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Eginni facebook fan page


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Facebook Fan page

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Eginni facebook fan page

  1. 1. • What is Social Media “Marketing”• Why Facebook?• Personal vs. Business Use• Creating Your Page• Setting Up Your Page• Growing Your Fan Base• The New Facebook
  2. 2. Relationship MarketingOngoing dialogue with Your Customers
  3. 3. • 600+ million active users• 150 million people engage with Facebook on external websites every month• 200 million mobile users• Facebook bypassed Google as a #1 most visited site in US• 65%of US Facebook Users said they are more likely to buy a product based on a positive Facebook friend referral
  4. 4. Facebook for Business Users may experienceany or all of these symptoms: • Complete Bewilderment • Utter Confusion • Fierce Frustration • An uncontrollable urge to chuck your computer through a plate glass window
  5. 5. LikeFriend
  6. 6. Start by building a personal profile
  7. 7. To the Privacy SettingsSort YourFriendsinto lists
  8. 8. Exclude Lists from Specified Content
  9. 9. What youchoose willdeterminecertainfeatures onyour page.Good news is,you can nowchange itlater.
  10. 10. Follow the Rules.
  11. 11. Photos Appear Across Top Edit PageNo MoreTop TabsNavigationon Left
  12. 12. Use the “Info” tab toinclude moreimportantkeywords, text, andhigh priority links onyour Page.
  13. 13. Edit Page
  14. 14. ManagePermissions MarketingAdd Admins Apps Insights
  15. 15. Selecting aCountry orAgeRestrictionwill keepNon-Facebookusers fromviewingyour page
  16. 16. Select Your landingpage. “DefaultTab” This caninclude any of yourTabs, not just WallUse yourphone or emailto publishstatus updates What will you let Fans do?
  17. 17. Profile Image200 x 600 pixelsFacebook pages by Robert Hazelrigg Graphic Design AKA: TheGraphicsGuy of Facebook.
  18. 18. Facebook pages by Robert Hazelrigg Graphic Design AKA: TheGraphicsGuy of Facebook.
  19. 19. Welcome Tab
  20. 20. Real EstateNewsletterSignupsPromotionsNewArrivalsAbout UsVideo
  21. 21. Selective TweetStatus Any tweets you post that end with #fb will update your Facebook status.
  22. 22. • Advertise• Tell Your Fans• Get a Badge• Add a Like Button• Create an Alias• Send an Update• See all Updates
  23. 23. The "Actions" listed in your Facebook Ad reports show you how manyusers have engaged with your Facebook Page or Event through your ad, bybecoming a Page fan or RSVPing positively to your Event.
  24. 24. After 25 “Likes” Register your Page’s
  25. 25. • Add FB page to email address – promote shamelessly, FB badge on blog, “Like” button on Website• Banners in your Store or Restaurants• On Menu, Brochures, Business Cards, Receipts, Email Newsletter
  26. 26. There are two primary components toFacebook fan page engagement:1) Sharing quality, relevant content and2) Inciting comments.
  27. 27. A mix of your• own thoughts• breaking news• community news• useful tips, tools, resources• and links from other sites in your industry and related industries.
  28. 28. • Post when most people are on Facebook First thing in the morning Just before or after lunch In the evening• Ask questions and respond promptly to comments• Just starting out? One update per day. Increase gradually and gauge the response.• Provide some unique benefit to fans: exclusive content, secret contests or insider access to information before non-fans.
  29. 29. Check back often to look forNotifications of Commentsand Likes and respond
  30. 30. Nice Image Photos Video Thanking contributors Talking about the Community Job Openings Marketing Text. Highly visible, easy to read.
  31. 31. Promotions Can be a Great Way to Build Your Fan Base, but be Sure to Follow the Rules “You will not administer a promotion through Facebook, except through an application on the Facebook Platform”
  32. 32. Post ViewsDaily PageActivityNew Likes andUnlikesAnd more
  33. 33. First the Good News• Pages now notify Admin of new comments on the Page• You can now change the type of business category in the Admin panel• You can comment as a Page on other’s Pages
  34. 34. • RIP FBML : March 11, 2011• No More Info Box on the Left • Navigation Tabs on the Left are Much Less Noticeable than the Previous Top Tabs• Wall posts are now subject to FB’s weighting system. Comments from Fans can get hidden.
  35. 35. Good BadUsing Facebook as a Confusing At FirstPage Must Remember Who/How You Are Logged inNews FromPagesYou’veLiked
  36. 36. Claim YourPage A mobile application that allows you to see where your friends are and share your physical location.
  37. 37. • Facebook Deals RevealedCheck in onFacebook foriPhone, Android,Windows Phone 7,or visitww.facebook.comon your touchphone to seespecial deals fromnearby businesses.
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  39. 39. Design & Developed eGinniE-51, Phase-8, Industrial Area Mohali – 160055 Punjab, India Phone:+91-172-4303132 Ext 106