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aplonAPI WebSummit Fintech Pitch


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aplonAPI is a PSD2 ready, field-proven, API platform, empowering Banks & FIs to deliver Open
Banking Innovation!
Built with Microservices by design and cutting-edge technologies, it offers an amazingly light, yet immensely scalable & diverse platform!

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aplonAPI WebSummit Fintech Pitch

  1. 1. A PSD2 ready, field proven, API platform, empowering Banks & FIs to deliver Open Banking Innovation! Passionately crafted by
  2. 2. Microservices by design & cutting edge technologies for amazingly light, yet immensely scalable & diverse platform
  3. 3. PSD2 compliance & Open Banking Platform for an EU Bank, based in Cyprus FinTech Inclusion Platform & Banking Switch in Nigeria, a country with population of over 200 million. powered by
  4. 4. A Company without APIs is like a Computer without Internet Brian Koles
  5. 5. It can be used by It comes with Banks for PSD2 & Open Banking Everyone for Digital Platform Tested PSD2 APIs Governance & Analytics Developers Portal & Sandbox
  6. 6. ALL the features & functionalities of aplonAPI™ are also exposed as APIs!
  7. 7. You can rapidly show your registered applications in your web banking draw usage charts in your mobile banking set billing information from your ERP!
  8. 8. PSD2 APIs are just the beginning The true end game is offering complete services through APIs
  9. 9. You should plan to provide Complete Services like Lending, Investments, micro-financing, alternative payments channels etc. From an Open Marketplace where Some products you own, some others you share ownership and for some others you are the enabler.
  10. 10. Payments Components ltd, with aplonAPI™ shapes the future of FinServ today…
  11. 11. 64 Princes Court , 88 Brompton Road , Knightsbridge, London SW3 1ET, United Kingdom | Tel. : +44 2071172538 @paymentcomp Register for your Free Sandbox at