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Org chart viewer and mobile company directory


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Org Chart Viewer and Mobile Company Directory In PeopleSoft 9.1

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Org chart viewer and mobile company directory

  1. 1. Org Chart Viewer andMobile Company Directory In PeopleSoft 9.1
  2. 2. Org Chart ViewerOrg Chart Viewer consist of below items.• Company Directory• Direct-line Reports• Matrix Reports (Teams)
  3. 3. Example..
  4. 4. Company Directory - Chart View..
  5. 5. Company Directory - Chart View..• Chart View provides various information and can perform the action. Which reduces many click and reduces confusion to navigate to system. – Action dropdown is configurable. – Each node shows Total and Direct reports. – Node information can be configured.
  6. 6. Company Directory - List View..User can navigate from Chart view to List view and vice-versa.
  7. 7. Direct Line -Smart Navigation
  8. 8. Matrix Reports• Manual (where the owner is at the top of the node)• Access Type (using the Direct Reports API) – By Department Manager ID – By Department Security Tree – By Group ID – By Part Posn Mgmt Dept Mgr ID – By Part Posn Mgmt Supervisor – By Reports To Position – By Supervisor ID• Tree-based hierarchy
  9. 9. Can it be downloaded?Org Chart can be downloaded to Excel and Visio.
  10. 10. Node configured with dropdown menu
  11. 11. Profile View
  12. 12. Benefits• User engagement with the system.• Better user experience.• We can configure the chart to show a person’s IM presence as part of their node. A user could then start a chat session in a chat client with the person from the organization chart.• Better visibility on indirect reports.• Include personal note and personal profile links.
  13. 13. Mobile Company Directory
  14. 14. Available on..• Company Directory – Tablet• Company Directory – Phone ( for the Smart phone)
  15. 15. What can we do?• Mobile company directory enables to perform the following. – Search People and view information – Quick access to people you have recently viewed, direct reports, peers and favourites list. – Send email, phone call, text message by tapping email address and phone number.
  16. 16. Home PageLandscape View
  17. 17. Portrait View
  18. 18. Profile Page – Contact Info
  19. 19. Org Chart
  20. 20. Org Chart• Mobile version of org chart has same feature as Desktop version except action menu is not available.• Mobile version / Tablet version can be configured.• Quick access of information.
  21. 21. HR Details
  22. 22. FAQ…• Does this require licence? – No. This is part of PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 and should have PeopleTools version higher that 8.52. – Hence this reduces addition maintenance to support different application for Org Chart.• Functional difference between Org View and Company Directory. – Org View extends the feature of Direct-line reports and Matrix view.
  23. 23. FAQ…• Can the information on Mobile pages customizable? – No. But the information can be configurable.• Can the ad-hoc chart be prepared? – Matrix view can be useful on this.• Is it possible to build custom Org Chart? – Yes. Development effort required to build.
  24. 24. FAQ…• This chart type can be used to display many different types of hierarchical relationships. – People in organizations – Positions in organizations – Departments in organizations