Where to Buy Coupons Online


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A guide on where to buy coupons online. Visit https://www.payloadz.com to buy and sell coupons.

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Where to Buy Coupons Online

  1. 1. Where to Buy Coupons OnlineCoupons are older than you might think. The Coca-Cola Company created the veryfirst coupon in 1887. The coupons were mailed to potential customers and put intomagazines. This started the coupon concept, which was widely used by 1909. C.W.Post was the next company to offer coupons. By 2011, consumers used coupons tosave $4.6 billion on purchases, according to the 2012 NCH Coupon Facts Report forthe U.S. CPG coupon industry. The coupon industry has become revolutionized in thelast few years. It is now possible to find, buy and redeem coupons online for avariety of stores.What are Coupons?Coupons come in many forms from free shipping, discounts, buy-one-get-one-free,first-time customer, free giveaway, buy-two-get-one-free and 50% off options. Somecompanies provide mystery coupons with the possibility of getting 10% to 50% offan item depending on what the barcode reveals. Coupons get consumers into storesto spend money by offering something tantalizing such as 10% off a regular-priceditem. There are different coupon categories.Grocery Coupons: Grocery coupons are the most popular types. Grocery couponstypically have a qualifier on the bottom that states the coupons cannot bereproduced. You can find grocery coupons mostly in newspaper ads and fliers, butyou can also find them online.Online Coupons: Online coupons for retail stores are often sent through email.Anyone can sign up for free with their favorite retailer to get coupons, newslettersand other deals. Coupons are distributed online and can be redeemed online andoffline.Why Should You Buy Coupons?It might seem superfluous to buy coupons online. After all, the idea is to savemoney, so why spend money to save money, right? But the coupons you buy willprovide you a real discount. If you purchase 40 coupons for $4, for example, youcould save more than $40 in the stores, depending on the types of coupons you buy.You might spend a little to get the coupons, but you can likely save 10, 15 or 20times the amount you spend. Buying coupons is one way to save time and money;you can stock up on a variety of goods for little cost to you.What Types of Coupons Can You Buy?There is really no limit to the coupons you can purchase online. EBay and other sitesoffer the chance to locate coupons for groceries, online items and other retail itemsyou might want. You can purchase a set of 100 of the same coupon, for example, or100 of a variety of products.
  2. 2. Legalities of Buying CouponsSome legal issues have come up regarding selling coupons online. Coupons began asa means to entice consumers into a store or to get them to buy a certain product,like the long-ago Coca-Cola coupon. Grocery coupons clearly state you cannot alter,reproduce or sell the coupons; yet, this happens on the online and offline markets.Coupon clippers often host parties to trade or, sometimes, buy coupons. Forexample, a neighborhood group might clip coupons, host a party and then trade orsell coupons. The same happens online. Legally, there is no repercussion to this;there is no absolute law stating you cannot sell coupons.What you cannot do is reproduce coupons; retailers can prosecute for fraud. Onlinesites that sell original coupons, which have been clipped from newspaper ads, cansell then legally, though some companies might not like it. Retailers offer couponsfor free, not for sale, and clearly state they cannot be sold. A way around this is tosell a membership to get coupons online.Places to Buy Coupons OnlineYou can buy coupons online from many sites. Listed below are a few places whereyou can find them.eBay: People sell coupons on eBay. In fact, eBay is the top place for people to sell orbuy coupons. People around the United States post coupons online and sell themwith a “buy now” or auction choice.The Coupon Clippers: Here, you can buy coupons that ship to you, and some areprintable. You pay using a variety of online methods. These coupons come from localSunday newspapers, which the owners of the site buy. They then sell the coupons toyou. This is one of the largest online sites for buying coupons.Coupon Dede’s: This company started as a small store on eBay that sold coupons. Ithas since grown. The owner started cutting coupons from newspapers to sell onlinewhen local stores stopped doubling and tripling coupons. The business has grown tothe point of being a large clipping and gathering service where you can havecoupons shipped to you.Kuntry Klippers: This is an affiliate network for coupons. Kuntry Klippers clipscoupons and supplies coupon codes that you can use to save money. The site alsooffers a Facebook weekly giveaway for coupons. Grocery store coupons are sold onthis site. You can subscribe to the newsletter as well as shop for coupons here.The Coupon Carry-Out: You can purchase coupons here and have them shipped toyou. There are also some printable coupons online. At Coupon Carry-Out, there arereward and customer loyalty programs, too.PayLoadz: PayLoadz allows people and businesses to sell coupons directly to
  3. 3. customers and list them on PayLoadz Store for selling. Anyone who wants to buycoupons can visit the PayLoadz Store and search for available coupons. Once thepayment is made, PayLoadz automatically delivers the coupons to the buyer throughemail.Buying coupons online to help you save on groceries is easy. The places listedabove are just some online storefronts that sell coupons. Review the legalconsiderations of buying and selling coupons online. The industry has not been ableto put any laws into effect stopping the sales of coupons, although there is a policyagainst this on many manufacturer coupons. This ethical consideration is one thatyou must make if the coupons you buy or sell state they cannot be transferred.Find us at www.payloadz.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/payloadz Twitter:www.twitter.com/payloadz