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Feco final presentation Athens Startup Weekend 30.9.2012


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Presentation of Pavlos Vos, Irini Pantazi, Andrei Dolapci, George Gardelinos during the Startup Weekend Athens University event

Published in: Investor Relations
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Feco final presentation Athens Startup Weekend 30.9.2012

  1. 1. feco Funding ecologyIntegrated waste water solutions
  2. 2. The problem• Suburban areas do not have sewage network• Average house hold pays 150-200€/monthly• High installments cost 8000-12000 € per house• The waste water ends up in the sea• Greece pays yearly 500.000 € fine to the EU
  3. 3. The environmental impact
  4. 4. Solution• Water treatment unit• Plant waste water treatment• Environmental advantage• Save money monthly
  5. 5. The MarketConsumers: Households Clients: House ownersPartners: Recycling companies & Financial Institutions
  6. 6. CompetitionCould become• Banks• Government programs• Eco water treatment systems installers• Waste water collectors “Βοθρατζήδες”• Public sewer system
  7. 7. Advantages• Low cost, minimal entrance fees• Hassle-free solution providers• Positive environmental impact• Lower monthly expenses• Greece could save up to 72 Billion €
  8. 8. Business ModelInvestors Banks Suppliers Companies loan payment Payback experience Feco service Monthly fee service product Consumers
  9. 9. AchievementsInvited future partners experts in the field Giuseppe Palli Bamar Hellas (Chemical Engineer)And they came …Found governmental research , maps etcPublic Exposure ALPHA chanelGot thumbs up from mentors“the business plan stands” quote P. Brinkmann (founder“Do it and I am on board” quote Giuseppe Palli Bamar Hellas(chemical engineer)
  10. 10. Next steps
  11. 11. ConclusionThe market is there 900k householdsThe business model is proven (solar)The environment is in troubleWe have the solution, we just need to push it
  12. 12. Team “When business meetsenvironment, everybody wins”