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  1. 1. The olympic games
  2. 2. The olympic games The  Olympic Games arean international multi - sport events, occurringeveryfour years, organizedby the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Inthese games wecan observethousands of
  3. 3. origin of The olympic games Onceeveryfouryears, menfromall over Greece cameto competeinagreat athletic festival inElis, inwesternGreece (Womenwerenot allowedto compete). This was calledthe Olympic games becausetheplacewas calledOlympia. It was
  4. 4. abouT olympic flag and iTs symbol The design of the flag had been received by the French educator Pierre, Baron de Coubertin , who developed the modern Olympic Games. The five rings represent the five continents i.eEurope,Africa,America, Asia andOceania
  5. 5. Olympic symbOls Winner’s Medals : Medals are awardedineach event, withgold medals forfirst place, silverfor secondandbronze forthird, atradition that startedin 1904.Thereverseside
  6. 6. Olympic Flame: Months beforethe Games areheld, the Olympic flame is lit inOlympiaina ceremonythat reflects ancient Greekrituals. Thetorchis thentaken out of Olympiamost oftento betaken aroundwheregames
  7. 7. Olympic spOrts  ThemodernOlympic Games aretheleading international sporting event featuring competitions inwhich thousands of athletes participatefromvarious countries  The Olympic Games programconsists of 26 sports, 39disciplines andnearly400events.  TheOlympic Games are consideredto bethe world’s foremost sports competitionwithmore
  8. 8. Olympic spOrts These games are classified into four types: Olympics SummerOlympics WinterOlympics Paralympics YouthOlympics
  9. 9. summer Olympics • Thesummergames are about 2½ years after theWinterGames. • TheSummerOlympics havecompetitions for sports that are considered'warm weathersports'. • Thesesports include athletics (trackand field), marathon, equestrian, weight lifting, swimmingetc.
  10. 10. Winter Olympics • Thewintergames are about 1½ years after theSummerGames. • TheWinterOlympics havecompetitions for sports that are considered'cold weathersports' , these sports canonlybe doneonsnow orice. • Thesesports include skiing, speedskating, ski jumpingetc.
  11. 11. paralympics • The Paralympic Games is amajor international multi- sport event, involving athletes witharange of physical and intellectual disabilities , includingmobility disabilities.
  12. 12. yOuth Olympics • The YouthOlympic Games (YOG) is an international multi- sport event • Theagelimitationof theathletes is 14to18. • Thegames areheld everyfouryears in staggeredsummerand winterevents consistent withthe current Olympic Games format.
  13. 13. Difference betWeen ancient anD mODern Olympics • ModernOlympics haveaddednew games andevents as there wereintheancient time. • Theancient Olympics wereheldonlythroughout Greece, for Greeks; themodernGames areheldaroundtheworld, for peopleof everynation. • Theancient games allowedonlymentocompete. Women werenot allowedto participate. • Inancient times, winners wereoftenawardedexpensive prizes, includinglandandolives (aprecious commodityin ancient times) but now inmodernOlympics victorious athletes willhavemedals.
  14. 14. achievements by inDian athletes  P. T. Usha, is an Indian track and fie ld athle te fro m the state o f Ke rala. P. T. Usha has be e n asso ciate d with Indian athle tics since 1 9 7 9 . She is re g arde d as o ne o f the g re ate st athle te s India has e ve r pro duce d and is o fte n calle d the "queenof Indiantrackandfield“. P. T. Usha wo n 4 g o ld m e dals and 1 silve r m e dalin the track and fie ld e ve nts.  Bharat Chettri is an Indian ho cke y playe r. Bharat m ade his de but in inte rnatio nalho cke y in 20 0 1 playing in the Prim e Ministe r’s Go ld Cup to urnam e nt. He was the captain o f the 1 8 -m e m be r Indian sq uad at the 20 1 2 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia, which wo n the bro nze m e dal. Che ttri le d the 1 6 -m e m be r Indian ho cke y sq uad in  MilkhaSingh, also kno wn as TheFlyingSikh, is a fo rm e r Indian track and fie ld sprinte r. he is the o nly Indian m ale athle te to win an individualathle tics g o ld m e dal. He was awarde d the Padm a Shri, India's fo urth hig he st civilian ho no ur, in re co g nitio n o f his spo rting achie ve m e nts.
  15. 15. conclusion Economic impact : It is estimatedthat the2012Games supporteda£16.5billion (2012prices) contributionto UKGDPspreadover12years. Of this, 82% is from result fromthepre-Games andlegacyconstructionactivity, 12% fromtourism and6% fromtheexpenditurerequiredtostagetheGames.
  16. 16. sourcE of information http://www.olympic.org/ancient-olympic-games http://history1900s.about.com/od/fadsfashion/a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympic_Games
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