How to write an award winning Training Plan


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An introduction to The Burns Unit tlc, a specialist Training and Development consultancy for the advertising, communication, marketing and media sector.

Paul Burns worked at Saatchi & Saatchi for 24 years running client business and had the additional role of Training Director has more IPA Training awards than any individual in the advertising industry. In 2009 Paul set up The Burns Unit tlc.

In this short introduction you’ll learn how to construct a more strategic approach to the creation of your companies training and development plan.

Good luck

Paul Burns

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How to write an award winning Training Plan

  1. 1. An introduction toThe Burns Unit tlc
  2. 2. Paul Burns: The Burns Unit tlc•26 years Account Handling experience•AAP, KMP Partnership and 24 years at Saatchi & Saatchi•Worked on Award winning campaigns for creativity and effectiveness•Most awarded training and development professional in the advertising industry
  3. 3. Tbe number-one rule of understanding of their clients business is the only way to build executions to solve these business and marketing questions. account management trust,respect and a strong relation- ship;onlyfrom this will the brilliant Creativity with a purpose is vital to the future of our business; crea- Dear editor, creativity we offer be allowed to tivity for creativitys sake isa recipe It was great to see Sarah Golding flourish and transform not just our for disaster. ("How to save the suit from ex- clients brands and reputations, Paul Burns tinction") and Claire Beale ("Its but their businesses too. Founder unreasonable to let account man- My challenge to every account The Burns Unit ager die, Campaign, 6 August) executive and to every senior ac- both acknowledging the crisis and possible extinction of account count director is to ask each other the following questions: Canvas set to provide management. In my view, they 1.What is the price of our clients less, not more, choice both missed the fundamental product or service? Is it higher or point about why account handlers lower than our competitors? Dear editor, are finding themselves at this un- 2. What is their brand share, Campaign may not like Virgin Me- comfortable precipice. volume and value sales, and is the dias opposition to Project CanvasThe end of Account Having spent 26 years as an ac- market our client operates in up (Virgin Medias attempt to block count handler, working with all or down and by what percentage Project Canvas, 6 August), but its manner of clients and now running compared with a year ago? not surprising the true nature of Management? training courses for agencies, the 3. How does our client measure the service is misunderstood. IPAand the EuropeanAssociation their business success? Thats to be expected, given the of Communications Agencies, 1 4. How does our client measure secrecy about how it will opera te in have corne to realise that the most the success of our contribution practice. What we do know is that valuable course for any account to their marketing and business the project represents an unneces- handler these days is"Understand- objectives? sary collaboration between a ingyour clients business". 5.In the past six months, have you number of well-resourced organi- Account handlers need to recog- been on a factory visit, store check, sations that should be competing nise that doing what they do, blind read their trade mag and visited a with each other in this fast-devel- to the basic language of marketing trade show or conference? oping market. and business, is a recipe indeed for From my experience, very few For consumers and content pro- extinction. account handlers would be able viders alike, the result will be less, For any account handler in any to spontaneously rattle off the not more, choice. On the informa- agency, having a real passion and answers to these questions. The tion currently available, the oppor- inability to answer these types of tunities that it provides advertisers questions is the fundamental point are, to say the least, unclear. Open- at the heart of why account man- ness and transparency is not some- agement is peering over the edge thing the BBC and its partners and looking into a black hole. should sby away from. Account management must Canvas needs far more rigorous pitch its tent smack bang in the scrutiny than the BBC Trust has middle of the agency and be the key provided, especially as were all team of people who really under- already paying for it, regardless of stand their clients business more whether we wantit or not. than anyone else in the agency. Paul Richmand They must use this understanding Executive director, to mould the most brilliantly crea- corporate affairs Golding .. suitsfacingextinction tive communication strategies and Virgin Media
  4. 4. The language of business?
  5. 5. What we do1. A tactical Training & Development Initiative We deliver a specific course2. Training & Development Strategic Consultancy We create a training plan for your business3. Out-Sourced Training & Development We act as your in-house Training Director & gateway to over 40 trainers
  6. 6. Training & Development is often aknee jerk reaction to...• A meeting that goes badly wrong• Global, Regional or Holding Company ‘initiatives’ demanding a change in behaviour• Criticism & observations from other departments, suppliers or clients• An identified skills gap following an individual appraisal
  7. 7. But you know...•Successful organisations constantly challenge the status quo•They continually need to reinvent themselves to survive•Great Training & Development can be the glue that binds your people into a more powerful strategic and creative force
  8. 8. My simple model•Can be used for one office or globally•Can be deployed for one team or the whole organisation•Created for communication organisations but will work for any business•Combines process and structure with fluidity and flexibility
  9. 9. What skills do we want to develop? Craft Business Culture Skills Skills Skills To do To understand To do it your job business your way
  10. 10. To deliver high performing teammembers Culture Business Skills Skills The key to performance Craft Skills
  11. 11. Achieving higher performance is criticalat all levelsDirector + LevelManager LevelExecutive Level Craft Skills Business Skills Culture Skills
  12. 12. My strawman example•To show how a plan might look•Applicable to most communication agencies•Accounts for all departments•But is ONLY an example•Needs to be tailored appropriately for each organisation
  13. 13. Craft skillsDirector + Negotiation Skills: Financial, political, Level time, difficult people and situations The Creative Process: Brief writing,Manager Level judging work, creative feedback, selling... not just presentingExecutive How to be the best Account Handler in Level the agency: 25 years of wisdom
  14. 14. Business skills Business Strategy: Corporate strategy,Director + marketing strategy and communication Level strategy Understanding Client’s Business:Manager Level Asking the right questions not answering the wrong ones Understanding the agency’s business:Executive Level Advertising’s role in business and how your agency business works
  15. 15. Culture skills Leading Relationships: Vision,Director + Level storytelling, inspiring and decision making Managing Relationships: KnowingManager team’s strengths and weaknesses, Level setting clear direction and timely feedbackExecutive Developing Relationships: Building Level trust, listening and creating rapport
  16. 16. The Burns Unit tlc courses Planning for Suits.How to be the best Account An injection of strategic Leadership. Inspiring your teamHandler in your agency confidenceCreating real opportunities by Negotiation Skills. The Bootcamp for growing yourunderstanding your client’s existing business by 20% Beyond Win Win..masteringbusiness people, strategies & techniquesMaking creative briefs...brief & Storytelling & making complex Getting brilliant work & bettercreative briefings... creative arguments buyable value from your agencies
  17. 17. 1. How to be the best Account Handler in your AgencyWhat is it?Account Handlers are a positive and competitive lotby nature. But the transition from lively pup to ‘Top Framework The AccountDog’ often seems a difficult and frustrating process. Handler: Hunter or GathererThe problem is that ‘on the job training’ is only asgood as ‘that particular job’. This course providesan ideal opportunity to really focus on what makesa great ‘Suit’ GREAT 10 top tips & 1 BrilliantA huge chest of great ‘war stories’ and a collection your own communication inof nothing other than tried and trusted methods of charter for the agency andthe art of Account Handling, a timely refresher for change with clientssome, a lifesaver for others 6 2Who is it for? The BestAccount Handlers with 1-2 years experience. AccountObjectives: HandlerTo give delegates confidence and a solid foundation in yourof actionable skills. AgencyThe key objective is for every delegate to walk awayfrom this course with a renewed sense of optimismand purpose and a real view of the bigger picture in Never stopaddition to the importance of the tiniest detail. How to make 5 3 learning. Some organisationa basic languageDuration: l efficiency for business your friend 4This course is run as a half day A workshop exercise on your client’s business
  18. 18. 2. Create opportunities by understanding client’s businessWhat is it?This course has been created to put the understanding ofclients business back on top of the agenda. WhyOnly by our people fully understanding our clients Framework Understanding Clientbusiness and asking the right questions, rather than Business is soanswer the wrong ones can we hope to create initiatives importantto build our client’s businesses, brands and reputations. A workshop Basic languageWho is it for? 1 of Business, exercise whereAccount Handlers and Junior Planners with 2 -5 years teams tell the Marketing andexperience. People who are brilliant at execution and story of a brand Communicationmay well have a good rapport with clients but are from a deck of objectives andstruggling to go beyond a good relationship and are data 6 strategybecoming frustrated that they are not seen by clients as 2true business partners.Objectives: Understanding Client’sTo give delegates confidence in asking more questionsand the confidence in the power of curiosity. To Businessappreciate why clients love nothing more than anagency really caring about their business. We want every A workshopdelegate to walk away with a vigour and mission to know A case study 3 exercise onmore about their clients business. learned from 5 basic business bitter numbers. ‘TheDuration: experience Sweet Shop’This course is run as a half or full day. A full day allows 4for more time to engage in the case studies making it afar more powerful course An exploration of the different sources and types of data
  19. 19. 3. Making creative briefs brief & creative briefing creativeWhat is it?Creative Briefs are the key instruction to a creativeteam. The clearer and unambiguous it is, the morelikely the creative work will be brilliant and right first Framework The Creative Brief in atime. That’s why it’s critical we understand how a businessgreat creative brief is written contextIn this course we will explore the key parts of aCreative Brief. How to write them in an inspiring wayWe will also look at how we brief our creative partners 7 tips for 1 The role &as this can be as important as the written brief itself briefing in a importance of more inspiring the CreativeWho is it for? Brief wayAccount Handlers, Junior Planners and Brand 6 2Managers with 1-3 years experience. People who arebecoming frustrated that they are not involved enoughin writing the Creative Brief and feel detached from thecreative work CreativeObjectives: BriefsTo enable delegates to write and contribute to brilliantand inspiring Creative BriefsTo recognise that better briefs, better briefing and Creative Briefbetter work leads to a better relationships and better workshop. 5 3 The key Writing a sections of awork Creative Brief typical briefDuration: 4This course is run as a half or full day. A full day allowsfor more time to engage in brief writing, making it a Understandingfar more powerful course how to write a good comms challenge and single minded proposition
  20. 20. 4. Planning for Suits. An injection of strategic confidenceWhat is it?Huge amounts of time and money is invested indeveloping a strong positioning and communication Business,strategy for the brands. Framework Marketing & CommunicationIn this course we will explore many key planning tools objectives andthat will demystify the dark art, long words and odd strategies indiagrams that make up the world of strategic brandplanning contextWho is it for? Workshop in 1 teams The role of aAccount Handlers, Junior Planners and Brand Managers developing Strategicwith 2 -5 years experience. People who are becoming some planning Plannerfrustrated that they are not seen by their clients or in modelstheir Marketing teams as true business partners 6 2Objectives:To encourage engagement in more strategic branddebates by having a broader understanding of some of Planningthe main strategic planning toolsTo instil an appreciation and confidence to discuss for Suitsstrategy, challenge assumptions, have a point of viewand constantly strive for simplicity over complexityTo help delegates understand these planning tools and A real life casegive them confidence to never assume someone else study cutting 5 3 The Planning‘knows best’ through the Cycle complexityDuration: 4This course is run as a half or full day. A full day allowsfor more time to engage in the case studies making it a Brand Onions,far more powerful course Brand Axles, Master Brand Temples & other models
  21. 21. 5. Storytelling & making complex arguments buyableWhat is it?Clients and Agencies often have to present complexideas. These may be creative ideas, strategic andcomms ideas or detailed data analysis. Often the focus Frameworkis lost and teams lose sight of the argument and fail to Models forpresent it in the most compelling way. constructing argumentsThis often results in missed opportunities and Clientsand Agencies not being convinced of each others pointsof view or the merits of their ideas and proposals Team 1 presentations, TheWho is it for? ‘Presentation top 10 tips andThis course is particularly helpful for those in all types wrap up Brief’of Agency (Acc Handlers, Planners and Data analysts) 6 2or Marketing Dept (Brand Managers) who are involvedin having to convince colleagues and Client/Agency Storytellingpartners of their proposals and arguments & makingObjectives: complex argumentsTo instil in delegates the skills to be able to utilise ourunique, clear and simple methodology for constructing buyablean argument so that is clear to understand and easy to The magic of 3 ‘Whisky‘buy’ for all types of audience. 5 Galore’ ‘Storytelling’ workshopDuration: 4This course is run as either a half day, full day or twoday session. More time allows for greater engagementin the case studies making it a far more powerful Techniquescourse for making ideas buyable
  22. 22. 6. Negotiation Skills: Beyond ‘win win’What is it?We spend all our time caught up in negotiations, some ofwhich are vitally important. Manage these well and Frameworkyou and the business will be better off The keyThis course is for those who manage critical principlesnegotiations on behalf of their business; a new agencycontract, a media or production price – through to nonfinancial negotiations such as strategy and creativeideas or even personnel issues 1 What destroys/ Tactics & createsWho is it for? techniques successfulSenior Directors and managers who have to undertake negotiationnegotiations on behalf of their agency 6 2Objectives:To instil an understanding and confidence in the key Negotiationskills of successful negotiation. At the end of the coursethe delegates will be able to negotiate better agreements skillsmore successfully. Ideally both parties end up in awinning position, better than where they both Preparationanticipated of the 3 5 People negotiationDuration: issues strategyThis course is run as either a full day or two day session. 4More time allows for greater engagement in the casestudies making it a far more powerful course Knowing the opposition
  23. 23. 7. Leadership. Inspiring and managing teamsWhat is it?The phrase ‘some are born to lead and others tofollow’ suggests we are on a pre-destined course. Butwhen we examine business leaders their qualities Frameworkare often very different from the battlefield leadersof myth and history What makes a great leaderIn this course we’ll explore what the qualities (andtactics) that can dramatically improve any person’sability to lead and manage a team 1The course is focused on the inter-personal skills RASCI and Buildingneeded for the successful running of any team. By getting things winning teamsthe end of the course, delegates will have a clearer done 6sense of their own leadership style as well as a 2greater confidence to lead, manage, and know whento ‘Let go’ Leadership.Who is it for?Those who have cracked the basics of managing the Inspiringprocess of developing ideas but are now finding it your teamhard to manage people and teams The courageObjectives: to makeTo provide delegates with the skills and insights into 5 3 Enhancing decisions,how to be a more effective leader of people and teams delegation & your personal letting go styleDuration: 4This course is ideally run as a two day course but canwork in a full day. Dealing with difficult people and giving feedback
  24. 24. 8. Getting brilliant work and better value from your agenciesWhat is it?Clients and Agencies who have either just startedworking together or a new team is put in place often Frameworkcome to loggerheads after the initial honeymoonperiod Why it’s so importantThis is because familiarity leads to short cuts andexpediency. This course is an exploration in to whatmakes agencies consistently produce their best work 10 tips forand deliver greater results for your brand or business making agency 1Who is it for? relationships How you can more help themThis course is particularly helpful for those in theMarketing Department who have regular day to day rewarding 6 2contact with their agencies. They may be traditionalabove the line, below the line, digital and Social Media,PR or Media agencies Getting theObjectives: best from youTo instil in delegates the skills to be able to create agenciesclear alignment between themselves and theiragencies. By the end of the session we want delegates Managing a The keyto feel confident in expressing their points of view and multiple 3be able to deliver feedback in a more constructive and 5 tool forpositive way in order to get the best work and best roster of gettingvalue from their agency relationships agencies alignement 4Duration:This course can run as a half or full day. Techniques for giving positive and constructive feedback
  25. 25. 9. The Boot Camp for growing business from existing clients by 20%What’s the issue?New business is uncertain and expensive. Real growth more often comes fromexisting clients. Whilst agencies ‘expect’ this growth, they rarely adopt aprocess or provide the resources to make it happen. Thus these initiatives getrelegated by day-to-day activitiesWhat’s The Boot Camp?3 x 1 day sessions spread over a 3-6 week period for the extended Agencyteam working on one key client or brandOn day 1 the team interrogate the client’s business and we facilitate theidentification of potential projects and opportunities. From this, the teamselect 1- 3 projects with real commercial potential for the client and theagency. On day 2 we facilitate the session and then develop the initiatives up totheir full potential. On the final day, we will train the team in transformationalselling skills, culminating in a pitch to the client at the end of the 6 weekperiod. This is supported by post-pitch strategies to build momentum andconvert the sell.What’s the benefit?The opportunity to grow your clients’ businesses and grow your agency’srevenue. We turn good intentions into immediate deliverables. The whole teambecome more commercially focused, pro-actively seeking new revenue buildingopportunities. They’ll gain a better understanding of their client’s business andwill achieve a step-change in selling skills (as trained to main board membersof top Management Consultancies). The team will be stronger and your client’sperception of your agency will be enhanced by a real demonstration ofproactivity
  26. 26. Or you can tap into the best Training &Development network Business Skills Craft Culture Skills Skills Train The Coaching Trainer Change Digital & Programme Social Media
  27. 27. IPA Training AwardsTwo Gold Special Award:Awards: Best Best TrainingTraining Plan Director Special Award:Silver Award: Best Long TermBest Training Commitment toPlan Training
  28. 28. IPA CPD Submission feedback:SAATCHI & SAATCHI“The training program isexemplary and innovative.The range of training offeredis fantastic, but it is welllinked to the developmentgoals. It is great that so manypeople have been involved inthe main initiatives, and thatthe activity is so well rated.”
  29. 29. Marketing Week Agency Reputation Survey.SAATCHI & SAATCHI - 4 year T&D InvestmentBest Agency Over All Quality of AccountCriteria Handlers Pre Training Plan Pre Training Plan 16th Not listed Post - 2nd Post - 1st
  30. 30. Some people we work with
  31. 31. See how we measure upCall Paul Burns on:0208 421 1202 or 0777 1940 332Visit drop him an email © 2012 The Burns Unit tlc The Burns Unit tlc 18 Sherington Avenue, Pinner, HA5 4DT. Registered Office: Audit House, 260 Field End Road, Eastcote, Middlesex, HA4 9LT. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 6828043. VAT Registration No. 947 8752 62.