Rules of the road


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Rules of the road

  2. 2. Topics Covered• Lane Discipline & Lane Changing• Roundabouts• Major & Minor Roads• Right of Way• Reversing & Parking
  3. 3. Lane Discipline
  4. 4. Three-Lane System Bus Lane LMV, 2W, 3W Overtaking Lane
  5. 5. Two-Lane System HMV+ LMV Overtaking Lane
  6. 6. Lane Changing
  7. 7. How to Change Lanes• Look in the mirror.• Signal (indicator lever on your right).• Look in the mirror again & over your shoulder.• Change lane.
  8. 8. Overtaking
  9. 9. Before Overtaking You Must Ensure• Is overtaking safe?• Is overtaking really necessary?• Is overtaking allowed ?• Is any vehicle coming behind is trying to overtake you?
  10. 10. Steps in Overtaking 10) Resume Speed 9) Move Left 8) Signal Left 7) Accelerate 6) Communicate 5) Move Right 4) Signal Right 3) Check Behind 2) Check Ahead 1) Stay Back
  11. 11. Click for Film“Cornering & Overtaking”
  12. 12. Learning from the Film1. While turning why should we take a larger radius?2. What should be the minimum distance between two parked vehicles?
  13. 13. Roundabout
  14. 14. What is a roundabout?• An intersection with a central traffic island is called a roundabout.• Give way to vehicles already in the roundabout. Cont…..
  15. 15. Roundabout
  16. 16. Major & Minor Roads
  17. 17. Major & Minor Roads• Major roads are wider roads such as of highways.• Minor roads are narrow roads connected to major roads.
  18. 18. Major & Minor Roads• Traffic on major roads should be given priority in comparison to traffic on minor roads.• If the vehicle of minor road approaches a major road, it must stop and should enter only when it is safe to do so.
  19. 19. Right of Way
  20. 20. Emergency Vehicles• Give way to ambulance, fire brigade, police vehicle or vehicles with red-blue flashing lights.• Do not try to overtake or follow these vehicles.
  21. 21. Right of WayVehicles that are moving uphill always have the right of way
  22. 22. Reversing
  23. 23. Reversing• Use your mirrors before beginning the reverse.• Turn around for vision on all sides.• Make sure there are no pedestrians on the road behind you.• In case of doubt, step down from the vehicle.• Never reverse from side road on to a main road
  24. 24. Parking
  25. 25. Parallel Parking
  26. 26. Angular Parking
  27. 27. Perpendicular Parking
  28. 28. Parking on Slope
  29. 29. Click for Film“Reversing & Parking”
  30. 30. Learning from the Film1. Which is the type of Parking shown in the film?2. What are the various precautions you will observe while reversing?