How to Sell eBooks


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Learn how to sell eBooks with this complete guide. Visit to start selling your eBooks.

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How to Sell eBooks

  1. 1. How to Sell eBooks
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSYOU’VE CREATED YOUR EBOOK. NOW WHAT?...........................................................................3DIGITAL PRODUCT STORES.............................................................................................................. 4YOUR OWN WEBSITE OR BLOG........................................................................................................ 6GETTING THE WORD OUT................................................................................................................. 8SELLING THE EBOOKS OF OTHERS.................................................................................................9
  3. 3. YOU’VE CREATED YOUR EBOOK. NOW WHAT?You’ve finally written that first book. It may be thrilling like amurder-mystery, or maybe it’s practical, like a recipe book ora how-to guide for the beginning quilter. The point of creatingthe book is to share your creativity or expertise with others,no matter the topic or genre.Digital technology is easy to access and use on your homecomputer. Publishing a book in digital format as an eBook isinexpensive, easy to do and keeps you in control of theprocess. This contrasts greatly with the publishing processesof the past.Because of their immediate delivery on purchase andconvenience of use on digital devices, eBooks are popularwith almost all segments of society. A digital eBook file canbe read on most computers, tablet computers like the iPad,e-readers like the Kindle and the Nook, and on mostsmartphones.After you write the book, you need to understand how tomarket and sell a digital product. That’s what this eBook willteach you.
  4. 4. DIGITAL PRODUCT STORESBooks are sold in bookstores and department stores.EBooks, because they are digital products, are sold on theInternet. They need to be available through online sites anddigital mediums. As a seller of eBooks, you have severaloutlet options available to you.THE BIG NAMESAmazon and Barnes & Noble are two big names regardingonline booksellers. ITunes is another popular source fordigital products of all kinds, including eBooks. These majorvendors provide options for authors to upload and selleBooks on their sites. Both Amazon and Barnes & Noblerequire that eBooks sold on their sites are formatted to beread on their e-readers; Amazon’s e-reader is the Kindle andreads a .mobi digital format, and Barnes & Noble’s e-readeris the Nook and reads the .epub format. Either reader canalso read .pdf format files, but eBooks sold in big nameonline stores must be available in their preferred formats.Conversion of your word processing file to a .mobi or a .epubformat can be done through specific conversion software orthrough the vendor’s online conversion process provided onthe site. Major vendors have detailed author agreementsregarding their rights and percentages of royalties and howthey are paid out to the author. Royalties can vary between30 percent and 70 percent, depending on several factors inthe author agreement and the eBook pricing.The advantage of having your eBook listed on one or moremajor sites is the amount of traffic they receive; people oftenlook for eBooks to buy on major sites. This advantage,however, can also be a disadvantage. Because the majorsites carry a high volume of books, both digital and print, it’s
  5. 5. easy for your book to be lost.OTHER ONLINE STORESSelf-published authors often become discouraged by the redtape, high royalties and complexities connected with sellingthrough big name outlets. If that sounds like you, take solaceknowing that there are other digital product stores online.They offer platforms for authors to sell eBooks, and many ofthem have better deals for authors and a more simplifiedprocess.PayLoadz Store is a digital product store that makes it easyfor you to sell eBooks online in any digital format, includingthe simple format of a .pdf file. You simply upload your file tothe PayLoadz Store and sell it on the site. You don’t evenneed to create your own website for sales. You would justshare the link to your eBook (or books) on the PayLoadzStore through your social network sites or by email.Customers can pay using their preferred method throughPayLoadz - PayPal, credit card or Google Checkout.PayLoadz automatically sends an email with a link thatallows buyers to download one copy of the eBook theypurchased. You receive an email that notifies you of thesale, and the funds are deposited into your PayPal account.PayLoadz offers free trial periods and an Express Servicethat allow you to use PayLoadz free of charge for sales thatare under a certain monthly sales limit. Other digital contentservices exist that sell eBooks online besides PayLoadz.Check them out, but the deal you get with PayLoadzregarding low fees and easy-to-use services is likely betterwith also offers affiliates. This is another possiblesource of promotion and sales for your eBooks. You havethe option to allow affiliates to promote and sell your eBookson their websites for a percentage of the sales price.
  6. 6. YOUR OWN WEBSITE OR BLOGThe more places you have your eBooks listed for sale on theInternet, the more copies you are likely to sell. Using yourown website or blog as a means of promoting and sellingyour eBooks in addition to digital product stores makessense. You can find several providers of free or low-costblogging or website platforms. WordPress and Blogger aretwo of the most popular, but there are many more. Theytypically have a tutorial to help you get your website up andrunning.If creating your own website or writing your own blog seemsoverwhelming, hire someone to do those tasks for you. Shopfor a good price and a trustworthy provider. You might wantto work with this person in the future, too.SECURE PAYMENT AND DELIVERY OPTIONSYou need a digital storefront and a convenient and secureonline means of collecting payment to sell eBooks. You alsoshould provide quick and simple eBook delivery to yourcustomers.When people shop online, they have become accustomed topurchasing via online shopping carts that request paymentthrough PayPal, credit card, Google Checkout or e-checks.Once they have paid for a digital product, they generallyexpect to receive access to it instantly.Website designers can build a shopping cart into yourwebsite—for a price. A simpler and less expensive option forhandling your sales transactions is to use a digital contentdelivery service. A service like this can provide the typicalonline shopping cart experience your customers are used toand can automate the delivery of your eBook files to
  7. 7. customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.PayLaodz, a digital content delivery service, makes it easyto sell your eBooks from your own website or blog. It alsoprovides several convenient options for initiating your sales.PayLoadz provides you with the code to create “Buy Now” or“Add to Cart” buttons on your own site that allow yourcustomers to simply click and purchase. They do thisthrough a secure shopping cart that requests paymentthrough PayPal, credit card, Google Checkout or e-checks.PayLoadz handles the whole transaction for you, just as itdoes when the purchase is made directly through its e-store.Once a customer pays for a digital product, PayLoadz emailsa secure code that allows the buyer to download thepurchased eBook. All this happens without any assistanceon your end. That’s the beauty of it!
  8. 8. GETTING THE WORD OUTHaving a website or blog doesn’t do much good if no oneknows it’s there or visits it. You need to promote your sitesand establish a stream of web traffic. Promotion of youreBooks, even when listed on established digital productsites, is up to you. Don’t be shy! You have a great book. Tellpeople about it!SOCIAL MEDIAMarketing online is easy, and most of the avenues are free.If you aren’t involved in social media sites like Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and others, it’s time to start. These siteshave become digital “word of mouth” means of marketing,and they can be effective. If you’ve established a blog, tweetyour posts on Twitter and share them on Facebook andGoogle+. Make sure to have “share” buttons on your blogand website to allow others to share links to sites as well.This isn’t a one-time thing. Social media is meant to be anongoing conversation, and the conversation should notalways be about you and your eBooks. Interact with otherusers; follow them and share their posts. Give them a reasonto pay attention to what you have to say.BOOK REVIEWSWhen people consider buying books online, they’ll typicallylook for reviews. Reviews are another important promotionaltool for your eBooks. The digital product stores where youhave your eBook listed provide opportunities for readers toleave reviews. This doesn’t apply to the big name sites only;PayLoadz also has that option.Ask readers to leave reviews. Give free copies to friends inexchange for an honest review on the digital product sites.Another way to use book reviews as a means of promotion isto provide your eBooks to bloggers who do book reviews.Send them a book and ask for a review on their site. Some
  9. 9. bloggers will do so free of charge. Others charge a readingfee before they’ll offer a review.EMAIL MARKETINGDirect mail has been used as an effective marketing tool fordecades. With the advent of email, direct mail marketing cannow be done at no cost. Include links within your emails toplaces on the web where your eBooks are listed for sale.Bulk mailing to strangers is spam, however, and you don’twant your emails ending up in junk folders. To avoid that,start your email promotions with the people you alreadyknow and are in your contact list. Keep building that list, andencourage your contacts to share your emails with others.Contests and free giveaways can build a contact list. Thekey is to require participants to sign up for your mailing list toqualify for prizes.As your email list grows, automate the process. Severalautomated email response programs can do that for you.That way, you aren’t spending all your time adding contactsand sending out emails. MailChimp and AWeber are twopopular automated email list programs.SELLING THE EBOOKS OF OTHERSIt can take a long time to produce enough eBooks on yourown to populate your website storefront with a goodselection for your customers. Add variety to your inventoryright from the start by becoming a sales affiliate who offersother authors’ eBooks for sale on your site. This processallows you to collect commissions off affiliate sales. You cangenerate additional income this way with little effort on yourpart.PayLoadz can be your source for affiliate products. OthereBook sellers on PayLoadz often make their books availablefor sale by PayLoadz affiliates.Now that you know the basics to get started selling eBooks,
  10. 10. what are you waiting for? Get started!!Find us at: www.payloadz.comFacebook: