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Marketing Plan of NARI TV,
MBA-II, Uniglobe College, kathmandu, Nepal

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Marketing plan

  1. 1. PRESENTATION ON IMAGE CHANNEL ANDMARKETING PLAN FOR NARI TELEVISIONPresented By:Arya ShakyaPawan KawanPitamber NepalSajana ShresthaShishir Giri
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION OF IMAGE CHANNEL First private television channel in Nepal Established as Image Metro on 11 Feb, 2003 (17 Magh 2059 BS) It is a household name since its conception offering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week viewership across 72 countries around the world. It fired up with programs that were focused on pop music, women, celebrity and fashion The Image Channel is Free and can be found on Telstar 10 Satellite, 76.5 Degree East on Frequency of 3656 MHZ.
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Image channel is a first private television channel which is fired up with programs that were focused on pop music, women, celebrity and fashion. But also it lacks in the women career and upliftments programs, women’s importance in soceity programs. Though image channel is very popular channel, it has some drawbacks so we want to introduce new channel focusing in welfare and upliftment of women because “when men is educated only he himself is educated but when women is educated whole family is educated.”
  4. 4. CONT… So we want to introduce new channel: Nari Tv: “tapai ki mitini” Our aim is to reach every women’s heart. We include shows which uplift women’s skills(cookery show, heath tips, yoga and exercises), entertainment(serials, music videos, films, fashions and style), acknowledge women’s succes in various field(women achievers in teaching, army, health, engineering, enterpreneurs, corpo rate, politics and many more), quiz shows, win prize shows and many more.
  5. 5. SITUATION ANALYSISMarket Summary Nepal Television (Nepali: ) is the oldest and most watched television channel in Nepal. Nepal Television was for many years the only television channel native to Nepal, but several others have begun operation in recent years. Other important TV channels in Nepal are NTV PLUS, which is owned by the Nepalese government. Private channels include Kantipur Television,Image Channel, Channel Nepal, Avenues TV and Sagarmatha Television.
  6. 6. CONT… To envision the trend set by multinational media giants and prepare a strategy to cope with its influence on national body polity. The establishment of real public service broadcasting is the only way to safeguard nationalism as well as the cultural identity. Otherwise, the generation to come will be completely swapped up by the flow of information as rendered by those multinational media giants
  7. 7. PEST ANALYSIS Political Economic Social Technology
  8. 8. MARKET DEMOGRAPHIC1. Geographic Nepal is landlocked by India on three sides and China (Tibet) to the north. Nepal is divided into three regions hilly, terai and himalayan regions. Hilly Region This region begins at the Mahabharat Range Southern slopes are nearly uninhabited, thus an effective buffer between languages and culture in the Terai and Hill regions. Northern slopes are gentler and moderately well populated.
  9. 9. • Cont… Terai Region The Terai or Madhesh region begins at the Indian border whose cultural is close to northern India with the people speaking Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Tharu, and Maithili along with Nepali. The Terai ends and the Hills begin at a higher range of foothills called the Mahabharat Range. Himalayan Region This region has an altitude ranging between 4,877 m to 8,848m. The regions culture and religion are closely linked to Tibet, and the traditional economy was (and sometimes still is) based on trans-border trade with its northern neighbour.
  10. 10. • Cont…2. Demographic The population of Nepal is estimated at 26,630,809 people in census of 2011, with a population growth rate of 1.596%. Only 4.4% of the population are estimated to be more than 65 years old. There are 12,927,431 men (48.66%) and 13,693,378 women (51.44%) in 2011 According to the 2001 census, only 48.6% of the total population is Literate, of which 62.7% are male and 34.9% are female.
  11. 11. CONT…3. Behaviour Factor Situation [Role] Environment [Resources] Habits [Triggered/Automatic Responses] Perspective [Time, Beliefs] Culture [Expectations] History (Knowledge and experience) Emotions[Mood] Hormones [Emotional propensity]
  12. 12. PRODUCT OFFERING BY IMAGE CHANNEL Uniqueness programs such as Image pop, Button & Trades, AM guest and Srijana ko Sansar Programs from tele-serials to live musical shows, latest fashion to sports happenings, fresh news to controversial debates. It also provides insightful talk shows that stimulate the mind - topics ranging from life style, politics to social issues of concern. It provides hourly news bulletin and immediate flash news as the event unfolds. Image broadcasts news in three languages: Nepali, English and Newari.
  13. 13. Cont… Image Channel is equally devoted to Nepals glorious cultural and natural heritage highlighting the diverse cultures each time through various programming and on- the-spot coverage of local and national happening, exciting festivals and special features.
  14. 14. SWOT ANALYSIS OF IMAGE CHANNELStrengths Successful in its 1st year of launch is a great achievement. Prime time slot is doing amazingly well because of Music of your choice Content of their shows very different from serials which is helping them. Mass appeal – to the rural and urban Nepal at the same time.
  15. 15. WEAKNESSES Not many shows of Image channel are catering tothe youth. So a major chuck of audience is lost.
  16. 16. OPPOURTUNITIES Image channel can come up with youth based shows. Opportunity lies again with being the No.1 in Nepal
  17. 17. THREAT Not stable at No.1 position. Each week the TRP’s of Image channel are changing. It is a major threat for them because the competition from other channel are equally competitive Image does not have big television faces
  18. 18. MARKET GROWTH Building adequate coverage Increase viewers Increase revenues: program fees + advertising rates Increasing the companies, manufacturing industries, service industries etc.
  19. 19. COMPETITOR OF IMAGE CHANNEL Kantipur Television Avenues Television Sagarmatha Television Channel Nepal
  20. 20. KEY TO SUCCESS Improve product competiveness Efficient manufacturing structure Consumer Satisfaction
  21. 21. CRITICAL ISSUE Not able to attract youth, So major portion of audience is lost Mainly focus on Newar community Business Reorganization
  23. 23. PERMISSION LETTER FOR BROADCASTING PROGRAMS BY ESTABLISHING EARTH STATION RELATING TO SATELLITE AND CABLE TELEVISION 1. Applicants name: 2. Applicant’s citizenship: - 3. Of person or institution broadcasting programs by establishing the earth station 4. Investment to be made for broadcasting: - 5. Income from broadcasting: - 6. Means of broadcasting and distributing programs: - 7. Details of the earth station: - 8. Place of broadcasting and broadcasting station: -
  24. 24. CONT… 9. Area of broadcasting and population: - 10. Date of commencement of broadcasting: - 11. Language to be used in broadcasting: - 12. Time and period of broadcasting: - 13. Programs to be broadcast: - 14. Name of the countries from which equipment is imported: -
  25. 25. FEES PAYABLE WHILE ISSUING LICENSE AND PERMISSION LETTER For broadcasting programs by establishing earth station relating to satellite and cable television Rs.3, 50,000/- must be paid.
  26. 26. NARI TELEVISION Tapai ki Mitini
  27. 27. Why Nari Television??????? The population of women is more than that of men. There are 12,927,431 men (48.66%) and 13,693,378 women (51.44%) in 2011 52.00% 51.00% 50.00% 49.00% Total Population 48.00% 47.00% Male Female
  28. 28. LITERACY RATE OF NEPALMale= 75%Female= 54% Literacy Rate 80 70 60 Percentage 50 40 30 20 10 0 Male Female Literacy Rate 75 54
  29. 29. Female Population in Nepal
  30. 30. VISION Making the female aware about female rights with the motto of becoming leading television
  31. 31. MISSION Enhancement of women power with their respective interest
  32. 32. POSITIONING Use of marketing strategy that aims Nari television to occupy a distinct position relative to other television channels in the mind of the customer. Identifying the target audience Communicating information about different product to the customer Influencing the customer’s perception of Nari brand Emphasizing the distinguishing features of Nari television through advertising Use of the positioning slogans for the clients or customers
  33. 33. MARKETING STRATEGY Brand Positioning This is a one sentence positioning statement that shows how you are different, better or more special than your competitors. Make a one-sentence promise that matters to the customers is uniqueness . This promise should indicate what the product is and whom it’s for. Advertisement by strong female celebrity. Presenting Female oriented dramas Using media, newspaper for marketing.
  34. 34. MARKETING OBJECTIVES Maintaining the brand Right to women Focusing on target market Market coverage
  35. 35. FINANCIAL OBJECTIVES Focus on achieving acceptable profitability in a company’s pursuit of its vision, mission, long-term health, and ultimate survival. Generating more revenue
  36. 36. TARGET MARKET Mostly married women Teenager females Old aged population Children
  37. 37. MARKETING MIX Advertising Advertising plays a large role in informing customers about the launch of a new channel. Promotions Pricing Distribution
  38. 38. Expecting Advertising and Support Female product manufacturing house Female right protecting organization Maiti Nepal Housewife Teenager Female
  39. 39. MARKETING RESEARCH Defining Target customer The first step should always be to identify what customers you want to target. It should be based on a specific set of demographics like gender, age, education etc. Involvement of Focus Group A focus group can be a very useful tool because they provide first hand view of how people react to the channel. Examining The Results Received data from enough people that you will begin to notice patterns and help to find out target audience. It helps to know the success of channel.
  40. 40. CONCLUSION Image channel is a first private television channel of Nepal which is fired up with programs that were focused on pop music, women, celebrity and fashion. Image Channel and other channels in Nepal are not focused on women. The establishment of real public service broadcasting is the only way to safeguard women as well as the cultural identity. For providing entertainment, protecting right and educating women, Nari Television is needed. Nari Television will be the first television in Nepal which is totally targeted on women.