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Let's speak edition2-jun12

  1. 1. Medley Toastmasters Club presents Newsletter Edition-2 : June 2012 Theme: Inside this issue:Editorial 2Message from the 3PresidentPrepared Speeches 4SectionTable Topics Section 10Humor Zone 11Evaluation Section 12
  2. 2. Page 2 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012 Hi! Welcome to the Second Edition of Let‟s Speak! I‟m TM Sunny, and it‟s my pleasure to take you through the proceedings of this newsletter. We will now begin with our Editors, TM Pavithra & TM Arun... Message from the Editors...Dear Fellow & Future Toastmasters…SUMMER is ruling the roost, chasing everybody into hiding – making people sweat, puff, and pant. On thecontrary, summer also brings in the air of brightness, liveliness, and cheerfulness. Summer therefore is synony-mous with hyperactivity, joy, spirit and gaiety.Summer brings in brighter days and therefore clearer nights. It is that time of the year when stars in the skyshimmer and sparkle best! Isn‟t summer then, the apt time to wake up from deep slumber, list down our mostimportant goals in life, and get the ball rolling?„Reach for the Stars‟ is the theme of this second edition of Let‟s Speak! - Medley‟s Newsletter. We all haveunique gifts and talents. To bring out this uniqueness in us, we must set higher goals, have greater aspirations,and work towards them to the best of our abilities. With the new term beginning in July 2012 for all Toastmas-ters, what this means to all of us in Medley Toastmaster Club is that, we must introspect on the year that wentby, celebrate the successes, learn the lessons it offered and use these lessons to set the bar even higher in thenew term, reaching out for the stars – aiming higher and higher!So, let‟s all take a pledge in this endeavour and move on to read what our fellow toastmasters have said in thisedition of Let‟s Speak about how to „Reach for the Stars‟! The „SUN‟, being the brightest and the only closeststar in the sky, will guide you through this newsletter. Happy Reading!!- TM Pavithra & TM Arunkumar “Over to the Presiding Officer….”
  3. 3. Page 3 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012Message from our President - TM T R Thiagarajan I declare „OPEN‟ the Second Edition of Let‟s Speak! Between “You”... and “Me” “To reach for the stars”- is a Herculean task indeed. One requisite qualification is to show consistent progress to achieve this arduous end. TM Pavithra is a shining example in whom I have observed phenomenal progress since I donned the mantle of a Medleyan. Once a lame horse, she has turnedinto a race horse now. There is consistent flow and dynamism in her speech craft. She volunteers to shoulderresponsibilities, and the current issue of “Let‟s Speak” is the product of her sweated labour, with combinedefforts from TM Arun Kumar. Pavithra & Arun! Please acknowledge our accolades.Diamond hard determination and stony will power are essential ingredients to “Diamond hard“reach for the stars”. History is replete with illustrious heroes who have determination and stonyperformed amazing feats to “reach for the stars”. Julius Caesar, the great Roman will power are essentialwarrior‟s conquest of England is a classic example illustrating this point. ingredients to reach for the stars.”Julius Caesar, with his soldiers landed in England to conquer that nation. Englandwas then an island nation of marshy land. Unfortunately, Caesar‟s soldiers weresullen, homesick and were adamantly refusing to fight. They expressed a desire to go back home rather than towage a war. Caesar, an outstanding leader rose to the occasion brilliantly. He ordered all the ferries to betotally destroyed with the aid with which they all crossed the waters. Then, in a thunderous voice he addressedthe soldiers - “Now none of you can dream of reaching home. Unless you conquer this land, you will perish ofhunger and thirst. Conquer this land, rebuild the ferries and you can reach home triumphantly with trophies ofvictory.” It was now Hobson‟s choice for the soldiers to conquer the island. They ultimately did conquerEngland. This is also an illustration of aggressive motivation.So, Medleyans let us develop self-confidence, imbibe a spirit of courage and acquire exceptional leadershipskills by being committed Toastmasters so that “stars are within our reach”! “Over to TM Sunny….”
  4. 4. Page 4 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012 Welcome back! Let‟s now quickly leap into the „Prepared Speeches‟ section... Prepared Speeches Section „Focus‟ - By TM Varadarajan R, Secretary Giving our complete attention and concentration to one particular thing is called focus. By focusing we can get the best results. For example, if we focus the Binocular perfectly, we can see the object very clearly. Also, if we focus the camera correctly, we can get clear photos. The following examples will prove the power of focus. “Many times, when we are doing one thing our mind is ☼ Normally, the sun‟s rays do not burn a preoccupied with dozen piece of paper. But, if we focus the sun‟s rays through a magnifying glass, other things. Instead, when the paper gets burnt. This is the power of focus! we are focused, our mind☼ In Mahabharata, Guru Dhronacharia wanted to test his students in their does not drift.” skill of archery. He asked the students to aim, one by one, at a bird sitting on a branch of a tree at some distance. The students aimed but could not see the bird. One student said he could only see a tree. Another student said he could see a branch of a tree. Finally Arjuna‟s turn came and when he aimed, he said he could see two eyes of a bird very clearly and he aimed in between them. This is the power of focus.Many times, when we are doing one thing, our mind is preoccupied with dozen other things. We are distractedby our own thoughts, concerns and worries. Instead, when we stay focused, our mind will not drift; we willhave a strong awareness (focus) of what is going on, and will be completely absorbed in the moment, trulylistening to what is being said. The people we are with, can then sense that we are completely there with them,both physically and mentally. They feel relaxed, secure, and important, as we will be considered trustworthy.So, by focusing we can reach for the stars. Also, we can ourselves become stars! “Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal” - Pamela Vaull Starr
  5. 5. Page 5 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012 „Hat Trick‟ - By TM Thilak Raj Hat trick! It‟s not in IPL. It‟s my third straight win as the best project speaker at Medley Toastmasters Club. My journey as a Toastmaster started on 24th March 2012, a day to be remembered forever and from there on my journey has been tremendous. I had always shied away from public speaking and had hardly appeared on the dais during my school and college days. But after just four CC projects, the podium has become a place where I intend to spend the rest of my life giving the most possible speeches. “After just four CC projects, the podium has become aWhen I gave my Ice Breaker, the first two minutes were dreadful as I stood on place where I intend tothe podium trembling as usual. However, very soon I managed to hide my spend the rest of my lifeshivers and successfully completed my debut. But the moment my fellow giving the most possible speeches.”Toastmasters complimented me for a courageous ice breaker, I felt that thiswas not enough; I still have a long way to go and have a lot to achieve for sure.Club meetings also provided me chances to take up responsibilities of role playing and provide me a platformto showcase my leadership qualities. Those bountiful compliments and appraisals at the club are always powerpacked confidence boosters for any Toastmaster.Socializing is an important aspect of the meeting where you meet people from different fields and horizons andbefriend them, which eventually makes you feel at home. At last, I have stepped out of my comfort zone andhave donned the mantle of a Toastmaster aiming for something higher and bigger in my life. Oh wait! it‟s notjust a hat trick; I am awaiting my fourth straight win in my forthcoming CC 5! “Jump into the middle of things, get your hands dirty, fall flat on your face, and then reach for the stars.” - Ben Stein
  6. 6. P age 6 Ne wsl e tte r E di ti on -2 : Ju ne 2 0 12 „Pushing Your Best‟ - By TM Niranjana Striving for perfection is an ongoing process. Similarly, falling short of perfection is a process that just never stops. After three hours of preparing and revising my content, two hours of thorough rehearsal, one sleepless night, I was finally ready to give my first ever presentation in the corporate world. I was nervous, yes, but I am a Toastmaster – surely, I can stand on my feet and talk. This is just another prepared speech, I kept telling myself. And so, I walked into the hall filled with Department Heads, VP‟s and all others who had the power to promote me from being an intern to a permanent employee of the company. I started my presentation and out of nowhere the toastmaster in me erupted and I delivered my presentation well enough to enthuse every person sitting in the hall. At the end of my presentation everyone “Communication andcongratulated me on the wonderful job I had done and I was feeling elated. leadership are learning PROCESSES. There is noBut the person who had guided me throughout my internship tenure, and had end to the quest of bringinghelped me prepare my presentation – my trainer, wasn‟t too excited. I was so out your best.”surprised. When everyone else was so proud and happy for me, why was hefeeling so bad? I went and asked him. And to this day, I remember his exact words. “It was good. Itwasn‟t your best. I know you can do a lot better”. The words are simple enough, but made me think about itfor a long time. What is my best? In every little action we do, we strive to give our best, but do we? Justbecause we can get a work done doesn‟t mean its our best.Why do we all come to Toastmasters? To bring to out the best speakers and leaders within us. But not one ofus can point out one speech where we were totally flawless and gave our best. If we did, our evaluators wouldhave no suggestions for improvement. So, communication and leadership are learning PROCESSES. There isno end to the quest to bring out your best; there is no end towards our goal for perfection.But what happens when we attain the much coveted perfection? Well, the truth is, nothing is perfect. There arelumps in it. No matter how hard we try to bring out the best in us, there is always something that is better thanthe best. And that is what keeps our life going.If all of us realized our innate potential, what else would we have in life? We might never go beyond the stars,but there is nothing stopping us from reaching out for it!! “To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and dont worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest” - Anonymous
  7. 7. Page 7 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012 „Twinkling Stars‟- By TM Vidhi Sharma Twinkle -Twinkle little stars I wonder what you are Up above the world so high Like a diamond in the Sky! The rhyme which I learnt in the Kindergarten has always been one of my favourite ones, not because I understood the exact meaning of the poem but the word STAR always astonished me. I used to wonder what a Twinkling star looks like and how beautiful the world of stars would be. If I touched it, would it continue to sparkle the same way? I was always amazed by the world of these glittering diamonds...this is what the word Star meant to me. As I grew up, the world of Stars had become scientific - a fusion of an atom “To match with the shine andof Hydrogen and Helium....blah blah blah... this definition was certainly grace of a star, one needs to havethe most uninteresting of all as it had nothing to do with my world of a strong persona and charisma.imagination in which stars were considered as decorative stuff for my Doll Attaining that charisma requireshouse! Disheartened, as I felt someone had ruined my dream house...but lot of effort, hard work and sheerstill had a belief that stars are like Diamonds which makes you shine and determination!”enhances your charisma. However the definition of Stars had been entirelychanged as the level of understanding started increasing - to reach for thestars is not an easy task. To match with the shine and grace of a star one needs to have a strong personaand charisma. It is not as easy to be a Pole Star, the brightest of all. Attaining that charisma requires lot ofeffort, hard work and sheer determination!Everyone wants to do something great and become a star, and the stardom is not all about how successful, richand influential you are. To achieve success is not difficult for the ones who are focused and does not getperturbed by trials and learning experiences of life. Each and every one of us are unique and have beenbestowed with special abilities, and those who have a positive attitude and approach keep going, makedifference in their and others lives and keep shining.To be at the peak is not what matters. What matters is how one keeps his persona and charisma sparkling andalive. Sky is the limit for an individual who aims for stars by lighting others lives, by giving back his/her ray oflight in the form of motivation and inspiration. “Shoot for the stars but keep your feet on the ground” is anappropriate concluding remark from me! Reach for the Stars and Keep Shining!! “Gods promises are like the stars; the darker the night the brighter they shine” - David Nicholas
  8. 8. Page 8 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012 „When Humour Gets Twisted‟ - By TM Rajaram, VP-Education You may sometimes wonder if there is hardly a line between humour and cynicism. Sometimes humour shows such cruelty, that it makes you wonder, whether the person is funny or downright cynical. My friend Lakshman stands out as a shining example - Here is this guy, who hardly smiles, except when he utters those sarcastic lines. At a senior colleague, Ganesans daughters wedding, I saw an excited Lakshman, full of smiles (his kind of smiles) and telling all our guys - “Nice Groom Boss! Looks like it must have been the girls choice; Ganesans choice has never been good!”. “How do you say that?” someone queried. “Well” said Lakshmanan, “dont we all know that Ganesans marriage was a love marriage?” Even before we were horrified by this uncharitable remark,Lakshman coolly continued, “However, they are a perfect Match”! “But does he not look more sophisticated on the drawing??”Another occasion, when our Company had arranged for a drawingcompetition to the kids of all employees. On the contest day, the children were all over the place,bending down over their charts, over the floor. We were going around to help them, when there was an excitedcry from Lakshman from the corner of the hall. He called out to a few of us and declared, “this little girl isgoing to walk away with the prize". “How?” we all asked, and Lakshman said, “this girl is cleverly drawing theClub Presidents Portrait, very perfectly!!!”. He said, “our Factory Chief (who was the club president), would bevery happy and simply hand over the prize”. All of us rushed to see the girl drawing the bust of a massivegorilla covering an entire A3 paper. Even before we were scandalized, Lakshman said, “but, does he not lookmore sophisticated on the drawing?”The last is an incident where all the employees had gone on a tour of North India. One of our friends hadbrought his elderly dad along, who was in his late 70s. We had finished a temple visit and were returning to ourrooms to rest. The place was a hilly terrain and we had to walk up an incline to our rest house. As we werewalking up, our friends father slipped and fell, facing forward. However, he instinctively put his hands out onhis face as he fell and saved himself from greater damage. In the process, of course, his elbows and hands werebruised. We rushed to the mans aid and helped him on to his feet. Lakshman (who is normally indifferent)strangely rushed to the spot and made anxious enquiries with the elder, “Uncle, are you ok? Nothing Serious?”.To this, the gentleman said, “no Son, Im fine, luckily, my face was saved by my hands”. Lakshmanimmediately turned to us and in a low tone (we could hear clearly) said, “but we lost a chance to see a betterface”!Now, can you beat that!! “Ideals are like stars: you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and follow them to reach your destiny” - Carl Schurz
  9. 9. Page 9 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012 „The Butterfly Effect‟ - By TM Sudharshan Till a month ago the only butterfly effect I knew was the feeling a “young chap like me" ;) gets in his stomach when a gorgeous girl passes by, and to add to all the worries if she smiles at the guy. Though that smile is most probably an invitation to disaster, I am not going to discuss that here. I am going to talk about an even serious matter called "The Butterfly Effect", which is a very important concept in science and particularly in Chaos theory. It would probably make me look insane if I tell you that every moment the actions you make are responsible for some bigger event which is going to happen in the future!!Yes this is called “The Butterfly Effect”. “By making small changes inAny action you take, no matter how seemingly insignificant it is , sets in our actions, body, mind, andmotion a series of reactions from others, who in turn influence those near relationships, we can change thethem and carry that forward to the people in their vicinity, like ripples in a dynamics of our life.”pond.In simple terms, the theory is that, all the forces are in place for a hurricane to form, and all that is needed isone tiny movement of the air, which is supplied by the wings of the butterfly. A butterfly flaps its wings andsets air molecules in motion that in turn moves other air molecules–which then moves additional air molecules,eventually influencing weather patterns on the other side of the planet!Why am I telling all this to you? It is because even the smallest of actions that you do every single day can havefar-reaching effects, beyond your wildest imagination! A small word misspoken by the RBI Governor or thechief of the Federal Reserve can make huge fluctuations in the stock market. A small change in a virus inmonkeys in Africa created a „Thunderstorm‟ of an effect on the human population around the world with theappearance of the AIDS virus. Thus, the decisions we make today will change our future. By making smallchanges in our actions, body, mind, and relationships we can change the dynamics of our life.Therefore, let‟s make every act, every moment, and every move with responsibility, forethought, and goodintentions so that the future we are going to live in will have a tremendous positive impact. Let‟s start withsimple acts in our daily lives by not littering public places if the trash bin is not within reach; by not jumpingthe traffic signal when it still shows RED, etc. Though no one will be watching you every time, be aware thatyou are setting in motion the system which can eventually have its own impact. Always remember the butterflywings!“Your life…. And what you do with it today… MATTERS FOREVER.” –Andrew Andrews (Author of thebook “The Butterfly Effect”).So, do not wait; Start flapping your wings :-) “It is the stars, The stars above us, govern our conditions.”
  10. 10. Page 10 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012 It‟s now time to get impromptu! Moving on to „Table Topics‟ section... Table Topics Section Who/What according to you is a „STAR‟ and why?☺ “Anyone who wants to be a star, and works towards achieving that goal is a star...its what we think of ourselves!!” - TM Sai Prashanthi☺ “Anything or anyone that shines is… I‟m trying really hard to be funny here.. but with no luck! Simply put, he who seizes the moment and makes the most out of it.. is the STAR. Much like TM Arun Kumar & Pavithra - kudos to their effort in organizing this newsletter. Once it is out, everyone in Medley will know them for their initiatives. Now, isn‟t that an opportunity seized?? Being a star it is. Shining stars they are!! - TM Muralikrishnan C☺ Amitabh Bachchan! In my view the star is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. The qualities which makes him a star are many, but I would like to maintain only his oral communication here as we are all from Toastmasters club wanting to improve our communication skills. Whatever language he speaks, it goes directly to the heart of the listener and the audience. He communicates very clearly with right pace, pitch, volume, right words/ vocabulary. He is a role model for all Toastmasters! - TM Govind Negi☺ A star should shine and give out light. But a „STAR‟ is one who is in the limelight for “Good Reasons”. Otherwise many people could be stars for all the wrong media attention they get. - TM Sunil Jose☺ STAR 1: He loses all his wealth, he has only one rupee left with him. He goes through tough times, but is confident in his abilities to get back his wealth and finally achieves his goals. STAR 2: He stands on a train fighting villains. He prays for help and points at the train. The train starts moving suddenly. Although such scenes appear ridiculous, they inspire the masses to believe in their abilities and seek help when required. So the reel stars are also the Real Stars! - TM Sailesh R
  11. 11. Page 11 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012☺ “My Mother is my STAR!! Look up in the sky and you will see lots of Stars, but when you look around you find yourself surrounded by beautiful people like my mother who always dazzles my path with her guidance, affection and unconditional support."When it is darkest man sees the stars"..and when I find myself in confusion, anguish and pain I always see an image of my mother holding a clay-lamp in her hand assuring that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel, thus shunning away all the darkness!!” - TM Vidhi Sharma☺ “The STAR according to me is DTM Aditya Maheswaran, because he is amazingly versatile and has inspired and has been inspiring many present and future toastmasters by his own example!” - TM Ramakrishnan☺ “A Star, a true leader is one who transforms himself to the change he wishes to see around him! My real life super stars are Mahatma Gandhi and Steve Jobs.” - TM Arunkumar☺ “A Star is someone special, who lives up to his/her own values - come what may; Dares to show the world his/her true self, without faking it; Stands up firm - unshaken and unrelenting in the face of all adversities! - TM Pavithra INTERLUDE……… Let‟s take a quick 10-min HUMOUR BREAK!!!
  12. 12. Page 12 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012 Welcome Back!! It‟s time for some serious business!! Let‟s move on to Evaluating Medley‟s achievements.. Evaluation Section Achievements of Medley during July 2011-June 2012☼ Medley achieved the status of „President Distinguished‟ for the year 2011-2012, second time in a row !☼ Area G3 was adjudged the „Best Performing Area‟ in the whole of District 82 ! Medley TM club, being the only community club in Area G3 greatly contributed to the Area‟s success!☼ Medley TM club produced 10 Competent Communicators (CC) so far during this current year; two more in the pipeline!☼ TM Sundararaman helped enrol 19 new members into the club this year! Kudos to his hard work!! Medley Welcomes - Our Newest Members (March-May☼ TM Gouri Kumar☼ TM Murali Krishnan☼ TM Sailesh☼ TM Muthukumar☼ TM Kesavanambirajan☼ TM Gopalakrishnan Let‟s wish them the very best in their Toastmaster journey!!
  13. 13. Page 13 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012 Medley‟s Education Tracker 2011- 2012 Competent Communication Track (CC) Advanced Communication Track (ACs)
  14. 14. Page 14 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012 Leadership Track - CL & ALs A „Medley‟ of Medleyans
  15. 15. Page 15 Ne w slet te r Ed it ion - 2 : J une 2012 Star of Medley - TM Sandhiya Rajaraman!!There are people who come to Toastmaster club to learn and grow, and there are others who contribute their might tothe club. But here is someone who has dedicated a great part of her lifetowards making the club proud!!Meet TM Sandhiya, aptly called the „STAR of Medley‟!!Winning has been a part of her staple diet. Whichever contest sheparticipates in - be it Prepared Speeches, or Table Topics - sheundoubtedly emerges a winner.Is it sheer luck, an in-born talent, or does it just happen? If you ask her, shemay probably say Yes! But people who have seen her in action definitelyvouch for the incredible amount of hard work, determination, and a „never-give-up‟ spirit, that has gone behind each of her speeches.This year too, she made her mark in Rhetoric 2012, where she was declared the first runner-up at the Divisional LevelInternational Speech contest! Medley is proud of your achievement, Sandhiya!!!Here are some quotes that were overheard from toastmasters during Rhetoric 2012:☺ “What is Medley without Sandhiya!!”☺ “How does she (Sandhiya) manage to present her Table topics like Prepared speeches??”☺ “Sandhiya is a sure winner!” Here‟s wishing Sandhiya the very best and all success in her endeavour to bring more laurels to Medley! Let‟s put our hands together for Medley‟s Outgoing Office Bearers.. ☼ TM T R Thiagarajan - President ☼ TM V N Rajaram - Vice President, Education ☼ TM Sharma - Vice President, Membership ☼ TM Vijay Prasad - Vice President, Public Relations ☼ TM Varadarajan - Secretary ☼ TM Kalpana - Treasurer ☼ TM Ramakrishnan - Sergeant at Arms A BIG THANK YOU for your Commitment, Hard work and Relentless support for a successful term!!! Toastmasters! Hope you enjoyed reading Let‟s Speak! It was a pleasure interacting with you. See you in the next edition, Good Bye from Sunny! Over to the Editors..
  16. 16. NEWSLETTER TEAM:EDITORS: TM Pavithra Sundaram TM Arun KumarPROOF READER: TM Sai Prashanthi Ramesh NEWSLETTER TEAM THANKS:ADVISOR: TM Sandhiya Rajaraman ☼ TM Sharma ☼ TM Thiagarajan ☼ All TMs who contributed articles for this editionMEETING VENUE:ISTE Professional Center25, Gandhi Mandapam Road,Opp. Anna Centenary Library,Adjacent to J4 Police Station,Kotturpuram,Chennai - 600025