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"PSD2 Compliance in 3 months, Open Banking in 6!"- FinTech Connect Live 2017

Read how PaymentComponents empowers PSD2 Compliance, Open Banking and Payments Switch through its tailor-made aplonAPI API Management Framework.
Presented during FinTech Connect Live 2017 in London

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"PSD2 Compliance in 3 months, Open Banking in 6!"- FinTech Connect Live 2017

  1. 1. PSD2 Compliance in 3 months, Open Banking in 6!
  2. 2. A complete set of solutions for the Open Banking era 360° FinTech Solutions
  3. 3. απλόν • (aplón) means simple
  4. 4. aplonAPI™ is a field proven, APIs management platform, tailor-made for the Financial Services sector, with unparalleled “Open by design” Architecture, to facilitate frictionless integration & open up exciting innovation opportunities!
  5. 5. aplonAPI™ is a complete API Management Solution It empowers you to Build & Publish Distribute Control & Manage your APIs, to actively participate in the global API Economy
  6. 6. aplonAPI™ is a complete API Management Solution A view of the system architecture
  7. 7. aplonAPI™ is much more than a system It combines passionately crafted technology with actionable business consulting HOW? Technology WHAT? Business
  8. 8. Comes “out of the box” with a set of PSD2 ready APIs PSD2 Ready Customize White Label Developers Portal & Sandbox Open aplonAPI™ functionalities are exposed as APIs Experience From the core PC team & our growing local partners network All the tools you need to achieve PSD2 Compliance in 3 months!
  9. 9. PSD2 is NOT about Compliance, It’s a bank’s biggest opportunity to better serve their customers through Open Banking
  10. 10. With aplonAPI™ you can… Leverage the flexible features & functionalities to support diverse business models Build & Monetize your own APIs Engage with FinTech Developers Manage & Secure your Internal APIs Corporate Banking ERP / TMS integration Expedite new Apps Development Easily integrate with existing web Banking INNOVATE, INNOVATE, INNOVATE!!! Leverage 3rd party APIs
  11. 11. aplonAPI™ in action Hellenic Bank Open APIs Marketplace Source: 5-star rating, Configo Financial APIs Index Hellenic Bank Open Banking Project nominated for › Best Digital Initiative › Top Digital Innovation › Best Corporate Payments Initiative
  12. 12. aplonAPI™ in action ARCA network – Payments Switch ARCA was founded in 2017, with a clear vision to become Africa's premier FinTech platform, fostering Financial inclusion and innovation & actively shaping the future of Financial Services, throughout the region. The ARCA platform empowers Banks, Financial institutions, Developers & SMEs, seamlessly connect to & leverage the opportunities created by the global FinTech (R)evolution.
  13. 13. Open Banking is the gateway / enabler for Marketplace Banking
  14. 14. A glimpse of the Marketplace Banking future APIs will power the new “Digital Banking Branches”
  15. 15. Will you use an off-the-shelf platform for your most important banking channel? OR choose to work with a bona fide FinTech expert, for a tailor-made solution?
  16. 16. Thank you Elias Gagas CDO @paymentcomp @paymentcomponents PaymentComponents paymentcomponents 64 Princes Court , 88 Brompton Road , Knightsbridge, London SW3 1ET, United Kingdom | Tel. : +44 2071172538 14 Chatziantoniou Street, Marousi, Athens 151 24, Greece | Tel. : +30 210 614 5050 To experience aplonAPI™ in action visit us at P.41