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Jain budday ppt


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It's Jain's happy walaa buddayyyy!!!

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Jain budday ppt

  1. 1. Presenting…
  2. 2. An Ageless weightless JAIN TRIVIA wonder :P • Still fits into his Class XI suit & wore that for summers! • School girls check him out in Chennai • Drinks a cup of ghee a day.. Bleddy nothing shows • Is caught by cops for apparently underage driving & struggles to get2008 at Loyola 2010 at Work daaru at pubs Take the case of Abhisek Jain.. A fresher.. What!?!! You have three years of work ex.. Faints…. 2012 at IIMB
  3. 3. Oh Jain…Babes galore!!! sooooo cute!!!! 1,2,3,4,5 A lil bit of Manasi in my life.. A lil bit of Shloka by my side But claims he is waiting for a maadu girl to take home to mama…!!! You hearin’ gals?!
  4. 4. H Block Salman! Wakes up every morning and walks around like this :P… Abbe yaar… Ye to bahut invite kar raha mujhe!!! Woh bhi tantric time pe!
  5. 5. Is pyaar ko main kya naam doon..Every night in my I feeeeel youuu dreams…
  6. 6. Arre jain.. Tum to Sexy Sunny in Shorts :P shorts main.. Sexy legs jain.. No wonder.. at Aaj shorts night canteen & kyun nahin pehna be section party… His hotness has taken Section B to many victories in drams.. Of Course with the help of … Jing Jing Jing Jing.. Main hoon GLOBAL WARMING!!!Secret of his sex appeal : Rose water!
  7. 7. Ek gaav main ek kisaaan raghu thathaPresenting Sowkarpettai settu!!!!! Nammal pannathe nammalki thirupi kudu.. Ille Moonji mele vennir oothiruvaaan Yeah that’s right… North Indian TAM!
  8. 8. Abbe…Tum ManKamaal ki cheez Comm PPTs main bhi aa rahe ho abhi.. Saala.. Come Jain.. Let’s take a Has a twin brother 5 shower together.. I may cleanyears younger than him.. you up… After the hooshing last night…
  9. 9. Jab Tak Hai JAIN Has been wanting his own version with some select PGP2s :D I
  10. 10. ABHISEK JAIN and last night… Before After HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY JAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!