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Paypersocial System Presentation

  1. 1. Paypersocial 1.1Social  Affilia*on  System  
  2. 2. Intermediation System ENGAGE   PARTNERS      WEB       SOCIAL  ADVERTISER       PUBLISHER       ADMIN   TRAFFIC  MANAGERS  
  3. 3. System Features•  Web  Dev  Framework:  RUBY  on  Rails  •  Front-­‐end  Framework:  TwiHer  Bootstrap  •  ORDMBS:  PostgresSQL  •  Server  Farm:  Cloud  Servers  on  RackSpace  •  Version  control:  GitHub  •  PRJ/Agile  Management:  TeamBox  •  HHps  cer*ficates:  Thawte  SSL123  •  Short  URL:  •  Test  Area:  
  4. 4. PublisherModulePublisher  Facebook  Dashboard  Web  Console  
  5. 5. Publisher FeaturesEngagement   Facebook  Content  Post  •  Web  or  Facebook  Engagement   •  Facebook  Dashboard  •  Market  Configurator   •  Web  complete  Dashboard  •  Mul*  Language   •  Campaign  Categories  •  Credit  Coupon   •  Post  Content  Preview  •  Profile  Config  and  Management   –  Ads  Payout  •  eMail  NewsleHer  Ac*va*on   –  Campaign  Details  •  FB  Fast  No*fica*ons   •  Mul*  FB  engage  (FB  wall,  Pages   Groups)  Commission  Payouts   •  FB  Post  Customisa*on  •  Payout  Preview  (dashboard)   •  Communica*on  Banners   –  Matured  Amount  (consolidated)   –  Requested  Amount   –  Paid  Amount   Reports  •  Self-­‐Invoice  (non-­‐commercial)   •  Campaign  Report  with  Graphs  •  Mul*-­‐Profile  Type  (Payout  and  Time   •  Billing  Report  (consolida*on)   before  Payment)   •  Payment  Report  
  6. 6. FB Engagement Page
  7. 7. Configuration Page
  8. 8. FB Dashboard (on Facebook)
  10. 10. Account Overview EARNINGS  PREVIEW   ACCOUNT  TYPE   Parameters  based  on   Publisher  Type   PAYMENT  REQUEST   When  the  Amount   ENGAGEMENT   matured  has   FB  wall/page/group  Stats   reached  the   “Minimum   payment”  threshold,   the  buHon  for   SUPPORT  SERVICE   payment  request   NewsleHer  setup  and   appears   web  page  support  access   automa*cally.  
  11. 11. Look of Post on Facebook
  12. 12. Campaign Reports
  13. 13. Payment Cockpit
  14. 14. Self-AdvertiserModuleAdver*ser  Console  
  15. 15. Advertiser FeaturesCampaigns  and  Ads  CreaIon   Budget  Admin  •  New  campaign  crea*on   •  Merchant:  Prepaid  Packages   –  Budget  Setup   –  Buy  and  Pay    for  set  Budget   –  CPM  Setup   •  Agency:  Budget  Setup   –  Campaign  Scheduling   –  Traffic  Max   –  Max  “Clicks  per  Day”  Setup   –  Chosen  Market  Setup   Reports  •  Advanced  Ads  Format   –  Long  URL   •  Budget  request/authorisa*on   –  Title  (36  chars)   •  Campaign  Reports   –  SubTitle  (44  chars)   –  Ads  report  (Valid  clicks/Publishers)   –  Descrip*on  (150  chars)   –  Campaign/Ads  Charts   –  Ad  Image  (200x200  px)   –  Publishers  List  (#  clicks  and  cost)  •  Ads  Crea*on   •  Spent  Budget  Report   –  Link  to  Campaign   –  Authorised  Budget   –  Mul*-­‐category  Setup   –  Single  Campaigns  Sub-­‐Budgets   –  Publisher  Type  Setup   –  Residual  Budget  for  closed  campaigns   –  Ads  Scheduling  (e.g.  sequen*al  Ads)  
  16. 16. Self-Advertiser Setup •  Web  form  to  create   own  Campaigns/Ads  on   Paypersocial.   •  Need  for  Paypersocial   authorisa*on  to  deal.   •  Post-­‐authorisa*on,   Adver*ser  able  to   access  Self-­‐Adver*ser   Console  
  17. 17. New Campaign Setup CAMPAIGN  DEFINITION   Name   CAMPAIGN   Total  Budget  ($)   CONTROL   Click  Value  ($)   Edit  Campaign   Max  Clicks  per  day   Pause,  ac*ve   campaign   CAMPAIGN   CONFIGURATION   Start/end  Dates   Chosen  Market  
  18. 18. Ads Creation Ads  Stats   Ads  Control   Edit  Ads   Ads/Content  Setup   Delete  Ads   Linked  URL   Title   SubTitle   Descrip*on   Image  Link   Ads  ConfiguraIon   Link  to  Campaign   Ad  Categories   Publisher  Type  (audience)   Start/end  Dates  
  19. 19. Campaign Report Campaign  Stats   Ad  Virality  Report  
  20. 20. Campaign Publishers PUBLISHER  STATS  Adver&sers  can  monitor  which   Valid  Clicks   Single  Publisher  Cost  Publishers  are  ac&vely  promo&ng  their  Campaigns  
  21. 21. Campaign Status Visual Report
  22. 22. Purchase of Campaign Budget
  23. 23. Payment Statement Summary   statement   with   approved   budget   purchases   and  bank   payments   Statement  Items    Credit:  Payments   Debit:  Purchases    
  24. 24. Used-Budget Campaign Report PAID  BUDGET   COMMITTED  BUDGET   Budget  commiHed  to   campaigns   RETURNED  BUDGET   Budget  rendered  available   again  ager  closed  campaigns   did  not  exhaust  commiHed   amounts    Different  Budget  defini&on:  -­‐  Merchants:  prepaid  budget  -­‐  Agencies:  invoiced  budget    
  25. 25. PartnerEngagementModuleRevenue  Sharing    Partner  Console  
  26. 26. Partner FeaturesRevenue  Share  System   Reports  •  Web  Signin  Form   •  Traffic  Report  •  Profile  Setup   –  Ac*ve  Campaigns   –  Valid/Non  Valid  Clicks  •  Mul*-­‐tracking  codes  and  URLs   –  Publishers  Revenues   –  Web  Engage  URL   –  Partner  Revenues   –  Facebook  Engage  URL   –  Mul*-­‐language  Engage  Page   •  Publishers  Report   –  Short  URL  for  TwiHer   –  Engaged  Publishers   –  Publishers’  Facebook  link    •  Promo*onal  Coupons   –  Network  size  (#  Friends  and  Fans)   –  By  Tracking  URL   –  Pending  vs.  Earned  Traffic   –  By  Specific  Partner   –  Partner’s  Revenue  Share  •  Mul*  Revenue  Share  Setup   •  Billing  Report   –  Date  from/to  valida*on   –  Commission  Details   –  Max  traffic  per  day  Setup   –  Auto  Payment  Request   –  %  Revenue  share  Setup   –  Summary  Statement  of  Transac*ons  
  27. 27. Partner Registration Engagement  Partners  are  individuals  or  organisa&ons  with   a  network  of  Publishers  they  can  engage  to  Paypersocial.   They  are  offered  a  chance  to  share  revenues  generated  by   their  networks  for  the  traffic  produced  on  Paypersocial.  
  28. 28. Tracking URL Each  Partner  has  one  or  more  URLs.  When  Publishers  are   engaged  with  those  URLs,  the  system  links  them  to  the   Partner  and  allows  Revenue  Share  monitoring  and   processing   TRACKING  URL   ENGAGEMENT  STATS   TRAFFIC   Used  in  banners  or  directly  for  Publisher  Engagement   -­‐  Acceptance  of  Terms  &   -­‐  Paypersocial  Web  registra*on  page   Condi*ons   STATS   Valid  number  of     -­‐  Paypersocial  Facebook  Registra*on  Page   -­‐  FB  App  Engagement  (y/n)   Clicks   -­‐  Ac*ve  Publisher  (not  idle)  
  29. 29. Revenue Share Conditions Paypersocial  allows  for  mul&ple  Revenue  Share  Condi&ons   associated  to  single  Tracking  Codes.   RS  VALIDATION   DURATION   REVENUE   Date  from/to  RS  program   Number  of  days   %  of  revenues   Paypersocial  will  only  pay  the   Paypersocial   shared  with   traffic  generated  during  this   pays  publishers   partners  of  the   period   on  RS  program   ones  originated   by  their   publishers  
  30. 30. Traffic Report With  the  traffic  report  any  partner  can  control  the  revenue   earned  by  each  engaged  publisher,  on  closed  campaigns.   PUBLISHER  INFO   CAMPAIGN  INFO   RS  INFO   List  of  publishers  and   List  of  consolidated  campaigns   Revenue  earned  by  single   engagement  informa*on   with  publisher  traffic  for  RS.     publisher  and  value  earned   -­‐  Total  Clicks   by  RS  partner   -­‐  Non  Valid  Clicks   -­‐  Payable  Clicks  
  31. 31. Publisher Report Partners  can  control  their  network  of  Publishers.  They  can   check  who  is  engaged  and  ac&vely  sharing,  or  the  valid  and   invalid  traffic  originated.  Paypersocial  ranks  a  RS  partner   as  an  “indirect”  traffic  manager.   PUBLISHER  INFO   TRAFFIC  INFORMATION   List  of  publishers  engaged  and  ac*ve  on  Revenue   Pending  Traffic  clicks  –  not  yet  consoliated   Share:   Earned  Traffic  clicks  –  closed  and  consolidated   -­‐  ID  and  Name  (a  link  with  own  Traffic  Managers)   campaigns   -­‐  FB  Link  (check  Publishers’  Facebook  accounts)   Total  RS  commission  –  by  each  Partner’s  publisher.   -­‐  Network  size:  nr  of  Publisher’  engaged  Friends   and  Fans   -­‐  Date    of  publisher  engagement  
  32. 32. Billing Report PAYMENT  REQUEST   Payment   When  the  Earned  Revenue  Share  reaches  the   Request   threshold  ‘Minimum  for  pay’,  the  buHon  to   request  a  payment  appears  automa*cally  
  33. 33. AdministrationModuleBack  Office  and  Traffic  Management  tools  
  34. 34. Publisher Relation Management On  the  Publisher  Admin  Screen  it  is  possible  to  configure   and  manage  the  rela&on  between  Paypersocial  and  the   single  publisher.  This  funcion  is  used  by  Account  Managers   and  Traffic  Managers  
  35. 35. Publisher Admin PUBLISHER  INFO   PUBLISHER  STATUS   Name  –  Show  Publisher  Details   -­‐  Level  of  Engagement   eMail  contacts   -­‐  RS  partner  rela*on   Facebook  Account  Link   -­‐  Friends/Fans  in  network   Edit  Publisher  Informa*on   Traffic  Managers  use  this  page  to   Publisher  Console  Deac*va*on   validate  Publishers   Direct  access  to  Publisher  Console  
  37. 37. Facebook API info
  39. 39. Publisher Classification The  Publisher  type  differen&ates  publishers  and  yet  this   classifica&on  creates  an  incen&ve  for  an  ac&ve  publisher  to   generate  more  traffic  of  high  quality.  TYPE   TYPE  CONFIGURATION  Publisher   •  Commission:  %  of  Paypersocial  margin  out  of  100%  Class   Click  payout  defined  by  Adver*ser;   •  Minimum  Payment:  threshold  before  ‘Payment   Request’  buHon  is  ac*vated;   •  Payment  Delay:  number  of  days  between  date  of   payment  request  and  date  of  payment  received.  
  40. 40. Publisher Revenue Report Administrators  and  Traffic  Managers  can  control  the   pending  and  consolidated  earnings  for  each  publisher  in   rela&on  to  his/her  traffic  performance   PENDING     EARNED     PUBLISHER   Non  Consolidated   Earnings  from   traffic  earnings   consolidated   PERFORMANCE     -­‐  Nr  ads  published   campaigns   -­‐  Total  posts   -­‐  Total  valid  clicks  
  41. 41. Payment Request Report PAYMENT  REQUESTS     PUBLISHERS  WITH  ACTIVE   -­‐  Amount  requested   PAYMENT  REQUESTS     -­‐  Date  of  request   TRAFFIC  DETAILS   PAYMENT   CONFIRMATION   •  Ager  payment  of   Publisher   •  Transfer  requested   amount  to  paid   amount    
  42. 42. Publisher Traffic Details PUBLISHER   BALANCE   CONSOLIDATED  CAMPAIGNS  LIST   TRANSACTIONS   -­‐  Credit:  Earned   -­‐  Debit:  Paid  Used  by  Admin  and  Traffic  Manager  to  validate  the  earned  traffic  before  payment  
  43. 43. Publisher Facebook Notification Special  service  via   Facebook  APIs  to  send   no&fica&ons  to  selected   publishers.    
  44. 44. Advertiser Relation Management Both  Adver&sers  (customer/Adver&ser  manager)  and   Paypersocial  Key  Accounts  can  manage  the  rela&on  with   Paypersocial  and  the  campaigns  created.  
  45. 45. Advertisers ListNEW  ADVERTISER  FORM   ADVERTISERS   -­‐  Contact  Informa*on   -­‐  Company  and  contact  info   SELF  ADVERTISER  ACTIVATION   -­‐  Analyze  the  new  adver*ser  informa*on   -­‐  Ac*va*on  of  new  Adver*ser   ADVERTISER  AUTO  LOGIN   -­‐  Automa*c  login  on  the  Adver*ser  console  
  46. 46. Prepaid PackagesPaypersocial  can  work  with  prepaid  budgets.  It  is  possible  to  create  a  list  of  Packages  differen&ated  by  Adver&ser  type.  Each  package  can  have  a  %  of  discount  that  translates  in  more  bonus  budget  allowed  to  the  Adver&ser   PACKAGE  INFO   -­‐  Price  to  pay   -­‐  Credit  for  budget  (with  discount)   -­‐  Ac*ve/Non  Ac*ve  
  47. 47. Budget Request ValidationAXer  the  Adver&ser  has  paid  the  Package  he/she  wants,  and  the  money  is  received  on  Paypersocial  bank  accounts,  the  Package  is  authorized  and  the  available  budget  is  released.   TRANSACTION  DETAILS   CREDIT  TRANSACTIONS   -­‐  With  budget  infoma*on   -­‐  Credit:  Budget  requested   -­‐  Debit:  Budget  autorized   CONFIRM   -­‐  Ager  payment  received  on  bank   REJECT   -­‐  Payment  is  not  received  
  48. 48. Ads/Content Validation AD  APPROVAL   CLICK  VERIFICATION   Necessary  before  publica*on   AD  Edit/Canc   Opens  the  des*na*on  page   of  Ad  is  possible  (ager  that  ,   Modify/Delete   of  click  URL  of  the  ad   Ads  are  ready  for  pos*ng)   the  Ad   REJECT   configura*on   With  comments  for  Adver*ser  Payperosocial  Account  Manager  can  check  and  autorize  the  Adver&ser’s  Ads.  
  49. 49. Advertiser Campaign Report
  50. 50. Campaign Consolidation Traffic  managers  and  Back  Office,  use   this  report  to  look  at  the  ac&ve,  closed   and  processed  campaigns  for  Traffic   Management  purposes   BUDGET   TRAFFIC  OPEN  CLICK   Max  for  Campaign   Valid  Clicks   DETAILS   Spent  for  Campaign  
  51. 51. Campaign Traffic Details TRAFFIC  REPORT:   •  Click  filtred  by  Heuris*c   rules   •  Pending  clicks  to  wait   for  Traffic  Manager   valida*on   •  Rejected  clicks  by  rule   or  by  Traffic  Manager   •  Payable  clicks   BUDGET:  Total  Budget  for  campaign   AMOUNT:  Amount  Spent  CAMPAIGN  STATUS:  •  Finished:  Campaign  Closed  •  Process:  Campaign  Consolida*on  
  52. 52. Campaign Click Management FILTER   Single  click  control  and   List  of  some  Ac*vated  Filters   valida&on   ACTION   Change  status  of   selected  clicks   USER  CLICK  IP  PUBLISHER   CLICK  STATUS   CLICK  TECH  INFO  Date  of  Click   Ager  applica*on  of   Referers:  Paypersocial  accepts  only  clicks  from  authorized  Referers  From   heuris*c  rules  or   User  Agent:  Paypersocial  does  not  accept  clicks  from  black-­‐listed  Agents  Publisher   Traffic  manager   HTTP  Headers:  header  informa*on  for  refined  analysis  of  single  click’s  Post   judgement   quality  
  53. 53. Partner Relation Management Used  by  Partners,  Traffic  Managers  (Publisher/Partner   originator),  Partner  Managers  and  Back  Office.  They  can   manage  the  rela&on  between  partner  and  Back  Office,  the   engagement  and  generated  Traffic  in  Revenue  Sharing  
  54. 54. Partner Management PARTNER  LIST   •  Nr.  Tracking  url’s   •  Nr  Promo*onal  Coupons   PARTNER   •  Nr.  Revenue  Share  Program   CONSOLE   AUTO-­‐LOGIN   Associa*on  of  responsible  Traffic   Manager  to  New  Partner  
  55. 55. Tracking URL CreationThe  tracking  URL  allows  the  tracking  ac&ons  necessary  during  the  engagement  process  of  new  publishers  and  to  keep  track  of  the  Partner  who  engaged  them.   TRACKING  RELATIONS   •  Promo*onal  Coupon   •  Revenue  Share  Program   PARTNER  ACTION  TAG   Used  by  affilia*on  partners  who  need  to  track  conversions  (of   registered  and  ac*ve  Publishers)  on  their  tracking  system.   Special  References  (added  to  partner  TAG):     •  PublisherID:  ID  of  registered  Publisher   •  PublisherEMAIL:  Registered  email  of  Publisher   •  Valid:  Confirms  registra*on  of  valid  Publisher  
  56. 56. Promo Coupon CreationThe  coupon  is  a  code  the  publisher  can  use  during  registra&on  in  order  to  receive  a  credit  balance  to  start  using  Paypersocial.  Each  Coupon  is  associated  with  a  specific  tracking  code.   PUBLISHER  COUPON  INPUT   COUPON  STATS   •  Total  Budget  available  for   TECH  RELATIONS   coupons   •  Partner   •  Used  Budget   •  Tracking  Code   •  Coupon  Amount   COUPON  INFO   •  Code  to  use  by  new  publisher   •  Total  budget  for  coupons   •  Single  Coupon  amount   COUPON  VALIDATION   •  Date  from/end  
  57. 57. Partner Revenue SharePaypersocial  allows  each  Partner  to  set  more  than  one  Revenue  Sharing  Agreement  based  on  the  same  Tracking  Code.  This  is  important  in  order  to  dis&nguish  Campaigns  by  market,  etc.     COUPON  SETUP   •  Dura*on  (in  days)   •  %  Revenue  Share   PARTNER  RELATIONS   •  Partner   •  Tracking  URL   REVENUE  SHARE  TERMS   •  %  Revenues  on  the  Publishers  earned  commissions   •  DATE  Start/End  Program   •  Dura*on  in  days  for  publisher  revenue  sharing    
  58. 58. Revenue Share Report PUBLISHER/TRAFFIC   PARTNER  REVENUES   •  Total  Engaged  Publishers   •  Total  Partner  revenues  matured   OPEN   •  Total  closed  campaigns  that   •  Total  revenues  requested  for  payment   PUBLISHERS   generate  revenue   •  Total  Revenues  Paid   LIST   PUBLISHER  CONTACTS   PUBLISHER  QUALIFICATION   •  Open  Publisher  Profile   •  T&C  –  Accepted  the  Term  &  Condi*ons   •  Send  direct  eMail   •  FB-­‐E  –  Engaged  Facebook  App  for  EXPORT  LIST   •  Open  Publisher’s  Facebook   pos*ng   Account   •  Partner/Network  –  Nr.  Friends  and  Fans  
  59. 59. Revenue Share ReportRevenue  share  earned  by  single  publisher  by  specific  partner  in  RS  on  closed  and  consolidated  campaigns   PARTNER  FILTERING   •  By  Partner   •  By  Tracking  URL  PARTNER   PUBLISHER   CAMPAIGN   EARNINGS  •  Partner  name   •  Publisher  Name   •  Campaign  Name   •  Publisher’s  Earnings  •  Tracking  URL   and  ID   •  Partner’s  Revenue   •  Date  campaign   Share   closed  and   consolida*on  
  60. 60. Revenue Share BillingBack  Office  Func&on  to  manage  RS  Partners’  requests  for  payment.  Payment  request  and  confirma&on  aXer  financial  transac&ons  are  completed.   Payed   PARTNER   TRANSACTION   AMOUNT   •  Partner  name   •  Unique  ID   •  Requested   •  Unique  ID   •  Date  of  Transac*on   •  Paid   •  Descrip*on  of  Transac*on   PAID  BUTTON   To  transform  requested  transac*ons  into     paid  transac*ons  
  61. 61. Partner ReportEngagement  by  partner  report.  Important  to  export  list  of  engaged  publishers  and  to  document  invoiced  RS  in  CPS  (Cost  per  Subscrip&on)   PUBLISHER  INFORMATION   QUALITY  INFORMATION   Special  record  for  user  iden*fica*on.  Needed  for   Publisher  informa*on  to  determine   Affiliate  partners  RS  engement   quality  of  engagement  
  62. 62. System Admin Management System  and  Modules  Configura&on/Setup  
  63. 63. Ads/Content Categories Customization Add  and  modify  Ads   categories  to  use  them  in   organising  Ads  lists  and   search  of  Ads  
  64. 64. Language InterfaceAdd,  modify,  enable,  disable  languages  for  Publisher  Interface  
  65. 65. Publisher’s Banner Consoles Import  and  configure  communica&on   banners  for  Publishers’  Interfaces.     Each  banner  can  be  setup  to  have  an   internal  or  external  (to  Paypersocial)   URL  
  66. 66. Active Markets•  Create,  modify,  describe  markets   on  which  an  Adver&ser  can  publish   an  Ad.  •  The  choice  of  markets  determines   which  Ads  can  be  visualized  by   which  publishers  (only  those  ac&ve   on  that  market)    •  The  market  filters  external  traffic   originated  by  publishers  not   related  to  that  market  
  67. 67. Publishers Term & Conditions •  Create  and  Modify  Terms   and  Condi&ons   •  Each  change  of  the  T&C   ac&vates  a  page  of  new   confirma&on  aXer  first   access  to  Sys  Admin  Menu  
  68. 68. Bot User Agents Add  and  modify  Bot  User   Agents  in  Black  List  to  be   used  by  heuris&c  rules  of   traffic  filtering.   Each  click  from  bot  user   agents  included  in  the   black  list  will  be  filtered   out.  
  69. 69. Admin Users Add  and  modify  Admin   Users:  Traffic  Managers,   Adver&ser  Key  Account,   Administrators,   Accountants,  etc   User  Management:  Sys  Admin,  Partners,  Adver&sers  
  70. 70. Traffic Manager ReportAnalyse  the  publishers  network  with  its  posts  organized  by  Traffic  Manager.  
  71. 71. General Traffic Report Evolu&on  of  cockpit  of  Admin  Area.  Monthly  performance  of  past  and   current  adver&sing  periods.  Monitoring  in  terms  of  Clicks:  Overall,   Rejected,  Valid;  Monthly  Publishers:  New  and  ac&ve  NOW  NEXT  RELEASE  
  72. 72. Advertisers Bank Account Crea&on  of  bank  account   list  where  payments  of   prepaid  packages  can  be   made.  
  73. 73. System & Services VariablesSystem  and  Services  variable  defini&on.  Parameters  configura&on  for  system  management  
  74. 74. Alpha – AutoPosting•  The  AutoPost  service  has  been  designed  and  coded,  alpha  tested   but  has  not  been  released  yet.  •  It  can  automa&cally  post  sponsored  Ads  every  day  on  Facebook   walls  of  publishers  who  authorized  the  automated  service.  •  AutoPost  employs  a  proprietary  complex  algorithm  that  decides   what  to  post  and  when  based  on  performance  ranking  stats   available.  
  75. 75. Campaign RankingList  of  Campaigns  ordered  by  ra&ng/ranking.  This  measure  takes  into  considera&on  available  budget,  number  of  clicks  to  end  of  campaign,  campaign  dura&on  (among  others).  
  76. 76. Ads RankingList  of  Ads  ordered  by  ra&ng/ranking.  This  calcula&on  considers:  number  of  posts,  publishers’  posts,  Click  and  CR  (post  to  clicks  ra&o).  
  77. 77. Publisher RankingList  of  ac&ve  publishers  who  ac&vated  AutoPos&ng.  The  list  can  be  ordered  by  different  parameters  including  CR,  calculated  using:  month  posts,  number  of  clicks,  network  size.  
  78. 78. GoingForwardFuture    Features  and  Mockups  
  79. 79. RELEASE   2.0   1.0  BETA   2012   2013   2014   TIME  
  80. 80. Release 1.2 (Jun 2013) •  Social  Independent  Web  ApplicaIon   –  Facebook  Personalized  Post   –  TwiHer  Personalized  Post   •  MulI  AdministraIon  System   –  Full  process  control  and  Administra*on   –  Traffic  Manager  Interface  
  81. 81. Release 1.3 (exp. Sep 2013)•  Twi[er  IntegraIon   –  Hashtag  scoring  and  sugges*on   –  Ads  landing  web  pages  •  Traffic  Tracking  System  Server   –  Independent  Server   –  An*-­‐Fraud  revision  and  control  automa*on  •  Smart  AutoPost  for  Facebook  and  Twi[er  •  BackOffice  Interface  and  AutomaIon   –  Publisher  Qualifica*on  workflow   –  Traffic  Qualifica*on  workflow   –  Publisher  Self-­‐Invoice  and  PayPal  payment  automa*on   –  System  Integra*ons:  ERP,  Help  Desk,  Tasks  
  82. 82. Release 2.0 (exp. Jan 2014)•  New  Horizontal  Pla_orm  Structure     –  Mul*-­‐App  Modular  System   –  Mul*-­‐Server  Applica*on   –  Workflow  Automa*on   –  Campaigns’  Reputa*on  Management  •  Partner  ApplicaIons  IntegraIon   –  Development  of  API’s  for  third-­‐party  integra*on   –  Ver*cal  Partner  Applica*on  •  Mobile  and  Tablet  IntegraIon  and  App   –  Mobile  Content  Access   –  Publisher  Mobile/Tablet  Applica*on   –  Adver*ser  Mobile  Interface   –  Back  Office  Mobile  reports  and  alerts  
  83. 83. Payout Models PAYOUT MODELS Post   Personal  Message   Hey:  I’ll  go  there  with  my  kiddos  next  year.  Wanna  come?   CLICK   CPC   Lead   CPA   Sales   Like   Comment   Share  with  Friends  or  on  Pages  •  Once  posted,  the  Ads  are  visible  on  Facebook  users’  walls  and  pages,  and   accordingly  to  the  privacy  serngs,  they  can  be  seen  on  and  shared  from  the   News  Feed  of  all  friends  and  fans  of  the  Publisher  •  It  is  possible  to  track  and  create  marke*ng  products  related  to  all  social  ac*ons   involved:  the  act  of  pos*ng,  the  ac*on  of  liking,  of  sharing,  of  commen*ng.  Thus,   crea*ng  and  endless  opportunity  to  enrich  Ads  and  increase  their  marke*ng   effec*veness  
  84. 84. Mockup Advertiser Cockpit 1.22  versions:  Merchants/Brands  and  Agencies.  The  laHer  with  ability  to  manage  mul*-­‐company/account;  budget  cross-­‐company  sharing;  management  of  rela*onship  with  auto-­‐engaged  publishers  (internal  engagement  campaigns).  
  85. 85. Mockup Publisher 2.0
  86. 86. Thank youGabriele  Taviani  Founder  Skype:  gtaviani