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Paypersocial is an innovative Start-up operating in the social media advertising business

Paypersocial engages social network users and transforms them in influencers, dividing with them the economic benefits in exchange for their sharing and endorsement of our communication, advertising, promotion, branding campaigns

Paypersocial enters the online marketing world as a media channel exclusively active on social networks using a carefully devised affiliation network-based business model

Paypersocial represents an attractive investment for Angels e Venture Capital seeking a clear and profitable business model innovatively implemented by respected and experienced entrepreneurs.

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Invest in paypersocial 2013

  1. 1. Paypersocial Investment Start-­‐up  Stage   Investment  for   Business  Angels  and   Informal  Investors     November  2012  
  2. 2. Paypersocial:  a  totally  social  start-­‐up   Paypersocial    is  social  in  its  very  mission:  we  see   the  web  and  the  social  networks  as  a  market,  as  a   model  of  business,  of  internal  organiza:on,  of   communica:on,  of  strategic  change.  Paypersocial  is  a  very  young  and  dynamic  company,  based  on  an  open-­‐relaHon  model  where  each  person  inside  and  outside  is  a  resource  and  part  of  our  network.  We  have  no  secrets  and  consider  our  communicaHon  openness  an  element  of  our  compeHHve  advantage.  Paypersocial’s  organisa4on  in  a  nutshell   •  Paypersocial  is  beyond  web  2.0  fuss:  we  can  work   from  anywhere,  all  of  our  business,  processes  and   procedures,  soEware  are  100%  online;   •  Paypersocial  is  represented  by  enlightened  young   professionals,  who  consider  the  world  their   geographical  and  business  domain;   •  Paypersocial  has  a  very  clear,  simple,  solid  and   scalable  business  model;   •  Paypersocial  represents  the  future  of  interacHve   social  and  mobile  communicaHon;   •  Paypersocial  is  democraHc  and  offers  anybody  to   gain  using  it;   •  Paypersocial  transforms  promoHon  in   endorsement;   •  Paypersocial  makes  communicaHon  viral;   •  Paypersocial  analyses  reputaHon  and  introduces   reputaHon  management;   •  Paypersocial  is  InternaHonal.  
  3. 3. The  company   Paypersocial  is  a  horizontal,  fully-­‐fledged  so-ware   pla/orm  for  social  media/social  network  adver:sing,   promo:on  and  communica:on.  The  plaAorm  is  scalable,   Interna5onal,  social  network  independent  (currently   includes  Facebook.  TwiDer  is  under  development).  The  plaLorm  intermediates  between  Adver4sers  (Business  Customers  as  well  as  Media  Centers  with  social  adverHsing  needs)  and  Publishers  (social  network  users  providing  their  digital  assets  to  share  contents).     Paypersocial  allows  the  former  group  to  spend  adver4sing  and   communica4on  money  in  social  media  campaigns,  the  laQer   group  to  choose  and  share  contents,  and  gain  money  while   doing  so.     The  business  model  is  straighLorward:  Paypersocial  engages   publishers  on  the  market  at  a  cost  that  is  one  order  of   magnitude  lower  than  the  average  revenue  he  produces  in  a   year.     AddiHonally,  the  economic  distribuHon  of  publishers  in  “VIP”,   “Pro”,  and  “Basic”  levels  and  the  minimal  threshold  to  be   achieved  before  payment  of  commissions,  allows  for  a  favorable   cash  flow  management  (anHcipated  AR  from  adverHsers  and   delayed  AP  to  publishers).  
  4. 4. Also,  Paypersocial  has  a  strong  long-­‐term  potenHal  as  an   open  pla>orm  (to  incorporate  different  products  –  CPL,   CPA,  etc.  –  developed  by  third  parHes)  and  as  an   innovaHve  reputa4on  pla>orm  (given  the  amount  and   type  of  informaHon  it  collects  from  publishers).   Post   PAYOUT MODELS CLICK   CPC   Lead   CPA   Sales   Like   Comment   Share  with  Friends  or  on  Pages  The  Team   Three  execuHve  directors  bring  extensive  experience  in   market  specific  knowledge,  in  business  intelligence,   project  management,  finance  and  corporate  governance.   A  group  of  eleven  very  talented  University  researchers   and  alumni  bring  a  dynamic,  fresh  approach  to  the   business  with  a  collaboraHve  and  internaHonal  mindset   second  to  none.     General  DirecHon   Financial  DirecHon   GABRIELE  TAVIANI   ALAN  BORSARI   DistribuHon  DirecHon   ProducHon  DirecHon   GABRIELE  TASSARA   GIACOMO  PIVA   IT  Market   UK  Market   Development  DirecHon   Leone  D’Atri   Marco  Fossella   ION  LENTA   BR  Market   US  Market   Development     Alice  Di  Stefano   Alessandro  Greco   Micael  Ravaglia   CrowdFunding   ReputaHon   Social  RelaHon   ERP   HelpDesk   Jessica  Armaroli   Riccardo  Mingolini   Beatrice  BoQoni   Silvia  Capelli   ValenHna  Deardi  
  5. 5. The  Investment  Opportunity   Paypersocial  1.0  will  be  released  December  31st  2012  as  the  first   public  release  of  the  plaLorm.  The  plaLorm  has  followed  a   radical  development  during  the  course  of  2012.  In  the  past  18   months  Paypersocial  has  collected  EUR  205,000  of  Angel  money,   and  has  constantly  delivered  Hmely  and  prompt  releases.       All  involved  parHes  (shareholders,  developers,  consultants,   advisors,  partners)  have  signed  appropriate  IPR,  NDA,  ConsulHng   documenta4on.   The  iniHal  business  plan  of  Paypersocial  considered  the  Italian   market  only  and  a  hard-­‐to-­‐scale  business  model,  and  produced  a   EUR  2-­‐3M  pre-­‐money  valuaHon.     2012   2013   2014   Since  July  2011,  the  project  has  evolved  to  reach  break-­‐even   status  at  the  end  of  December  2012,  and  is  acHve  on  the  US,  UK,   Brazilian  and  Italian  markets.   A  new  effort  to  draw  a  more  comprehensive,  updated  business   plan  is  undertaken  to  plan  a  second  stage  VC  financing   necessary  for  the  acceleraHon  of  the  business.  
  6. 6. The  Management  Council  of  Paypersocial  has   considered  to  offer  a  privileged  entry  for  a  EUR250,000-­‐ EUR300,000/10%  ownership  to  a  new  investor  in  order   to  manage  a  smooth  transiHon  to  the  next  growth   phase.    The  money  is  planned  to  be  spent   Investments  H1  2013  over  the  first  6  months  of  2013  on  the  following  economic  items:   25%     30%   37%  The  new  investor  must  bring   5%  significant  experience  in  the  negoHaHon  of  the  subsequent  VC  entry  and  must  possess  strong   3%  Hes  and  knowledge  of  these   SoEware  Development   MarkeHng    players.  She/he  will  be  offered  a   Travel  &  Management   Compliance  seat  on  the  Board  of  Directors.   This  entry  must  prove  instrumental  for  the  immediate   business  exploitaHon  of  the  success  and  growth   Paypersocial  is  experiencing  and  must  finance  the   process  for  the  foreseen  H2  2013  second  stage   EUR2-­‐3M  VC  investment.   This  is  a  great  chance  to  be   part  of  our  team:  do  not  miss   the  chance  to  share  the   success  we  all  contribute   building  and  sustaining  
  7. 7. PUBLISHER  NETWORK  (30/04/2012)  Paypersocial   started   the   engagement   process   in   February   2012.   Between   March   and   April   the   average   number   of   engaged   users   was  300  per  day  (70%  USA  and  30%  Italy).  In  November,  aEer  a  short  break,  the  engagement  process  restarted  to  include  the  Brazilian  market  and  the  UK  market  taking  the  number  of    daily  newly  engaged  users  to  500.   Publishers Residence Existing Publishers Network (30/04/2012) Active Publishers Network (30/04/2012) (30/04/2012) PUBLISHER  NETWORK  FORECAST  (31/03/2013)  From   August   a   special   engagement   RevenueShare   program   will   be   acHvated   in   order   to   considerably   increase   the   number   of   daily  engaged   users,   overpassing   the   1000   threshold.   In   addiHon,   incenHves   programs   will   be   realized   (free   startup   credit)   in   order   to  increase  the  number  of  acHve  publishers.   Publishers Residence Publisher Network Forecast (31/03/2013) Active Publishers Forecast (31/03/2013) Forecast (31/03/2013)PUBLISHER  FRIENDS/FANS  (Facebook  only)  Engaged  users  represent  Paypersocial’s  Publishers.  The  Publisher’s  friends  and  fans  consHtutes  his/her  network:  the  people  who  can  see  and  appreciate  the  published  campaigns.  This  is  the  reason  we  sum  up  friends  and  fans  of  the  publisher  to  obtain  the  maximum  viewing  potenHal  of  every  ad.   Current Publishers Friends/Fans (30/04/2012) Publishers Friends/Fans Forecast (31/03/2013) POST  INVENTORY  &  CONVERSION  RATES   Paypersocial  builds  a  POST  inventory  with  all  ads  available  for  sharing   Monthly Post Inventory on   its   Publishers’   walls   and   pages.   Knowing   the   ads   inventory,   the   average  number  of  monthly  posts,  the  distribuHon  of  acHve  users,  it   is  possible  to  calculate  some  interesHng  conversion  rates.     On   the   period   up   to   30/04/2012   the   calculated   campaign   yields,   focusing  on  impressions  and  clicks  showed  impressive  metrics:   CLICKS  per  POST   CLICKS  per  IMPRESSION   (31/03/2013) Nr.   1.41   2.10  %  
  8. 8. SocialAffiliationNetworkPaypersocial  is  an  innova:ve  Start-­‐up  opera:ng  in  the  social  media  adver:sing  business    Paypersocial  engages  social  network  users  and  transforms  them  in  influencers,  dividing  with  them  the  economic  benefits  in  exchange  for  their  sharing  and  endorsement  of  our  communica:on,  adver:sing,  promo:on,  branding  campaigns    Paypersocial  enters  the    online  marke:ng  world  as  a  media  channel  exclusively  ac:ve  on  social  networks  using  a  carefully  devised  affilia:on  network-­‐based  business  model   Paypersocial Ltd   1 Vincent Square  Paypersocial  represents  an   SW1P 2PN - London  aDrac:ve  investment  for  Angels  e   United Kingdom  Venture  Capital  seeking  a  clear  and     profitable  business  model   Company Reg. #: 7700166  innova:vely  implemented  by   VAT #: GB120793625  respected  and  experienced     entrepreneurs.   E-mail: Web: Tel. +44 (207) 193 4097