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Contents Planet


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Contents Planet is a writing service related website. It offers high quality content writing services - SEO content writing, Website content writing, Article writing and others.

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Contents Planet

  1. 1. CONTENTS PLANET Presentation
  2. 2.  Content writing involves writing something about a subject or topic.  It is semantic representation of a subject.  Writing topical contents is the chief part of content writing  Content writing is of different kinds – SEO content writing, website content writing, creative writing, article writing, script writing etc.  Content writing should be grammatically perfect  Content writing should be informative  Content writing is reader-centric
  3. 3. WHAT IS SEO CONTENT WRITING? Writing contents for search engine optimization  SEO content writing must adhere to quality  SEO content writing should be information centric  Rather than serving search engine, SEO content writing must be focused on readers.  SEO content writing involves keywords-included writing, but not keywords-stuffed writing.  SEO content writing includes 75% quality information and 25% concentrated search engine optimization.  It must be non-plagiarized, audience-pleasing and understandable. 
  4. 4. WHAT IS WEBSITE CONTENT WRITING?        Website content writing specifies motive, vision and mission of a website. No aberration from the main subject is intended in website content writing. Website content writing must always be terse, brief and meaningful. Website content writing is brief yet accurate description of a website’s pages – Home, About Us, Service etc. Website content writing may or may not be SEO centric. It depends one’s preference. In case of being SEO centric, website content writing must be information-centric wherein relevant ‘keywords-inclusion’ is the most focal area. Website content writing must be grammatically perfect and contextually informative.
  5. 5. WHAT IS ARTICLE WRITING?             An article writing involves topical content writing. Article writing covers subjects or topics on any theme. Article writing may or may not be SEO centric. Article writing is done to promote a brand, if it is SEO centric. Article writing covers a wide range of subjects over anything. Article writing must be devoid of grammatical mistakes. It must be reader-centric. Writer must avoid using expletives It must be neither too lengthy nor too brief – make it expansive. If there’s word count restriction, follow it. Do not stuff keywords, if writing SEO articles. Article writing may be either promotional or information-centric. While the previous is not accepted (mostly) by readers and search engine, the later is always appreciated by the both.
  6. 6. Contents Planet offers the following services –  Website content writing  SEO content writing Article writing  Blog writing   PR writing
  7. 7. CONTENTS PLANET Contents Planet feels pleased to offer clients quality content writing service at a Rock Bottom Price for making their website a Standout Virtual Phenomenon.