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A guide on successfully selling documents and presentations online. Visit to know more and start selling your documents and presentations.

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Sell Documents and Presentations Online

  1. 1. Sell Documents and Presentations OnlineThe demand for documents and presentations has grown with the ability to share,view and download them over the Internet. Users often look for documents andpresentations online because of the convenience and ease of access. This guide tellsyou how to sell documents and presentations online.Types of Documents and Presentations to Sell OnlineA variety of documents and presentations are sold online; many are provided forfree. The list below represents some of the documents and presentations peoplelikely want and would be willing to pay for. The key to your business should beinstant downloads, not creating custom documents or presentations per customerrequest.• Legal & Business Documents—Documents related to lease, employment,trusts, wills and incorporation• Forms—Forms can be used for a host of topics such as nondisclosureagreements with fields for names and signatures of signing parties, warrantydeeds and guaranty agreements• Training Presentations—Presentations meant for conducting trainingprograms on general subjects such as soft skills, leadership and teambuilding.File FormatsSelling your documents and presentations in an old format or a format that is usedonly by a few people is not a good idea. You want customers to open the documentsand presentations without trouble. Formats that sell more often online are ones thatbuyers can download the necessary software to open them and ones that usersalready have on their computers or mobile devices.Here is a list of formats used to sell documents and presentations:• .PPT or .PPS for presentations• .DOC, PDF or .RTF for documentsThe .DOC, a typical file format for Microsoft Word and other word processors,means you have saved a document. PDF is the Adobe version of files, which providesprint-ready documents. PDF is designed to be downloaded easily on any computerthat has the free Adobe software. RTF, or rich text format, was designed so that anycomputer with a word processor, even computers that don’t have Microsoft-Word,could open the file. RTF is used to a lesser degree today than it was in the early2000s. The best thing you can do regarding presentations and documents is tosupply multiple download options for the file format to ensure your customers havea choice. Let your customers decide what is best based on the computer, operating
  2. 2. system and software they have to open the file format.Security of Documents and PresentationsSecurity is an issue for people who work with online documents and presentations.You need to consider that files could be downloaded without your being paid forthem. The biggest problem historically has been photographs, but document andpresentation files have also suffered from piracy and unauthorized free sharing. Amajor complication is trying to sell documents from an independent website, suchas using a Web host to set up your own website and then uploading to the serverwithout the proper security in place. The server might have security to protect yourfile from being hacked, but when the file is posted on the site instead of with a linkfor after purchase, someone can unlock the document without paying for it. Gooddigital goods websites exist that offer automated delivery of files only after paymenthas been received. That means there is no link on the website unless you want tooffer a trial of the document in which most of the important features are redacted.For presentations, provide one slide as a picture and keep the rest of it locked.While no security system is foolproof, you should use as many as options to secureyour files as possible.MarketingMarketing strategies are important if you want to sell documents andpresentations online. Some activities work better for marketing documents andpresentations online than others. Here are some of the ways you can market yourdocuments and presentations:• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)— SEO involves writing keyword-richand useful content for readers. This content is then captured by searchengines, and whenever someone searches with keywords related to yourcontent, your website shows up in search results.• Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads—Another marketing activity related to search isusing PPC ads, paid advertising on search engines. Based on your keywords,you decide to pay a certain amount to search engines for each click, and yourads are shown in response to search queries, usually above the normalsearch results.• Social Media—People use social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter andLinkedin, to share and promote the content they like within their personalnetwork. Those sites allow you to promote content on a paid basis throughads. You can also create previews of your documents and presentations andshare them on social media networks. If people like your work, they mightshare and purchase it.• Blogging and Guest Blogging—Having a blog on your website keeps it freshand updated, which makes it interesting for site visitors and attractive tosearch engines. Another option is guest blogging; find someone with a blog
  3. 3. relevant to what you sell, write a useful article and publish it on the site. Theblog provides a link to your page that helps with SEO and drives traffic toyour site.To create a marketing campaign, come up with an idea yourself or hire someonewith creative juices to help you. You need something eye-catching, something thathas a good potential to go viral and to explain the importance of your product. Amarketing campaign takes some work, but if you can find a niche to market to, youare likely to sell your documents and presentations successfully.Selling Presentations and Documents OnlineYou can sell presentations and documents on your own website. If you do, considerbacking your product by a digital goods service. That way, your product is morelikely to be secure.Digital goods services offer you a secure service to sell and deliver digital goodsonline. You have access to a storefront on the digital goods website to sell yourgoods. You can also use your own website with a digital goods service so that youcan sell on your site with enhanced security, automated delivery, secure downloads,more than 10 payment systems and secure file storage.Several digital goods services are available online but not all have what you need.Some charge you for an account and per transaction. Others offer free tools until youreach a certain income from your sales. PayLoadz and E-junkie are leading services.PayLoadz offers the best features. It provides a free account when you sign up. Youwould obtain a paid account once you start making money. That way, you don’t needto spend money until you are making some. PayLoadz has a secure file server with abulk upload option; you can save all your files to the server at once. PayLoadz makesit easy, secure and profitable to sell documents and presentations online.Find us at Facebook: