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State of the County Address by Commissioner H. Valeche


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State of the County Address by Commissioner H. Valeche

  2. 2. Who we are: PBC is the largest county in size in the State of Florida, 2,228 square miles total 38 Municipalities – 10 of which are located in District 1 We employ 11,001 people of which 6,316 are controlled by the Board of County Commissioners. Remainder are employed by Constitutional Officers - mostly the Sheriff’s Office
  3. 3. Discussion Items County Budget Department of Airports Fire Rescue Department Department of Environmental Resources Management Parks and Recreation Department Palm Tran Solid Waste Authority Convention Center Hotel and Garage Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Water Utilities Department BioScience Issues
  4. 4. State of Financial Affairs Where the Money Comes From Where the Money Goes Total of all Funds $3,884,240,421 Total of all Funds $3,884,240,421 Non- Internal Departmental General Current Services 4.8% Government Property 3.4% 5.6% Fund Taxes Balance 22.1% 35.1% Public Safety Reserves 21.5% 21.0% Licenses, Per mits & Other Taxes 5.5% Physical Interfund Environment Transfers 8.7% 12.4%Interfund IntergovernTransfers mental 10.1% Transportation 12.4% Culture & Interest 12.7% Charges for Recreation Human Economic Earnings & Services 3.9% Services Environment Other Misc. 13.6% 2.7% 3.3% 1.2%
  5. 5. Palm Beach County 2013 Major Sources and Expenditures ($ in millions)Sources ExpendituresAd Valorem Taxes $859 General Government $219Licenses, permits, fees 215 Public Safety 830Intergovernmental 391 Physical Environment 338Charges for Services 530 Transportation 495Interest and Misc. 44 Economic Environment 128Balances Transferred 228 Human Services 105 Total $2,267 Culture/Recreation 152 Total $2,267
  6. 6. Department of Airports 2013 Revenues – $90.5 million Uses No Ad Valorem taxes or general fund money; 100% self sufficient thru user fees and Federal and State grant funding Provides an annual economic impact of over $3.5 billion Operates PBIA and three general Aviation Airports: North County, Lantana, and Glades PBIA serves 6 million passengers annually and more than 80,000 general aviation operations
  7. 7. North County Expansion PlansProvides relief to PBIAfor general aviation(private) trafficLength of currentRunway 13-31 is 4,300 feetLength of proposedrunway 6,000 feetWill allow mid-sizecorporate aircraftNo large all-cargo carrierservices such as UPS orFedExNo scheduledcommercial airlineservices
  8. 8. Fire Rescue MSTU Ad Valorem – $192 million including Town of Emergency Call Activity Jupiter PBCFR FY 2012 Area Served: Medical Calls 93,395 Unincorporated County + 10 Municipalities Vehicle/Boating Accidents 7,724 Square Miles: 1,822 Alarms 6,788 Population: 864,528 Assists/Investigations 4,681 Dispatch For: 10 Fires 2,692 Municipalities Hazardous Conditions 819 Positions: 1,490 # of Stations: 49 Others 936 # of calls (FY 2012): 117,036 Water Related Injuries 117
  9. 9. Environmental Resources Management Natural Areas System• Over 31,000 acres of environmentally sensitive land in Palm Beach County.• 27,000 acres and 15 natural areas located in Northern Palm Beach County.• Natural areas shown in green have public use facilities.
  10. 10. Riverbend Park ImprovementsImprovementsInclude:Information KioskBattlefield OverlookHistorical MarkerAreaRestroomsPark OfficeProject will cost$2 Million, and willbe phasedbased on fundingavailability.Construction willbegin later this year.
  11. 11. 31 acre property Waterway Parklocated adjacentto Jonathan’s Landingat base of IndiantownRoad Bridge.Phase One includes:3 boat rampsfloating docks60 boat trailer spaces24 car spacesProject expected tocost $4 million.Construction couldcommence in early 2015,subject to operationalfunds being available.
  12. 12. Bert Winters Park Boat Ramp ImprovementsRenovations to existingtwo boat rampsNew staging docks36 new boat trailer spacesNew entrance at north endof parkNew restroom buildingDesign complete in 2013Construction to begin in2014Project expected to becompletedin 2015
  13. 13. Burt Reynolds Park West Side Improvements16 Boat trailer spaces10 grass boat trailerspacesPavilion buildingRestroom buildingStaging dock extensionProject cost $1.2 million,with over half fundedthru grants.Docks completed bySeptember 2013 withremainder to becompleted by 2016dependent on funding.
  14. 14.  Palm Tran, operates 33 fixed route bus routes throughout the County operating approximately 8 million service miles a year; Fixed-route ridership set several records in fiscal year 2012, with a total annual ridership of 11,579,076. The figure marks a 4% increase compared to 2011. Fixed-route weekday ridership averaged 39,288 passengers for the fiscal year, eclipsing 2011’s record of 37,708. Average Palm Tran Weekday ridership over the past 10 years has increased by over 15,000 passenger trips per weekday and 4.6 million annual riders. Palm Tran operates 11 routes that provide service in District 1. They are routes 1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 21, 30, 31, 33, 41 and 49. Key points served by these routes include: Downtown at the Gardens, The Gardens Mall, Palm Beach State College, FAU, Abacoa, and the Gardens and Jupiter Medical Center. 14
  15. 15.  Is the branch of Palm Tran responsible for providing/overseeing demand response shared ride para-transit trips for customers qualified for service under ADA, TD and Senior programs. Service uses smaller vans and transport vehicles providing door to door service Connection determines eligibility, takes trip requests and schedules paratransit trips that are operated by a contracted Vendor(s) currently Metro Mobility. Currently average approximately 3,000 trips on a Weekdays. Handles customer concerns Responsible for monitoring the performance of the Vendor(s). Currently in District One there are 2153 active Connection customers. 15
  16. 16. Solid Waste Authority Serves 1,335,415 permanent residents, plus seasonal residents and visitors. Collects 1,573,026 tons of solid waste, plus 107,894 tons of recyclables generated by the residents, visitors and businesses of Palm Beach County in FY 2012. 6.90 pounds per person per day generated in FY 2012. 107,894 tons of recyclables received from residential and commercial programs with $10.8 million in gross revenues from the sale of recyclables.
  17. 17. Solid Waste AuthorityRenewable Energy Facility Reduces the volume of waste delivered to the facility by 80% by volume. Without this facility, the landfill would already be full. 386,000 megawatt hours sold to FPL in FY 2012. $17.2 million in revenue from sale of energy to FPL in FY 2012. New Renewable Energy Facility currently under construction and will extend the life of the landfill until 2046. Projected Cost is $700 Million. Bond Financed:  S&P AA+ rating  Moody’s Aa2 rating
  18. 18. Convention Center Hotel400 room first class hoteloperated by Hilton Hotels.500 space parking garage Convention CenterCounty will provide $27 Conventionmillion which will not be Center Hotelprovided before GarageOctober 1, 2013.Developer agreement City Placeprovides for thedesign, construction, equipping and furnishing of thehotel and garage.Developer bears all risksand is responsible for costoverruns.Hotel opening anticipatedto be summer of 2015.
  19. 19. Sheriff’s Office FY 2013 Budget - $486 Million, primarily funded by ad valorem taxes Employees 3,912 Maintains law and order, Corrections and Detention facilities and Court Services & Bailiffs Problem Areas: Gangs, pill mills, and crimes against the elderly and children
  20. 20. Water Utilities -WUD 2013 Revenues – $165 million Provides potable water, wastewater and reclaimed water services to approximately 529,000 people in unincorporated PBC Provides services to Royal Palm Beach, Greenacres, Haverhill, Palm Springs, Lake Clarke Shores, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach and Atlantis and indirectly to Belle Glade, Pahokee and South Bay through the Glades Utility Authority WUD is AAA rated and has approximately $190 million of revenue bonds outstanding Net Capital Assets are approximately $900 million FY 2013 Budget of $60 million, with 560 employees
  21. 21. BioScience FY 2012 - added $39,336,411 to  Jupiter is the sole Max Planck Florida’s gross domestic product Institute in the United States Employs 474 people  Employs 90 people FY 2012 - awarded 52 research  Nine research groups grants totaling $49,553,238 focusing on brain function Since inception, Scripps Florida and neural circuits has been awarded $305 million from non-State funds  Anticipate growing to 135 FY 2012 - 22 foreign and employees by 2015 domestic patent applications were filed
  22. 22. Issues Beach Erosion Palm Tran Connection Glades Utility Authority
  23. 23. Beach Erosion Beach program is focused on: • Long-term maintenance of public beaches in partnership with municipalities, taxing districts, State and Federal governments. • Sand bypassing at inlets, the major cause of downdrift erosion. • Nine major renourishment projects, adjacent to public access points, act as feeder beaches. • Other areas periodically restored with dune sand.
  24. 24. JupiterBeach Park Some dune work is anticipated to begin next month in Jupiter Beach Park.
  25. 25. Dune restoration inCoral Cove Park inTequesta is nowcomplete.
  26. 26. 11/29/2012Water Glades– Singer Island 8/16/2012 Work continues until February on Singer Island. 12/12/2012
  27. 27. Funding for Beach Erosion ProjectsState Assistance Federal Assistance Recent budget shortfalls have  Historically, earmarks were used limited funding. to help fund four County beach renourishment projects. A proposed emergency funding bill and a recovery of funding  With earmarks no longer an through real estate documentary option, the required stamp revenue may help the appropriations need to be part State to meet its commitments. of the Army Corps of Engineers annual budget.  The Legislative Delegation and county lobbyists are working towards shepherding such language into law.
  28. 28. Long Term SolutionRecognize our beaches as essential infrastructurethat supports the local economy and quality oflife for our residents. That infrastructurerequires an annual investment of $15 million tomaintain. Some Facts: In 2011, 86.5 million visitors to Florida spent $67.2 billion dollars. 58% of those visits were primarily for the beach. Beaches are the #2 activity (behind shopping) activity for tourists.
  29. 29. Contract Fixwith MetroMobility • 14 new vehicles put into service this month • 50 additional new vehicles put into service by March 1st • New office and maintenance facility to consolidate all Florida operations • GPS and Mobile Data Terminals to be installed and activated in coming week
  30. 30. Glades Utilities AuthorityFacing many challenges: GUA was established in 2009 Provides water and wastewater utility service to residents of Belle Glade, Pahokee, South Bay and surrounding areas Decline in utility revenue due to unemployment, housing unit vacancies and reduced business activity Fragile infrastructure due to inability of GUA to make capital investments Significant Rate Increase needed to remain financially viable
  31. 31. Proposed Plan to Absorb GUA• Upon absorption, maintain the GUA Base Facility Fee and Commodity Fee as of May 1, 2012 for eight (8) years. After eight (8) years the rates will equal the Countywide Base Facility Fee and Commodity Fee plus 7%.• WUD will assume to GUA’s eleven (11) current debt obligations which total approximately $28.6 Million. Of this amount, WUD will pay-off five (5) of the debt obligations totaling approximately $2.2 Million.• The County agrees to continue to pay an annual entity transfer to each of the three (3) cities totaling 7% of gross receipts for each municipal entity service area.• The County will retain the current GUA employees.• The County will make a $25 Million capital contribution to the system in the first five (5) years.
  32. 32. The Best of Everything.Questions/Comments