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Open Source LMS in Spanish Universities


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Project founded by the Minister of Education in Spain (2010), presented in Sakai2 International Congress celebrated in Valencia

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Open Source LMS in Spanish Universities

  1. 1. E-learning environments based on open source: a review in Spanish Universities Mª. Paz Prendes-Espinosa University of Murcia Sakai2 International Congress Valencia, March 2010
  2. 2. Open Source Software concept (GNU, 2009)
  3. 3. Proyecto JOIN: software libre en educación
  4. 4. Open Source LMS Private So2ware LMS Moodle Sakai Claroline Docebo Dokeos Ilias .LRN ATutor Lon-­‐CAPA ECollege EDoceo Desire2Learn Blackboard Skillfactory Delfos LMS Prometeo Composica WebCT
  5. 5. Open Source LMS: analysis about current situation in Spanish Universities Proyecto EA-2008-0257
  6. 6. purpose open source LMS in spanish universities take a decision: why? description: map evaluation
  7. 7. ILIAS 1997/98 (open source:2000) Alemania Claroline 2000 Bélgica Dokeos 2001/02 Bélgica Moodle 2002 Australia Sakai 2004 EEUU .LRN 2006 EEUU
  8. 8. taking a decision
  9. 9. election between Open Source LMS
  10. 10. previous studies to take decision
  11. 11. actions before the choice
  12. 12. criteria used in the choice
  13. 13. map LMS in spanish universities
  14. 14. 73 spanish universities 47 use open source LMS population of this study= 43 universities 4 don´t answer (no information about them)
  15. 15. Open source LMS used in spanish universities
  16. 16. evaluation
  17. 17. design technical pedagogical
  18. 18. conclusions
  19. 19. some conclusions very difficult to recommend a LMS (differences in function of criteria applied to evaluate)
  20. 20. some conclusions quality: no differences
  21. 21. to take a decision technical aspects
  22. 22. Algunas conclusiones Moodle is more used in Spain, but it is not always the best
  23. 23. E-learning environments based on open source: a review in Spanish Universities Mª. Paz Prendes Espinosa Valencia 1-3 marzo, 2010