Depression in adults may have been caused by chastening as a child


Published on Constant renewing of the mind is needed when it comes to the appropriate disciplinary procedures in child rearing among parents, family management counselors say. No parenting manuals can tell you exactly what to do with your own child. You just need to stick to your instincts. Self-help books may provide good suggestions, but since each child is unique, not one discipline pattern can work for a specific child and still be effective on another.

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Depression in adults may have been caused by chastening as a child

  1. 1. As Published on the Paxil Birth Defects Website
  2. 2. Constant renewing of the mind isneeded when it comes to theappropriate disciplinary proceduresin child rearing among parents,family management counselorssay. No parenting manuals can tellyou exactly what to do with yourown child. You just need to stick toyour instincts. Self-help books mayprovide good suggestions, butsince each child is unique, not onediscipline pattern can work for aspecific child and still be effectiveon another.
  3. 3. No one may be accountable to a child than his orher own parents. This applies perfectly forchildren with special needs, whose diagnosis areoften inaccurate. The paramount concern fordiscipline is child development so it needs to bedistinguished from punishment. Discipline buildsup the childs character which may or may notinclude punishment. Punishment, on the otherhand, connotes vindication and retribution whichshould not even be introduced to an innocent child..
  4. 4. The discipline rod parents pick determines thefuture attitude and emotional aptitude of thechild. Gone are the days of spanking, even thoughchild abuse still exists in some homes, becausemodern parents choose to explore other ways ofdisciplining their children. A time outsystem, which is now preferred by mostparents, is a discipline in which whenever a childdisobeys and causes mischief, he or she would bemade to face a wall for five minutes or put on atime out chair.
  5. 5. Some parents opt to take out certainprivileges when the child misbehavessuch as tv time or portable game devicesfor a period of time. This communicatesto the child that he or she should beaccountable for the mischief and thatthere are consequences. Children whowere exposed to abuse may grow up asself-critical adults who are prone todepression and anxiety, states a studyfrom Florida State University. Confirmingthe same, CBS News said that adults whowere abused in their childhood havebiological abnormalities in thebrain, endocrine and immune system.
  6. 6. Reuters further reports that chastening a child maycause long-term developmental damage and may lowera childs IQ. The World Health Organization says that oneout of 10 people in the United States are depressed. Itforecasts that in the year 2020, depressions will be thesecond leading cause for disability.Also noted were depressions link to other diseases suchas cancer, diabetes, heart failure and obesity.Antidepressants such like Paxil have some side effectswhich could cause to Paxil birth defects, autism, heartfailure and suicidal behavior among children.