PayLoadz vs. E-junkie Digital Platforms


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A comparison of PayLoadz and E-Junkie platforms for selling digital goods. Visit to know more.

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PayLoadz vs. E-junkie Digital Platforms

  1. 1. PayLoadz vs. E-junkie Digital PlatformsWhy use PayLoadz instead of E-junkie?It’s no secret that there are more than 10 different digital media platforms. As youstart your research into a digital download business, you will probably compare thedifferent service platforms. We’ve decided to compare two companies to help youunderstand why one might be better than another. PayLoadz has been around since2002, when online digital media businesses started, to combat piracy. E-junkiebegan in 2003. The creator of E-junkie began the service platform when he wasselling software but had to manually send a link for a digital download. E-junkie isan automated delivery system with a shopping cart. PayLoadz is a marketplace fordigital downloadable goods. PayLoadz offers an abundance of features to suit buyersand sellers. The concept is to make the process as simple as possible regardingautomated delivery, bulk uploads to the server and gaining a large audience.ComparisonE-junkie and PayLoadz both have an e-commerce marketplace that gives customersautomated delivery, shopping carts, multiple payment system choices andcompetitive marketing. What are different are how the marketplaces work and themarketing options of E-junkie versus PayLoadz. The E-junkie website isuninspiring, in our opinion. The site appears less professional than PayLoadz. It isan easy site to interact with and find information, but all the bold print and orange-bolded words with the white background and busy page make the site unappealing.People want to see professionalism.PayLoadz Webpage ReviewedPayLoadz, in terms of appearance, has something E-junkie does not. It has a crispand appealing look. The home page isn’t as busy. You see exactly what you want: a“sign up now” button, a demo account, a short introduction, a list of features andtwo videos for the type of PayLoadz user you might be. The site looks professional.Of course,that’s not all. PayLoadz has secure file storage with automated delivery. Itaccepts 190 countries’ consumers and more than 20 currencies. It offers an affiliatesystem, product serial and registration key delivery, and a multiple paymentacceptance system.Page RankingsTo compare E-junkie with PayLoadz, we looked at both websites and checked outthe rankings of each in search engines. On a search of digital goods, digital media,digital goods delivery, digital goods services, eBooks and music, PayLoadz alwayscame out on top.Find us at Facebook: