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  1. 1. Andalusia (Spain), Photographed by Jair (Yair) Moreshet, February 2005 the culture heritage, and some of its roots
  2. 2. Seville: The palace of the local ruler built in Islamic (Moorish) style on the site of an earlier Islamic palace.
  3. 3. Just one of the ceilings in the palace
  4. 5. Seville: A monumental striking Cathedral built on a monumental Mosque
  5. 8. Seville: A Synagogue converted into a beautiful church
  6. 9. Flamenco is a combination of dance, guitar, and a unique characteristic form of singing. - It developed as a mix of Gypsy, Jewish, and Islamic elements.
  7. 10. Flamenco
  8. 12. Seville: A street theater in the alleys
  9. 16. Seville: The main entrance to the bullring site (for bullfighting events).
  10. 18. Cordoba: A huge magnificent Mosque converted into a magnificent beautiful Cathedral. Everyone here is proud of the city’s historical world-renowned philosopher -- Maimonides (the Jewish RAMBAM).
  11. 20. Ubeda (on UNESCO list of preserved old cities): The El Salvador church Granada: The cathedral
  12. 21. Granada: The Alhambra palace – Islamic architecture at its best
  13. 24. Granada: The Cartuja monastery – “a Christian Alhambra”
  14. 25. Granada: The Cartuja monastery
  15. 26. Marbella: A new residential neighborhood