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Gbm m music

  1. 1. Music: now and then GBM-M December 2012
  2. 2. Introduction• Opinions about what good music and cinematography is have changed with time.• In general people nowadays don’t really listen to music our parents listened to nor watch movies our parents loved to watch.• Although we, young generation, often re-watch good old films we used to watch with our parents long time ago. Also, some songs we listen to sometimes catch our parents’ attention.
  3. 3. Reasons of these changes:1. Active development of audio and video equipment, new technologies and inventions.2. Dissemination of cultural features from society to society.3. Peoples desire to develop life aspects by changing adopted standards in music and film industry.
  4. 4. Music our parents loved
  5. 5. Dean Reed• American actor, singer, songwriter, director, and social activist.
  6. 6. Yves Montand• French actor and singer.
  7. 7. Boney M• German vocal group.
  8. 8. ABBA• Swedish pop group.
  9. 9. The Beatles• English rock band.
  10. 10. Rolling Stones • English rock band.
  11. 11. Led Zeppelin • English rock band.
  12. 12. Reasons why our parents loved the music:• It was popular.• It has meaningful and deep lyrics.• It has pleasant melodies.• Our parents loved the style and looks of their favorite artists.
  13. 13. Music we love
  14. 14. Michael Jackson• American recording artist, entertainer, and businessman.
  15. 15. Lady Gaga• American singer, songwriter, actress, record producer, and activist.
  16. 16. Lana Del Rey• American singer-songwriter.
  17. 17. Beyoncé Knowles• American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress.
  18. 18. Skrillex• American electronic musician, and singer- songwriter.
  19. 19. Daft Punk• Electronic music duo.
  20. 20. Pendulum• Australian/British drum and bass duo.
  21. 21. Reasons why we love the music:• It’s popular. Hits by our favorite artists are everywhere: on radio stations, in TV-shows, in cars, on parties, etc. We hear it all the time and grow to like it even though we may not have liked it at the beginning.• It’s fun to dance to. Most songs we listen to have powerful beats and make us want to let go of everything and just feel the rhythm.• We are devoted to our idols and superstars. We love everything they do and listen to the songs they make with great pleasure.
  22. 22. Thank you foryour attention!