Beyond WIP Limits (short version)


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Limiting work in progress (WIP) is a concept widely popularized by Kanban, but in different forms it also exists in other agile approaches. Despite that, applying limits is a practice which many teams find either counterintuitive or non-value adding and eventually skip it.

We should however start with answering a couple of basic questions. Why do we introduce limits in the first place? What do we get thanks to them? After all we don’t apply limits just to make our work less convenient, do we?

The session will discuss limiting work in progress revealing a bit of mechanics of the concept and pointing false beliefs which we often embrace in software development teams. It will show how this mechanics can be exploited to improve our processes in both expected and unexpected ways.

After the session you should be tempted to apply WIP limits in your process or, if they are already a part of the process, to adjust them accordingly. And most of all, you should know why and how limits are working, which will help you to make a decision when you should introduce them and how strictly a team should respect them.

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Beyond WIP Limits (short version)

  1. 1. Beyond WIP limits Pawel Brodzinski @pawelbrodzinski
  2. 2. Once upona time…
  3. 3. Why?
  4. 4. 100% utilization
  5. 5. That is so wrong
  6. 6. Cost of multitasking
  7. 7. Time to market
  8. 8. On a highway
  9. 9. In a call center
  10. 10. On a computer
  11. 11. Ball FlowGame
  12. 12. No WIP Limits
  13. 13. Using WIP Limits
  14. 14. Why something that intuitiveseems so counterintuitivewhen we talk aboutmanagement?
  15. 15. …and they livedhappily everafter
  16. 16. WIP limits! 5O
  17. 17. Why?
  18. 18. Slack time
  19. 19. We don’t livein ideal world
  20. 20. Automation
  21. 21. Code quality
  22. 22. Simpleconfiguration
  23. 23. Self-balancingteam
  24. 24. Slack time introduced byWIP limits drives continuous improvement
  25. 25. Helpothers
  26. 26. Learn
  27. 27. Donothing
  28. 28. Takeouts
  29. 29. 100% utilization is a myth 1OO%
  30. 30. Introducing WIP limits results in improved efficiency
  31. 31. Slack time sets us on path of continuous improvement
  32. 32. Thank you Pawel @pawelbrodzinski