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How to Market Software Online


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Learn how to market software online successfully. To start selling software online, visit

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How to Market Software Online

  1. 1. How to Market Software OnlineJust having perfect software is not enough to gain you sales. If you run your ownsoftware business, marketing is also important. Hundreds of thousands of softwareprograms are available online. For any type of software, you can usually find 20products that fit what clients want. Because of the stiff competition, it is importantto learn marketing techniques that can help you sell software online.Marketing Techniques OverviewSome techniques to market software work better than others. People typically selecta particular marketing technique based on target audience and the marketingbudget. Here are some examples of marketing techniques to use for marketingsoftware:• Search engine optimization• Search engine marketing• Email marketing• Affiliate marketing• Forums• Shareware and trial downloadsThe Beginning of Marketing Software Online: The Target AudienceBefore you spend a dime on marketing your software program, understand yourtarget audience, the people who might buy your product. Ask yourself who needsyour software and what tasks can be performed using the software. Potential buyersneed to find what they want. This means targeting the right audience with yourmarketing strategy. Until you identify and understand your target audience, youcan’t use the right marketing tools.The Ps of MarketingThere are four P’s in marketing to consider:• Product• Price• Place• PromotionThe product is your software, which has a certain value to the target audience. Theprice needs to determine the value of your product, which is often supply versusdemand. Is there a high demand for your software and low supply? If so, you canincrease the price. The place is where you will sell your software. In this case, it’sonline. The promotion of your product will be discussed later in this guide. If youcan keep these four Ps in mind as you start your strategy and examine the target
  2. 2. audience, it will be easy to market your software online.Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization is what you do to promote your website on searchengines. It is an indirect method of promotion that does not involve paying searchengines for promoting your website. Because most people search online forsoftware, software sellers need to be present on search engines and rank higherthan other sellers. Search engines discover your website and show it in searchresults for specific queries based on your website’s content. SEO content writing is aspecialized skill; you might want to hire an expert for writing content. If you plan towrite the content yourself, several tools are available to find keywords that peopleuse on search engines. SEO is a long-term marketing activity that takes time andconsistent effort to bring in results; however, if done properly, it can be one of yourmost efficient marketing activities.Search Engine MarketingSearch engine marketing is targeted to people searching for information online. SEMinvolves paying search engines for displaying ads related to keywords people use tosearch. Because the payment to search engines is usually based on the price for eachclick, it is also called pay-per-click advertising. The ads are shown along with thenormal search engine results and are given a prominent place on the page, usuallyabove the normal results. SEM is a highly targeted form of advertising in which youchoose keywords for your ads. You can also set the maximum price that you arewilling to pay for each click on your ads. Before starting an SEM campaign, createeffective landing pages where people will arrive after they click on your ads. Thelanding pages should be precise and clearly define what people can expect fromyour product. The next step could be downloading the trial version of the softwareor making a payment.Email MarketingMany consumers look down on email marketing, but with more regulation of emailaccounts and what companies can and cannot do, email marketing is making acomeback. Most consumers do not want to see spam, email that does not benefitthem. Here is email marketing that isn’t considered spam:• Coupons• Discount offers• Trial offers• NewslettersCoupons and discount offers are reasons people may share their email addresseswillingly with companies. If you offer a discount for software downloads to peoplewho downloaded the trial version, they might be more likely to buy your software. If
  3. 3. a customer goes to your site, leaves an email address but does not buy something,send a trial of your software through email. That reminds potential customers youexist and gives them a chance to try your product. Most customers won’t buysoftware online unless they have tried it first or trust the company. Newsletters canget consumer attention. A newsletter, like a blog on your site, needs to be worthy ofreading. Provide some useful tips on it.Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is one of most cost-efficient techniques used for marketingsoftware. Affiliate marketing involves recruiting affiliates who promote and marketyour software in return for a commission on each sale they bring your way. You canuse several affiliate networks to find affiliates willing to promote your software.Affiliate networks also help manage affiliates, track sales and make reports andpayments to affiliates.ForumsForums provide places to discuss topics with others interested in the same topic. Anonline search shows several forums for almost all types of software. Forums,therefore, provide an avenue to reach a highly targeted group to which you canmarket your software programs. Check with the forum administrators to determinewhether they allow advertising. Other ways to market software on forums are toparticipate in discussions and present your software as solutions to specificproblems.Shareware and Trial DownloadsIt’s debatable whether shareware should be continued; however, there is value in it.With shareware, you offer your software products for free. That does not mean youneed to provide the entire product for free. You can provide a trial version or limitedversion of your software as the shareware. That gives people a look at the software,which can help sell the product. For full features, customers can download thesoftware for a fee. By sharing your software for free, consumers can see the value ofthe purchase. Microsoft, for example, provides a free trial of its version of OfficeSuite each time a new version rolls out. If it didn’t do that, customers might becontent to stay with the old version. Have different versions of your software fordifferent operating systems. Successfully selling software online means providingthe product your target audience wants. This requires you to have more than oneversion, like the trial and shareware options.PayLoadz for Marketing SoftwareIf you are marketing a software program, have a strong system in place to sell anddeliver software. PayLoadz is one sales platform to examine. With PayLoadz, youhave access to a software security system, automated delivery, marketing tools, a
  4. 4. storefront and a shopping cart. PayLoadz offers a free account to get started and apaid account with more tools for marketing and selling software.Find us at Facebook: