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How to Sell eBooks


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Learn how to sell eBooks

  • What a great article. A lot of kindle authors think the work stops as soon as they have it listed on Amazon. This is far from true. Good marketing material and images can help drive traffic and sales. I found this and it may help.
    Happy Marketing and reading
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How to Sell eBooks

  1. 1. How to Sell eBooks
  2. 2. eBooks – The new way to read bookseBooks have surpassed physical books in thenumber of units sold.
  3. 3. What is an eBook?An eBook is a book in any digital format, such as PDF andePub, that can be read on electronic devices.
  4. 4. How to Sell eBooksSelling eBooks - Three-step process:1. Create the eBook2. Select the Sales Platform3. Market the eBook3Steps
  5. 5. Creating the eBookCreate an eBook that sells:• Conduct research to find topics in demand• Select the topic• Write the eBook• Consider hiring a ghostwriter• Design an interesting cover image• Choose the format for the eBook• Hire an editor to make the eBook ready to sell1stStep
  6. 6. Selecting the Sales Platform2ndStep Select a sales platform with these features:• Secure storage for your eBook• Reliable automated delivery to buyers• Multiple payment options• Multiple currency options to extend reach todifferent parts of the world• Support for multiple storefronts• Affordable pricing• Affiliate network for promoting your eBook• Reputable brand name
  7. 7. Marketing the eBook3rdStep Market your eBook different ways:• Website - Drive traffic to your website through PayPer Click (PPC) ads• Blog - Set up your own blog• Social Networks – Use Facebook, Twitter and othersocial networks to promote your eBook• Affiliate Networks – Make use of other people whocan sell your eBook• Reviews – Get your eBook reviewed and writtenabout by bloggers and newspapers
  8. 8. Best Platform to Sell eBooksVisitPayLoadz