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Social Media for Primates

  1. Social Media
  2. What’s he looking at?
  3. Community does not read billboards
  4. Pet lovers are easily attracted
  5. You are a pet loving person first, business second
  6. Warm and fuzzy always wins
  7. Be entertaining
  8. Popular FB posts on pawcurious
  9. Popular FB posts on pawcurious
  10. Popular FB posts on pawcurious
  11. What Not To Do
  12. Everyone likes to feel validated
  13. Reciprocity is a reflex
  14. Social Media Policy:Yours and Theirs
  15. Embrace the messy
  16. Embrace the messy
  17. Vengeance
  18. Questions?
  19. Give me a shout! @pawcurious on Twitter

Editor's Notes

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  3. VHA Expo\nbeginning of this journey- here in Minneapolis, 1996\npoint out jorts on Chuck and the Kentucky waterfall\nbored with pipetting, watching pigs get heart valves\n
  4. Evolution of the internet and pawcurious\nRapid evolution between 1996-2001\nadvent of the digital age\n
  5. Vet school, work, blah blah 2009\n
  6. multiple definitions\nBrenda’s book plug: Social Media for Veterinary Professionals\nSM: The use of web based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue\nsoftware or applications that allow people to publish their own content and establish business or personal relationships\n“people creating their own content”\n
  7. \n- SM more popular than porn\nFB grown from 500 million ppl in July 2010 to 700 million in Jan 11\n
  8. Why is SM such a raging success that isn’t going away?\nThe Hyper Social Organization: Francois Gossieaux- don’t need to know internet 2.0, we just need to know human 1.0: going back to our roots\nHow we used to get our information: tightly controlled sources: newspapers, TV, radio, advertisements. Word of mouth- recommendation from a member of the community- was useful but very limited\nnow with social media, community is the whole world- no limitations\nAnd with the world at our fingers, we’re reverting back to our primal state\ncommunity (Mahale, 800 chimps, 25 communities)\nBe Jane\n
  9. How do you make yourself attractive in SM sphere?\n1. be an individual (not a company)\n2. Show your best side- how people connect with you\n\n
  10. Market framework vs social framework (Gossieaux)\nBe a person before a business\ntransparency, likeability, relatibilty: interpersonal relationships\nhave your goodwill ambassador\n
  11. examples: Becker and Herriot\nSO lucky to be in this profession (not accountants)\nnaturally compelling (accountants)\n
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  13. Examples: be entertaining, as opposed to edifying\nPeople say they want to learn but they’re lying\n
  14. post I’ve worked on for 5 hours: 14 likes\nshare to a great article about histiocytomas: 3 likes\nYoure not advertising your clinic, you are advertising yourself, as a pet lover\n
  15. post I’ve worked on for 5 hours: 14 likes\nshare to a great article about histiocytomas: 3 likes\nYoure not advertising your clinic, you are advertising yourself, as a pet lover\n
  16. Don’t be scared of pictures. Pictures are your friends\n
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  18. What not to do\nKnow thy audience\n
  19. Be interactive\npic of week\n
  20. Even stronger in pet owners than in the general population\nBest campaigns to get more likes: donations (Iams, Tagg, etc etc)\n
  21. Social Media Policy- who uses it, how they use it\n Listing clinic as employer (52/53)\n Privacy/permissions, client confidentiality\n\n
  22. Social media policy\nMay not always be aware of social norms for those viewing them\n
  23. Is your staff listing you as an employer?\nGiving advice online?\nGetting in fights?\n
  24. Turning a fail into a success...SM you’re doin it right\n
  25. Shakespeare\nancient Greeks: medea\n
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  28. bad pr\n
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