Paychi Guh | 100% Cashmere Knitwear | Everyday Indulgence | FW2013 Lookbook


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The Paychi Guh collection is architecture and modern art inspired 100% cashmere knitwear collection. Each piece is developed by incorporating simple form, refined texture, modern graphics, and super fine high-quality cashmere.
The collection caters to the independent, creative woman who desires individuality, timeless style, and ultimate comfort; the woman that indulges herself with cashmere every day.

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Paychi Guh | 100% Cashmere Knitwear | Everyday Indulgence | FW2013 Lookbook

  1. 1. F/W 2013
  2. 2. Architecture and Modern Art Inspired 100% Cashmere Knitwear Collection.I developed the Paychi Guh collection incorporating simple form, refined texture,modern graphics, and high-quality cashmere. Each design caters to theindependent, creative woman who desires individuality, timeless style, andultimate comfort; the woman that indulges herself with cashmere every day.
  3. 3. Cowl Neck TopOne of a kind. Designer’s favorite piece.A continuous line of contrast color in full needle rib defines themodern architectural inspired form. The fine cashmere yarn isknitted off gauge to create the slightly sheer fabric with subtlegraphic texture. Extra length of cowl neck in soft and lightweightcashmere gives you luxurious comfort and beautiful, relaxeddrape on the body. Be playful and pull up the cowl neck to wearit like a hood for cool windy days.Asymmetrically draped on one side featuring batwing sleeve withribbed cuff, this exquisite piece is simultaneously sophisticatedand sensual. Experiment with pulling the sleeve up or down tofind the perfect drape for you.
  4. 4. Rectangle PopoverInspired by paintings from Picasso’s Cubism period, the designercreated the Rectangle Popover in allover texture stitch using theplaiting technique, where two different color yarns are knittedtogether but each color yarn is carefully controlled to be shownonly at either jersey stitch or reverse jersey stitch. For this piece,the designer put the emphasis on the grey while letting a subtlehint of blonde color come through, resulting in one-of-a-kindsurface texture and color combination.
  5. 5. Two Way Cozy CardiganThe inspiration of this style origi-nated from photos of weatheredbrick walls the designer took outsidethe Serpentine Gallery in London. Increating the Two Way Cozy Cardigan,the designer translated the impres-sion of the brick wall into graphicknitted textile while capturing thesharp contrast of solid wall againsttextured bricks through the combina-tion of solid and patterned fabrics inher design.As its name suggests, this luxuriouswrap style cardigan can be wornboth ways – either with the solidside on top or the patterned side ontop. Wear patterned side up to havemore cashmere wrapping around theneck while showcasing the geometricdesign. Fold down the shawl collarto reveal the pattern in contrast colorfor extra flair. Wear solid side upfor a dramatic look with black jerseyshawl collar. Experiment with howeach side drapes differently on youto find your own favorite look for thisversatile piece.
  6. 6. Contrast PopoverThe inspiration of this style originated from the weathered brickwalls outside the Serpentine Gallery in London. Intrigued by thebeauty of the sharp contrast of solid wall against textured bricks,the designer translated the impression of the weathered brick wallinto graphic knitted textile and captured that contrast throughcombination of solid and patterned fabrics in creating the ContrastPopover.The designer believes in making each design look beautiful fromevery angle. This means you can wear this sweater both ways, ei-ther with solid side in the front or patterned side in the front. Navycolor block under the sleeves and uneven panel length with sideslits add extra visual interest to this beautiful piece.
  7. 7. Asymmetrical TopArchitectural form and clean design lines make this stylemodern and timeless.Asymmetrical and oversized, this transeasonal piecemade in 16 gauge fine cashmere jersey is beautiful byitself and ideal for layering. Subtle design lines off oneshoulder add visual interest and complete the sophisti-cated look.
  8. 8. Made in 16 gauge fine cashmere jersey, these styles have super soft hand feel and is so comfortable and effortless to wear, that you justmight want to add every color of it to your wardrobe.EverydayScoopEverydayTunic
  9. 9. Graphic Scarf, 75” x 20”This is a modern art inspired intarsia design, the most intricateknitting technique for creating graphic patterns with multiple col-ors. Designed to be your favorite scarf for many seasons to come,this luxurious and lightweight Graphic Scarf features a uniquecombination of stripes and color blocks, incorporating four time-less neutral colors.Its vibrant pattern and extra length allow you to create many dif-ferent looks depending on your outfit and styling preference. Ahybrid of scarf and wrap, this stunning piece will surely be one ofthe most versatile accessories in your wardrobe.
  10. 10. Contrast Scarf, 48” x 38”Photos of brick walls taken outside Serpentine Gallery in Londoninspired the designer to create the Contrast Scarf, featuring simplecolor block design and subtle graphic texture.The fine cashmere yarn is knitted off gauge to create the slightlysheer fabric with ultra lofty hand feel. Have fun creating multiplelooks with this piece by folding and wrapping the scarf differently.
  11. 11. EverydayScarf64” x 10 1/2”Intricate knitting structure createsthe playful ribbed surface texturefor this transeasonal everydayscarf.Perfect for keeping you warmwhile adding flair and stylish ac-cent color to your outfit.
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