is increasing.  Customers are on multiple social networks on multiple devices so they have the power. In other words, the “deer have the rifle”.  This era of on-demand marketing means relevant/responsive marketing based on behavior, not based on a calendar.  Customers’ patience is minimal and they expect an omnichannel experience.  There’s no such thing as a purchase funnel anymore. Some call it a pretzel. © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited. rs-Choose-Digital-Product-Research- Purchases/1010948/1
  10. 10. + This Impact$ Bottom Line © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited. Source: & 6/16 UX Keynote  Research by the Corporate Executive Board indicates that B2B customers complete 60% of the purchasing process before having a conversation with a vendor. Per DemandGen 78% of B2B buyers start their research on the web.  A 2012 Study by Watermark Consulting found that between 2007-2011, companies in Forrester's Customer Experience Leader portfolio beat the S&P 500 by 27% and the Customer Experience Laggard portfolio by 128%.  An analysis by DMI shows that in the past 10 years, design driven companies outperformed S&P by 228%. rs-Choose-Digital-Product-Research- Purchases/1010948/1
  11. 11. + Mobile Ups The Ante  With higher use of mobile, comes the expectation of “always on” engagement. It’s always a part of the purchase process.  A recent Nielsen study shows that:  53% of consumers use smartphones for in-home shopping.  42% of consumers consider mobile the most important resource for a purchase decision.  Forrester says there is an experience expectation trifecta of immediacy, simplicity AND context that equals convenience.  Immediacy = push notifications (e.g., Gilt flash sale)  Simplicity = no effort usage (e.g., Starbucks app)  Context = knows you in a non creepy way (e.g., United and Starwoods apps). © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited. Source: cle/231298/mobile-influence-is-category- dependent.html
  12. 12. + How Do I Create A Map? ① Define each customer, needs and emotional pain points. Do brainstorming and visualization exercises to create personas with whom you can empathize. Give them names, faces, stories, etc. ② Use data to complement the visualization work. Look at digital and social data, too.  Conduct focus groups or quant research if the budget allows and/or use secondary data, too.  Examine your own data (acquisition through attrition) to see what/where the points of tension or delight are. ③ Using the data, split the current process into phases that reflect the customer lens, not the business lens. Identify each step of the customer experience within each phase including how the customer may “feel”.  What steps are in your control? What are the circumstances? What can you do to improve them?  What steps are not in your control? What are the circumstances? How can you lessen the negatives and leverage the positives?  What are you not doing now that you should be doing? What should you stop doing?  What is the competition doing that has an affect on how customers engage with you?  Recognize that this is likely not a straight line. © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  13. 13. + How Do I Create A Map? ④ Create a new customer journey map based on the findings. ⑤ Conduct interviews to validate the work: sales/marketing, outside partners, new customers, best customers, former customers, etc. Make adjustments to your map based on feedback. ⑥ Create or tailor strategies in light of the mapped and validated customer journey.  Also, consider the possibility of technology upgrades, line extensions, new product development, etc.  Assess team “readiness” to embrace this new approach.  Audit yourself: do any of these strategies address customer needs, pains or goals? © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  14. 14. + How Do I Create A Map? ⑦ The work might not hit it out of the park the first time.  Michael Jordan was a voracious student of basketball and always adjusted his game – even at his peak. He also adjusted his game to account for aging.  LeBron James, too. ⑧ Lather, Rinse and Repeat. A customer journey is not static. ⑨ At every step, remember that for the customer, every experience is consensual and contextual.  Don’t be tempted to put your business hat on.  It’s not about you. © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  15. 15. + Yes, It Can Be Overwhelming!  Thankfully, there are oodles of material one can find online to clarify what to do.  Forrester’s has a treasure trove of great information.  Identify which experts out there most resonate with you.  Bruce Temkin is one of many – but he is my personal favorite. © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited. Source:
  16. 16. + What This Can Look Like… Source: © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  17. 17. + What This Can Look Like…  This doesn’t have to be a scary looking graphic.  Consider the many ways in which a consumer engages with your brand.  Celebrate the wins…  …But identify where you should improve.  Remember to account for things wholly out of your control.  Also note how many different departments affect your customer: sales, marketing, operations, service, etc.  Remember that the path to purchase may not be linear. Source: © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  18. 18. + It’s Not Optional Anymore  Customers expect improved experiences across every point of contact regardless of B2B or B2C.  An understanding of the customer experience must be evident in every element of the media mix.  It's essential to provide quality customer experiences throughout the customer's lifecycle—not just at acquisition and renewal.  Customer experience must be driven by individual preferences regarding message, timing, frequency, and media mix.  Preferences must drive high-quality personalization of communications and experiences. But, please, don’t be creepy!  The focus of the customer experience must be on engaging, not “managing” customers. CRM is a process, not a strategy! Source: © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  19. 19. + © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited. Thank You!
  20. 20. + Talk To Me  Twitter: @parissab  Email:  URL:  LinkedIn: © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.
  21. 21. + Some Reading…  “Winning the customer decision journey” -  “Know Your Customers Wherever They Are” –  “Big Data Lives or Dies Based on Customer Data Management Strategy” – data-management-strategy/  “The ROI Of A Great Customer Experience” –  “Experience Creates More Loyalty Than Price” –  “The Coming Era of On Demand Marketing” --  4 Attributes Of A Frictionless Customer Experience -- customer-experience  Customer Experience Mapping --  Customer Journey Mapping: 10 Tips for Beginners --  Digitizing The Customer Decision Journey -- eml-alt-mip-mck-oth-1406  A Quick Guide To Customer Journey Mapping - © 2014 678 Partners. Reproduction Prohibited.