The German Government


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The German Government

  1. 1. Chantal Perez Paola Badillo Juan Jimenez Jose Lorenzo
  2. 2. Before Atmosphere • What was going on worldwide? • What was on peoples minds? • Countries involved Poland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France,Australia,South Africa, Canada, Denmark,Norway,Luxembourg,Belgium,Holland,Greece,Yugoslavia,Soviet Union, Iran,India,Panama,United States of America.
  3. 3. Adolf Hitler Back Ground How did he get so many followers? “As Führer, Adolf Hitler stands far above us all, but as a person he is as our father or brother. He knows our suffering and our sorrows, feels them with us, because he himself went through life’s hardest school and never forgot his own years of bitter poverty. Everyone, therefore, comes to him for help, and just as he will one day be the savior of the whole people, today he helps each individual fighter.” : “Hitler’s goals are: Achieving freedom for the German people, Achieving its proper place among the peoples, Building the foundations for its ability to survive.”
  4. 4. Symbols Swastika History
  5. 5. Oppressed
  6. 6. Oppressors
  7. 7. World Reaction to the Holocaust in the Governments Jews in Japan “Jews holding citizenship of any country would be accorded treatment comparable to citizens of that country. Jews without citizenship would be considered stateless, in the same category as White Russian émigrés. This group of Jews would be under surveillance because of their "racial characteristics." Another category of Jews, those who could be considered "useful" to Japan because of their political or economic influence, would receive the same treatment that they received prior to the war.”
  8. 8. World Reaction to the Holocaust in the Governments France United States
  9. 9. Worldwide Reaction to the Holocaust Netherlands, Denmark and Norway • In Netherlands there was an organized Strike on February 25 1941 against anti-Jewish measurements. • In Norway and in Denmark there was a population of 10,000 Jews. On an offer by Switzerland Norway managed to save half of their Jewish citizens while Denmark saved the great majority of theirs. Vatican
  10. 10. Compare and contrast
  11. 11. Aftermath Resettlements • DP Camps • Where they fled • Israel
  12. 12. Retributions • Germany After WWII • German Civilians • Nuremberg Trials
  13. 13. Present • Holocaust Denial • Debt • German Society • Nazi Gold • Degenerate Art
  14. 14. Ellie Wiesel?
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