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Paypersocial Publisher English

  1. 1. Earn with social networks! With paypersocial you can earn using your social network account ! Publish on your wall our selected promotional messages for your friend and your fans. It’s very easy : start to earn publishing our contents in few steps ! Start Now!
  2. 2. How it works : Join your social network account to paypersocial application! Complete your registration and just tell us: Where you want paypersocial to publish the promotional messages. Where you want to receive your monthly earnings.
  3. 3. How you earn: With paypersocial each time you publish a promotional message and a friend or fan of yours clicks on it, you earn money!
  4. 4. Create your source of income ! • With paypersocial you can create a tidy income monthly! • Select the right campaign for your friends and fans and… • Rouse your friends and fans to action on promo messages with comments and advices !
  5. 5. Security and qualityOn paypersocial spam doesnt have it easy! • The promo messages are selected and composed by paypersocial staff in compliance with the communication rules of every social network. • quality and users feedback about promo messages are daily monitored by paypersocial staff. friends and fans communication perfectly integrate with paypersocial promo messages!
  6. 6. What you can expectWhile you spend some of your time for paypersocial , paypersocial thinks about you: • It makes you turn your engagement into money ! • It works to give you higher and higher profits month after month. • It always works with you with the newest ad effective tools. • It amazes you, listening and acting to satisfy your expectations!