Optimising your research @ the UJ Library


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Postgraduate Year-end Social Networking Function
22 November 2013

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Optimising your research @ the UJ Library

  1. 1. Optimising your Research @ the UJ Library Postgraduate Year-end Social Networking Function 22 November 2013 Pavlinka Kovatcheva Faculty Librarian: Sciences E-mail: pkovatcheva@uj.ac.za
  2. 2. Content  The UJ Library role in the Postgraduates’ research  New Developments in the Library  Relationship building with your librarian  Library Research Resources & Tools  Social Media for Research
  3. 3. The UJ Library role in the Postgraduates’ Research           NEW! Research Commons areas and much more  24/7 access to academic databases Access to subject specific online content Access to Research Performance Management tools Support from subject librarians, tailored for your research needs Training in using research support tools such as Refworks and Mendeley National and International Inter Library Loans Events and workshops relevant to the research process Close collaboration with the Post Graduate Centre Regular interaction with you to find out what your needs are
  4. 4. New Developments in the UJ Library
  5. 5. The boutique store in the learning mall will include:  Learning Commons  Research Commons  Writing Centre  Disability Centre with a focus on Blindness  Reading corners  24-hour study space  Books shop  Coffee shop  Auditorium  Tutor rooms To this end, there currently is a lot of construction happening in the library A new era for the UJ Library The Library is in an exciting development phase The new concept of the library is that it should be a learning mall with boutique stores
  6. 6. • • • The Research Commons is a dedicated advanced space for postgraduate students at Masters and Doctoral level as well as researchers and academic staff. It combines research and social space into a place to collaborate and connect with fellow students and faculty on research projects. It is a place for workshop and presentation opportunities, and a place to discover what your peers and colleagues are researching. Birds eye view of the APK Library Research Commons The Research Commons
  7. 7. Relationship Building with your Librarian
  8. 8. You & Your Librarian Trainings: Databases Refworks Social Networking Partnership with PGC: Research workshops Subject Librarian Need Help? Just Ask us! Research Support Getting Published; Accredited Journals Queries & Searches
  9. 9. UJ Library Research Resources & Tools
  10. 10. Online Journals Databases
  11. 11. Online Book Collections
  12. 12. Research Methods Online
  13. 13. Theses & Dissertations Online https://ujdigispace.uj.ac.za/
  14. 14. Social Media for Research Source
  15. 15. Create your Digital Profile  Facebook  LinkedIn  Twitter  Create a blog  Create a website  Slideshare Source
  16. 16. Connect  Twitter(#phdchat; #mscchat)  Facebook  LinkedIn  Academia.edu  Research Gate
  17. 17. Collaborate  Skype  Dropbox  Google Drive (Docs)  Box.com  Wiki  Delicious (Social Bookmarking)  Mendeley (Reference Manager & Academic Social Network)
  18. 18. Source
  19. 19. Digital Identity of a Researcher Source
  20. 20. In Conclusion The Library is your partner in the knowledge creation ! Need help? Have a query? Talk to us! Visit the Library. Contact your librarian and keep in touch Make use of social media to connect with other researchers, to promote your research and to share your knowledge
  21. 21. Thank You 