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10 Things to Think About When Offshoring Agile Development


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Companies want to take advantage of Agile development and Offshore development. Here are some things to think about when combining the two.

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10 Things to Think About When Offshoring Agile Development

  1. 1. 10 Things to Consider With Offshore Agile @tirrellpayton
  2. 2. Choose a partner that values delivery over fat invoices @tirrellpayton Item #1
  3. 3. Country-specific culture matters. A lot. Do not ignore it. @tirrellpayton Item #2
  4. 4. No big bang releases. They increase risk and headache for everyone. @tirrellpayton Item #3
  5. 5. Use high-fidelity communication equipment @tirrellpayton Item #4
  6. 6. Make sure your product owner is available for constant communication @tirrellpayton Item #5
  7. 7. Promote “ONE TEAM” behavior @tirrellpayton Item #6
  8. 8. Demand modern engineering practices @tirrellpayton Item #7
  9. 9. Invest in short visits @tirrellpayton Item #8
  10. 10. Use common tools and repositories @tirrellpayton Item #9
  11. 11. Enable a continuous feedback loop with the end-customer @tirrellpayton Item #10
  12. 12. Payton Consulting helps companies improve their performance through training, coaching, and consulting @tirrellpayton
  13. 13. Thanks! @tirrellpayton