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  1. 1. Mnemonics • A mnemonic device is a memory aid. Mnemonics are often a short poem to help you remember something such as a list. • Here are some of our mnemonics for naming the planets in our Solar System: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (Some of us decided to include Pluto too!)
  2. 2. My very expensive monkey juggled seven ugly naughty pigs – Mandy
  3. 3. My very embarrassing mother just showed us nineteen parachutes – Simone
  4. 4. Mum’s very excellent maths just saved us nine pigs – Tanishaa
  5. 5. My very expensive mouse just saved us nine pinecones – Bill
  6. 6. My very expensive mouse juggles soggy unrolled newspapers – Fletcher
  7. 7. My very enormous massive jumper stretched up nicely – Therese
  8. 8. My village eats mandarins, jelly snakes, ugly nuts – Therese and Mandy
  9. 9. My very expensive Mercedes just smashed up near Pukekohe - Nivedita
  10. 10. My very expensive Mercedes just slid under Newmarket – Kaelem
  11. 11. My very expensive Mercedes just spun up near Pauanui – Cody
  12. 12. My very enormous mouse juggled several unknown ninja pigs – Tanishaa
  13. 13. Meshach’s very excellent mouse judged stupid Uncle Nathan – Cody
  14. 14. Many villagers eat mint jelly sauce unless Nathan poops – Therese
  15. 15. My very extreme mouse just stunk up Niue – Cody
  16. 16. My very excellent magpie jumped slightly under nearby pianos – Cody
  17. 17. My vicious elephant makes jokes unbelievably naughty – Riya