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101+ Ideas


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101 great ideas for use in your pub to drive your business

101+ Ideas

  1. 1. HOW TO GUIDES 101+ IDEAS To Promote Your Pub THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO BUILDING TRADE IN YOUR PUB E 2nd dition Now even In association with bigger and bette r
  2. 2. 1 We all need some inspiration occasionally and this guide provides you with a wide cross section of promotions and ideas to help you get started and build trade in your pub. Not all of these ideas will suit your particular pub and you may well have tried some or all of them before, however hopefully they will help remind you of successful promotions you’ve tried in the past or encourage you to try some different ones. For ease of use the guide is broken down into the following quick reference sections:- • TOP TEN IDEAS pg 2 • GENERAL PROMOTIONS AND IDEAS pg 3 - 5 • PROMOTIONS BY DATES AND OCCASIONS pg 5 - 7 • SPORT pg 7 - 8 • FOOD PROMOTIONS AND IDEAS pg 9 - 10 • CONSUMER INVOLVEMENT pg 11 - 15 • STAFF INVOLVEMENT pg 16 • PUB OPENINGS pg 16 • ADVERTISING AND EVALUATING pg 17 • RESPONSIBLE DRINKS PROMOTIONS pg 18 Within each section the promotions and ideas are graded as follows:- QUICK AND EASY THOUGHT AND PLANNING REQUIRED GREATER PLANNING REQUIRED (AND POSSIBLE COST) Brief your staff thoroughly on the promotion you are running and encourage them to take ownership. On page 17 you will find some hints and tips on some of the best ways to advertise your promotions to your consumers. PLEASE NOTE - Some promotions or ideas have been marked with the following symbol . Take extra care with these promotions and in all cases ensure your promotions are run sensibly and responsibly, taking into account the guidelines shown in the Responsible Promotions section on page 19 of this guide.
  3. 3. 2 VIDEO RACE NIGHT 5 Popular nights with consumers and can be great for raising money for charity. PPS - Video Race Night promotion (page 71) or call 01823 698 609. 6 PUB GAMES Do something different from pool and darts by entertaining your consumers with Pub Olympics, Fun Bingo and Giant Jenga. TOP 10 IDEAS PPS - Selection of pub games (see pages 60 to 63) and FREE Game Night poster (page 16). See also How to Guide Pub Games. THIS IS A LIST OF THE TOP 10 IDEAS TAKEN FROM A SURVEY OF 100 PUNCH TAVERNS CUSTOMERS. 7 JUGS OF ALE/LAGER Great for social drinking, for a group to share or BBQs etc. THEME NIGHTS PPS - Selection of branded or un-branded 1 These can add variety for your diners and give you jugs (pages 30 to 35) and FREE Drinks posters (page 17). 8 WINE PROMOTION - recognition for doing something a little different. Think music, decor, food and drink REST OF THE BOTTLE FREE Great way to add value and PPS - Theme kits (pages 66 to 69) and FREE What’s On posters to encourage your consumers to advertise (page 17). purchase more wine from you. 2 FREE FOOD PPS - FREE Wine Promotion posters (page Great for encouraging ‘early doors’ drinkers to stay longer 13) and also check out the monthly Connect brochure for regular wine offers. or to support small promotions. Keep it simple i.e. potato wedges, sausages, pizza slices etc. Also use during key sporting events especially after the ‘final whistle’. PPS - FREE Food posters (page 17). 9 BOUNCE BACKS Great way to encourage consumers to return to your pub and can be either drink or food based. 3 LOYALTY COLLECTOR These are great mechanics to encourage consumers to spend more at PPS - FREE vouchers (page 10). Contact the Design and Print Service or call Plus One 0121 707 8384 for bounce backs personalised to your pub. 10 1ST GOAL SCORED COMPETITION your pub by collecting stamps when purchasing food or drink and then Great competition to add fun on redeeming for the reward of your choice. match days. PPS - FREE Collector kit (page 11). PPS - FREE 1st Goal Scored poster (page 14). 4 POOL/DARTS DOMINOES KNOCKOUT A knockout is an excellent Don’t forget to use your PPS Brochure! mechanic to encourage your There are many FREE supporting items consumers to visit your pub on a regular basis. such as posters and kits Great any time of year but especially Bank Holidays. available from your PPS brochure to help make the PPS - FREE Knockout poster (page 15). most out of your events.
  4. 4. 3 7. WINE PROMOTION - REST OF THE BOTTLE FREE Consumer purchases two large glasses and gets the rest of the bottle free. A great way to add value and encourage your consumers to purchase more wine from you. Careful wine selection and pricing will still provide you with a healthy profit margin. TOP PPS - FREE Wine Promotion Poster (page 16). 10 8. UPSIZING PROMOTION Encourages consumers to buy larger portions/ measures of food or drink enabbling you to increase GENERAL PROMOTIONS AND IDEAS your profit and/or offer better value for money. PPS - FREE Upsizing Promotion Poster (page 16). 1. CATCH THE STAR round at a reduced price or free. 2. HAVE YOU GOT A SPOT ON YOUR BOTTOM? # When the timer sounds, the consumer who is served by the member of staff wearing the star badge receives their drink or Great for promoting one or more of your bottled beers. Simply 9. NATIONAL LOTTERY LUCKY NUMBERS Show the Lottery draw live on your TV or Big Screen. Any consumer present at the time of the draw who has a winning number(s) on their lottery ticket gets a free pint/drink. Only available for 15 minutes after the draw time. place a sticker on the bottom of random bottles and when the 10. BONUS BALL consumer buys one with a sticker on they get another free or a Consumers who can provide you with that week’s prize e.g. t-shirt or cap. National Lottery ticket showing that they’ve got PPS - See your brochure for a range of prizes. the Bonus Ball Number can receive the value of the number off their first drink. E.g. 3. IT’S OFF OR BARREL RUNS DRY number 39 gets them £0.39p off their drink. If a draught product runs out whilst the consumer is being served they 11. MEAT RAFFLE get their drink for free. Ideal for a Sunday to draw the consumers in. Each time a PPS - FREE If the Barrel Runs Dry poster (page 16). consumer purchases a drink they get a raffle ticket and at a pre- determined time do a draw to see who will win a joint of meat. 4. LAST SHOT Similar to the draught version but based on spirits. The consumer 12. BILL THE TILL A. N.r who orders the last shot of spirit from a bottle gets it free. Issue a receipt with each round of drinks and write the consumer’s name on the receipt. Hold a draw with the receipts. The winner gets Othe 5. JELLY BEAN JAR the original round as a prize. Ideal activity for Fill a jar with jellybeans and count or weigh them. Charge quiet weeknights. consumers for guessing the correct answer. Proceeds go to charity and the jellybeans go to the winning consumer. 13. RUSH THE BAR TOP A promotion that can be run at short notice and can create great 6. JUGS OF ALE/LAGER 10 theatre. Issue raffle tickets for each drink/round purchased over a Sell 4 pints of beer/lager for the price couple of hours and then at a pre-determined time pick one out of 3/3.5 pints. Great for social drinking, and the lucky winner has one or two minutes (you for a group to share or BBQs etc. decide) to come behind the bar and pour as many PPS - Selection of branded or un-branded jugs pints of draught beer as they can in the time. (pages 30 to 35) and FREE Drinks posters (page 17). PPS - FREE At Your Local posters (page 17).
  5. 5. 4 14. NON-ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILS (MOCKTAILS) 21. BEAUJOLAIS A great promotion for consumers who want all the flavour and Promote the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau (16th November) and refreshment of a cocktail without the alcoholic content. Why not combine with a French theme - checked table create a menu of your cocktails to promote them? cloths, French food, red scarves, string of PPS - Contact the Design and Print Service for menus and posters to promote. onions/garlic - and do a bit of wine sampling. PPS - FREE Drinks posters (page 17). 15. SEASONAL DRINKS AND FOOD Make the most of key events to sell drink and food e.g. 22. BEER/CIDER FESTIVAL St. George’s Day - cask ale and traditional English dishes; Takes a fair bit of organising but tends to be a very popular event. Wimbledon - strawberries & cream and jugs of Pimms; Provide consumers with a range of unusual cask beers and ciders St. Pat’s Day - Irish stout, colcannon with a simple pricing structure, possibly held outside (weather and soda bread. Check out Marketing permitting). Provide consumers with a simple beer or cider menu Matters for regular updated links. with tasting notes and possibly combine with a pig roast or BBQ. Advertise well in advance and run for at least PPS - Theme kits (pages 66 to 68) and FREE What’s On, Food and Drinks posters (page 17). two or three days. Additional help is available in planning your event with your Business Relationship Manager. PPS - FREE How to Guide Beer Festivals (page 18). 16. COFFEE MORNING Choose one morning in the week for local ladies (and gents) to meet up over coffee and biscuits. Great way to 23. HANDPULLED ALE CLUB promote your coffees and hopefully encourage Develop your own Handpulled Ale club in your pub. Provide your consumers to stay for lunch (if you serve food). consumers with a membership card and offer them exclusive sampling nights, brewery visits, meet the brewer events (speak to your Business Relationship Manager) and special offers – it all 17. BRING A GUEST helps to keep them coming back for more! Get one of your regular consumers to choose a guest beer for the month - please speak with your Telesales Representative to PPS - FREE Drinks posters (page 17). discuss the range available to you. Speak to your Business Relationship Manager about Finest Cask. 24. LANDLORD’S/PUB’S BIRTHDAY Give your consumers a free drink on arrival or a complimentary 18. TOSS THE BOSS buffet to celebrate your birthday or the pub’s birthday! An instant promotion to run. Challenge a consumer to toss a coin with you to see if he or she gets their drink free or whether 25. MALT OF THE MONTH they will need to buy you one! Drive your spirit sales by promoting a Malt of the Month – provide your consumers with tasting notes to encourage purchase. Speak to Punch Telesales about the best range. 19. 52 CARD DRAW All you need for this instant promotion is a pack of cards. PPS - FREE Drinks posters (page 17). Offer a consumer the opportunity to get their drink for free if they can draw one of the two joker cards from the 26. DESIGNATED DRIVER - FREE DRINK pack (please be aware of gambling restrictions). Offer a free re-fill for the designated driver in the party. Driver buys one drink and then gets either a voucher or 20. badge for a free re-fill(s) of a specified (mixer) drink. Encourage your consumers to try different products from around PPS - FREE Drinks or At Your Local posters (page 17). the world such as bottled beers - use a map of the world to pin point them. Once they’ve tried all of the products nominated (use 27. FREE BIRTHDAY DRINK a simple collector mechanic) reward them with a free Consumer presents their driving licence or passport to receive a drink or perhaps a t-shirt with ‘I drank the world’ on. celebratory drink. Make sure you collect their name and address PPS - FREE Collector kit (page 11) and Beers of the World so you can send them a card next year! brochure (page 18). PPS - FREE Drinks posters (page 17).
  6. 6. 5 28. PHOTO COMPETITION Create a focal point on one of your walls and some great FOR THE consumer involvement by running either a holiday or Christmas LATEST COPY photo competition with the winner getting a free drink/meal. CALL frontline on 0870 608 1611 29. HANDPULLED ALE AND CHEESE Cheese and wine with a difference. Ale and cheese is a great match, so offer your consumers something different and don’t forget to encourage the ladies too! PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). 30. HEADS ‘N’ TAILS PROMOTIONS BY DATES AND OCCASIONS Can be run on the spur of the moment or use posters to advertise in advance. Flip a coin with KEY DATES your consumer when they purchase and if they 34. BURNS NIGHT - 25TH JANUARY call right you reward them e.g. 5% off. A great excuse to throw a party in late January PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). when most people are due to be paid again - beer, haggis, whisky 31. BEER/WINE OF THE MONTH and mashed potato are a must! A great way to broaden your consumers PPS - Scottish or St Andrew’s theme kit tastes and get them to trial different or (page 66), Scotland flag (page 69) and FREE new beers and wine as they come What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). available. Link in to events e.g. feature Australian wines in January to 35. AUSTRALIA DAY - 26TH JANUARY compliment Australia Day or seasonal A beach party (yes in January!), BBQ, pint of beers e.g. refreshing lagers in the Foster’s, great Aussie wines and summer or hearty bitters in the winter. Waltzing Matilda – guaranteed PPS - Personalised posters, tent cards and to make a talking point, create banners from Design and Print Service and FREE some fun and drive your profits. Drinks posters (page 17). PPS - Tropical or Australian theme kit (page 66) and FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). 32. INTERNET The internet is a great source for ideas for food, 36. CHINESE NEW YEAR - 7TH FEBRUARY events, quizzes etc. Here’s a few to get you started: Hold a Chinese theme night – put on Chinese food - speciality beers and Tiger beer. - quizzes - food ideas PPS - Menus from Design and Print Service and FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). 33. FILM NIGHT 37. VALENTINE’S DAY - 14TH FEBRUARY Show a popular film or even a ‘Golden The more romantic you make Oldie’. Enhance your football screenings it, the better it gets! Food by showing the 1966 World Cup Final, menus for sharing, 101 Best Goals or Sporting blunders. romantically named dishes and A children’s film in a family area will pink drinks e.g. Rosé wines, occupy the children while their parents Jacques cider, Tequila Rose. enjoy food or drink. Why not turn your Function Room into a mini PPS - Posters, tent cards, banners cinema for the night? Great way to make profit from a little used and menus from Design and Print Service and area! (You will need a licence see Valentine’s theme kit (page 67).
  7. 7. 6 38. ST DAVID’S DAY - 1ST MARCH 45. ST GEORGE’S DAY - 23RD APRIL Raise a glass to God’s country and celebrate with a Handpulled ale and traditional English dishes are a must for this pint of Brains SA, Welsh recipes and music ever growing celebration. from Tom Jones to the Stereophonics. PPS - St George’s theme kit (page 67), PPS - Wales theme kit (page 66), Wales flag (page 69) England flag (page 69) and FREE What’s On and FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). and food/drink posters (page 17). 46. MAY BANK HOLIDAY - 39. ST PAT’S DAY - 17TH MARCH One of the biggest celebrations in the year, so don’t miss out! (DATE VARIES) Stock up on Guinness, serve some hearty Irish food such as A family fun day or garden games will get your consumers in the Colcannon and soda bread and dress mood on the day and for the start of the summer. your pub up to build the atmosphere. PPS - Garden Games (pages 71 & 78) and FREE What’s On posters to advertise (page 17) . PPS - St Patrick’s theme kit (page 66) and FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). 47. FATHER’S DAY - (JUNE - DATE VARIES) A great family occasion that can be enjoyed in your pub. Cater 40. MOTHER’S DAY - (MARCH - DATE VARIES) for Dads out for a drink with their grown up children or a family A set meal or suitable entertainment can be great attractions to occasion and advertise well in advance. your pub. Offer a free present/flower to Mum to make them feel special and encourage them back to your pub again in the PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). future. Remember to promote Easter while your pub is busy. 48. GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL - PPS - Posters, tent cards, banners and menus from Design and Print Service. LAST WEEKEND IN JUNE Turn up the music and bring on the flower power with some 41. INDIAN NEW YEAR - 22ND MARCH great fancy dress. Add some cider from the South West and Cobra and Tiger are great drinks to promote on have your own pub style version of Glastonbury. the day. If you do food, offer Indian nibbles such PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). as bhajis, samosas etc or a selection of curries, rice and naan bread. 49. AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY - 4TH JULY PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). A great day to roll out the stars and stripes. Offer buckets of Budweiser at a set price and some great ‘US of A’ style food like 42. EASTER - (MARCH/APRIL - DATE VARIES) ribs, burgers and fries. Easter egg hunt, Easter bonnet competition, free Easter egg PPS - American theme kit (page 66) and FREE What’s On and food/drink posters when kids dine in your pub and a bank holiday to make the (page 17). most of. Whatever you decide on, ensure that you advertise it well in advance. 50. BACK TO SCHOOL - EARLY SEPTEMBER PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). Get your consumers to dress up in their old school uniform (if they can!), play music from the 70s and 80s, serve school dinners – sponge pudding with lashing of custard and do a 43. MARDI GRAS homework quiz. Don’t forget to be the Head Master or Head Cajun food, necklaces and celebrate by serving up a Mistress for the evening. Hurricane cocktail - amber rum, passion fruit juice, lemon juice and sugar. PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). 51. MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY - 16TH SEPTEMBER 44. PANCAKE DAY - SHROVE TUESDAY (DATE VARIES) Theme your pub ‘Mexican style’ and promote nachos, tortilla, Pancake races or pancake flipping make great theatre so organise, chimichangas with Corona or Sol and add a little salsa music to advertise and draw a crowd into your pub. Add pancakes to your get your consumers in the mood. food menu, cheap and easy to produce, great profit potential. PPS - Mexican theme kit (page 67) and FREE What’s On and food/drink posters PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). (page 17).
  8. 8. 7 52. OKTOBERFEST - LATE SEPTEMBER/EARLY OCTOBER Bratwurst sausage, sauerkraut, Lederhosen, plenty of German beer and thigh slapping music will ensure your Oktoberfest goes with a swing. Promote buckets of Becks and Holsten Pils for a bit of German flavour. PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). 53. HALLOWEEN - 31ST OCTOBER Try pumpkin competitions, trick or treat, spooky cocktails and some scary fancy dress. Decorate your pub for SPORT Halloween and really add to the atmosphere on the night. 58. SUPER BOWL - JANUARY/FEBRUARY PPS - Halloween theme kit (page 68) and FREE Advertise buckets of Bud, hot What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). dogs with American mustard and theme your pub American 54. BONFIRE NIGHT - 5TH NOVEMBER style. For the Super Bowl date Make the most of this great opportunity - why not do a BBQ with see hot potatoes and bangers? If your consumers are going to a PPS - American theme kit (page 66) local bonfire why not offer them an incentive/bounce back to and FREE Live Sports/What’s On and food/drink posters (pages 16 & 17). return to your pub for a drink or something to eat afterwards. PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). 59. RUGBY TOURNAMENTS - VARIOUS 55. CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS - DECEMBER DATES/COMPETITIONS Bring the excitement of Rugby to your pub. More and more Make your plans and advertise early to reap the benefits during rugby is now being shown on terrestrial TV and is a great way to December. If you’re offering food ensure that you have menus drive trade. Advertise the fixtures in advance. Theme your pub produced well in advance to and serve beer/food to the country that is playing, check out encourage early bookings. Connect and Marketing Matters for great deals. PPS - have posters, tent cards, banners and Christmas menus personalised to your PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). See also Connect for pub from Design and Print Service, Christmas special deals and kits available for purchase. theme kits and accessories (pages 68 & 69) and FREE What’s On and food/drink posters. 60. GRAND NATIONAL - EARLY APRIL The Grand National is a great crowd 56. NEW YEAR - DECEMBER/JANUARY builder; even non-racegoers will get in the There’s no better time for a party in your pub. Promote the night racing spirit! Put on a sweepstake for your well in advance to secure table bookings/entry ticket sales and regulars and advertise the race on your give your consumers a night to remember. large screens and TVs. (Ensure you PPS - have posters, invitations or tickets personalised to your pub from Design comply with the new gambling legislation - and Print Service, and FREE What’s On and food/drink posters. PPS - FREE Live Sports/What’s On and food/drink posters (pages 16 & 17). 57. FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS - VARIOUS DATES Famous birthdays are the ideal reason to run a themed/ 61. PAMPLONA BULL RUN - 7TH TO 14TH JULY topical night in your pub e.g. Chuck Berry’s Birthday Bring the excitement of Spain to your pub. Create offers on San (18th October) - 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Night, Sean Connery’s Miguel, Red Bull, Estrella and put on some Tapas and Paella for your Birthday (25th August) - James Bond Casino Night etc. consumers. Consider hiring a Rodeo style bull for the weekend. PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17).
  9. 9. 8 62. WIMBLEDON - JUNE/JULY 68. SNOOKER/DARTS - VARIOUS DATES/MATCHES Advertise the match, especially the finals to get Show the big tournaments on your telly and your consumers to watch the tennis in your while they are on, advertise a darts or pool pub instead of at home. knockout to encourage your consumers to PPS - FREE Live Sports/What’s On and food/drink posters re-visit. Offer plenty of spicy nibbles and (pages 16 & 17). promote sharing buckets of bottle beer. PPS - FREE pool, darts and food/drink posters (pages 16 & 17). See pages 60 to 63 for accessories and trophies. 63. CRICKET - VARIOUS DATES/MATCHES Internationals, test matches, one day cricket are also now being played in the evenings. So 69. FRONT ROW SPORT settle your consumers down with a pint of cider Run a prize draw/raffle on the lead up or draught beer and some nibbles whilst they to a big game (or on a previous game) while away the hours in front of the cricket in to win a reserved table/seats for the your pub. NEXT big match. PPS - FREE Live Sports/What’s On and PPS - FREE Live sports posters (page 16). See page 61 for raffle tickets. food/drink posters (pages 16 & 17). 70. YOU’RE BOOKED 64. TOUR DE FRANCE - JULY Offer your consumers the opportunity to pre-order their drinks For the cycling fans in your pub or the local cycling before the match starts so that their drinks will be ready for half club, why not offer a special deal on Kronenbourg time or order a meal for when the game finishes (same principle 1664 whilst the Tour de France is on? as Theatres). PPS - FREE Live Sports/What’s On and food/drink posters (pages 16 & 17). 71. FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS CLUB Great if you’ve got a strong football following in your pub. Sell 65. GOLF - VARIOUS DATES/MATCHES membership at £3 and then give them a free drink on their The British Open and US Masters are just two of many Birthday and special offers on match days. competitions that will catch consumer’s attention during the year. Offer them special food and drink deals to encourage them to 72. SPORTS TEAMS watch it in your pub rather than at home. Darts, pool, rugby, football teams can be a great PPS - FREE Live Sports/What’s On and food/drink posters (pages 16 & 17). source of regular trade. Support your football team with a kit to ensure they drink after the game in your pub. 66. MOTOR RACING - VARIOUS DATES/RACES PPS - FREE Live Sports, football, darts, pool posters (see pages 16 and 17). See page 64 for football kits and page 63 for support kits. With Formula 1 and motorbike racing becoming increasingly popular why not show the races on your large screens and create a following of motor sport followers? 73. GOLF SOCIETY OR FISHING CLUB PPS - FREE Live Sports/What’s On and food/drink posters (pages 16 & 17). For the golfers and fishermen in your pub, why not encourage them to set up a Golf Society or fishing club which can be based from your 67. FOOTBALL - VARIOUS DATES/MATCHES pub with you supplying a light buffet or Make the most out of your large screens nibbles after matches? and keep your soccer fans happy. Consider pre and post match activity to PPS - see page 62 for trophies and page 63 for a golf society support pack. keep your consumers for longer e.g. quizzes, pre-booked seats and meal 74. PUB OLYMPICS before the game etc. Combine all your pub games into one big event - PPS - FREE football fixture, first goal which could be staged over a number of weeks to scored and empty belly posters (pages encourage repeat visits on a quiet night. 16), Carlsberg Sports Viewing Club (page 60) and football kits (page 64). PPS - FREE What’s On/Pub Games posters (page 17) and page 63 for a pub Olympic support pack.
  10. 10. 9 79. TAPAS Snacking, sharing food with a Spanish difference. Consider offering a Tapas special offer with a bottle of San Miguel, Estrella or a bottle of rich Spanish Rioja. PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). 80. SEASONAL FOOD OFFER For example Pimms with Strawberries and Cream during June/July or a FOOD PROMOTIONS AND IDEAS pint of stout and a hot pot as the winter starts to draw in. 75. GOLDEN OLDIES SPECIALS PPS - FREE food/drink posters (page 17). Create a set menu or selection of dishes that will appeal to older consumers both in 81. BBQ’S quantity and price and advertise on your Great way to make the most of the better chalkboards, A-boards and posters. weather and encourage your consumers PPS - FREE food posters (page 17). to stay longer by removing their hunger See pages 52 and 53 for A-boards pangs. Can be done at short notice if and chalk pens. you have the necessary food stock but advertising in advance always helps. PPS - Garden equipment, umbrellas, heaters 76. CURRY NIGHT (pages 77 to 79). Cobra, Tiger or pint and a curry for £x.xx. 82. FREE CHILLI PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink TOP Offer a free bowl of chilli with every 10 posters (page 17). Contact the Design pint purchased (can be time and Print Service for personalised menus/posters and tent cards. limited i.e. early evenings). A low cost promotion and cheaper than discounting 77. A TASTE OF ITALY drinks. As chilli is spicy people Pizza, pasta, a bottle will naturally be thirsty and of Peroni or a good drink more. Chianti. Why not offer your consumers a food PPS - FREE food posters (page 17). deal and decorate your pub Italian style? TOP PPS - Italian theme kit (page 83. FREE FOOD 10 66), and FREE What’s On and Great for encouraging ‘early doors’ food/drink posters (page 17). drinkers to stay longer or to support small promotions. Keep it simple 78. FRENCH FLAVOURS i.e. potato wedges, sausages, Consider either a big (pre-booked) sit down meal pizza slices etc - and make them packed full of fabulous French dishes or just some spicy or herby where possible. Try simple Gallic nibbles and cheese with Kronenbourg to avoid crisps and nuts as these 1664 or a great bottle of French wine. take sales away from your food PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters (page 17). menu.
  11. 11. 10 84. FOOD EATING COMPETITIONS 88. PIG ROAST These need to be organised In a similar style to doing a BBQ but on a slightly bigger scale. and promoted but can be great fun. Whether it is pickled 89. THEME NIGHTS onions or eggs, a plate of These can add variety for your diners and give you recognition spaghetti, doughnuts, cream for doing something a little different. They need to be advertised crackers or any other food well in advance with deposits/bookings taken. French, German, eaten in the fastest time, you Italian, Chinese and Indian food is popular and easy can choose the best food for to source. you. (Warning - be mindful of your consumers’ health). PPS - Theme kits to dress your pub (pages 66 to 69). PPS - FREE What’s On and food posters (page 17). 90. BEST OF BRITISH NIGHT/WEEK Why not do a theme night or week based on some good old 85. MEAL DEALS British traditional dishes such as Fish & Chips, Faggots and The combinations for these are Peas, Spotted Dick etc. endless. Here’s some examples - TOP Two main meals and a bottle of 10 wine for only £xx.xx, Steak and Strawberries for only £xx.xx, A Pie and a Pint for only £x.xx, Senior Citizens Special - two courses for only £x.xx. PPS - FREE food posters (page 17). 86. £1-A-PLATE Think of a simple food dish (e.g. chilli and rice), advertise the night and then collect a pound from all consumers before the PPS - British theme kit (page 67). night. Use the money collected to buy and FREE What’s On and At Your Local posters (page 17). prepare food (always make a little extra food). Serve food to those consumers who have paid 91. SCHOOL DINNERS (good promotion if you don’t normally serve hot Variation on a theme night but with a fancy dress difference. food or don’t have a full catering kitchen). Book consumers in for a school reunion in your pub where they PPS - FREE What’s On, At Your Local and food posters (page 17). dress in school uniform and enjoy a good old fashioned school Contact the Design and Print Service for personalised invites and tickets. dinner which must be followed up with sponge and pink custard! PPS - FREE What’s On or At Your Local posters (page 17). 87. FOOD GUARANTEE Offer a time guarantee to your consumers for serving their 92. CHEESE AND WINE NIGHT food - if they don’t receive it in An old favourite but still popular and a great way a pre-determined time they for your consumers to try wines from your Wine get their meal for free. An List whilst sampling some cheese at the same attractive promotion for time. Try and source some local unusual cheeses business people who may for your consumers to try. Can also have limited time for lunch. For work really well with cask ale. additional theatre why not use PPS - FREE What’s On, food/drink an egg timer on the table? posters (page 17).
  12. 12. 11 98. EUROVISION In a similar vein to a fancy dress night except base the fancy dress on countries. Add some pretty annoying music and some unfair voting to make the night one to remember. PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). 99. OPEN MIC Free entertainment and a great way to support local bands/acts. Advertise the night well in advance and put on some great drinks offers on the night to draw the crowds in. CONSUMER INVOLVEMENT PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). 93. BINGO 100. DISCO New gaming laws mean that bingo can now be Utilise your function room or a room that used to help build trade in your pub - don’t can accommodate a disco. Discos can be miss out on this great opportunity. popular with everyone as you only need to Variation - Irish Bingo, everyone starts by roll back the clock to appeal to all ages. standing up. If a number is called that’s on your Theme your disco to a band or era e.g. 60’s and 70’s. sheet you sit down, last one standing wins. PPS - Have your own posters created by Design & Print Service or PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17) or call 01823 698609 to order great FREE What’s On posters (page 17). value bingo kits. 94. POKER NIGHT 101. GARDEN PARTIES Henley Regatta and Ascot are two With changes in legislation and the new found great events that could be a garden popularity of this game this is a great opportunity party theme but do you really need a to add another entertaining night to your pub’s reason to hold a garden party? weekly calendar. PPS - FREE What’s On and food/drink posters PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17) or see (page 17). Garden games (page 78). or call 01246 813 713. 95. DAY AT THE RACES 102. CLOTHES SWAP If you’re not too far away from a race course why not organise a Partners swap their clothes in a giant duvet cover against the clock. Day at the Races? Maybe offer a set price including breakfast at your pub first, transport and entry into the course and after-race 103. SOCIETIES AND CLUBS meal or drinks back at your pub. Encourage car or motorbike clubs, Round Table, WI, local ladies groups which can really boost your sales on quieter 96. LOUDEST SHIRT/TIE NIGHT nights and daytimes. Advertise the night and watch your consumers turn up in some of the most outrageous shirts and ties around. Offer a 104. SNOWBALL QUIZ prize for the winner. Consumers pay to answer a difficult question e.g. £1 and the PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). first correct winner receives the kitty. 97. FANCY DRESS NIGHT 105. QUIZ NIGHT Give it a theme or leave it open to choice. Offer Encourages a regular crowd, plus there is a great variety special drinks promotions on the night and have a of speciality quiz questions that can be used from PPS. judging panel to decide on the best outfit of the night. PPS - FREE Quiz monthly kit, poster, flyers and answer sheets (page 10). PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). PLUS a range of FREE speciality quizzes on different themes. For other quiz options request a copy of How to Guides Pub Games
  13. 13. 12 106. LUCKY DIP QUIZ 112. SUPPORT YOUR TEAM Take a decorated lucky dip box out into the pub (even better if This encourages your teams to support themselves you have a radio mike). Ask a consumer a question and if they and use your pub more often. When consumers get it right they get a lucky dip to draw out a piece of paper with purchase certain products you donate a small a prize written on it. amount, which is then accumulated to buy PPS - See your brochure for a selection of possible prizes. things such as football kits, darts shirts etc. PPS - FREE Support Your poster (page 16). 107. LOYALTY COLLECTOR 113. PUB GAMES These are great mechanics to encourage TOP Do something different from pool and darts 10 consumers to spend more at your pub by by entertaining your consumers with Unlock the collecting stamps when purchasing food or drink Door, Fun Bingo and the Higher Lower game. and then redeeming for the reward of your choice. TOP Consider other games e.g. Chess or Connect 4. PPS - FREE Collector kit (page 11). 10 PPS - FREE Bar Games posters (pages 60 to 63) and How to Guide Bar Games (page 18) for more ideas. 108. INSTANT WIN This promotion is a game of chance 114. GARDEN GAMES designed to build excitement at the point of Don’t limit yourself to inside your pub when purchase and reward consumers instantly. there’s an opportunity outside too. Take your Use it to drive sales of high margin or new products. pick from giant wooden dominoes, rocket PPS - FREE Instant Win kit (page 11). target game, tumbling towers and garden skittles. PPS - Garden games (page 78). 109. PRIZE DRAW 115. CELLAR TOURS Consumers enter their name on a Give your consumers an insight into how your pub works and numbered section on a poster upon where their drinks come from. Great way to show them how brand purchase and on a particular much hard work goes into providing them with quality products draw date a winner is picked and day in day out. You could combine this with a sampling night. wins the prize specified by you. PPS - FREE Prize Draw poster (page 17). 116. TARTS AND VICARS An old favourite and great fun on the night. Encourage your 110. 1ST GOAL SCORED TOP consumers to dress up on the night - ladies as vicars and men COMPETITION 10 as tarts! For a specified match the consumer enters PPS - FREE What’s On or At Your Local poster (page 17). their name against a time on the displayed poster and the winner wins the prize 117. HARD PEG CLUB specified by you. Your regulars buy a hard peg for £1 and become members of the Hard Peg Club. They must have it on them at all times while PPS - FREE 1st Goal Scored poster (page 14). in the pub. Other members may ask to see a member’s hard peg and if the peg is not produced then they will receive a fine of 111. POOL/DARTS/DOMINOES KNOCKOUT 50p. All proceeds to go to charity. Have a Hard Peg Club A knockout is an excellent TOP Committee with monthly meetings and newsletters etc. mechanic to encourage 10 your consumers to visit 118. HALLOWEEN your pub on a regular basis A fangtastic night that is becoming more to play their favourite game popular each year. Dress your pub up, competitively against other create some scary cocktails and make it consumers. a great night for your consumers. PPS - FREE Knockout poster PPS - Halloween theme kit (page 68). (page 15).
  14. 14. 13 119. END OF THE LINE 125. LIVE MUSIC Draw up to 20 lines on a map. Could be tube lines, landmarks of Great nights to draw in new town, etc. Consumers buy drinks to get to the end of the line consumers and encourage regulars through stops e.g. stations, landmarks etc. You can either give to re-visit. Jazz nights are popular prizes at each stop or at the end of the line. with some consumers and can draw a regular crowd. Check out the acts in advance and make 120. PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT sure your licence allows you to put live music on. Why not Hand out raffle tickets to choose who will play the game, about charge a set price and include a drink and food? 5-15 players, and have a separate table with the cards on. PPS - FREE What’s on, At Your Local or Coming Soon posters (page 17). Cards need to be large with prizes such as bottles of wine, lottery scratchcards, caps, T-shirts etc. 126. TRIBUTE NIGHTS PPS - Call Talent Entertainment on 01823 698 609. Similar to Live Music but using a tribute act. Some tribute acts have great followings and 121. OPEN THE BOX consumers will travel miles to watch. Usually done with a set of wooden boxes, all numbered (you can PPS - For artists see page 71 or call Talent Entertainment on 01823 698 609. also use money bags, etc). Each box contains a prize, possibly cash, including several booby prizes. Consumers buy raffle tickets - winner gets to pick a key and open a box of their 127. KARAOKE Fun nights with consumer participation. choice. Most of the money goes to charity, other money to Consider running a competition that stretches increase the value of prizes. out over a period of weeks and ends in a PPS - Call Talent Entertainment on 01823 698 609 for details. grand final. e.g. X-factor, Pop Idol etc. You may need a licence to run a Karaoke night. 122. QUESTION BOARD PPS - FREE What’s on, At Your Local or Coming Soon posters (page 17). Instead of a full quiz, just put one question up on your chalkboard/posters or A-boards - 128. COMEDY NIGHTS first correct answer gets a free drink. A good comedian can be a good draw for consumers, but again Do something with a quote or check them out in advance to ensure their material is suitable. anagram - first consumer to sort Try to sell tickets in advance to cover the cost. it gets the drink! PPS - For comedians see page 71 or call Talent Entertainment on 01823 698 609. PPS - Chalkboards and A-boards to advertise (page 51 to 53). 129. CHARITY RAFFLES There’s no better way to raise 123. SLAVE AUCTION money for charity than doing a Gather together a number of your regulars raffle. At least 50% of any money who are up for having a bit of fun and raffle raised should go to charity; the them off one evening as ‘Slaves For A Day’. balance can be used to fund prizes Great for raising money for charitable causes. etc. Encourage your local businesses to provide prizes (it’s a good opportunity for them as they PPS - FREE Coming Soon poster (page 17). get a mention in your pub). Make sure your consumers know how much money the pub is raising and tell your local press. 124. SING-A-LONG Requires a good pianist and, of course, 130. SCRATCH CARDS a piano. These nights can be extremely A great mechanic to encourage popular for building long-term loyalty. excitement at point of purchase and Provide food from the era (i.e. jellied increase sales. For example use eels, pie and mash). caps, t-shirts etc. as prizes. PPS - FREE At Your Local poster (page 17). PPS - FREE Instant Win promotion (page 11).
  15. 15. 14 131. CASINO NIGHT 137. PRIVATE PARTIES/FUNCTION ROOM HIRE A great night for your consumers betting Maximise the benefits from your function room or spare room. with fun currency and can be used to Offer your consumers the opportunity to have birthday and raise money for charity. Consider offering anniversary parties, wakes, wedding receptions etc at your pub. a buffet on the night as well. Hire your function room out for other activities where you can PPS - See page 70 or call Talent Entertainment on charge room hire e.g. business meetings, aerobics, salsa 01823 698 609. dancing etc. The chances are that the people who attend will also come and enjoy a drink or meal in your pub. This is a competitive area - you may need to offer free room hire or a free 132. VIDEO RACE NIGHT buffet to secure a booking. Popular nights with consumers and can be great for raising PPS - Contact Design and Print Service for posters personalised to your pub. money for charity. There is the opportunity to include food on the night as well. OP PPS - See page 70 or call Talent T 0 Entertainment on 01823 698 609. 1 138. OUTSIDE BAR 133. AUCTION NIGHT If you have the facilities, an outside bar can be a great A fun and exciting night with consumers being opportunity to attract new consumers. Advertise encouraged to purchase products in the lead up that your pub has supplied the bar, enjoying the to the auction to collect tokens to bid with. added benefit of increased revenue. PPS - FREE Auction Night kit (page 12) - see pages PPS - Outdoor equipment (pages 74 to 77). 8 and 9 for prizes. 134. BEACH PARTY/CARIBBEAN NIGHT 139. BOTTLE TOP AUCTION When consumers buy packaged beers, lagers or cider they Fancy dress, grass skirts, cocktails (Tequila Sunrise), shorts, collect bottle tops and use them as money to bid in an auction t-shirts, limbo dancing competition, sunglasses etc. Use up your for promotional t-shirts, key rings, hats, drinks, etc. Don’t fake tan and perhaps serve advertise too far in advance or consumers will get bottle tops Caribbean food which may be linked from elsewhere. to a local restaurant. Consider running the Beach Party night in the winter. PPS - FREE At Your Local posters (page 17) - see pages 8 and 9 for prizes. PPS - Tropical theme kit (page 66). 140. POOL/DARTS LADDER Make a list of all your regular pool or darts players. 135. GREEK NIGHT Mark them all on a chalkboard ladder under your Greek food (olives on the bar), fancy dress, smashing plates, control (in alphabetical order to start with). To Greek dancing, etc. A great night with plenty of theatre - plus move up the ladder, players challenge the name don’t forget to play the all time favourite Greek tune, Zorba the immediately above their own. If they win, they Greek, to get your consumers up and dancing. swap places with the loser. You might like to PPS - FREE What’s on, At Your Local or Coming Soon posters (page 17). award a monthly prize to the top and bottom players. PPS - FREE Pool/Darts posters (page 15). Pool support kit (page 63). 136. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR IN THE SUMMER Why not decorate your pub with festive trimmings 141. SPEED POOL and promote a Christmas menu. Run the The fastest time to clear the table for one person, and the cue promotion in the summer to add variety and ball must be stationery before each shot. Allow plenty of time for create a talking point. Create business building this competition. Nominate a time keeper. Advertise the results in opportunities over two weekends with New Year the pub and take photos for your Locals Notice Board. the following week. PPS - FREE Pool posters to advertise the competition (page 15). PPS - Christmas decoration kits (pages 68 and 69). Pool support kit (page 63).
  16. 16. 15 142. BULLS EYE 149. TUG OF WAR Based on the popular TV series - ‘Super, Smashing, A great event as part of a family fun day. Challenge another pub Champion, Great - just look at what you could have or your football team v your rugby team (perhaps even hold a won’. Create a competition for winning prizes based practice night). Do it in fancy dress for extra fun. on certain numbers/scores on the dartboard. PPS - FREE Darts posters (page 15) see pages 8 and 9 for prizes. 150. WELLY THROWING Similar to the Tug of War and a great event as part of a weekend/family/charity event. The person 143. FASHION SHOW who throws the welly the furthest wins a prize Encourage a local ladieswear (or menswear) shop or the local (take it off your foot first to avoid injury!). fashion design college to bring along their ranges for your locals to model on the night. Plenty of theatre and you may be able to get the store/college to provide a garment for you to raffle for charity. 151. HUMAN TABLE FOOTBALL You need plenty of space for this one and will need to hire the PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). equipment, however this can make a Bank Holiday weekend great fun both for the competitors and spectators. It is a huge 144. LADIES NIGHT inflatable table football arena with players joined together. Treat your ladies to a night where they can purchase drinks and/or food at special prices - cocktails, wine, 152. TREASURE HUNT light bites etc. You may even be brave and Could be combined with a family day or weekend event or could incorporate it with an Ann Summers style evening! be run separately. Needs careful organising and ensure your pub PPS - FREE How to Guide Ladies (page 18). is the start and finish point. Can be done on foot or by car. PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). 145. SENIOR CITIZENS (GOLDEN OLDIES) CLUB 153. TALENT NIGHTS Either create a Members Card, offer reduced price drinks/food or Are there any budding talented singers, access to special events/activities. Only available on certain days musicians or comedians in your pub? Could or at specific times to drive sales. you run an evening of local consumer PPS - FREE At Your Local posters (page 17). performances and maybe advertise as ‘Stars in Their Eyes’...? 146. SPORTS CLUB PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). Same format as the Senior Citizens except aimed at your more athletic consumers and/or pub games players - darts, pool, 154. BLIND DATE soccer, rugby, cricket, dominoes, golf, fishing etc - Adopt the TV series and adapt to suit your pub. You can even can be linked to the Support Your Team promotion. dress up as Cilla and have a lorra, lorra laughs...! PPS - FREE Support Your Team posters (page 16). PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). 147. 60’S & 70’S NIGHT 155. SPEED DATING Award prizes for most authentic flares, best hippy wig, tightest Advertise well in advance, organise the night so it runs like tank top etc. Take photographs on the night and encourage clockwork. Offer table service to drive drink sales and make it a people to bring their own photographs from the 60’s and 70’s for regular night on your calendar. display. Best photograph brought in wins a prize. PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17). 156. SPIN THE WHEEL Consumer spins a wheel, which is divided into sections which 148. FAMILY FUN DAY can be marked as follows: Combine various events over a day or a weekend or on a Bank Normal Price/Free Drink/Buy One Get One Free/Twice the Price! Holiday with a BBQ, music, games etc. Include events for An indicator arrow decides by chance what they get. children such as a bouncy castle, face painting, etc. Call Talent Entertainment on 01823 698 609 for the Spin The Wheel game. PPS - FREE What’s On posters (page 17) and garden games (page 78).
  17. 17. 16 PUB OPENINGS 163. LOOKALIKES If you are short on local celebrities, how about holding a STAFF INVOLVEMENT ‘Lookalike’ competition. 164. FAMOUS NAMES 157. INCENTIVES Scan the phone book and invite people with famous names, e.g. Your staff can be great business drivers so give them targets and Joan Collins, John Major, etc. This makes a good local press story. reward them for hitting them, some example incentives are: • Pay them 10p per bottle top collected for sales of your best 165. PUB NAME margin line. Invite people from the phone book with the same name as your • Reward them for sales, or up selling of particular products pub, e.g. Cherry or Bells. e.g. desserts, coffee, wine or a particular dish. 166. MUSIC • Meet and greet - the best member of staff who is seen to Consider local Jazz Bands, Marching Brass Bands, Morris Men. greet consumers and say goodbye. 167. PERSONALITIES 158. YOUR CONSUMERS’ VOTE Hire a personality girl or man! Try a Town Crier or a Historical Create a voting system – form and entry box, where your figure (if it ties in with your pub name). Try the local theatre or consumers can vote for their favourite staff member. It helps if drama company for a personality. you staff wear name badges. This can be a great motivator to get staff providing great service to ensure votes. 168. PRESS/RADIO COMPETITION These can create low cost coverage in the local media. ‘A Free 159. TABLE SERVICE Pub Meal for Two plus a Round of Drinks’ would make an ideal Great to do on busy nights and helps increase spend by prize for a press competition. Talk to the editor to gauge his improving consumer service and reducing waiting time. You will interest and agree the number of prizes. Ask the newspaper to need to evaluate the increased staff cost against the increase in include their own rules and provide some copy to flag up any sales to check that it is viable in your pub. new attractions. 169. STAR ATTRACTION 160. STAFF CLUB A brewers dray, vintage car, set of stocks, white horse - Reward your staff for knowing the name of your consumers e.g. depending on the name and history of the pub will attract interest £5 for the first 100 names etc. Encourage them to keep a list (for animals beware of black bulls and red lions!). If there’s any and maybe include the consumer’s favourite drink. danger of causing an obstruction, check with the Police about any special arrangements. 161. STAFF IDEAS Why not encourage your staff to read this guide and come up 170. NEWS STORIES with some ideas that will work in your pub. (see Special Projects Send your local paper a news release announcing any below for the next stage). developments: refurbishments, new restaurant, beer garden, etc, and outlining any promotions you have planned. Always ask 162. SPECIAL PROJECTS yourself Where, When, Why and if it applies Who and How. Get your staff to take ownership of an idea or promotion and get them to plan, promote and organise it under your watchful eye. 171. ONE STOP SOLUTION Try and build in an incentive based on performance. Speak to your Business Relationship Manager about the Plus One solution. Plus One offer a comprehensive marketing service for pub openings.
  18. 18. 17 ADVERTISE YOUR PROMOTIONS Once you’ve decided on your promotion it’s crucial to let your current and prospective consumers know what you are doing. Listed below are some ideas to help you do this. INTERNAL A four I Posters and chalkboards are ideal to advertise your pint pitcher promotion, when it’s on, what time and what it involves. I Why not design your own invitations, tent cards or have for only £8 posters over printed with your promotion on? See the Punch Promotional Service brochure and look in the Design and Print section (pages 19 to 28). EXTERNAL I Banners, A-boards and external chalkboards are great ways to advertise your promotion to potential new consumers and should be displayed well in advance. See the Punch Promotional Service brochure for chalkboard stencils. I Consider delivering leaflets to local households and businesses to advertise the promotion. These can be delivered via local media or by your staff. I Many of the items above are available through the Punch Promotional Service. INTERNET I Use the web to advertise your pub and promotions. Your own website is fabulous however if you don’t have one use sites like or Also use your local area sites as they often have free bulletin/what’s on section. EVALUATION I Within a week of your promotion ending you should carry MEDIA out a full evaluation. You should ask your consumers and staff for feedback on the promotion as well as looking at all I Consider using your local press and radio to your relevant costs. advantage. Ensure you send the press full details of what you are doing well in advance, give them a reminder a week I This feedback will determine if there was anything you before and invite them to come down on the day (hopefully could have done better and whether you would consider with their photographer). holding a similar event again. Whatever you choose to do, check whether fees are involved and remember to invite the local paper(s) to attend with a press photographer.
  19. 19. 18 RESPONSIBLE DRINKS PROMOTIONS Promotions can be an effective way to grow a business, however pubs in particular must be wary of promotions I Only support multi buys that are intended for group that may encourage consumption drunken behaviour which I Adhere to Industry Guidelines and Codes of Practice could in turn lead to I Don't serve people who are drunk alcohol-related crime I Discourage Drink Driving - have taxi numbers readily and disorder. available & a free phone number also The promotions we offer in this guide are designed to I Have reasonably priced soft drinks and develop a driver's help you grow your business, however we advise that shelf - promoting soft drinks and low alcohol beer where you see this symbol you take extra care with the I Serve food to help slow alcohol absorption promotion and in all cases ensure your promotions are I Make sure that the alcohol content and serving size of run sensibly. Take into account the following guidelines:- drinks is clear I No promotion is to encourage alcohol misuse or anti- social behaviour CURRENT DAILY GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES FOR SENSIBLE DRINKING I No promotion should encourage underage drinking nor MEN = 3 OR 4 UNITS OR LESS PER DAY be targeted to those under 18 years of age WOMEN = 2 OR 3 UNITS OR LESS PER DAY I If a promotion is for an alcoholic drink, where possible ensure that there is a non-alcoholic alternative 1 UNIT OF ALCOHOL I Do not run a promotion that encourages drinking of large quantities of alcohol in a short space of time = half a pint of ordinary strength lager/beer/cider (3.5% ABV) I Respect those who choose not to drink alcohol and offer OR 25 ml pub measure of spirit (40% ABV) a range of non-alcoholic drinks OR a small glass of wine (9% ABV) TEMPORARY EVENT NOTICES REMEMBER Looking to extend your trading hours for a one-off special event? • TENs authorise relatively small scale, ad hoc events held on The current licensing laws require pubs to apply in advance for a Temporary your premises • No more than 499 people can be involved Event Notice (TEN), which then covers them for up to 96 hours. Making an • You must inform your local licensing authority and the police at application is quick and straightforward. Provided you meet certain criteria least 10 working days beforehand (listed below), only the police may intervene to prevent your event taking place • Personal licence holders can gain a maximum of 50 TENs per year and only then on crime prevention grounds. • Premises can be used no more than 12 times per year and for a maximum of 15 days YOU CAN REQUEST COPIES OF TENS FROM YOUR LOCAL LICENSING DEPARTMENT, OR DOWNLOAD THEM • Outdoor bars can only be used where licensing conditions allow - FROM THE DEPARTMENT FOR CULTURE, MEDIA AND SPORT’S WEBSITE, CLICK ON speak to your local licensing authority for clarification ALCOHOL & ENTERTAINMENT Why not tell us about ideas you have used successfully in your pub? Drop us an email at
  20. 20. FREE HOW TO GUIDES OTHER ‘HOW TO GUIDES’ AVAILABLE INCLUDE:- STUDENTS The essential guide to making your pub more attractive to students BEER FESTIVALS The essential guide to planning and arranging a beer festival in PUB GAMES your pub The essential guide to building trade in your pub BIG SCREENS AND LARGE TVs LADIES The essential guide to big screens and large TVs The essential guide to making your pub more attractive to ladies KEY EVENTS MERCHANDISING & CHALK BOARDS The essential guide to planning and arranging key events How to use merchandising and chalkboards to build your business Punch Taverns, Jubilee House, Second Avenue, Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire DE14 2WF