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Kanban Alone Is Not Enough


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In terms of best practices and rules Kanban prescribes close to nothing which means that choosing it as your project management approach usually requires additional techniques in place to achieve a success. On the other hand specific set of practices used by a team depends much on a project and business environment which makes Kanban a good choice in variety of different situations.

The session describes Kanban surroundings discussing different aspects related to software development, product management and project management in Kanban teams. Real-life scenarios used in presentation focus on areas which Kanban leaves open or customizable. Possible solutions are proposed which can be applicable in different situations.

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Kanban Alone Is Not Enough

  1. 1. Kanban is not enough Pawel Brodzinski @pawelbrodzinski
  2. 2. Kanban is a simple tool
  3. 3. What do you get from Kanban?
  4. 4. And what do you have to deal with by yourself?
  5. 5. Is that true? Well, almost
  6. 6. Fine, Kanban is not enough What now?
  7. 7. Screw product management and you screw the product
  8. 8. Dealing with product backlog
  9. 9. The cost of managing backlog
  10. 10. Efficiently delivered crap is still crap
  11. 11. The best approach doesn’t exist
  12. 12. Adjust methods for people not people for methods
  13. 13. When in Rome do like Romans do
  14. 14. The dark side of project management
  15. 15. Fixed-price makes me sleapless
  16. 16. Estimation Yeah, we suck at that
  17. 17. How is your team organized?
  18. 18. Fix your team you’ll fix much more
  19. 19. And what about cross- functionality?
  20. 20. Kanban is not enough
  21. 21. Is it about Kanban anyway?
  22. 22. There is no silver bullet
  23. 23. Thank you Questions?